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Hooper, Sarah

Hooper, Selina Ann

Hooper, William

Hooper, William Raymond Wadman

Hooper, William Wadman

Hooper, Percival Robert

Hooper, Rita Annie Wadman

Hooper, Robert

Hooper, Robert

Hooper, Ruby Constance

Hooper, Samuel Wadman

Hooper, Sarah

Hooper, Mary

Hooper, Mary Caroline

Hooper, Mary Ellen

Hooper, Mary Jane

Hooper, Matilda Jane

Hooper, Minnie Eileen Janey

Hooper, Myrtle Wensley

Hooper, John George Wadman Whitford

Hooper, John Reuben

Hooper, John William Wadman

Hooper, Joseph Robert

Hooper, Kate Elizabeth Sarah

Hooper, Mabel Emma

Hooper, James Smith

Hooper, James Wesley Newman

Hooper, Jane

Hooper, Janice Whitford

Hooper, John

Hooper, John

Hooper, George

Hooper, George Henry

Hooper, George Ian

Hooper, George James

Hooper, Harriett Wadman

Hooper, Henrietta

Hooper, Henry Richard

Hooper, Elsie Wadman

Hooper, Emily

Hooper, Emma

Hooper, Emma

Hooper, Ethel

Hooper, George

Hooper, Caroline

Hooper, Eliza

Hooper, Elizabeth

Hooper, Elizabeth Wadman

Hooper, Elizabeth Wadman

Hooper, Ellen

Hooper, Ellen Matilda

Hooper, Alexandra Wensley

Hooper, Alfred

Hooper, Annie Maude

Hooper, Arthur

Taita School

check Hutt Grammar and Commercial School as well Hutt City Library Oneline Database Main Title: Old Taita School reunion 1859-1972: souvenir Imprint: 1972 Notes: Indexes: Filing Cabinet Summary: History of Old Taita School, now replaced by Taita Intermediate on the former site. The Primary School, Avalon stands on what was once I. Wilson”s market garden […]

Rev Thomas Biddulph Hutton

See Thomas Biddulph Hutton Rev Evening Post 5 November 1930 CHURCH JUBILEE ST. JAMES”, LOWER HUTT INTERESTING HISTORY OLD-TIME CHARM A church building should, by its general atmosphere, impart to the worshippers a feeling of calm restfulness and engender an attitude of mind which relegates material things to a secondary position. St. James” Anglican Church, […]

Raids Of March 1846

Wellington Independent 4 March 1846 THE AFFAIRS OF THE HUTT. In our last, we furnished the movement of the troops up to six o”clock on Tuesday evening. That evening a picket was thrown across the potatoe ground, the Maories being encamped on a plot of land across a creek, at the foot of a high […]

Land Split

Record Title : [Creator unknown] Taita district 1940 [copy of ms map]. 1940 Reference Number : MapColl-832.4794gbbd/1940/Acc.37623 Physical Description : Diazo photoprint, scale indeterminable, 64 x 45 cm. Quantity : 1 map(s) Scope and Contents : Cadastral map of the Taita district, from Lincoln Ave northeast to CT 228/154, showing numbered sections, acreage and owner”s […]

Hutt Rifles And Militia

Wellington Indenpent 20 March 1860 THE MILITA The Militia was balloted for on Saturday. Two hundred men are required; but to make up for deaths and departures, three hundres names were drawn. Only the first available two hundred will be called for actual service. As the desire for information relative to the names drawn is […]

Christ Church Articles

Unsure if relates to Christ Church? Land taken for State Housing – State Housing – Taita/Stokes Valley Anglican Church Board, Years: 1973 – 1975 Agency: AATE, Accession: W3322, Box: 24, Record No: 32/34/1367 Archives NZ, Wellington Unsure if relates to Christ Church? Hutt City Library Online Database Main Title: Cemetery weeds irk relative [newspaper article] […]

1845 1846 1847 Jury Lists

Note only typed the names I recognised/knew or the persons with addresses of River Hutt, did not included all Waiwatu (sic) River or 2nd or 3rd Rivers New Zealand Spectator and Cook”s Strait Guardian 8 February 1845 LIST of all persons qualified to serve as Jurors for the District of Wellington, for the year 1845, […]

A Living History

Welch Family A brief Kemble (and Welch) Family History By Anna Kemble Welch To the right of the porch as you look out on the graveyard at Christ Church Taita, tall camellia trees and climbing roses now shade a large grave with iron railings. Buried there are Robert and Henrietta Kemble, two of my great […]

Cemetery map

Ashes Plots Numbered Graveyard AP16 AP15 AP14 AP13/13A AP12 AP11 AP10 AP9 AP1 AP2 AP3 AP4 AP5 AP6 AP7 AP8 Path Street Ashes Wall Numbered AW25 AW26 AW27 AW28 AW37 AW38 AW39 AW40 AW41 AW42 AW43 AW44 AW45 Street AW13 AW14 AW15 AW16 AW29 AW30 AW31 AW32 AW46 AW47 AW48 AW49 AW50 AW51 AW52 AW53 […]

About our church

Christ Church ~ Taitã 1854, is the oldest church in the Wellington region and one of the oldest in its original condition in New Zealand. It’s also thought to be the oldest complete building in Wellington. Christ Church was built by pioneer families and held its first service on 1 January 1854. Christ Church holds […]

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