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Pilcher, Stephen

Stephen Pilcher
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Main Title: Pilcher family to gather
Imprint: 1993
Notes: Indexes: Filing Cabinet
Summary: A reunion of descendants is to be held.
Language: English
Subject: Pilcher, Stephen
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New Zealand Gazette and Wellington Spectator 3 July 1844
MARRIED.- At the Wesleyan Chapel, Manners-street, on Monday last, the 1st. instant, Mr. W. E. Vincent, Printer, of Wellington, to Miss Anne Sophia Squibb.
Same day, Mr. Stephen Pilcher, of Wellington, to Miss Bennett Hook

New Zealand Spectator and Cook''s Strait Guardian 13 May 1865
On the 5th May, at Tawa Flat, Porirua, BENNETT, the beloved wife of Mr. Stephen Pilcher, aged 57 years.

Evening Post 28 June 1901
In all colonial cities that grow up in the course of half a century there always comes a time when there is difference of opinion as to, who are best entitled to be considered as among the pioneers and founders of the settlement. In Wellington, just now a good deal of interest attaches to the identity of the oldest inhabitants. An original copy of the "Burgess Roll for the Borough of Wellington for the year 1843," which has been submitted to us for our perusal, is a document of some value, and it occurs to us that publication of the names contained in it will be welcomed by many readers.
The list is as follows:—
William Allen, Von Charles Allsdorf, Archibald Anderson, James Annear, James Baird, John Baird, Richard Baker, John Barr, James Bell, Kenneth Bethune, Thomas Bevan, William Bewick, Robert Bould, Joseph Boulcott, Frederick Bolton, Samuel Charles Brees, John Brice?, Stephen Brooke, Richard Brown, William Henry Brown, Henry Buck, George Buck, James Bull, William Stephen Bulter, Edward Catchpool, Salvator Cemino, Charles Clifford, Robert Collier, James Collins, William Anthony Cooper, George Curtis, Rowland Davis, Edward Davis, John Dimond (sic), John Dorset, John Duck, George Duffield, David Durie, George Edwards, John Evans, Morgan Evans, Isaac Earl Featherstone, George Fellingham, John Ferguson, William Fisher, John Fitchett, William Fitzherbert, James Ford, James Rumsey Forster, Edward Thomas Fox, John Fuller, John Gower, William Guyton, Thomas Guthrie, John Thomas Hansard, Richard Davies Hanson, William Hay, Thomas Hendry, Alfred Hewitt, Henry St. Hill, Abraham Hort, sen., Abraham Hort, jun., Alfred Hort, Robert Houghton, Peter Hume, George Hunter, David Isaac, Robert Jenkins, Edward Johnson, John Johnson, William Johnson, David Johnson, James Kelham, Robert Kemble, Thomas Kennedy, Frederick John Knox, Robert Langdon, Nathaniel Levin, Solomon Levy, David Lewis, Henry London, John Loyd, Alexander Lyall, William, Lyon, Frederick Mitchel, John McCarthy, Thomas McKenzie, John McLaggan, James Mcally, Charles Monsheer, George Moore, James William Muir, William Nichol, William Norgrove, Timothy O''Meara, Robert Park, Thomas Mitchell Partridge, C. M. Penny, Charles Pharazin, William Pike, Stephen Pilcher, T. D. Pratt, Edward Prince, Thomas Rae, John Brown Reading, Alexander Reid, Henry Reid, William B Rhodes, Thomas Richardson, James Roberts, A. Robertson, Edward Roe, sen., Edward Roe, jun., John Roots, Hugh Ross, Thomas Saint, Burgess Sayers, George Scott, Charles Sharp, William Shelton, William Sheppard, Charles Henry Squib (sic), James Stacey, Edward Stafford, Charles Stevens, J. M. Stokes, Robert Roger Strang, George A. Stafford, Charles Suisted, Robert Sutton, James Tain, John Tomlin, William Vavasour, William Villiers, William Edward Vincent, John Wade, Robert Waitt, John Wallace, John Howard Wallace, William Ellersley Wallace, James Ward, George Waters, John Waterson, James Watt, Thomas Henry Watson, Henry Welsh, Thomas Whabby, George White, James Wilson, Jonas Woodward, John Yule, and Moses Yule.
Family Group Sheet - Child
MStephen Pilcher
Marriageto ?
Marriage1 JUL 1844to Bennett Hook at Wesleyan Chapel, Manners Street, Wellington
Family Group Sheet - Spouse
PARENT (M) Stephen Pilcher
Marriageto ?
Marriage1 JUL 1844to Bennett Hook at Wesleyan Chapel, Manners Street, Wellington
MJohn Pilcher
Death15 SEP 1895
Marriage1862to Ellen Peck
Family Group Sheet - Spouse
PARENT (M) Stephen Pilcher
Marriageto ?
Marriage1 JUL 1844to Bennett Hook at Wesleyan Chapel, Manners Street, Wellington
PARENT (F) Bennett Hook
Death5 MAY 1865 Tawa Flat
Marriage1 JUL 1844to Stephen Pilcher at Wesleyan Chapel, Manners Street, Wellington
FElizabeth Pilcher
Death13 JAN 1941
Marriage1866to Francis Greer
Descendancy Chart
John Pilcher b: 1829 d: 15 SEP 1895
Ellen Peck b: 1844 d: 20 MAY 1906
Alfred David Pilcher b: 1883 d: 3 DEC 1884
Annie Pilcher b: 1870 d: 6 APR 1935
Joseph Swain b: 1867 d: 4 JUL 1915
Caroline Pilcher b: 1875 d: 27 APR 1926
Samuel Swain b: 1862 d: 26 NOV 1929
Albert Norman Joseph Swain b: 1898 d: 1 APR 1966
Irene Winifred Jones b: 1901 d: 24 MAY 1992
George Albert Swain b: 1922 d: 7 MAR 1923
William Arthur Swain b: 1931 d: 20 DEC 1931
Rose Gladys Swain b: 1900 d: 26 MAR 1901
William Alfred George Swain b: 1896 d: 30 MAY 1938
Leonard David Swain b: 1902 d: 20 AUG 1955
Frederick Charles Samuel Swain b: 1905 d: 29 NOV 1975
Ernest Percival Swain b: 1906 d: 13 JUL 1976
Marjorie Alice May Swain Swain b: 1908 d: 7 JUN 1961
James Logan Hilston b: 1906 d: 10 JUL 1977
Dulcie Evelyn Swain b: 1912 d: 21 AUG 2001
John Pilcher b: 1864 d: 2 AUG 1940
Ellen Elliott b: 1873 d: 3 JUL 1939
John George Frederick Pilcher b: 30 SEP 1891 d: 11 APR 1972
Lillian May Booth b: 1892 d: 2 OCT 1942
Lillian Madeline Pilcher b: 1931 d: 2009
Lawrence Booth Pilcher b: 1929 d: 2 SEP 1936
Edith May Pilcher b: 26 AUG 1896 d: 19 JUL 1981
Doctor Sellers b: 1893 d: 11 JAN 1952
William Pilcher b: 1866 d: 31 JUL 1944
Emily Ellen Swain b: 1873 d: 10 JUL 1944
Harold William Sinclair Pilcher b: 1891 d: 21 JAN 1968
Beatrice Olive Mabel Matson b: 1893 d: 19 APR 1985
Ivy Mary Ellen Blanche Pilcher b: 1893 d: 16 JUN 1976
Michael James Hayes b: 1892 d: 24 FEB 1967
Ethel Olive Pilcher b: 1898 d: 26 MAY 1924
Daisy Pilcher b: 3 DEC 1899 d: 30 DEC 1899
Eric Lionel Pilcher b: 1904 d: 10 JAN 1976
Shelia Tripp b: 1909 d: 3 JUL 1986
Henry Pilcher b: 1881 d: 2 NOV 1967
Sarah Jane Smith b: 1886
Rita Ellen Pilcher b: 1905 d: 1993
Arthur Wentworth Burt b: 1903 d: 1953
Ernest Henry Pilcher b: 1906 d: 8 OCT 1975
Ida Mary Pilcher b: 1907 d: 2005
Clarence John Pilcher b: 1908 d: 22 MAR 2000
Walter William Pilcher b: 1912 d: 1995
Gladys Emily Pilcher b: 1914 d: 1979
Leo Alphonso Virgal Hailwood b: 1904 d: 1982
Ivan Angus Pilcher b: 1916 d: 29 MAR 1954
George Pilcher b: 1876
Fanny Pilcher b: 1879 d: 26 DEC 1952
Edward Thomas Gilbert b: 1870 d: 27 FEB 1939
Frederick Edward Gilbert b: 1906 d: 12 SEP 1906
Vera Mabel Gilbert b: 1902 d: 7 DEC 1902
Aileen Gilbert b: 1904
Emily Pilcher b: 1873 d: 16 JAN 1961
Walter William Mudgway b: 1870 d: 31 JUL 1940
William Oscar Mudgway b: 3 MAR 1897 d: 1969
Elsie Ada Ellen Mudgway b: 29 JAN 1902
Heber Percival Henry Mudgway b: 1904 d: 1976
Dorothy Selina Burnett b: 1901 d: 1973
Child Mudgway b: 1910
Nellie Pilcher b: 1885
Charles Frederick Pilcher b: 1888 d: 19 JAN 1965
Daniel Pilcher b: 1871 d: 3 AUG 1872
Bennett Hook d: 5 MAY 1865
Elizabeth Pilcher b: 1848 d: 13 JAN 1941
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