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Gaskin, Walter John

Gaskin, William

Gaskin, William Stephen

Gaskin, Percy William

Gaskin, Richard Thomas

Gaskin, Samuel

Gaskin, Samuel

Gaskin, Sidney George Samuel

Gaskin, Victor Alexander

Gaskin, Mary Ann

Gaskin, Mary Elizabeth

Gaskin, Matthew

Gaskin, Matthew

Gaskin, Modie

Gaskin, Olive

Gaskin, Olive Evelyn

Gaskin, John

Gaskin, John

Gaskin, Leonard Matthew

Gaskin, Leslie Edward

Gaskin, George

Gaskin, George Henry

Gaskin, George Henry

Gaskin, George Herbert

Gaskin, Herbert Howard

Gaskin, James

Gaskin, John

Gaskin, Elizabeth Maude

Gaskin, Ellen

Gaskin, Ellen

Gaskin, Ethel Alice

Gaskin, Ethel Winifred

Gaskin, Fanny

Gaskin, Elizabeth

Gaskin, Elizabeth

Gaskin, Elizabeth

Gaskin, Amelia Ann

Gaskin, Anne

Gaskin, Arthur Thomas

Gaskin, Charles

Gaskin, Charlotte Elizabeth

Gaskin, Child

Gaskin, Child

Gaskin, Alfred Ernest

St James Church

St James Church articles on paperspast. 1st article saw with St James Church query was dated 24 April 1850 – St James Church, River Hutt Record Title : Wakefield, Edward Gibbon 1796-1862 Deed of gift of land to Messrs T B Hutton, J P R Barton, S S Braithwaite, A H L Collett, H Taylor […]

1845 1846 1847 Jury Lists

Note only typed the names I recognised/knew or the persons with addresses of River Hutt, did not included all Waiwatu (sic) River or 2nd or 3rd Rivers New Zealand Spectator and Cook”s Strait Guardian 8 February 1845 LIST of all persons qualified to serve as Jurors for the District of Wellington, for the year 1845, […]

1842 Burgess Roll

Burgess Roll 1842 – with added details if known taken from The Birth of a City Wellington 1840 – 1843 A. H. Carman Note only typed the names I recognised/knew or the persons with addresses of River Hutt … Avery, Thomas, Bolton Row, Framer, Year of Arrival: 1840, Boat: Bolton … Bassett, William, River Hutt, […]

Cemetery map

Ashes Plots Numbered Graveyard AP16 AP15 AP14 AP13/13A AP12 AP11 AP10 AP9 AP1 AP2 AP3 AP4 AP5 AP6 AP7 AP8 Path Street Ashes Wall Numbered AW25 AW26 AW27 AW28 AW37 AW38 AW39 AW40 AW41 AW42 AW43 AW44 AW45 Street AW13 AW14 AW15 AW16 AW29 AW30 AW31 AW32 AW46 AW47 AW48 AW49 AW50 AW51 AW52 AW53 […]

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