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Mudgway, Stephen

Stephen Mudgway
b: 1821
d: 10 JUL 1899
Names as shown on Catherine Stewart Forbes for Mudgway
Catherine Stewart Forbes
Ship: 457 tons
Captain: John Hobbs
Surgeon Superintendent: Joseph Abbott
Sailed 1:30pm London, Gravesend 5th Feb 1841 - arrived Port Nicholson 24th June 1841
Richard 47 Agricultural Labourer
Anne 46
Louiza 27
Edmond 22
Charles 20 Gardener
Stephen 18 Sawyer
Olive 17 Sempstress
Eliza 15 Sempstress
Rachel Ann 12 Sempstress
William 9
George 24 Agricultural Labourer
Betty 18
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Stephen Mudgway - born circa 1821 died 10/7/1899

Marriage Details
Stephen Mudgway and Phoebe Weston, Date: 21 May 1852, St James Church, Lower Hutt, Wellington

Death Details
1899/4256, Stephen Mudgway, Aged: 78Y - Date of Death 10/7/1899 from Death Registration

Hutt Valley Cemetery Record Stephen Mudgway, Date: 10 Jul 1899, St James Anglican, Lower Hutt, Burial Record and Monumental Inscription, Reference: 31

Evening Post 11 July 1899
MUDGWAY.- On the 10th July, at Petone, Stephen, beloved husband of the late Phoebe Mudgway in his 78th year; deeply regretted.
THE Friends of the late Stephen Mudgway are respectfully invited to attend his Funeral, which will leave his late residence, Petone, at 2 o''çlock on Thursday for St. Augustine''s Church, Petone, and from thence to St. James''s Churchyard. Lower Hutt.
JOHN HALL, Undertaker.

Evening Post 12 July 1899
By the death of Mr. Stephen Mudgway, which occurred at Petone on Monday, another of the old pioneers was removed from the rapidly-thinning ranks. Mr. Mudgway arrived at Port Nicholson in 1841 in the ship Caroline Stuart Forbes, After a short stay in Wellington he removed to Taita, where in 1852 he was married to the eldest daughter of the late S. Weston. Soon afterwards he removed to Petone, where he resided and engaged in farming up to the time of his death. The deceased, who was 78 years of age, possessed many sterling qualities. He leaves four sons and four daughters and twenty grandchildren.

Evening Post 18 July 1899
ALL Persons having Claims against the Estate of Stephen Mudgway, late of Petoen, Farmer (deceased) are requested to render the same to the undersigned not later than the 25th instant.
Wellington, 18th July, 1899.
Solictors for the Executors.
15, Featherston-street, Wellington

Evening Post 28 July 1899
TENDERS are invited up to noon of 10th August for the Lease of 110 Acres, more or less, situatod at Petone, being the property of the late Mr. Stephen Mudgway. The Lessee will have the option of buying the Milk Round connected with the same. The highest or any tender not necessarily accepted. Tenders to be addressed to Mr Mudgway, Petone.

Evening Post 10 November 1869
A very exciting race came off yesterday morning, at the Hutt, between Mr. J. Blatchford''s pony, Swing Tail, and Mr. Stephen Mudgway''s pony, Bumble, from the Koro Koro bridge to Valentine''s Hotel - a distance of over two miles - both owners riding their own horses. There was a very good race to Fitzherbert''s bridge, where Bumble bolted, leaving the race entirely to Swing Tail. The time was 5 minutes 30 1.2 seconds. There was a large attendance of spectators, who enjoyed the race much. Mr. Blatchford is about sixty years of age, and Mr. Mudgway fifty-five.

Evening Post 13 December 1876
THE Treasurer of the St. James'' Church, Lower Hutt, Building Fund desires to acknowledge the receipt of the following amounts towards the Fund: — £ s. d. £ s. d.
Proceeds of Amateur Concert, 19th Nov., 1875 £30 18s 0d Proceeds of Christmas-tree, 22nd Jan., 1876 £44 5s 11d
Sub total £75 3s 11d
Mrs. Snelson £1 1s 0d
Mr. H. Collett £5 5s 0d
Mrs. Collett £1 1s 0d
Mr. Edward Collett £5 0s 0d
Mr. Jas. Collett £1 0s 0d
Mr. Aaron Collett £1 1s 0d
Mr. C. S. Collett £1 0s 0d
Mr. A. W. Collett £1 0s 0d
Mr. N. Valentine £5 5s 0d
Mr. P. Smith £2 10s 0d
Mr. R. Pettard £2 2s 0d
Mr. Thos. Frethey £1 0s 0d
A Friend £0 10s 0d
Mr. Jno. White £20 0s 0d
Mr. Jno. Cargill £2 2s 0d
Mrs. Inglis £0 5s 0d
Capt. Hewitt (for 1876) ????6 0s 0d
Mrs. G. Pugsley £1 0s 0d
Mrs. Whitewood £1 0s 0d
Mr. Wm. Cleland £1 0s 0d
Mr. Jno. Russell £2 0s 0d
Mr. D. Peck £1 0s 0d
Mr. G. Peck £1 0s 0d
Mr. A. Cook £1 0s 0d
Mr. H. Waterman £0 5s 0d
Mrs. J. Mabey £0 10s 0d
Mrs. Gaskin £0 5s 0d
Miss S. Farrow £0 10s 0d
Mr. F. Farrow £0 10s 0d
Messrs. McEwen £1 0s 0d
Mr. R. Relf £1 0s 0d
Mr. Jno. Relf £0 10s 0d
Miss E. J. Relf £0 5s 0d
Mr. R. Relf £0 5s 0d
Mr. W. Bassett £0 10s 0d
Mr. A. Douglas £0 5s 0d
Mr. J. Gigger £0 5s 0d
Mrs. Charming £0 10s 0d
Mrs. M. J. Stevens £0 5s 0d
Miss E. Stevens £0 5s 0d
Mr. Jno. Stewart £0 10s 0d
Mr. Stephen Mudgway £1 1s 0d
Per Miss Appleton £4 0s 0d
Hon. C. J. Pharazyn £25 0s 0d
Mr. P. Laing £5 5s 0d
Mr. Mawene £1 0s 0d
Petoni (sic) natives £0 13s 6d
Donation £0 1s 6d
Sub Total £108 13s 0d
Interest on deposits, 1875-76 £17 3s 2d
Previously acknowledged £317 19s 8d
Total £518 19s 9d

Evening Post 23 December 1878
An examination of this school, for prizes presented by the committee, was held on Thursday and Friday, by the Rev. T. Fancourt, assisted by the Rev. G. Grant. On Friday afternoon Sir William Fitzherbert presented the prizes and other awards. He made a short but earnest address to the children, urging upon them the importance of education to them, that they may hereafter be enabled to make a future for themselves and for this great country. The Rev. T. Fancourt stated that he had been much pleased with the work done during the examination, and was also glad to notice that the results agreed in most cases with the master''s estimate of individual merit, which was based upon a careful system of marking for work, conduct, and attendance during the year. He found that the arithmetic was very good in all the classes, and the reading throughout of unusual excellence, that of some in the lower divisions being surprisingly good. Most of the subjects seemed to be satisfactorily taught, except the geography in Classes IV. and III., which was weak. He trusted the scholars would remember that as one weak subject often caused a failure in the Inspector''s examination they would try and remedy that fault. He proposed a vote of thanks to Sir William Fitzherbert for his kindness in attending. Mr. Valentine, the chairman of the committee, also thanked Sir William Fitzherbert for accepting the invitation of the committee to present the prizes. He hoped the children would remember the advice given them. The following is the prize list:—
Form VI. — Samuel Knight, Adelaide Percy.
Form V. — James Knight, Samuel Hall, Clara Hall.
Form. IV. — Leopold Jordan, Mary Heyward
Form III. — Julius Geertson (sic), Ellen Judd.
Form II. - Kirk Hall, Eliza Hobbs.
Form I. — Stephen Mudgway, Elizabeth Buick.
Good conduct — Marie Geertsen (sic).
General efficiency — Henry Adams.
Certificates of merit, based upon the marks obtained during the year, were then presented as under:—
Form VI.— Samuel Knight, 1; A. Percy, 2.
Form V.— James Knight.
Form IV.- H. Mudgway, 1; L. Jordan, 2.
Form III.— J. Geertsen (sic), 1; John Knight, 2.
Form II.— K. Hall, 1; E. Hobbs, 2.
Form I.— S. Mudgway, 1; J. Mudgway, 2.
Some handsome prizes, offered and awarded by the Rev. G. Grant, for an essay, were then handed by Sir William to Miss Eliza Speedy, 1st, and Miss A. Frethey, Masters Samuel Knight and F. Tocker.
Some members of the committee and several friends were present during the proceedings.

Evening Post 27 October 1886
I, ARCHIBALD COULTER, owner of section 7, Sandhills, Petone, call upon Stephen Mudgway, same district, to erect part of his dividing fence, otherwise the same will be erected at his expense.


Evening Post 9 May 1899
MUDGWAY.- At Petone, the beloved wife of Stephen Mudgway; aged 63 years.
THE Friends of Stephen Mudgway are respectfully invited to attend the Funeral of his late beloved Wife, Phoebe Mudgway, which will leave his residence, Jackson-street, Petone, on Thursday, 11th May, at 2.30 p.m., for St. Augustine''s Church, thence to St. James''s Cemtery, Lower Hutt.
J, HOUNSLOW, Undertaker,
Jackson-street, Petone

Evening Post 12 May 1899
The interment of the late Mrs. Stephen Mudgway took place in St. James''s Cemetery, Petone, yesterday afternoon, in the presence of relatives and friends, the Revs. J. D. Russell and J. Jones officiating. Prior to burial the body was taken to St. Augustine''s Church, where a short service was held. The coffin was covered with wreaths, including one from the St. Augustine''s Choir Boys'' Guild.

Feilding Star 17 May 1899
Another of the very early settlers in Wellington has passed away in the person of Mrs Stephen Mudgway, who died at her residence, Petone. The deceased lady was the eldest daughter of the late Samuel Weston, of the Hutt, aud came to this colouy with her parents on the 1st November, 1841, in the ship Gertrude, and resided with her busbaud at Petone for nearly 40 years. She is survived by her husband, 8 children, and 20 grandchildren.
After a long and painful illness Mrs Mudgway passed quietly away on Monday, 8th May. at the age of 63 years, well respected and beloved by all who knew her. The funeral took place on Thursdav, the 11th inst, and was largely attended by mourners and friends who had come from far and near to pay their last tribute of respect. The remains were taken to St. Augustine''s Church (of England), Petone, where it was received by the minister and the choir singing deceased''s favorite hymn. After a solemn service the cortege proceeded to St. James'' Church, Lower Hutt, where the body was interred in the same sacred ground where her parents and children were laid. There was a large number of wreaths including an artificial one in a globe presented by the church choir.

Father of Phoebe Mudgway nee Weston

Hutt Valley Cemetery Record Samuel Weston, Date: 6 Jul 1872, St James Anglican, Lower Hutt, Burial Record

Probate Samuel Weston, Place: Hutt, Occ: Farmer, Date of Death: 6/7/1872, AAOM 6029 409, Filed: 23/8/1872, Will, Archives NZ, Wellington
  • 1821 - Birth -
  • 10 JUL 1899 - Death -
Stephen Mudgway
1821 - 10 JUL 1899
Family Group Sheet - Child
PARENT (M) Richard Mudgway
Marriageto ?
MGeorge Mudgway
Death28 OCT 1903
Marriageto Elizabeth Unknown
MStephen Mudgway
Death10 JUL 1899
Marriage21 MAY 1852to Phoebe Weston at St James Anglican Church, Lower Hutt
Family Group Sheet - Spouse
PARENT (M) Stephen Mudgway
Death10 JUL 1899
Marriage21 MAY 1852to Phoebe Weston at St James Anglican Church, Lower Hutt
FatherRichard Mudgway
PARENT (F) Phoebe Weston
Death8 MAY 1899
Marriage21 MAY 1852to Stephen Mudgway at St James Anglican Church, Lower Hutt
MHenry Mudgway
Death2 OCT 1947
Marriage26 JUL 1904to Edith Kate Adamson
FEllen Jane Mudgway
FCatherine L Mudgway
MStephen Mudgway
Death6 JUN 1898
MEdmond Mudgway
Marriage27 MAR 1895to Nelly Barron at St Peters'' Church, Wellington
FMary Ann Mudgway
MAlbert Mudgway
MGeorge Albert Mudgway
MFrederick Mudgway
Death1 APR 1897
FLucy Phoebe Mudgway
FEliza Mudgway
MEdward Mudgway
Death14 JAN 1857
MJohn Mudgway
Death6 AUG 1911
Descendancy Chart
Stephen Mudgway b: 1821 d: 10 JUL 1899
Phoebe Weston b: 1836 d: 8 MAY 1899
Henry Mudgway b: 1865 d: 2 OCT 1947
Edith Kate Adamson b: 1880 d: 6 OCT 1945
Catherine L Mudgway b: 1873 d: 1976
Stephen Mudgway b: 1863 d: 6 JUN 1898
Edmond Mudgway b: 1868
Mary Ann Mudgway b: 1854
Albert Mudgway b: 1875 d: 1875
George Albert Mudgway b: 1876 d: 1918
Frederick Mudgway b: 1871 d: 1 APR 1897
Eliza Mudgway b: 1853 d: 1867
Edward Mudgway b: 1857 d: 14 JAN 1857
John Mudgway b: 1858 d: 6 AUG 1911
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