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Hirst, Sidney

Sidney Hirst
b: 1814
d: 20 JUN 1861
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10 HIRST Mary
10 HIRST Sidney (sic)

From Christ Church Taita Restoration Appeal Folder, Reference 219
79 Snell Drive

28. 9. 91

Dear Sir/Madam

As I am a descendant of Sydney (sic) Hirst, the builder of Christ Church, my husband and I have taken a keen interest in the building & have visited it several times, especially since our daughter moved to Taita nearly five years ago. We were therefore very sad when the Church was so severely damaged, but were most impressed with the repair work that has been carried out so far, when we saw it last week.

We therefore enclose a cheque for $100 to help with the work.

Yours faithfully

(Mrs) J. M. Greenwood

Noted on letter - J. C. & J. M. Greenwood, BNZ Chartwell Bch, Hamilton, CHQ 221479, $100, Receipt No. 715990

9 October 1991

Mrs. J. M. Greenwood
79 Snell Grove (sic)

Dear Mrs. Greenwood

Thank you for your letter of 28 September. As a descendant of Sidney (sic) Hirst you will have a special interest in Christ Church. Thank you for your donation of one hundred dollars toward the restoration. Your support is greatly appreciated by the Society''s Restoration Appeal Committee. Enclosed is the Society''s receipt.

I am pleased to be able to tell you that restoration work has been completed. A service was held in church last Sunday as which Christ Church was re-dedication by Archbishop Brian Davis.

Although rebuilding has been completed we have not yet reached the target for the Restoration Fund, so your donation was most welcome.

To ensure the continued preservation of the restored church we hope to increase membership of the Society, which has been responsible for the maintenance of Christ Church since 1951. We welcome support from anyone who is interested in the church and particularly from descendants of those who have been associated with Christ Church in the past. In case you or your daughter would be interested in joining the Society I am enclosing application forms.

Yours sincrerely,

M. A. Knight (Miss)
Christ Church Preservation Society Inc.

George Fyfe sailed from London 16th June 1842 and arrived in Wellington 7 November 1842 and continued to Nelson and arrived 12th December 1842
Names as on Passenger List
Hirst, Sydney (sic), Aged: 27, Joiner
Hirst, Mary, Aged: 24
Hirst, Susan (sic), Aged: 2
Hirst, George Henry, Infant

New Zealand Spectator and Cook''s Strait Guardian 10 February 1847
List of all person qualified to serve as Jurors for the District of Port Nicholson, for the year, 1847
Hirst, Sidney, Karori, carpenter

Hutt Valley Cemetery Sidney Hirst, Date: 20 Jun 1861, St James Anglican, Lower Hutt, Burial Records
Sidney Hirst, Date: 20 Jun 1861, Christ Church Anglican, Taita, Monumental Inscriptions, Reference: 14

Wellington Independent 21 June 1861
On Thusday, the 20th instant, at the Hutt, Mr. SIDNEY HIRST, aged 48 years, after a short illness
No. 4319, M.U.I.O.O.F.
The Officers and Brethren of the several Lodges in the District are respectfully invited to attend the Funeral of the Past Grand SIDNEY HURST, which will take place on Sunday next, the 23rd inst. The procession to start from his late residence, to Christchurch (sic), Taita, at one o''clock p.m
By order of the N.G.
June 21, 1861

Wellington Independent 8 July 1862
All person having claims against the Estate of the late SYDNEY (sic) HIRST, are requested to send them to the undersigned within one month from this date.
Executors to the Estate
July 8, 1862

Wellington Independent 9 May 1863
The Hutt
Braithwaite, Augustus Septimus, Waiwetu, Leasehold, Left
Brightwell, Thomas, Second River, Leasehold, Left
Bryant, James, Third River, Leasehold, Left
Cook, Matthew, sen., Lower Hutt, Freehold, Dead
Dew, William, Taita, Leasehold, Dead
Finucane, Michael, Tinakori Road, Wellington, Freehold, Left
Gale, Samuel James Watson, Hutt Valley, Household, Removed
Hales, Charles Frederick, River Hutt, Freehold, Dead
Hirst, Sydney (sic), Taita, Leasehold, Dead

2nd Marriage Details
1863/1311, Bride: Mary Hirst, Groom: William Dew

Death Details
1883/5127, Mary Dew, Aged: 67Y - Date of Death 29/10/1883

Hutt Valley Cemetery Record Mary Hirst, Date: 28 Oct 1883, Christ Church Anglican, Taita, Monumental Inscriptions, Reference: 14
Hutt Valley Cemetery Record Mary Dew, Date: 29 Oct 1883, Christ Church Anglican, Taita, Burial Records

Evening Post 30 October 1883
Dew - On the 29th (sic) October, 1883, at the Taita, Hutt, Mary, beloved wife of Mr. Wm. Dew, aged 67 years
Funeral Notice
The Friends of Mr. Wm. Dew are respectfully invited to attend the funeral of his late Wife, Mary Dew to leave his residence, Taita, Hutt, on THURSDAY, the 1st Novemer, 1883, at 3 o''clock p.m.

Death Details
1884/5184, Ann Rebecca Dew, Aged: 84Y - Date of Death 27/2/1884 from Death Registration

Evening Post 27 February 1884
Dew - On the 27th February, Annie (sic) Rebecca Dew, late of the Taita, aged 84. Wairarapa papers please copy

Evening Post 28 February 1884
Funeral Notice
The Friends of Mr. WM. Dew are respectfully invited to attend the Funeral of his Mother, ANN REBECCA DEW, (Wife of the late Wm. Dew), to leave Quin-street, Wellington, on Friday, the 29th February, 1884, at noon, and to arrive at the Church of England Cemetery, Taita, Lower Hutt, at 3 o''clock, p.m.

Evening Post 5 November 1884
To Let At The Taita
1. A 7-roomed Cottage, with stables, pigsty, and nearly three acres of orchard, paddocks,&c.
2. A 5-roomed cottage, with 1 1/4 acres of orchard, paddocks,&c.
Note - An omnibis plies between the Taita and the Lower Hutt Railway Station.
For further particulars apply to
or to Messrs. Brandon & Son.
Solictors, Wellington

  • 1814 - Birth -
  • 20 JUN 1861 - Death -
Sidney Hirst
1814 - 20 JUN 1861
Family Group Sheet - Child
MSidney Hirst
Death20 JUN 1861
Marriageto Mary Sykes
Family Group Sheet - Spouse
PARENT (M) Sidney Hirst
Death20 JUN 1861
Marriageto Mary Sykes
PARENT (F) Mary Sykes
Death29 OCT 1883
Marriageto Sidney Hirst
Marriage1863to William Dew
MJohn William Hirst
Death26 MAR 1921
Marriage15 DEC 1864to Selina Ann Hooper at Christ Church, Taita
MGeorge Henry Hirst
Death6 MAR 1908
Marriage1869to Elizabeth Wadman Hooper
MSidney Hirst
Death11 SEP 1935
Marriage1874to Isabella Stent
FEmma Hirst
Marriage1871to Frederick Morgan
FMary Hirst
Death8 OCT 1929
Marriage1874to Thomas Riddler
MThomas Hirst
Death3 APR 1929
Marriage18 OCT 1880to Sophia Schmidt
FSusannah Hirst
Marriage1862to William Wadman Hooper
Marriage1874to Henry Davies
FJane Hirst
Death31 AUG 1933
Marriage27 FEB 1875to Charles Avery
Descendancy Chart
Sidney Hirst b: 1814 d: 20 JUN 1861
Mary Sykes b: 1816 d: 29 OCT 1883
John William Hirst b: 1844 d: 26 MAR 1921
Selina Ann Hooper b: 1847 d: 12 DEC 1918
Jane Hirst b: 1868 d: 10 DEC 1948
Stephen Avery b: 1864 d: 17 FEB 1923
George Hirst b: 1875
Frank Hirst b: 1884
Thomas Hirst b: 1879
Emma Hirst b: 1866
Harriett Hirst b: 1877
Ellen Hirst b: 1870 d: 1 APR 1907
George Henry Hirst b: 1842 d: 6 MAR 1908
Elizabeth Wadman Hooper b: 1849 d: 24 AUG 1923
Selina Ann Hirst b: 1875
Emily Hirst b: 1877
Herbert Hirst b: 1883
Henry Hirst b: 1872
Arthur Hirst b: 1879
Walter Hirst b: 1888
Albert Hirst b: 1890
Alexander Hirst b: 1881
Sidney Hirst b: 1849 d: 11 SEP 1935
Isabella Stent b: 1852 d: 20 MAR 1936
Percival Hirst b: 1884
Harold Hirst b: 1887
Isabella Hirst b: 1892
Muriel Ada Hirst b: 1896
Emma Hirst b: 1853
Mary Hirst b: 1852 d: 8 OCT 1929
Thomas Riddler b: 1848 d: 21 AUG 1936
Thomas Riddler b: 1878 d: 22 JUN 1976
William Riddler b: 1876
Ellen Riddler b: 1880
Richard Samuel Riddler b: 1882 d: 13 MAY 1956
Henry Riddler b: 1887 d: 18 DEC 1888
Stanley Riddler b: 1890
Hughy Riddler b: 1892
Catherine Clair b: 1900 d: 1 OCT 1973
Elizabeth Mary Riddler b: 1875 d: 11 SEP 1882
Thomas Hirst b: 1846 d: 3 APR 1929
Sophia Schmidt b: 1860 d: 11 APR 1953
Florence Hirst b: 1883 d: 1883
Laura Hirst b: 1884
Frederick Hirst b: 1886
Clara Hirst b: 1888
Evalyne Hirst b: 1891
Dorothea Hirst b: 1894
Thomas Roy Hirst b: 1897
Susannah Hirst b: 1840
William Wadman Hooper b: 1839 d: 26 MAY 1869
Jane Hooper b: 18 JUL 1862
Sarah Hooper b: 1864
George Hooper b: 1866
John William Wadman Hooper b: 1869 d: 1957
Jane Hirst b: 1855 d: 31 AUG 1933
Charles Avery b: 1851 d: 18 JUN 1917
Charles Avery b: 1875
George Avery b: 1878 d: 13 MAR 1878
Minnie Constance Avery b: 1879 d: 23 AUG 1879
Annie Avery b: 1881 d: 18 JUN 1965
Amelia Avery b: 1883 d: 5 APR 1947
John Gilbert Swainson b: 1883 d: 1 APR 1955
Norman Leslie Avery b: 1885 d: 20 NOV 1919
Winnifred Avery b: 1889 d: 23 JUL 1899
Elizabeth Avery b: 1891
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