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Clement, Henry Samuel

Henry Samuel Clement
b: 1854
d: 15 JAN 1888
Birth Details
1854/193, Henry Samuel Clement - no parents listed

Marriage Details
1878/2638, Bride: Alice Sophia Jones, Groom: Henry Samuel Clement

Death Details
1888/76, Henry Samuel Clement, Aged: 34Y - Date of Death 15/1/1888 from Death Registration

Hawera & Normanby Star 4 January 1888
A very serious accident occurred at the site of the stone crushing works, on the Waingongoro hill, this morning. One of the workmen, H. Clement, engaged in deepening the well, was descending in a bucket, when the iron handle came out of the rope spindle. Clement fell with great force to the bottom of the shaft. As the well is about 86 feet deep, and he was not much more than 40 feet below when the apparatus gave way, his horrified fellow workmen feared that he was killed. However, most fortunately the accident was at once seen not to have been fatal, and Clement stood the shock so well that he was able to hold on to the rope until he was hauled to the surface. Dr. Lightbourne was speedily in attendance, and his examination showed that there had been a marvellous escape from injuries, for although the victim of the accident was necessarily shaken and bruised, only a cut on one foot, and a fracture in one ancle (sic), not, in the opinion of the doctor very serious, had been sustained. The escape from death was certainly little short of miraculous. The cause of the accident seems to have been bad workmanship in the construction of the windlass. The part of the iron handle which had been inserted into the spindle was perhaps too short and certainly was tapered off towards the end, and, as the hole into which it was inserted was of uniform diameter, the hold for the most part must have been of a slight nature; and, as soon as the handle worked loose in the slightest degree, out it came. To all appearances, however, the windlass was as strong as could have been wished for, and, we understand, not the slightest weakness was noticed until the accident actually happened. The sufferer was sent to the New Plymouth hospital this afternoon.

Hawera & Normanby Star 16 January 1888
CLEMENT.- At New Plymouth, on Sunday, the 15th instant, Henry Samuel Clement, of Okaiawa, and eldest son of Mr. Jno. Clement, Hutt, Wellington. Wellington papers please copy.

Hawera & Normanby Star 16 January 1888
It will be noticed that the accident to Henry Clement, who, owing to the giving way of defective appliances in use at waingongoro stone-crushing works, was precipitated a distance of nearly forty feet down a well, has terminated fatally. We make the announcement with great regret, which we are sure will he shared in by every one in the district, particularly those who knew deceased. But our purpose in calling attention to the matter in these columns is to express surprise that no inquest has been ordered. Inquests are very often unnecessarily held, and no one with any right feelings would press for such a proceeding where the circumstances were such as to make it superfluous. But this case can hardly be classed amongst those in which an enquiry is unnecessary With a due sense of responsibility, we say that an enquiry ought to be held for the purpose of showing how it was that what proved to be defective appliances came to be in use and that, moreover, there should be an enquiry as to the treatment the poor man received at the hospital. We do not know whose duty it is in such a case as this, the body having on the ordinary certificate been buried, to set the law relating to inquests in motion, but whoever it may be he will distinctly fail in his duty if he do not take action.
The Accident at the Stone-Breaking Works.
FATAL RESULT. We regret very much having to report that Henry Clement has succumbed to the results of the accident at the Waingongoro stone-breaking works. At the time of the accident it was believed that he had escaped any injury likely to be fatal, and it was even a question as to whether it was necessary to send him to New Plymouth hospital, but it was decided to do so. After he had been there some days, it was found that mortification had commenced in the foot crushed by the fall, and amputation was resorted to, and for a time all seemed to be going well. Then it was discovered that mortification had not been stopped, and at 3 o''clock on Saturday afternoon, as a last resort, amputation at the thigh was performed; but the unfortunate man sank under this, and at 9 a.m on Saturday he died. The worst was expected on Saturday morning, and Mrs. Clement was telegraphed for and went up by the afternoon train. It is a very sad affair. Deceased, who leaves a wife and three children without adequate provision, was a good, steady workman, and, as will be seen by the report of the County Council meeting held on Friday, was highly thought of by the County Council, for whom he was working at the time of the accident. The funeral took place at New Plymouth this morning. A Press Association telegram from New Plymouth says: Clement died through amputation being delayed too long in order to save the limb." We have reason for believing that this is only a part of the truth.
(Continued from Saturday.)
The Chairman said with great regret he reported the accident to H. Clement, one of the employees of the council at the stone breaking works. He related the circumstances, and said the windlass looked perfectly good and the men employed were good workmen. Clement had, as the council would have seen, lost his leg, and something must be done for him. He was a superior man in every respect, sober, steady, and above the average, and no blame could be attached to him or to anyone. He presumed the council would keep him on, and he moved that his name be retained on the paysheet until something could be done to get him employment which would be suitable to his circumstances. Councillor Healop seconded the motion, and asked that it be amended to express sympathy with the wife and family. Agreed to.

Evening Post 17 January 1888
CLEMENT.- On 15th January, at New Plymouth Hospital, through an accident, Henry Samuel, eldest son of John Clement, Lower Hutt; aged 34 years.

Hawera & Normanby Star 19 January 1888
An inquest has been ordered touching the death of Henry Clement. The preliminary proceedings were to be taken this (Thursday) morning at New Plymouth, and the inquest was to be adjourned for about a week so as to give time for the collection of evidence. The proper course has been taken in this matter.

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  • 1854 - Birth -
  • 15 JAN 1888 - Death -
John Clement
1824 - 30 OCT 1914
Henry Samuel Clement
1854 - 15 JAN 1888
Robert Hopton
1809 - 19 JUN 1854
Sarah Augusta Hopton
1836 - 13 MAR 1877
Charlotte Unknown
1811 - 5 NOV 1875
Family Group Sheet - Child
PARENT (M) John Clement
Death30 OCT 1914
Marriage21 JUN 1852to Sarah Augusta Hopton at Primitive Methodist Chapel, Sydney street, Wellington
PARENT (F) Sarah Augusta Hopton
Death13 MAR 1877
Marriage21 JUN 1852to John Clement at Primitive Methodist Chapel, Sydney street, Wellington
FatherRobert Hopton
MotherCharlotte Unknown
MFrank Ward Clement
FDaughter Clement
Birth13 MAR 1877
Death13 MAR 1877
MHenry Samuel Clement
Death15 JAN 1888
Marriage1878to Alice Sophia Jones
MRobert Hopton Clement
Death4 MAR 1930
Marriage10 MAY 1883to Elizabeth Hudson
MAlfred Green Clement
FMary Emma Clement
Marriage1879to Andrew William Johnson
FCharlotte Hannah Clement
Death7 JUL 1932
Marriage1881to Charles Russell
MWilliam John Clement
MAlmon Whittaker Clement
MWalter Charles W Clement
MArthur Ernest Clement
Marriage4 DEC 1896to Annie Johnsen at At The Residence Of His Sister, Mrs Johnston, Taita
FAugusta Lavinia Clement
MFrederick Benjamin Clement
FRuth Waters Clement
FLucy Clement
Death25 FEB 1874
Family Group Sheet - Spouse
PARENT (M) Henry Samuel Clement
Death15 JAN 1888
Marriage1878to Alice Sophia Jones
FatherJohn Clement
MotherSarah Augusta Hopton
PARENT (F) Alice Sophia Jones
Marriage1878to Henry Samuel Clement
Descendancy Chart
Henry Samuel Clement b: 1854 d: 15 JAN 1888
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