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Avery, Mary

Mary Avery
b: 1828
d: 28 OCT 1912
Bolton sailed from London 19 November 1839 and arrived 30 April 1840
Names as shown on passenger list
Thomas Avery, Aged: 37, Agricultural Labourer
Elizabeth Avery, Aged: 40
Harriet Avery, Aged: 18, Sempstress
George Avery, Aged: 16, Agricultural Labourer
Charles Avery, Aged: 14
Ann Avery, Aged: 11
Mary Avery, Aged: 9
Sarah Avery, Aged: 7
Ellen Avery, Aged: 5
Stephen Avery, Aged: 2

Fifeshire sailed from London on 17th September 1841 and arrived in Nelson on 1 February 1842
Name as on passenger list
Hill Isaac, Aged: 25, Machine Fitter

Colonist 7 September 1882
PORTRAITS IN OIL COLOURS .— An excellent opportunity is now afforded any person to secure their portrait painted in oil colours, by the payment of small weekly instalments. Persons, residing at a distance, desiring a portrait of themselves, or deceased friends, must send a photograph, and state colour of hair, eyes, etc. Further particulars can be obtained from Mr I. M. Hill, Waimea-street. — Advt.

Death Details
1885/3662, Isaac Maron (sic) Hill, Aged: 69Y - Date of Death 31/8/1885 from Death Registration

Nelson City Council Cemetery Records
Record No: WKBP01075
Family Name: HILL
Given Names: ISAAC MASON
Age: 70 years
Date Deceased: 1/09/1885
Interment Date: 3/09/1885
Gender: M
Plot 075
Block: 01
Grave/Ashes: Burial
Denomination: BAPTIST
Notes I M

Nelson Evening Mail 1 September 1885
HILL.- August 31st, at his residence, Waimea-street, Isaac Mason Hill, (late of Birmingham), in his 70th year. [Auckland and Wellington papers please copy.]
Among the early settlers in the Nelson Province were many who have since come to the front in polities and literature included in the same list were also several who have earned for themselves a good name among their fellow colonists, and a place in the heart and memory of many poor sufferers by their philanthropy and true Christian charity. In the foremost rank of these stood good old Isaac Hill. Arriving here in the ship Fifeshire in the year 1842, he was one of the little band to whom the young men and maidens of Nelson in the days gone by owed so much for the services they rendered in the establishment of the Nelson School Society, an association to which many were indebted for all the education they ever received. And from 1842 to 1885 the old man who passed away last night has spent his time in doing good. There was no parade, no ostentation in his charity - it might truly be said of him that his right hand knew not what his left was doing - but wherever there was a kindness to be done or a mourner to be comforted by a display of genuine sympathy there was Isaac Hill to be found. One instance of this. The old man somehow or other discovered that in the Lunatic Asylum there were some who were able to appreciate and enjoy a Sunday service. Thenceforth with undeviating punctuality he was in attendance every Sunday morning conducting a service, accompanied by one of his daughters who played the harmonium and led the singing, which often brought a look of pleasure and relief over the countenances of the afflicted inmates of that institution. There was some difficulty in arranging for a regular Sunday service at Suburban North. Regularly every Sunday afternoon was Isaac Hill to be seen trudging out there, regardless alike of heat, cold, or rain, to conduct a service at which there were always many attendants. And the poor and the sick and the afflicted in the town always knew where to find a true and a warm hearted friend. He has gone to his rest full of years and honor, and leaving behind him a noble record. So good a Christian, so charitable and generous a man must have been a devoted husband and a kind father, and therefore, while we would not attempt to lift the veil of privacy which shrouds the mourning family, we can, speaking in the name of the public of Nelson, assure them that their sorrow is known and largely shared in by a host of hearty sympathisers. Quiet and uuobtrusive though he was, he will be missed by a very large number of his fellow colonists both in town and country, principally, perhaps, by those who can least afford to lose a real friend. He was an earnest and sincere Christian, and in the service of his Great Master there was not a more devoted self-denying laborer than Isaac Mason Hill.

Nelson Evening Mail 2 September 1885
We have been requested by Mr White, the Superintendent of the Lunatic Asylum, to state that in consequence of the death of Mr Hill, who was in the habit of holding service on Sunday mornings, and in respect to his memory the usual weekly entertainment will not take place this evening.

Nelson Evening Mail 3 September 1885
The mortal remains of the late Mr Isaac Hill were committed to the grave this afternoon. The universal respect in which he was held was testified to by the large number of residents both in town and country who attended the funeral, the procession consisting of 25 carriages, besides a number of horsemen and pedestrians.

Probate Isaac Mason Hill, Place: Nelson, Occ: Ironmonger, Date of Death: 31/8/1885, AAOO 17070 W5410 468, Filed: 30/9/1885, Will, Archives NZ, Wellington

Death Details
1912/8160, Mary Hill, Aged: 84Y - Date of Death 28/10/1912 from Death Registration

Nelson City Council Cemetery Records
Record No: WKBP01074
Family Name: HILL
Given Names: MARY
Age: 84 years
Date Deceased:
Interment Date: 31/10/1912
Gender: F
Plot 074
Block: 01
Grave/Ashes: Burial
Denomination: BAPTIST
Funeral Director: W E FLEMING
Notes M

Colonist 29 October 1912
HILL.- At her residence, 42, Waimea street, Nelson, Mary, relict of the late Isaac Mason Hill, in her 85th year.
The death occurred last night of Mrs Mary Hill, relict of the late Mr I. M. Hill, at the advanced age of eighty five years. Mrs Hill, who was born at Maidstone, Kent, arrived in Wellington by the ship Bolton in 1840, and came to Nelson in 1842, where she had resided ever since. Her late husband predeceased her 27 years ago. Mrs Hill had always been of of a retiring disposition, but as a resident of the district of such long standing she was naturally widely known, and her kindliness won her many friends, who will deeply regret her death. Mrs Hill leaves a surviving family of five daughters and three sons, viz., Mrs D. Buick (Palmerston North), Mrs G. Macmahon (Tapawera), Mrs. A. Bosworth (Christchurch), Mrs G. W. Sare (Dunedin), Mrs Emerson (Nelson), and Messrs S. C. Hill (Christchurch), Fred Hill (Wellington), and M. Hill (Timaru).

There are 26 grandchildren and ten great grandchildren.

Colonist 1 November 1912
The funeral of the late Mrs. I. M. Hill took place yesterday afternoon, the attendance thereat being evidence of the esteem in which the deceased lady was held. The chief mourners were Messrs. S., F., and M. Hill, sons, G. Macmahon. son-in-law, J. Emerson and. R. Macmahon, grandsons. The bearers were Messrs. F. and M. Hill, J. Emerson and R. Macmahon. The burial service was conducted by the Rev. W. S. Lucas. The Mayor of the city (Mr. T. A. H. Field) was among those who paid their tribute of respect. A large number of beautiful wreaths, etc., were forwarded by friends.

Probate Mary Hill, Place: Nelson, Occ: Widow, Date of Death: 28/10/1912, AAOO 17072 W5410 1232, Filed: 1/11/1912, Will, Archives NZ, Wellington
  • 1828 - Birth -
  • 28 OCT 1912 - Death -
Thomas Avery
1802 - 20 JUN 1870
Mary Avery
1828 - 28 OCT 1912
Elizabeth Dapson
1800 - 22 SEP 1877
Family Group Sheet - Child
PARENT (M) Thomas Avery
Death20 JUN 1870
Marriageto Elizabeth Dapson
PARENT (F) Elizabeth Dapson
Death22 SEP 1877
Marriageto Thomas Avery
FCharles Avery
FAnn Avery
Death2 OCT 1906
Marriage1849to Peter Hume
FMary Avery
Death28 OCT 1912
Marriage1845to Isaac Mason Hill
FSarah Avery
Death27 DEC 1871
Marriage1850to James B Jackson
FEllen Avery
Death21 AUG 1919
Marriage1854to Charles Saywell
MStephen Avery
Death22 SEP 1902
Marriageto Eliza HOOPER
Marriage1869to Marion Stewart
Marriageto Sarah Jane Unknown
FElizabeth Dapson
MGeorge Avery
Death7 OCT 1903
Marriage1843to Charlotte Tandy
FHarriett Avery
Death11 OCT 1885
Marriage1851to Jonathon Manning
Family Group Sheet - Spouse
PARENT (M) Isaac Mason Hill
Death31 AUG 1885
Marriage1845to Mary Avery
PARENT (F) Mary Avery
Death28 OCT 1912
Marriage1845to Isaac Mason Hill
FatherThomas Avery
MotherElizabeth Dapson
FGeorgina Bertha Hill
Death25 NOV 1938
Marriage15 FEB 1888to George Watford Sare
FMary Ann Hill
Death1 AUG 1917
Marriage5 JUN 1876to David Buick
FCaroline Elizabeth Hill
Death4 JUN 1929
Marriage13 SEP 1887to George MacMahon at Cathedral, Nelson
FLouisa Ellen Hill
Death23 JUN 1936
Marriage8 OCT 1881to Arthur Henry Bosworth at Residence Of Isaac Mason Hill, Waimea Street, Nelson
FPhoebe King Hill
Death11 AUG 1945
Marriage26 APR 1886to Charles S Emerson at Christ Church, Nelson
MSilvanus Cotterell Hill
Death25 DEC 1926
Marriage26 APR 1881to Alice Helena McDavitt at Greymouth
MFrederick Tuckett Hill
Death7 JUL 1953
Marriage31 DEC 1900to Catherine Evett Stewart
MIsaac Mason Hill
FDeborah Grace Mason Hill
Death11 MAY 1912
Marriage26 FEB 1869to William Bayly at Residence Of Isaac Mason Hill, Waimea Street, Nelson
FHenrietta Maria Hill
Death25 MAR 1885
MCharles James Hill
Death4 OCT 1893
Marriage23 MAY 1873to Agnes Sherratt at Christ Church, Nelson
Descendancy Chart
Mary Avery b: 1828 d: 28 OCT 1912
Isaac Mason Hill b: 1816 d: 31 AUG 1885
Georgina Bertha Hill b: 1860 d: 25 NOV 1938
George Watford Sare b: 1861 d: 7 FEB 1924
Mary Ann Hill b: 1852 d: 1 AUG 1917
David Buick b: 1848 d: 18 NOV 1918
Caroline Elizabeth Hill b: 1856 d: 4 JUN 1929
George MacMahon b: 1854 d: 15 JUL 1935
Louisa Ellen Hill b: 1859 d: 23 JUN 1936
Arthur Henry Bosworth b: 1858 d: 13 FEB 1928
Phoebe King Hill b: 1864 d: 11 AUG 1945
Charles S Emerson b: 1859 d: 17 DEC 1889
Silvanus Cotterell Hill b: 1850 d: 25 DEC 1926
Alice Helena McDavitt b: 1857 d: 14 JUN 1940
Frederick Tuckett Hill b: 1871 d: 7 JUL 1953
Catherine Evett Stewart b: 1876 d: 12 SEP 1966
Isaac Mason Hill b: 1873
Deborah Grace Mason Hill b: 1846 d: 11 MAY 1912
William Bayly b: 1834 d: 6 JUL 1902
Henrietta Maria Hill b: 1862 d: 25 MAR 1885
Charles James Hill b: 1847 d: 4 OCT 1893
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