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Wilson, James Wilson

James Wilson WILSON
b: 1850
d: 15 APR 1911
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99 LAWSON John Nicholas

101 RITCHIE Dorothy Hope
101 RITCHIE Robert Francis Deans (unmarked)

101 WILSON Agnes Gertrude
101 WILSON Blanche Maude

102 WILSON Florence Cowland
102 WILSON Joyce Lewin

Marriage Details
1872/9005, Bride: Edith Southey Curtis, Father: James Wilson (sic) Wilson

Otago Daily Times 26 December 1872
On the 11th December, at Lambourne, on the Pomahaka, James Wilson Wilson, eldest son of Richard George Wilson, of the above, to Edith Southey Curtis, third daughter of Stephen Curtis, of Dunedin

Bruce Herald 14 October 1873
At Lambourne, on the Pomahaka, on the 4th inst., Mrs James Wilson Wilson, of son.

Bruce Herald 27 August 1878
Wilson - On August 13th, at Quoin Point, Akatore, the wife of James Wilson Wilson, of a daughter.

Bruce Herald 5 September 1879
The regular monthly meeting of this council was held on Tuesday morning, when the following members were present
A letter was received from Mr Thomas Brookes, Returning Officer, stated that Mr James Wilson Wilson had been duly elected as member of the Council for the vacancy of Glenledi riding.
Mr Wilson shortly after arrived and took his seat.

Otago Witness 12 November 1881
On the 1st November, at Quoin Point, Akatore, the wife of James Wilson Wilson, of a daughter.

Bruce Herald 15 November 1881
GENTLEMEN,- I beg to thank you for again returning me as your member for this Riding of the Bruce County Council.
I am,
Your obedient servant,

Otago Daily Times 11 April 1884
The following appointments of Licensing Committees are gazetted:-
James Wilson Wilson

Otago Witness 20 February 1886
Inch-Clutha: Having a spare hour last week, when out strolling on business, I rode over Mr James Wilson Wilson''s farm on the island. There I was shown about 80 acres of the finest crop of wheat it has ever been my good fortune to see. The crops on the island are, on the whole, excellent this year. Mr Mosley has, I am informed, a large acreage of wheat almost as good as the crop I referred to above. The potato and barley crops that I saw promised a good yield. The grass on the island is very good.

Otago Daily Times 8 July 1886
Was adjudged Bankrupt
James Wilson Wilson, of Inch Clutha, Farner, a Bankrupt.

other article about bankrupt

Bruce Herald 18 January 1887
WILSON.- At Waihola, on the 11th instant, the wife of James Wilson Wilson, of a daughter.

Bruce Herald 19 April 1887
We understand that Mr James Wilson Wilson has made arrangements to take up the business of auctioneer, &c., lately carried on by Mr Clifford Christie, of Balclutha.

Clutha Leader 21 September 1888
Mr James Wilson Wilson announces in our advertising columns that he will offer himself as a candidate for the office of Mayor of Balclutha at the forthcoming election. He will call and address a public meeting of the electors prior to the election. This is certainly a very proper step, one of which the electors will approve, and will insist on all candidates pursuing, and one that is likely to excite a much needed interest in municipal affairs here.

Otago Daily Times 24 October 1888
WILSON.- On the 23rd October at the residence of E. A. De Carle, Esq., St. Kilda, the infant daughter of James Wilson Wilson, of Balclutha; aged 11 weeks.

Clutha Leader 15 November 1889
The nominations for the office of mayor of Balclutha for the ensuing year will be made at noon to-day. The only candidates yet announced are Mr George Thomson and James Wilson Wilson, both members of the borough council.

Clutha Leader 25 February 1898
We notice that the following pupils from this district have passed the civil service junior examination:-
Frances Wilson, daughter of Mr James Wilson Wilson, auctioneer;

Death Details
1911/660, James Wilson (sic) Wilson, Aged: 61Y - Date of Death 15/4/1911 from Death Registration


Death Details
1940/24655, Edith Southey Wilson, Aged: 87Y - Date of Death 2/5/1940 from Death Registration

Evening Post 3 May 1940
WILSON.- On May 2, 1940, at Park Road, Belmont, Lower Hutt, Edith Southey, widow of the late James Wilson (sic) Wilson, of Balclutha; aged 87 years.
  • 1850 - Birth -
  • 15 APR 1911 - Death -
James Wilson WILSON
1850 - 15 APR 1911
Family Group Sheet - Child
MJames Wilson WILSON
Death15 APR 1911
Marriage11 DEC 1872to Edith Southey Curtis at Lambourne
Family Group Sheet - Spouse
PARENT (M) James Wilson WILSON
Death15 APR 1911
Marriage11 DEC 1872to Edith Southey Curtis at Lambourne
PARENT (F) Edith Southey Curtis
Death2 MAY 1940
Marriage11 DEC 1872to James Wilson WILSON at Lambourne
FAlice Constance Hookins Wilson
Birth11 JAN 1887Waihola
Death22 MAR 1957
Marriage21 SEP 1918to John Nicholas LAWSON
FAgnes Gertrude WILSON
Birth13 AUG 1878Quoin Point, Akatore
Death16 MAY 1960
FBlanche Maude WILSON
Death12 JUL 1962
FFlorence Cowland WILSON
Death21 JUN 1966
MJohn Reginald Wilfred WILSON
Death23 FEB 1960
FMary Southey WILSON
Death3 JAN 1950
MRichard Bernard Buttress WILSON
FSarah Frances Curtis WILSON
Birth1 NOV 1881Quoin Point, Akatore
FOlive Millicent WILSON
Birth31 JUL 1888Balclutha
Death23 OCT 1888
MJames Lewin WILSON
Death2 MAR 1960
Marriage9 NOV 1905to Mary Hope Dryburgh
Descendancy Chart
James Wilson WILSON b: 1850 d: 15 APR 1911
Edith Southey Curtis b: 1853 d: 2 MAY 1940
Alice Constance Hookins Wilson b: 11 JAN 1887 d: 22 MAR 1957
John Nicholas LAWSON b: 1878 d: 17 OCT 1961
Agnes Gertrude WILSON b: 13 AUG 1878 d: 16 MAY 1960
Blanche Maude WILSON b: 1880 d: 12 JUL 1962
Florence Cowland WILSON b: 1884 d: 21 JUN 1966
John Reginald Wilfred WILSON b: 1876 d: 23 FEB 1960
Mary Southey WILSON b: 1875 d: 3 JAN 1950
Olive Millicent WILSON b: 31 JUL 1888 d: 23 OCT 1888
James Lewin WILSON b: 1873 d: 2 MAR 1960
Dorothy Hope Wilson b: 1908 d: 20 MAR 1975
Robert Francis Deans RITCHIE b: 1909 d: 5 AUG 2001
Frances Winifred Hope WILSON b: 1906 d: 2000
John Hacquoil b: 1906 d: 1986
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