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Westbury, Frederick

Frederick Westbury
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Main Title: The Dairy
Imprint: c1932
Notes: 1657
Indexes: E3
Summary: Frank Clive Westbury and Arthur England. 1923 Dodge car cut down as a market garden truck at 37 Walters Street. At that time Walters Street was Cottle Lane. Also C2: E24.
Language: English
Subject: Buildings, A-M
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Evening Post 20 July 1935
A function of great interest to residents of the Hutt Valley took place in the Taita Hall on Thursday afternoon (writes "The Post''s" Lower Hutt correspondent). This was the golden wedding of Mr. and Mrs. F. Westbury, who have resided at Cottles Lane, Taita, for many years.
The hall was festooned with streamers, and flowers had been artistically arranged. Down the centre of the room long tables had been set for the party, golden jonquils and maiden-hair fern filled the vases, while at the top the wedding cake held an honoured place. The cake was double tiered, with tiny gold cachets and horseshoes.
When the guests of honour, arrived their guests gave them an enthusiastic welcome, and they then took their place at the head of the table. Mrs. Westbury looked a picture of happiness, wearing a gown of black marocain, with oyster satin trimmings, a hat to tone, and with a bouquet of golden abutilon and violets presented to her on her arrival. Speeches were made by Mr. F. S. Hewer (son-in-law), and Mr. Westbury, and the guests all joined in singing "They Are Jolly Good Fellows."
Those present were Mr. and Mrs. E. H. Hayward, Mr. and Mrs. A. F. Westbury, Mr. and Mrs. F. S. Hewer, Mr. and Mrs. Cooper, Mrs. F. Gorrie, Mr. and Mrs. R. Kilgour, Mrs. W. Geary, Mr. and Mrs. A. J. Hobbs, Mr. and Mrs. E. Hewer, Mr. and Mrs. O. Balls, Mr. and Mrs. A. Bayly, Mr. R. Martin, Mr. and Mrs. T. Teasdale, Mr. and Mrs. A. Stevenson, Mr. and Mrs. M. Mahood, Mr. and Mrs. J. Tilbury, Mr. and Mrs. Bertelsen, Mr. and Mrs. C. Alsop, Mr. and Mrs. B. Maxted, Mr. and Mrs. A. Crowe, Mr. and Mrs. P. Lister, Mr. and Mrs. T. Webb, Mr. and Mrs. S. Bryant, Mr. and Mrs. A. Mahood, Mrs. Dorizac, Mr. and Mrs. Hooker, Mr. Angel, Mr. and Mrs. T. Clark, Mr. and Mrs. Griersen, Mr. and Mrs. W. Wilson, Mr. and Mrs. O. Giddall, Mr. and Mrs. R. Kilgour, Mr. and Mrs. J. Flaus, Mr. and Mrs. J. Bently, Mr. L. Pointon, Mrs. Whiteman, Mr. C. Hewer, Mr. H.Hewer, Mr. and Mrs. L. Balls, Mr. and Mrs. D. McArthur, Mr. E. Dunn, Mr. and Mrs. M. Roberts, Mrs. London, Mr. T. Hewer, Mr. T. Clark, Mrs. Wakelin, Mr A. Hewer, Mr. W. Kilminster, Mr. J. Butler, Mr. A. E. Hewer, Guy Hewer, Misses A. Balls, D. Hewer, F. Treasdale, Hopping, C. Gleesin, I. Pescini, Whiteman, J. Moyes, Hewer, V. Hewer, and L. Hewer.

Evening Post 17 April 1943
A well-known figure in horticultural circles, and one of the oldest residents of Taita, Lower Hutt, Mr. Frederick Westbury, died on Wednesday.
Mr. Westbury was born in a Gloucestershire village 81 years ago, and came to Wellington at the age of 17. His first employment was farm work, 16 hours a day for 12s per week, in the Porirua district, and he then worked for eleven years in a tannery. In 1885 he married Miss Marshall, whose parents had arrived by the Oliver Lang in 1842.
The first adventure of the married couple was an attempt at farming on some poor land at Whiteman''s Valley, where they supplemented a meagre income by charcoal burning, selling toi-toi grass for thatching, etc. Some years later they sold the farm, and Mr. Westbury found employment at Mr. H. C. Gibbons''s nursery, where Lincoln Avenue is now situated. Mr. Westbury made a close study of horticulture, and his next venture was the purchase of a market garden near the Taita Cemetery. Here again Mr. Westbury pioneered a new line by direct sale of his produce to the consumer. From this stage financial worries ceased, and in 1915 he sold his land and bought a smaller property in Cottle''s Lane, where he resided till his death. Mr. Westbury was a foundation member of the Hutt Valley Horticultural Society and a life member of the Manawatu A. and P. Association. He has held various offices in the Manchester'' Unity I.0.0. F. and the Rechabite Lodge. His special hobbies were deer shooting and collecting for a unique museum which he established in his home. He was predeceased by his wife; the surviving members of the family are Mrs. F. S. Hewer and Mrs. W. H. Cooper, of Lower Hutt, Mrs. E. H. Hayward, of Otaki. and Mr. Frank Westbury, of Taita. There are 13 grandchildren and 12 great-grandchildren.
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