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Welch, William Read

William Read WELCH
b: 5 SEP 1831
d: 28 JAN 1881
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Listed under Taita
NZPO 1880 - 81 Welch William, jun. sheepfarmer
NZPO 1880 - 81 Welch William R. farmer

NZPO 1885 - 86 Welch William, jun. sheepfarmer

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Featherston - The First 150 Years: 1857 - 2007
page 69
In the case of Featherston (toll) gate, W R Welch at one stage paid 660 pounds for a year''s lease.

Evening Post 13 November 1939
Mr. A. Searle, who has been in the employ of the Hutt River Board for the past eighteen years and foreman for fifteen years, died yesterday morning at his home, Tennyson Street, Taita.
Mr. Searle was born in Probus, Cornwall, seventy-five years ago. As a young man he joined the British Army, with which he served in India for nine years. He came to New Zealand 48 years ago and was for many years in the employ of the well-known Welch family at Taita, leaving there to serve as manager of one of the family''s sheep farms in Wairarapa. When members of the family were old enough to take over the management, Mr. Searle returned to Lower Hutt, and was employed in Mason''s Gardens on which, after the estate was cut up, he made his home.
During the whole period of the Great War Mr. Searle served as Camp Quartermaster-Sergeant at Trentham, and was responsible for the designing and erection of the camp incinerators, which were so successful that he was transferred to Featherston for a similar duty.
After the camp closed Mr. Searle was employed by the Hutt River Board and was foreman of the section which controlled the upper reaches of the board''s area. Mr. Searle had a thorough knowledge of the vagaries of the river and could give the Engineer helpful advice-on its control.
His son, Mr. James Searle, who was trained by his father, will take his place on the staff.
Mr. Searle is survived by his wife, three sons, Messrs. Francis, James, and Leonard, and one daughter, Mrs. R. August, all of Taita. There are ten grandchildren.
At the funeral today members of the stiver Board were the pallbearers

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Evening Post 18 February 1901
The tennis court on Mrs. Welch''s property at Taita has been

greatly improved during the past few weeks. A strong club has

been formed in the district, and on Saturday afternoon the

court was reopened with some ceremony by Mr. Field M.H.R.

Grey River Argus 18 December 1912
The well-known Welch family, of the Taita and Wairarapa, are going to tour the West Coast as a cricket team during the Christmas holidays. They are fine sporting off-shoots of one of Wellington''s stubborn pioneers, who delight in presenting a solid Welch face to any team anxious to try conclusions.

unsure if correct person?
Evening Post 19 February 1923
The old Welch homestead, a large two-storied dwelling — an old

and familiar landmark to Hutt Valley residents — situated on

the main Hutt Road, Taita, opposite the Anglican Church, was

totally destroyed by fire between 4.30 and 5 a.m. on Sunday

morning. The property was sold by Mr. M. W. Welch some time

ago to Mr. David Dickie, of Wellington, and it was in the

occupation of Mr. A. C. Clegg.
About 4 a.m., two men who work on the place went through the

kitchen on their way to work and noticed no sign of fire.

About 4.20 one of them returned to call Mr. Clegg, and still

noticed nothing amiss; but when Mr. Clegg came down at 4.30

the fire had reached the ceiling near the fireplace.
Mr. Clegg''s two children were hurriedly removed, and Mrs.

Clegg want upstairs to rouse her father, Mr. Win. Taylor; and

by the time this was accomplished the only exit was through an

upstairs window and on to a lean to roof.
In jumping down to the ground, about twelve feet, Mrs. Clegg

fell and injured her face. She was removed to the Wellinton

Hospital. Mr. Taylor escaped without injury. The children got

out in their night-clothes, and the others with very scanty

clothing. The house and contents were totally destroyed.
The dairy, which stood some distance away, was also

No fire had been lit in the range from the previous day.

Date: 9/10/1856, Christ Church, Taita, Wellington, Groom: William Read Welch and Sarah Arabella Hedley

Wellington Independent 2 June 1858
WHEREAS some evil-disposed person or persons did, on the 13th May inst., poison a Black Spaniel Dog belonging to the Undersigned, and running on his premises at the Taita, Hutt.
This give (sic) notice, that the above reward will be given to any person who shall give such information as will lead to the conviction of the offender or offenders.
Taita, Hutt, May 13, 1858.

Wellington Independent 15 December 1863
Sheep Inspector''s Report, (continued).
Report of the number and condition of the Sheep depastured in the Wellington and West Coast Districts for 1863.
Station: Waiwetu, Name of owner or person in charge: W. Ebden, No. of Sheep: 47, Assessment 1/2 d each: 0 1 11 1/2
Station: Taita, Name of owner or person in charge: W. R. Welch, No. of Sheep: 39, Assessment 1/2 d each: 0 1 7 1/2
Station: Waiwetu, Name of owner or person in charge: F. Freathey, No. of Sheep: 40, Assessment 1/2 d each: 0 1 8
Station: Taita, Name of owner or person in charge: Harris, No. of Sheep: 24, Assessment 1/2 d each: 0 1 0
Station: Taita, Name of owner or person in charge: Geo. Buck, No. of Sheep: 20, Assessment 1/2 d each: 0 0 10
Station: Auburn, (sic) Hutt, Name of owner or person in charge: H. Speedy (sic), No. of Sheep: 168, Assessment 1/2 d each: 0 7 0
Station: Belmont, Name of owner or person in charge: W. H. Ellerm, No. of Sheep: 50, Assessment 1/2 d each: 0 2 1 1/2
Station: Stokes Valley, Name of owner or person in charge: G. Sykes, No. of Sheep: 100, Assessment 1/2 d each: 0 4 2
Station: Hutt, Name of owner or person in charge: W. C. Devereux, No. of Sheep: 11, Assessment 1/2 d each: 0 0 5 1/2

Wellington Independent 14 April 1866
Welch, William Read, Place of Abode: Lower Hutt, Nature of Qualification: Freehold, Place where property situate and name and description of same: Two hundred acres part of Rangitumau Block, Wairarapa East, Attested by: Edward Bull

Evening Post 24 October 1874
His Excellency the Governor has been pleased to disband the undermentioned corps, at their own request viz.-
the Taita Rifle Volunteers,
The undermentioned gentlemen have therefore ceased to hold the rank of officers in the volunteer force; their commissions having, under the provisions of "The Volunteer Act, 1865," lapsed:-
William Read Welch, Esq., late Lieutenant Taita Rifle Volunnteers;

Wellington Independent 25 January 1873
The following are the scores for the representives firing for the Hutt district,

Lieut. W. R. Welch being the highest with a score of 76:-
200 300 400 500 600 Tl.
Lieut Welch, Taita 18 17 17 12 12 76
Vol. Greenwood, Taita 19 17 16 15 7 74
Vol. Prouse, Wainui 16 17 18 12 15 73
Lieut. Prouse 17 13 16 14 6 66
Vol. Menzies, Hutt 14 17 19 12 3 65
Vol. Whiteman, Fern Grounds 14 17 15 10 8

Vol. Edwards, Sir G. Grey''s 15 12 10 4 0 41

Evening Post 11 February 1881
THE Executors of the late WILLIAM READ WELCH request all persons having Claims against his Estate to render Accounts without delay to
Wellington, 10th February.

Evening Post 19 March 1881
Monday 4th April.
MESSRS. J. H. BETHUNE & CO., acting under instructions from the Executors of the late William Read Welch and from Mr. Henry Welch, will sell by public auction at their sale-rooms, Featherston-street, Wellington, on Monday, 4th April, 1881, at 2 o''clock -
Sections Nos. 3, 4, and 57, Opaki Block, containing 577 acres, together with woolshed and farm buildings there-on.
A right of road half a chain wide through section 6 will be given to these sections.
The eastern half of section No. 6 Opaki, containing 500 acres, together with dwelling-house and out-buildings, now in the occupation of Mr. Henry Welch
Subject to a right of road half a chain wide to the sections included in lot 1.
The western half of section No. 6, Opaki, containing 500 acres, 140 acres of which are let for a term ending 31st May, 1882, at an annual rental of 210 pounds
Part of section No. 61, Opaki, containing 93 1/3 acres, laid off as a township, and known as the Township of Mulgrave.
Part of Section No. 32, Opaki, adjoining the Township of Mulgrave, with the hotel and outbuildings thereon, now in the occupation of Mr. James Harvey
Sections Nos. 9 and 10, Opaki block, containing 472 1/2 acres
Section No. 74, Opaki block, containing 63 acres of magnificent totara bush
Section No. 38, Rangituman Block, containing 84 acres.
A flock of 3350 sheep and lambs, of mixed ages and sexes.
The above properties are all within easy distance of the town of Masterton, lots 1, 2, 3, within four miles and are situated along the intended railway line. A considerable portion of the land is under cultivation, and has yielded heavy crops of wheat and oats.
After which will be sold, under instructions from the executors of the late William Read Welch, and from Mr. Rueben King -
Rural Sections Nos. 59 and 60, Fitzherbert, Manawatu, containing 89a or 6p
For further particulars applt to
One of the Executors

Hutt Valley Cemetery Record William Read Welch, Date: 28/1/1881, Christ Church Anglican, Taita, Monumental Inscriptions, Reference: 91
Burial Wm Read Welch, Date: 29/1/1881

Headstone Reads Plot 91 (NZSG)
William Read Welch
b 5 Sep 1831
d 28 Jan 1881
a 49 years
also his wife Sarah Arabella
b 13 Jul 1835
d 17 Aug 1904
a 69 years
also their daughter Arabella d 11 (sic) Jul 1928
a 54 years
also their son Ernest Alfred d 8 Oct 1935
a 67 years

Probate William Read Welch, Place: Hutt, Occ: None listed, Date of Death: 28/1/1881, AAOM 6029 1567, Filed: 25/2/1881, Will, Archives NZ, Wellington

Evening Post 24 February 1879
At 1 o''clock
Sale of Cattle, Sheep, Horses, &c.
MR. J. H. WALLACE is instructed by Messrs. W. and W. R. Welch to sell by public auction, at their farms, Taita, near the "Travellers'' Rest," on Monday, 3rd March, at 1 o''clock, without reserve -
150 mixed sheep
A few dairy cows
20 to 30 ton unthreshed oats
15 well-bred horses, broken and unbroken
5 tip-carts
10 ton potatoes
Several sets harness
Plough, farming implements, dairy utensils, and a large variety of sundries, including some household furniture
Refreshments at 1.

Death Details
1904/4831, Sarah Arabella Welch, Aged: 69Y - Date of Death 15/8/1904 (sic) from Death Registration

Hutt Valley Cemetery Record Sarah Arabella Welch, Date: 17/8/1904 (sic), Christ Church Anglican, Taita, Monumental Inscriptions, Reference: 91
Burial Record Date: 15/8/1904 (sic)

Wairarapa Daily Times 15 August 1904
The friends of Mr F. P. Welch, of Masterton, will regret to hear that his mother is lying dangerously ill at the Taita. A wire received in Masterton, this morning, reported her to be rapidly sinking.

Evening Post 16 August 1904
WELCH.- On the 16th August, at the Taita, Sarah Arabella, relict of the late W. R. Welch; aged 69 years.
Mrs. W. R. Welch, an old resident at the Hutt, died early this morning, aged 69 years. The deceased lady arrived in the colony over 50 years ago, and during her residence at the Hutt took an active interest in the church and social matters, her kindly disposition gaining for her many friends.

Wairarapa Daily Times 16 August 1904
The death is announced of Mrs William Welch, a very old resident of the Taita. The deceased leaves a family of five sons and two daughters — viz., Mr F. P. Welch (Masterton), G. H. Welch (Opaki), Ernest, Mot, and William Welch (Wellington), Mrs Lachlan (Wellington), and Miss Dolly Welch. The funeral will take place to-morrow afternoon at the Taita.
THE friends of the late MRS WM. WELCH, of the Taita, are invited to attend her funeral, which will leave her home for the Taita Cemetery at 2 o''clock to-morrow.

Probate Sarah Arabella Welch, Place: Taita, Occ: Widow, Date of Death: 16/8/1904 (sic), AAOM 6029 9054, Filed: 6/9/1904, Will, Archives NZ, Wellington

Wairarapa Daily Times 5 July 1906
A representative of a well-known firm of auctioneers and estate agents in the Wellington province was on a visit to the Hutt and Taita, last week, inspecting properties with a view to purchase on behalf of a syndicate, for the purpose of subdividing for suburban homes. Amongst those considered very suitable for the purpose is the well-known Laurel Hall estate, Taita, now in the occupation of Mr M. W. Welch, whose lease from the trustees of the late Mrs T. A. (sic) Welch will soon expire. The estate comprises about sixty acres, and is only a few minutes walk from the hotel and coach stage, and it is probable that the syndicate will make an effort to secure same at an early date.

Wairarapa Daily Times 16 February 1907
A curious interest is often attached to an old letter from a friend or relative. It has been, perhaps, for some reason or another, carefully preserved and partly forgotten. Through long years it has lain unregarded among other cherished relics, too sacred for every day use, till the time arrives when memory recalls it, and gently turning over the faded pages, written by a hand that is dead, finds a record of life, forty long years, or more, ago. There is often almost a heartbreak in touching an old letter, for though half a century may have rolled between the day that it is re-opened and the day upon which it was written, the mind recalls in an instant "the days that are no more," and the old familiar faces are still clearly and indelibly marked on it. Such a letter will often make fifty years ago seem as if it were but yesterday. The battle of life, as it was fought in bygone years, by loved ones now gone to their rest, becomes a vivid picture.
A letter, dated February 9th, 1863, telling us a little about how men lived and worked in the earlier days of this province has been placed at our disposal. The writer, at the time when it was written, was a married man, 32 years of age, who had been five and twenty years in the colony. He had a farm at the Taita, well stocked with cattle and horses. He was, however, about to move into this district, for he says "We have brought a good deal of land (now known as Willow Bank, Opaki) at ten shillings per acre from the Government, about seventy miles from here. There is a good cart road all the way to it. We have about 1000 sheep, 50 horses and 200 head of cattle running on the land. The most of it is open and grassy. So you will see we are very well to do, as we have a little of everything, and all our own. "Somehow, the old plan of freehold holdings seemed to work out well. This land is still in the hands of the family of the writer of the letter, and may coutinue so till the fourth and fifth generation.
The writer proceeds to say: "I have been obliged to shift for myself, for I must say that I have been brought up in a place where schools were scarcely ever thought of, so I am self-taught. I suppose I must try to give you a brief outline of what we had to go through since we left Home. We landed from the ship Oriental (1840), a regular old tub, and took up our station on a place called the River Hutt. My father worked occasionaly for Mr Hopper, until he met his death by being thrown from his boat and drowned, when my father and us brats took to anything that would make us a living, find often times it was a very hard one; perhaps a few potatoes, a piece of beef, or a little fish. Well we managed to rub through all this and a precious sight more, sitting on the bed, or any place, where we could get out of the reach of the floods. We were all greenhorns, for as the rain fell, the rivers rose, the women cried, the children screamed, the men knew not what to do, as they were in the bush, in a house (we called it that), but it was only a few poles with a little flax or grass thrown over them." These experiences seem to be somewhat rough, but they tend to make strong, self-reliant men.
The writer goes on to say: "After this my father took to boating from the Hutt to town, by which means he got on very well, as there were no roads, and all timber, etc., had to be taken by water. Afterwards we shifted five miles up the river and took some land (Taita) in connection with a public-house, and tried farming, but that fish would not bite, as an English farmer is nowhere in the colonies. The old man got a horse and cart and did very well at that for a time, and then shifted to where I sit spoiling good material." Then the writer refers to his own educational training, and the letter says: "Most of my schooling was of an evening, after the toils of the day, when you may be sure I was in first-rate trim, studying under a broken-down swell, who would make his way to ''the lushing camp,'' and be hail fellow well met with all the old hands that are generally found at such shanties; old convicts, runaway sailors, all the worst characters to be found in a young colony, such as it was at that time."
The author of the letter, like most early colonists, had a turn at gold hunting. He narrates how, in his seventeenth year, the year 1850, he took a trip to Australia. Sailing in those days was a little rough, for he speaks of the ''cattle bark'' in which he made the trip as being destitute of rations, with the exception of some maggoty biscuit and some salt junk. There was a furious, drunken captain ever swearing at the men. He himself was sick as a dog, and the devils of sailors tried to gull him to drink salt-water. The voyage to Newcastle occupied twenty-four days. His mining experiences resemble those of many other New Zealanders, making a little money at the diggings, and spending some of it in the towns. However, the writer, after knocking about Australia for a couple of years, returned to the Taita with £500 in his pocket made at the diggings. In those days hundreds of New Zealanders tried their luck at the Australian goldfields, and many of them returned with full pockets.
The writer of the letter, which we have quoted, was the late Mr William Read Welch, of the Opaki, a well-known and a highly esteemed Wairarapa settler. There are hundreds of old settlers still living in New Zealand, who during the earlier history of the colony, passed through similar experiences; rough and ready self reliant men, who carved a way to independence for themselves. They were men who took hardships as a matter of course, as being part and parcel of every-day life. The letter before is a well-written letter, and yet the writer himself describes how he had to seek his education in a "lush camp," amongst broken-down swells and the scum of the earth. In New Zealand, to-day, in some of our back-blocks, remote from rail and road, pioneer settlers are encountering similar difficulties with the same persistency and courage. The pioneer settler to-day is of much the same stamp of a man as the pioneer settler of forty and fifty years ago. These pioneer settlers, too, take unto themselves wives, rear large families, clearing and tilling the waste places of the earth, and in time obtain the reward which waits upon high courage, great industry and healthy contempt for all dangers and difficulties.
This chance letter, penned by one of them, might have been written by hundreds. There were many men in New Zealand in the days of old, and there are also such men here to-day, who have done much to make this colony rich and prosperous. Such men did the rough hewing by which we all benefit.
  • 5 SEP 1831 - Birth -
  • 28 JAN 1881 - Death -
William WELCH
1805 - 29 JUN 1887
William Read WELCH
5 SEP 1831 - 28 JAN 1881
Family Group Sheet - Child
Death29 JUN 1887
Marriageto Ann Read
PARENT (F) Ann Read
Marriageto William WELCH
FJane Susannah Welch
Death2 AUG 1918
Marriage1857to Alfred Keys
FEleanor WELCH
Death22 JUN 1929
Marriage1865to John Buckridge
Death25 DEC 1861
Marriage10 DEC 1846to Thomas Gillian Wrigley at Wesleyan Church, Bridge Town, River Hutt
Death7 DEC 1884
Marriage10 JAN 1856to Mary Ann Poad at St James Anglican Church, Lower Hutt
MJames Read WELCH
Death8 JUN 1933
Marriage1866to Isabella Harper
MRichard Read WELCH
Death31 MAR 1888
Marriage1866to Ann Winteringham
FHarriet WELCH
Death12 JUL 1899
Marriage8 SEP 1875to James Jnr Harvey
MWilliam Read WELCH
Birth5 SEP 1831
Death28 JAN 1881
Marriage9 OCT 1856to Sarah Arabella Hedley at Christ Church, Taita
FElizabeth Eliza WELCH
Death30 MAY 1903
Marriage1857to Henry MEAGER
FAnnie Maria Welch
Death1 NOV 1901
Marriage1848to Joseph PERCY
Family Group Sheet - Spouse
PARENT (M) William Read WELCH
Birth5 SEP 1831
Death28 JAN 1881
Marriage9 OCT 1856to Sarah Arabella Hedley at Christ Church, Taita
FatherWilliam WELCH
MotherAnn Read
PARENT (F) Sarah Arabella Hedley
Death16 AUG 1904
Marriage9 OCT 1856to William Read WELCH at Christ Church, Taita
MotherAnn Unknown
FLaura Ann WELCH
Death18 MAY 1903
Marriage1891to Thomas Philip Kemble
FArabella WELCH
Death22 JUL 1928
MGeorge Henry Welch
Death16 JUN 1906
Marriage1885to Annie Kemble
MArthur Wellesley Welch
Death16 FEB 1871
MErnest Alfred WELCH
Death8 OCT 1935
MUnknown Which Welch
MFrederick Percy WELCH
Death24 JUL 1932
Marriage2 MAR 1897to Bertha Catherine Diederich at St Joseph''s Church, Buckle Street, Wellington
MMaurice Whitewood WELCH
Death9 OCT 1950
MWilliam WELCH
Death27 SEP 1931
Marriage17 MAR 1900to George Lauchlan at Christ Church, Taita
Descendancy Chart
William Read WELCH b: 5 SEP 1831 d: 28 JAN 1881
Sarah Arabella Hedley b: 1835 d: 16 AUG 1904
Laura Ann WELCH b: 1865 d: 18 MAY 1903
Thomas Philip Kemble b: 1866 d: 30 JUL 1918
Thelma Doreen Kemble b: 1897 d: 1897
Ailsa Laura Hedley Kemble b: 1903 d: 1998
Arabella WELCH b: 1871 d: 22 JUL 1928
George Henry Welch b: 1860 d: 16 JUN 1906
Annie Kemble b: 30 OCT 1864 d: 3 APR 1892
Eileen Welch b: 1890 d: 25 JAN 1975
William Kemble Welch b: 1886 d: 1964
Ruby Mary Alberta McLachlan b: 1888 d: 28 MAY 1975
Kathleen Welch b: 1888 d: 21 AUG 1969
Claude Llewellyn Welch b: 1892 d: 26 OCT 1957
Ina McLean b: 1894 d: 24 MAR 1988
Arthur Wellesley Welch b: 1862 d: 16 FEB 1871
Ernest Alfred WELCH b: 1868 d: 8 OCT 1935
Frederick Percy WELCH b: 1866 d: 24 JUL 1932
Bertha Catherine Diederich b: 1875 d: 1953
Leo Hedley WELCH b: 1898
Maurice Whitewood WELCH b: 1870 d: 9 OCT 1950
Ada WELCH b: 1874 d: 27 SEP 1931
George Lauchlan b: 1873 d: 6 AUG 1936
Cecil Gordon Lauchlan b: 1912 d: 1 APR 1981
George Stuart Lauchlan b: 1901 d: 23 JUN 1911
Ada Jean Wellesley Lauchlan b: 1904 d: 16 NOV 1982
Arthur Wilfred Lauchlan b: 1905 d: 23 APR 1967
Kenneth Hedley Lauchlan b: 1910 d: 24 JUL 1960
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