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Welch, Unknown Which

Unknown Which Welch
Wellington Independent 20 February 1866
THE TAITA FOURTH ANNUAL SOIREE will take place in Mr. WELCH''S Paddocks, Taita, on
Tea and other Refreshments will be provided.
Cricketing and various Rural Sports during the day.
Admission, including tea, 1s. 6d.

Wellington Independent 10 January 1867
Will be held on Friday, 17th January, in Mr P. Laing''s ground, kindly for

the occasion. The Band of the Hutt Rifle Volunteers have kindly promised

their services for the day.
There will be dancing, croquet, cricket, football and other sports. Gate to

be opened at 11 a.m. and closed at 7.30 p.m.
Tickets, including admission and tea, 2s 6d; children, 1s 6d.
The profits will be devoted to provide an organ for St James'' Church.
Treasurer - Rev. J. E. Herring.
Committee -
Mrs Beetham
Mr G. Beetham
Mrs Braithwaite
Mr A. Braithwaite
Mrs Wm. Cleland
Mr H. Cleland
Mrs Collett
Dr Boor
Mrs Fitzherbert
Mr N. Grace
Mrs H. Jackson
Mr T. Mullins
Miss Riddiford
Mr A. Wilford
Mrs Stilling
Dr Wilford
Mrs Welch
Mr A. M. Smith
Mrs White
Mr N. Valentine
Tickets may be had from any of the Committee. If January 18th should prove

wet, the Fete will be held on the following day.
Hon. Secretary.
January 9th, 1867.

Evening Post 31 March 1888
Under the Distinguished Patronage of Lady Jervois.
THE Bazaar, in aid of the Lower Hutt, Taita, and Petone Church Districts, will be held at St. James'' Schoolroom, Lower Hutt, on EASTER MONDAY, 2nd April, and two following days, and will be open each day from 2 to 6 p.m. and from 7 to 10 p.m.
Various attractive entertainments will be provided in connection with the Bazaar.
Admission, 1s; Children, 6d.
Contributions will be gladly received at the Parsonage, Lower Hutt, or by Mrs. Welch, Taita, and by Mrs. Comber, Petone

Evening Post 25 June 1896
The annual dinner given by the United Hunt Club to the farmers of the Hutt was held in Welch''s Hall at the Taita last night. The master of the Hunt (Mr. D. G. A. Cooper) was in the chair, Mr. A. Wylie being vice-chairman. The catering arrangements were in the hands of Mr. T. Oxenham, of Petone. The toast of "The Farmers of the Hutt" was proposed by the Master, and responded to by Messrs. Milne and King. Mr. Milne gave the toast of "The United Hunt Club," and it was acknowledged by the Master. Songs, recitations, &c., were contributed by Messrs. T. M. Wilford, F. W. Haybittle, E. T. Sayers, and others. A dance followed.

Evening Post 25 May 1898
The Massey-Harris Company intends holding a practical exhibition of modern agricultural machinery at Mr. Welch''s farm, Taita, on Friday. Full particulars will be found in our advertising columns
of the
Agricultural Implements
will be hedl at Mr. Welch''s Farm, Taita.
on Friday next, 27th May, at 1.30 p.m
The Machines include Scufflers, Ploughs, Cultivators, and Fertiliser Drills, and as this is the first trial on a large scale of modern agricultural machinery ever held in the vicinity of Wellington, the attendance of farmers and those interested is particularly requested.
Each trial will be under the conduct and supervision of an expert.

Wairarapa Daily Times 23 December 1906
Welch Family v. Pahiatua.
The following team will represent the Welch Family against Pahiatua, at Willow Park, Opaki, on Boxing Day:- W. E. Welch (captain), G. H. Welch, F. P. Welch, Kemble Welch, Albert Welch, Harry Welch, E. Welch, W. C. Welch, Bert Welch, R. Welch, Arthur Welch, Maurice Welch, Kenneth Welch. Emergency—Louis Welch.

Wairarpa Daily Times
Welch Family v. Pahiatua.
The above teams met at Willow Park, Opaki, yesterday, when the Welch Family defeated Pahiatua by an innings and 34 runs. Pahiatua made 36 in their first innings and 29 in their second. Bert Welch did the hat trick. The Welch team made 99, A. J. Welch 34, M. Welch 19 and W. Welch 13, being the chief scorers.

Wairarapa Daily Times 5 February 1907
The tailors of Masterton hold a picnic at Willow Park, Opaki, on Thursday next. This being their annual outing, all Masterton establishments will be closed on that day.

Wairarapa Daily Times 10 October 1907
W.F.C.A v. Hyde and Co
An interesting friendly match between teams from the above establishments was played at Willow Park, Opaki, yesterday afternoon. The game was played in occasional rain showers, but was nevertheless much enjoyed. The W.F.C.A. team won by 8 wickets and 10 runs, they putting on 47 in the first innings and losing two wickets for 24 in the second. Hyde and Co. put on 23 and 28 respectively for first and second innings. C. Ladner (10) and Ogier (9) were the highest scorers for the losers, Wilkie (19) and O''Connor (12 not out) showing up most prominently on the winning side. A. Welch and Wilkie bowled for W.F.C.A., and W. Ladner for Hyde and Co. P. Wilkie won a gold medal presented by the W.F.C.A. for the highest score in the match. Afternoon tea was provided by the ladies, and a hearty vote of thanks was accorded to them and to Messrs A. and J. Welch for the use of the grounds, and the employers for the use of conveyances.

Wairarapa Daily Times 4 December 1907
Messrs W. B. Chennells aud Co. have been favoured with instructions by the Trustees to sell privately that splendid estate known as Willow Park, and now in the occpuation of Messrs J. and A. Welch. This fine property has been in the possession of the present owners for nearly half-a-century, and is only being placed on the market for the purpose of winding up the estate. This is an opportuuity seldom offered of acquiring a block of land second to none, in the district, and anyone in search of land suitable for a stud farm, fattening bullocks, etc. and for agricultural purposes could not go wrong by investing in Willow Park. Particulars are advertised in another column.
MESSRS W. B CHENNELLS & CO. have been favoured with instructions to sell privately that magnificent block of land now in the occupation of Messrs J. and A. Welch, Opaki, comprising 1060 Acres known as WILLOW PARK.
This well-known farm has been in the occupation of the family for nearly half-a-century, and as an agricultural and pastoral property cannot be surpassed in the district. The greater part of the estate has been under cultivation and has produced magnificent crops of wheat, oats, potatoes, turnips and rape; over 150 acres now being in crop. There is permanent water by streams which traverse the block; and a beautiful piece of about 40 acres of natural bush is in the centre of the property and provides shelter from every wind that blows. As showing tho quality of the land, the owners state that 180 ewes with their lambs have been running on a paddock of about 20 acres since lambing, aud still have plenty of grass.
For a STUD FARM and for fattening bullocks and sheep this is an ideal property and is well worth investing in. The nearest point is only 2 1/2 miles from Masterton, and is within a short distance of Opaki station and school.

Evening Post 5 May 1911
The overseer (Mr. Fisher) made reference in his report to new work which had occupied attention. The boulder groyne near Welch''s land, Taita, had been completed to a length of 135 ft, instead of 70ft as originally specified. The total cost of this work was £71 18s 3d. The boulder groyne, about two chains above this work, put in by the Taita settlers, had been widened and made higher, at a cost of £16 6s 6d. As instructed, he had taken the necessary levels in connection with the proposed embankment on Parman''s land, at Taita Gorge. Those had been submitted to the engineer, who had approved them. Mr. Fisher recommended that the embankment be constructed on the site selected. With the board''s authority, he could proceed to determine the area and compute the quantity of material required for the work. Reporting on general Work, it was recommended that the noxious growth on the stop banks be cut and burnt.

Evening Post 5 September 1882
At a meeting of the members of the Taita Cricket Club, held on Saturday night, the Secretary read a report, from which it appeared that the club had a fair balance on hand to start the coming season. Out of 18 matches played during the past season the club had won 16. The club bat was won by W. Cudby, with an average of 13 1/2 runs (17 matches), W. Welch being second with an average of 11 1/2 runs (14 matches). Besides the bat given by the club for the highest average scorer, there are two bats to be given by private members — one for the highest individual score, and one for the best bowling. The following officers were elected: — President, Mr. W. Beetham; captain, W. Cudby; secretary, W. Brown; treasurer, G. Welch; committee, J. Judd, W. Welch, W. Russell, and J. Mahony (sic). A vote of thanks to Mr. W. Welch, for presiding, terminated the proceedings.

Wairarapa Daily Times 7 April 1915
For the first time in the history of the Welch Family during their cricketing career, they suffered, a defeat at the hands of the Upper Hutt cricket team on Friday and Saturday. The Family was unfortunate in having to play minus Bert Welch, one of their best bowlers, who was away on business at the Coast, where he contracted influenza, and was unable to get in. They, however, put up a good performance, considering the strong combination they were up against, and hope to turn defeat into victory at their next meeting. The visitors arrived on Thursday night, and put up at the Empire Hotel. The ground was in splendid order, and the Welch Family were complimented on the fine wicket which they had provided. The old veteran, Will, better known as "Long Bill," who stands 6ft 3m in his stockings, and is approaching his three score years, was elected captain of the Family team. Maurice Welch, better known throughout the Hutt district as "Old Mot," accompanied the visitors up to play for kith and kin. The visitors had a strong batting team, and Young, Mabey and Pilcher each played sterling cricket, the former compiling 58 by vigorous play. He made no less than 46 in ten hits, including 3 sixers. For the Family, the young Collegian, Leo, played a very useful innings, being not out in the first day''s play with 45 to his credit. Captain Bill, who thought his cricketing days were over, soon got going, and was loudly cheered when he opened his shoulders as of yore and smote right and left, putting up 35 in a very short time before he was sent back to the pavilion. The Family''s first innings closed for 137, and the visitors put up the fine score of 202. Claude Welch was in fine form with the ball, and bowled throughout the innings, capturing 4 wickets for 51, and young Bern, aged 15, who was tried late, took 3 for 21, a fine performance for a junior. After play was finished the visitors continued their innings, and lost 8 wickets for 149. At one stage of the innings, Claude, who was keeping a splendid length, took 5 wickets in 7 balls for 1 run, clean bowling three with successive balls, winding up with 7 for 42. Befreshments were provided on the ground on Friday morning and afternoon, for which the Family was heartily thanked by the visitors'' veteran manager, Mr C. Edwards, familiarly called by "the boys" Uncle Charlie. The team were entertained at Mr F. P. Welch''s residence at Lansdowne on Friday evening, music and singing being indulged in, and an enjoyable time was spent. The visitors left for home by the mail train on Saturday, after what they all declared to be a "jolly good time."
Following are the scores: —
First Innings.
F. P. Welch, b Gornall 16
C. Welch, c Kilcher, b Eales 4
B. Welch, c J. Mabey, b R. Mabey 0
Ted Welch, b J. Mabey 20
Leo Welch, not out 43
Mot. Welch, b J. Mabey 0
H. Welch, b Harris 2
K. Welch, b J. Mabey 0
A. J. Welch b Harris 6
Arthur Welch, b J. Mabey 0
W. E. Welch, b R. Mabey 35
Extras 11
Total 137
Bowling analysis.— R. Mabey 2 for 35, F. Eales 1 for 10, Gornall 1 for 21, J. Mabey 4 for 28, Young 0 for 14, M. Harris 2 for 19.
Second Innings.
Ted Welch, c and b Wilkie 5
A. J. Welch, b Pilcher 10
F. P. Welch, b Pilcher 1
Leo Welch, c Wilkie b Pilcher 2
Will Welch, b Eales 27
K. Welch, Wilkie (sic) b R. Mabey0
C. Welch, b Pilcher 23
B. Welch, b Eales 0
H. Welch, b Eales 5
Mot. Welch, b Young 18
A. Welch, not out 1
Extras 3
Total 95
Bowling analysis.— J. Pilcher 4 for 43, H. Wilkie 1 for 3, R. Mabey 1 for 22, J. Mabey 0 for 9, Eales 3 for 12, Gornall 0 for 2, Young 1 for 0.
First Innings.
R. Mabey, b E. Welch 10
W. Harris, b E. Welch 10
J. Pilcher, b C. Welch 35
J. Young, c L. Welch, b C. Welch 34
J. Mabey, b C. Welch 3
E. Gornall, c B. Welch, b M. Welch 15
H. Wilkie, b M. Welch 58
F. Eales, c L. Welch, b B. Welch3
R. Wilkie, not out 20
J. Reid, b B. Welch 0
G. Burns, b C. Welch 0
Extras 14
Total 202
Bowling analysis.— C. Welch 4 for 51, Ted Welch 2 for 65, L. Welch 0 for 32, M. Welch 1 for 20, B. Welch 3 for 21, C. Welch 1 for 3.
Second Innings.
H. Wilkie, b C. Welch 14
R. Wilkie, c sub., b Leo Welch 6
J. Pilcher, retired 32
J. Young, b C. Welch 22
J. Reid, b C. Welch 0
R. Mabev, c B. Welch, b C. Welch6
F. Eales, b C. Welch 0
G. Burns, b C. Welch 0
E. Gornall, b C. Welch 11
J. Mabey, not out 26
W. Harris, not out 19
Extras 6
Total 148
Bowling analysis.— C. Welch 7 for 42, Leo Welch 1 for 35, Mot Welch 0 for 10, Will Welch 0 for 18, B. Welch 0 for 24.
William WELCH
1805 - 29 JUN 1887
William Read WELCH
5 SEP 1831 - 28 JAN 1881
Sarah Arabella Hedley
1835 - 16 AUG 1904
Ann Unknown
1814 - 13 FEB 1879
Family Group Sheet - Child
PARENT (M) William Read WELCH
Birth5 SEP 1831
Death28 JAN 1881
Marriage9 OCT 1856to Sarah Arabella Hedley at Christ Church, Taita
FatherWilliam WELCH
MotherAnn Read
PARENT (F) Sarah Arabella Hedley
Death16 AUG 1904
Marriage9 OCT 1856to William Read WELCH at Christ Church, Taita
MotherAnn Unknown
FLaura Ann WELCH
Death18 MAY 1903
Marriage1891to Thomas Philip Kemble
FArabella WELCH
Death22 JUL 1928
MGeorge Henry Welch
Death16 JUN 1906
Marriage1885to Annie Kemble
MArthur Wellesley Welch
Death16 FEB 1871
MErnest Alfred WELCH
Death8 OCT 1935
MUnknown Which Welch
MFrederick Percy WELCH
Death24 JUL 1932
Marriage2 MAR 1897to Bertha Catherine Diederich at St Joseph''s Church, Buckle Street, Wellington
MMaurice Whitewood WELCH
Death9 OCT 1950
MWilliam WELCH
Death27 SEP 1931
Marriage17 MAR 1900to George Lauchlan at Christ Church, Taita
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