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Welch, Maurice Whitewood

Maurice Whitewood WELCH
b: 1870
d: 9 OCT 1950
Wairarapa Daily Times 16 August 1904
The death is announced of Mrs William Welch, a very old resident of the Taita. The deceased leaves a family of five sons and two daughters — viz., Mr F. P. Welch (Masterton), G. H. Welch (Opaki), Ernest, Mot, and William Welch (Wellington), Mrs Lachlan (Wellington), and Miss Dolly Welch. The funeral will take place to-morrow afternoon at the Taita.

Birth Details
1870/9945, Maurice Whitewood Welch - no parents listed

Evening Post 5 September 1901
FARMERS in the Taita and Neighbourhood are invited to Meet at the State Schoolroom, Taita, at 7.30 p.m. on SATURDAY, 7th September, 1901.
1. To consider the objects of the Farmers'' Union.
2. To form local Branch.
3. To enrol members and elect Secretary.
Convener (by authority).
Wednesday, 4th September, 1901

Evening Post 9 September 1901
A sub-branch of the New Zealand Farmers'' Union was formed at the Taita on Saturday night. Mr. F. A. Majendie, the convener of the meeting, reported that the union had now a membership of 14,000. Mr. M. Welch was elected Secretary of the branch.

Wairarapa Daily Times 5 July 1906
A representative of a well-known firm of auctioneers and estate agents in the Wellington province was on a visit to the Hutt and Taita, last week, inspecting properties with a view to purchase on behalf of a syndicate, for the purpose of subdividing for suburban homes. Amongst those considered very suitable for the purpose is the well-known Laurel Hall estate, Taita, now in the occupation of Mr M. W. Welch, whose lease from the trustees of the late Mrs T. A. (sic) Welch will soon expire. The estate comprises about sixty acres, and is only a few minutes walk from the hotel and coach stage, and it is probable that the syndicate will make an effort to secure same at an early date.

Evening Post 1 December 1909
TENDERS are invited for the purchase of 60 Acres (more or less), with large residence of 13 rooms, known as Laurel Hall, situate at Taita, 12 miles from Wellington. This fine property has been in the possession of the late Mr. W. R. Welch and family for over 50 years, and is only now being offered for Sale for the purpose of winding up the estate. No tender necessarily accepted. Full information can be obtained from Mr. M. W. Welch, on the property, or from the undersigned. - F. P. WELCH, Estate Agent, Masterton

Evening Post 8 May 1914
Taita - Messrs. M. Welch (chairman), J. Stonehouse (secretary), G. Hooper, W. William, F. Eales, S. Chivers, and W. Kilminster (sic)

Wairarapa Daily Times 7 April 1915
For the first time in the history of the Welch Family during their cricketing career, they suffered, a defeat at the hands of the Upper Hutt cricket team on Friday and Saturday. The Family was unfortunate in having to play minus Bert Welch, one of their best bowlers, who was away on business at the Coast, where he contracted influenza, and was unable to get in. They, however, put up a good performance, considering the strong combination they were up against, and hope to turn defeat into victory at their next meeting. The visitors arrived on Thursday night, and put up at the Empire Hotel. The ground was in splendid order, and the Welch Family were complimented on the fine wicket which they had provided. The old veteran, Will, better known as "Long Bill," who stands 6ft 3m in his stockings, and is approaching his three score years, was elected captain of the Family team. Maurice Welch, better known throughout the Hutt district as "Old Mot," accompanied the visitors up to play for kith and kin. The visitors had a strong batting team, and Young, Mabey and Pilcher each played sterling cricket, the former compiling 58 by vigorous play. He made no less than 46 in ten hits, including 3 sixers. For the Family, the young Collegian, Leo, played a very useful innings, being not out in the first day''s play with 45 to his credit. Captain Bill, who thought his cricketing days were over, soon got going, and was loudly cheered when he opened his shoulders as of yore and smote right and left, putting up 35 in a very short time before he was sent back to the pavilion. The Family''s first innings closed for 137, and the visitors put up the fine score of 202. Claude Welch was in fine form with the ball, and bowled throughout the innings, capturing 4 wickets for 51, and young Bern, aged 15, who was tried late, took 3 for 21, a fine performance for a junior. After play was finished the visitors continued their innings, and lost 8 wickets for 149. At one stage of the innings, Claude, who was keeping a splendid length, took 5 wickets in 7 balls for 1 run, clean bowling three with successive balls, winding up with 7 for 42. Befreshments were provided on the ground on Friday morning and afternoon, for which the Family was heartily thanked by the visitors'' veteran manager, Mr C. Edwards, familiarly called by "the boys" Uncle Charlie. The team were entertained at Mr F. P. Welch''s residence at Lansdowne on Friday evening, music and singing being indulged in, and an enjoyable time was spent. The visitors left for home by the mail train on Saturday, after what they all declared to be a "jolly good time."
Following are the scores: —
First Innings.
F. P. Welch, b Gornall 16
C. Welch, c Kilcher, b Eales 4
B. Welch, c J. Mabey, b R. Mabey 0
Ted Welch, b J. Mabey 20
Leo Welch, not out 43
Mot. Welch, b J. Mabey 0
H. Welch, b Harris 2
K. Welch, b J. Mabey 0
A. J. Welch b Harris 6
Arthur Welch, b J. Mabey 0
W. E. Welch, b R. Mabey 35
Extras 11
Total 137
Bowling analysis.— R. Mabey 2 for 35, F. Eales 1 for 10, Gornall 1 for 21, J. Mabey 4 for 28, Young 0 for 14, M. Harris 2 for 19.
Second Innings.
Ted Welch, c and b Wilkie 5
A. J. Welch, b Pilcher 10
F. P. Welch, b Pilcher 1
Leo Welch, c Wilkie b Pilcher 2
Will Welch, b Eales 27
K. Welch, Wilkie (sic) b R. Mabey0
C. Welch, b Pilcher 23
B. Welch, b Eales 0
H. Welch, b Eales 5
Mot. Welch, b Young 18
A. Welch, not out 1
Extras 3
Total 95
Bowling analysis.— J. Pilcher 4 for 43, H. Wilkie 1 for 3, R. Mabey 1 for 22, J. Mabey 0 for 9, Eales 3 for 12, Gornall 0 for 2, Young 1 for 0.
First Innings.
R. Mabey, b E. Welch 10
W. Harris, b E. Welch 10
J. Pilcher, b C. Welch 35
J. Young, c L. Welch, b C. Welch 34
J. Mabey, b C. Welch 3
E. Gornall, c B. Welch, b M. Welch 15
H. Wilkie, b M. Welch 58
F. Eales, c L. Welch, b B. Welch3
R. Wilkie, not out 20
J. Reid, b B. Welch 0
G. Burns, b C. Welch 0
Extras 14
Total 202
Bowling analysis.— C. Welch 4 for 51, Ted Welch 2 for 65, L. Welch 0 for 32, M. Welch 1 for 20, B. Welch 3 for 21, C. Welch 1 for 3.
Second Innings.
H. Wilkie, b C. Welch 14
R. Wilkie, c sub., b Leo Welch 6
J. Pilcher, retired 32
J. Young, b C. Welch 22
J. Reid, b C. Welch 0
R. Mabev, c B. Welch, b C. Welch6
F. Eales, b C. Welch 0
G. Burns, b C. Welch 0
E. Gornall, b C. Welch 11
J. Mabey, not out 26
W. Harris, not out 19
Extras 6
Total 148
Bowling analysis.— C. Welch 7 for 42, Leo Welch 1 for 35, Mot Welch 0 for 10, Will Welch 0 for 18, B. Welch 0 for 24.

Evening Post 14 July 1919
57 ACRES Freehold. This is the well-known-Welch Family Estate, known as LAUREL HALL, situate Taita. An exceedingly fine property of great prospective value. Fortunes have been made off areas not half the extent in the Hutt Valley. See the fine crops now growing for winter feed. Large house with 11 good rooms, hall, wardrobes, anteroom, scullery, etc. Large granary, 4-stall stable, concreted cowshed, fowlhouse, etc; city milk lorries pass daily. Mr. M. W. Welch, who is on the property, will show intending buyers over same. Price only £5150. Terms.
Apply F. P. WELCH, Estate Agent, Masterton.

Evening Post 19 February 1923
The old Welch homestead, a large two-storied dwelling — an old and familiar landmark to Hutt Valley residents — situated on the main Hutt Road, Taita, opposite the Anglican Church, was totally destroyed by fire between 4.30 and 5 a.m. on Sunday morning. The property was sold by Mr. M. W. Welch some time ago to Mr. David Dickie, of Wellington, and it was in the occupation of Mr. A. C. Clegg.
About 4 a.m., two men who work on the place went through the kitchen on their way to work and noticed no sign of fire. About 4.20 one of them returned to call Mr. Clegg, and still noticed nothing amiss; but when Mr. Clegg came down at 4.30 the fire had reached the ceiling near the fireplace.
Mr. Clegg''s two children were hurriedly removed, and Mrs. Clegg want upstairs to rouse her father, Mr. Win. Taylor; and by the time this was accomplished the only exit was through an upstairs window and on to a lean to roof.
In jumping down to the ground, about twelve feet, Mrs. Clegg fell and injured her face. She was removed to the Wellington Hospital. Mr. Taylor escaped without injury. The children got out in their night-clothes, and the others with very scanty clothing. The house and contents were totally destroyed.
The dairy, which stood some distance away, was also destroyed.
No fire had been lit in the range from the previous day.

Death Details
1950/26542, Maurice Whitewood Welch, Aged: 80Y - Date of Death 9/10/1950 from Death Registration

Karori Cemetery
Last Name: WELCH
Age: 80 Years
Deceased Date: 09-10-1950
Service Date: 11-10-1950
Service Provided: Cremation
Cemetery: Karori Crematorium
Record Number: 10097

Probate Maurice Whitewood Welch, Place: Masterton, Occ: Retired Farmer, AAOF W5447 95/50, Filed: 11/10/1950, Will, Archives NZ, Wellington
  • 1870 - Birth -
  • 9 OCT 1950 - Death -
William WELCH
1805 - 29 JUN 1887
William Read WELCH
5 SEP 1831 - 28 JAN 1881
Maurice Whitewood WELCH
1870 - 9 OCT 1950
Sarah Arabella Hedley
1835 - 16 AUG 1904
Ann Unknown
1814 - 13 FEB 1879
Family Group Sheet - Child
PARENT (M) William Read WELCH
Birth5 SEP 1831
Death28 JAN 1881
Marriage9 OCT 1856to Sarah Arabella Hedley at Christ Church, Taita
FatherWilliam WELCH
MotherAnn Read
PARENT (F) Sarah Arabella Hedley
Death16 AUG 1904
Marriage9 OCT 1856to William Read WELCH at Christ Church, Taita
MotherAnn Unknown
FLaura Ann WELCH
Death18 MAY 1903
Marriage1891to Thomas Philip Kemble
FArabella WELCH
Death22 JUL 1928
MGeorge Henry Welch
Death16 JUN 1906
Marriage1885to Annie Kemble
MArthur Wellesley Welch
Death16 FEB 1871
MErnest Alfred WELCH
Death8 OCT 1935
MUnknown Which Welch
MFrederick Percy WELCH
Death24 JUL 1932
Marriage2 MAR 1897to Bertha Catherine Diederich at St Joseph''s Church, Buckle Street, Wellington
MMaurice Whitewood WELCH
Death9 OCT 1950
MWilliam WELCH
Death27 SEP 1931
Marriage17 MAR 1900to George Lauchlan at Christ Church, Taita
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