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Welch, George Henry

George Henry Welch
b: 1860
d: 16 JUN 1906
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Wairarapa Daily Times 16 August 1904
The death is announced of Mrs William Welch, a very old resident of the Taita. The deceased leaves a family of five sons and two daughters — viz., Mr F. P. Welch (Masterton), G. H. Welch (Opaki), Ernest, Mot, and William Welch (Wellington), Mrs Lachlan (Wellington), and Miss Dolly Welch. The funeral will take place to-morrow afternoon at the Taita.


Birth Details
1864/3164, Annie Kemble - no parents listed
1864/3165, Edward Kemble - no parents listed

New Zealand Spectator and Cook''s Strait Guardian 5 November 1864
On the 30th October, at the Pioneer Hotel, Three Mile Bush, Wairarapa, the wife of Mr. ROBERT KEMBLE, of twins, a boy and girl


Marriage Details
1885/2220, Bride: Annie Kemble, Groom: George Henry Welch

Death Details
1892/2863, Annie Welch, Aged: 27Y - Date of Death 3/4/1894 from Death Registration

Hutt Valley Cemetery Record Annie Welch, Date: 3 Apr 1892, Christ Church Anglican, Taita, Monumental Inscription, Reference: 81

Evening Post 4 April 1892
WELCH.- On the 3rd April, the wife of George H. Welch, of the Opaki, Masterton, aged 28 years.
THE Friends of Mr. G. H. Welch are respectfully invited to attend the Funeral of his late Wife, which will take place at the Taita, at 3 p.m., on Wednesday next

Death Details
1906/1103, George Henry Welch, Aged: 46Y - Date of Death 16/6/1906 from Death Registration

Wairarapa Daily Times 18 June 1906
Mr G. H. Welch.
A feeling of sincere sorrow for the dead and deep sympathy for the relatives of the deceased was evinced throughout the whole district on Saturday afternoon, when it became known that Mr George Henry Welch, of Miki Miki, one of the best known and most highly-esteemed residents of Wairarapa had, in a moment of temporary mental aberration, taken his life by his own hand, by shooting himself. The deceased had been a resident of this district for the last twenty-three years, and was forty-six years of age. In his younger days he won some renown as an athlete, gaining distinction both on the football and cricket fields. He was also a prominent member of the Opaki Quoits Club. Many of his former comrades were terribly shocked to hear of his very sad end. It seems that since deceased lost his wife some fourteen years ago he has suffered from intermittent fits of depression, and recently had been liable to severe attacks of insomnia, more especially within the last few months. The deceased, on this account, made up his mind to leave Miki Miki, and only on Friday he completed the sale of his 900 acre farm at a satisfactory figure, and purchased a residence in Lincoln-road, Masterton, intending to reside here in future. He had not long returned from a trip to Rotorua,. from which it was hoped he had derived permanent benefit. He was in Masterton on Friday, and appeared to be in his usual state of health. On Saturday, however, he gave way to despondency, the sad result being as stated. Four children -two sons and two daughters — their ages ranging from 14 to 19) years, are left to mourn their loss.
The inquest was held by Mr W. P. James. S.M., yesterday afternoon. The jury comprised Messrs A. P. Fielding (foreman), T. Smith, T. Miller, E. Egan, H. P. Bennett and M. Petersen. Dr Ross, who was summoned to examine the remains of the deceased at Miki Miki, on Saturday afternoon, said he saw a fire still burning, but the remains had been carried some distance away. The body was very much charred, and was unrecognisable. Deceased''s cap was found some few yards away, and had one side torn, evidently by shot, and there were stains of blood on it. From appearances, witness'' opinion was that deceased had shot himself before he was burned. His head had apparently been blown off, and that would have caused instantaneous death.
Frederick Percy Welch, brother of deceased, stated that his brother had been in indifferent health for years past — ever since he lost his wife fourteen years ago — and more so latterly. He suffered considerably from insomnia. Witness saw deceased last alive on Friday, when he seemed very depressed. He remarked "that his mind seemed to be gone; he didn''t know what he was doing." At one time he said he did not know if he was doing right or wrong, and had no control of his mind. When from fits of depression, deceased many times said he was tired of life, as there was nothing in life worth living for. A note (produced) was in deceased''s handwriting, the contents indicating that he pre-meditated self-destruction. Deceased had been under medical treatment. He was not in financial difficulties, but was in an independent position. He lived with his daughter, the latter''s companion (Miss Nelson), and a son.
Miss Ida Nelson, who had been companion to Miss Welch for some four months, said deceased had always seemed to her to be peculiar. He had frequently remarked that he was tired of life. On Saturday deceased appeared to be in his usual frame of mind and was quiet. At breakfast he remarked "it wasn''t much of a day to go to Masterton." After standing outside for about half an hour he re-entered the house, again said it wasn''t much of a day to go to Masterton, got down his gun, and with it four cartridges, and walked out towards the paddock
adjoining. Witness did not hear the report of the gun, but about 9 o''clock Claude Welch, deceased''s 14-year-old son, hurried to the house and said, "father has shot himself." Witness saw the smoke from a fire, but heard no gun discharged.
Claude Welch said he was sent by his sister to look for his father, but for a time failed to find any trace of him. Eventually witness saw smoke and went in that direction. On getting close to the stack of wood witness saw his father''s body on the wood, with the gun (produced) alongside, the barrel pointing to his head. At that time the wood was not burning fiercely, but deceased''s face was blackened and the clothes on the upper part of the body burnt. He instantly told his sister and called some neighbours. Witness said his father had been very despondent lately, and often spoke about being tired of life.
Roy Tankersley, a neighbour of deceased, said he knew deceased to be in an indifferent state of health, and had heard him frequently say he was tired of life. Witness was called in by Claude Welch on Saturday morning, and taken to where deceased was found. The fire was put out with buckets of water, and the remains removed. The muzzle of the gun was pointing in the direction of deceased''s head.
The jury returned a verdict that deceased had committed suicide whilst temporarily insane.
The funeral will leave Mr F. P. Welch''s residence, Lansdowne, at 1.45 o''clock tomorrow afternoon.

THE friends of the late G. H. WELCH are respectfully invited to attend his funeral, which will leave the residence of Mr. F. P. Welch, Lansdowne, on TUESDAY, June 19th, at 1.45 p.m.
Sanitary Undertakers.
ALL members of the Opaki Quoits Club are requested to attend the funeral of the late Mr G. H. WELCH, which will leave Lansdowne To-morrow (Tuesday), at 1.45 p.m.
S. TANKERSLEY, Secretary.
ALL Members of the Carlton Cricket Club are requested to attend the funeral of the late G. H. Welch (Captain B. team), which will leave Lansdowne at 1.30 (sic) p.m. to-morrow.- T. FLAWS, Secretary

Probate George Henry Welch, Place: Miki Miki, Occ: Farmer, Date of Death: 16/6/1906, AAOM 6029 10092, Filed: 13/7/1906, Will, Archives NZ, Wellington
  • 1860 - Birth -
  • 16 JUN 1906 - Death -
William WELCH
1805 - 29 JUN 1887
William Read WELCH
5 SEP 1831 - 28 JAN 1881
George Henry Welch
1860 - 16 JUN 1906
Sarah Arabella Hedley
1835 - 16 AUG 1904
Ann Unknown
1814 - 13 FEB 1879
Family Group Sheet - Child
PARENT (M) William Read WELCH
Birth5 SEP 1831
Death28 JAN 1881
Marriage9 OCT 1856to Sarah Arabella Hedley at Christ Church, Taita
FatherWilliam WELCH
MotherAnn Read
PARENT (F) Sarah Arabella Hedley
Death16 AUG 1904
Marriage9 OCT 1856to William Read WELCH at Christ Church, Taita
MotherAnn Unknown
FLaura Ann WELCH
Death18 MAY 1903
Marriage1891to Thomas Philip Kemble
FArabella WELCH
Death22 JUL 1928
MGeorge Henry Welch
Death16 JUN 1906
Marriage1885to Annie Kemble
MArthur Wellesley Welch
Death16 FEB 1871
MErnest Alfred WELCH
Death8 OCT 1935
MUnknown Which Welch
MFrederick Percy WELCH
Death24 JUL 1932
Marriage2 MAR 1897to Bertha Catherine Diederich at St Joseph''s Church, Buckle Street, Wellington
MMaurice Whitewood WELCH
Death9 OCT 1950
MWilliam WELCH
Death27 SEP 1931
Marriage17 MAR 1900to George Lauchlan at Christ Church, Taita
Family Group Sheet - Spouse
PARENT (M) George Henry Welch
Death16 JUN 1906
Marriage1885to Annie Kemble
FatherWilliam Read WELCH
MotherSarah Arabella Hedley
PARENT (F) Annie Kemble
Birth30 OCT 1864Pioneer Hotel, Three Mile Bush, Wairarapa
Death3 APR 1892
Marriage1885to George Henry Welch
FatherRobert KEMBLE
MotherHenrietta Jones
FEileen Welch
Death25 JAN 1975
Marriageto Unknown Elder
MWilliam Kemble Welch
Marriage1914to Ruby Mary Alberta McLachlan
FKathleen Welch
Death21 AUG 1969
MClaude Llewellyn Welch
Death26 OCT 1957
Marriage1928to Ina McLean
Descendancy Chart
George Henry Welch b: 1860 d: 16 JUN 1906
Annie Kemble b: 30 OCT 1864 d: 3 APR 1892
Eileen Welch b: 1890 d: 25 JAN 1975
William Kemble Welch b: 1886 d: 1964
Ruby Mary Alberta McLachlan b: 1888 d: 28 MAY 1975
Kathleen Welch b: 1888 d: 21 AUG 1969
Claude Llewellyn Welch b: 1892 d: 26 OCT 1957
Ina McLean b: 1894 d: 24 MAR 1988
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