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Underwood, Henry May

Henry May Underwood
b: 18 APR 1910
Birth Details
1910/1580, Henry May Underwood, Mother: Louise Maude, Father: Sydney Houghton - Date of Birth 18/4/1910 from Birth Registration

Karori Cemetery Mausoleum Headstone reads
In loving memory of Henry John Underwood who was lost in the wreck of the S.S. Penguin in

Cook Strait 12 February 1909 aged 59 years and 6 months.
There shall be no night there,
for the Lord God giveth them light
Rev. XXII:5
Also H. E. Underwood (Mum) wife of the above died 19 May 1916 aged 57 years.
Peace, Perfect, Peace.
Ethel Sophia Quinlan loved daughter H. J. and H. E Underwood departed this life on 5 May 1968
Lewis Henry (Pat) Quinlan son of the above, departed this life on 28 March 1971.
In loving memory Nathalia Janet Underwood beloved wife of H. M. Underwood and 2nd daughter J. and C. Capstick, Ohakea died 1 February 1941 aged 23 years.
Farewell dear Mother.
In loving Mary Ann Houghton who died suddenly at her residence, Flagstaff Hill, Willis Street, 6 June 1893 aged 62.
In loving memory of Sydney James Underwood grandson of H. J. Underwood born 21 May 1906 died 22 May 22 May 1906.
Sydney Houghton Underwood beloved husband of L. M. Underwood died 21 June 1922 aged 41 years
At Rest.
Sydney Harvie Underwood grandson of the above died 3 September 1934 aged 3 years and 6 months.
Gone to the Good Man in the skies,
who loves all little boys.
Louise Maud Underwood wife of Sydney Houghton Underwood died 22 December 1956 aged 76 years.
At Rest.
Henry May Underwood beloved husband of Eala born 18 April 1910 died 14 December 1972
  • 18 APR 1910 - Birth -
Harriet Ellen Houghton
1858 - 19 MAR 1916
Henry May Underwood
18 APR 1910 -
Family Group Sheet - Child
PARENT (M) Sydney Houghton Underwood
Marriageto ?
FatherHenry James Underwood
MotherHarriet Ellen Houghton
MSydney James Underwood
Birth21 MAY 1906
Death22 MAY 1906
MHarold Jack Underwood
MHenry May Underwood
Birth18 APR 1910
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