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Rayner, John

John Rayner
b: 1811
d: 7 SEP 1881
Free BMD Records show Date Marriage Registered December 1837, District: Boston, Names: John Rayner and Helen Bland, Volume: 14, Page: 385
The district Boston is in the county of Lincolnshire

Wellington Independent 24 November 1873
A correspondent writes, under date 20th November:— At the conclusion of the afternoon servioe on Sunday, the Rev Mr Fancourt, on behalf of the children attending the Sunday school, presented Mr John Rayner with a magnificently illustrated Bible, as a token of their appreciation of his services as Superintendent of the Sunday school for the last fifteen years. Inside the cover there was a scroll containing 150 names of scholars that had been in attendance, but these do not comprise all the names. Mr Fancourt, in a few appropriate remarks, pointed out the value of such self-sacrificing labors in a practical directions. Mr Beetham (Hutt) explained that the Bible had been purchased with money collected by the Sunday school children, and was entirely the result of their own little subscriptions. Mr Rayner expressed his gratitude for the valuable volume which had been given him, and which he would prize highly as coming from those whom he had endeavored to instruct in accordance with its precepts.
The departure of Mr and Mrs Williams, for Sanson, will be felt by many as a loss to the neighborhood, as both were efficient teachers, and had conducted the school for upwards of three years with great credit to themselves and satisfaction to the parents. I hope they will be equally successful at Sanson, and I confess to feeling a deep interest in the welfare of this "small farm association," and all other special settlements. In other provinces, religion and race have been found to be the best bonds for keeping little communities together. Where a minister formed the connecting link, the settlement has invariably prospered; in other cases language has kept them united, as in the case of German and Scandinavian immigrants. It remains to be seen whether a band of British settlers can work in harmony for the common weal, and become as thriving and prosperous as those possessing a common creed or speaking a foreign language.

Wellington Independent 25 June 1874
Tenders are required for the Making of Twenty-two Seats for the above church.
Plans and specifications to be seen at Mr T. Burt''s, Lower Hutt, where all tenders must be left on or before July 1st, 1874.
June 24, 1874

Evening Post 7 October 1876
Committee - John Edwards, John Daysh, John Austis (sic), James

Cudby, H. Russell, B. Rayner, and G. Pack. (sic)
C. F. Worth, Chairman. J. H. Corbett, Secretary and Treasurer.
Judges - Mr P. Bruce, Mr R. McCulloch, Mr John Blatchfield.
First Prize 5 pounds
Second Priza 3 pounds
Third Prize 2 pounds
Entrance, 5s.
Entrances will be received up to the evening of the 10th

October, at the Albion Hotal, Taita, and each competitior must

be a subscriber to the fund of 5s.

Evening Post 17 September 1877
WANTED, a steady Man, for milking and making himself generally useful. Apply John Rayner, Taita.

Evening Post 25 September 1877
At Mr. John Rayners, Taita, Hutt
Sale, without reserve, of valuable Milch Cows, Horses, Pigs, Poultry, Drays, Carts, Farming Implements, &c.
MR. J. H. WALLACE is instructed by Mr. John Rayner (who is removing to another part of the colony) to sell, without reserve, on the premises, Taita, Hutt (near Travellers'' Rest), on Wednesday, 10th Oct., commencing at 12 o''clock noon -
The following
Prime milch cows (in full milk) and store cattle, well bred young horses, dray, spring trap, harness, well-bred pigs, poultry, 4 tons potatoes and 1 1/2 tons seed potatoes, ploughs, harrows, chaff cutter, and farming implements, dairy utensils, sundries, and miscellaneous articles of furniture, &c., &c.
Will be sold without reserve.
Sale will commence at 12 o''clock noon.
Refreshments at noon.

Death Details
1881/3284, John Rayner, Aged: 70Y - Date of Death 7/9/1881 from Death Registration

Masterton District Council Cemetery Record
Record Number: 000131
Surname: RAYNER
First Names: JOHN
Age: 70
Date of Death: 00
Date of Burial: 11/09/1881
Cemetery: Archer Street, Q E Park
Area: Plan III
Row: JR
Plot: 4

Evening Post 8 September 1881
The numerous friends of Mr. John Rayner will regret to hear that he expired yesterday at his residence, Masterton, after a very short illness. His death was caused from the effects of an accident he met with whilst out riding on Thursday last. The deceased, who was 71 years of age, arrived in this colony in the Cornwall about 27 years ago, and was 22 years of that time a resident at the Hutt, where he was well known and respected. He leaves a large circle of relations and friends to mourn their loss. The funeral will take place at Masterton on Sunday next

Death Details
1885/4546, Helen Bland Rayner, Aged: 68Y - Date of Death 24/11/1885 from Death Registration

Masterton District Council Cemetery Record
Record Number: 000313
Surname: RAYNER
First Names: ELLEN BLAND (sic)
Age: 68
Date of Death: 00
Date of Burial: 25/11/1885
Cemetery: Archer Street, Q E Park
Area: Plan III
Row: EBR
Plot: 4

Probate Helen Rayner, Place: Masterton, Occ: Widow, Date of Death: 24/11/1885, AAOM 6029 2502, Filed: 22/12/1885, Will, Archives NZ, Wellington

Evening Post 13 February 1886
TENDERS will be recieved by the undersigned up to 10th day of March next for the purchase of a partly improved farm, adjoining the property of the Messrs. Francis, Belmont, Lower Hutt, containing in all 120 acres.
For further particulars, apply to Messrs, Rayner & Vile, Executors in the estate of the late John Rayner, to whom tenders must be addressed.
Masterton, 10th February.


Could be another daughter
Betsy Rayner married William Dalton
  • 1811 - Birth - ; England
  • 7 SEP 1881 - Death -
John Rayner
1811 - 7 SEP 1881
Family Group Sheet - Child
MJohn Rayner
Death7 SEP 1881
Marriage1837to Helen Bland
Family Group Sheet - Spouse
PARENT (M) John Rayner
Death7 SEP 1881
Marriage1837to Helen Bland
PARENT (F) Helen Bland
Death24 NOV 1885
Marriage1837to John Rayner
MJohn Rayner
Birth1838Waddington, Lincolnshire, England
Death1 DEC 1903
Marriage31 JUL 1862to Elizabeth Daysh at Christ Church, Taita
FHelen Bland Rayner
Death8 MAR 1911
Marriage15 JUN 1866to Job Vile at At The Residence of John Vile
FAlice Clayton Rayner
Death25 APR 1903
FPhoebe Ann Rayner
Death8 OCT 1922
Marriage1859to Thomas Harris
FSusannah Maria Rayner
Death13 JUL 1938
Marriage9 AUG 1873to John Stone Crimp at Christ Church, Taita
FHarriett Frances Rayner
Death14 NOV 1934
Marriage9 AUG 1873to Edwin Johnson at Christ Church, Taita
FMary Ann Rayner
Death21 FEB 1936
Marriage1878to Richard Atkinson Nicholls
FAnn Eliza Newcomin Rayner
Death2 AUG 1912
Marriage1874to Manuel Joseph Bernard
FSally H Rayner
Death11 MAR 1925
Marriage11 JUL 1877to Harry Croad
MBenjamin Rayner
Marriage11 AUG 1869to Ellen Hooper at Taita, Hutt
Descendancy Chart
John Rayner b: 1811 d: 7 SEP 1881
Helen Bland b: 1817 d: 24 NOV 1885
John Rayner b: 1838 d: 1 DEC 1903
Elizabeth Daysh b: 1833 d: 16 DEC 1901
John Newcombe Bland Rayner b: 1864 d: 21 JUL 1923
Elizabeth McWhirter Colway b: 1865 d: 18 NOV 1925
Benjamin Richard Rayner b: 1865 d: 19 JAN 1942
Maria Elizabeth Compton b: 1872 d: 23 MAY 1921
Elizabeth Helen Bland Rayner b: 1865 d: 30 JUL 1926
Tom Compton b: 1864 d: 26 APR 1924
William Evinson Rayner b: 1867 d: 8 JUL 1946
Thomas Ings Rayner b: 1869 d: 12 AUG 1921
Annie Harris b: 1867 d: 19 OCT 1937
Fred Bland Rayner b: 1871 d: 18 JUL 1871
Frances Rayner b: 1874
Helen Bland Rayner b: 1847 d: 8 MAR 1911
Job Vile b: 1845 d: 6 DEC 1905
Alice Clayton Rayner b: 1862 d: 25 APR 1903
Phoebe Ann Rayner b: 1840 d: 8 OCT 1922
Thomas Harris b: 1839
William Harris b: 1860
Mary Ann Harris b: 1861
Walter Harris b: 1865
Herbert H Harris b: 1872
May Harris b: 1887
Ida Harris b: 1884
Susannah Maria Rayner b: 1850 d: 13 JUL 1938
John Stone Crimp b: 1841 d: 23 AUG 1929
Clarence William Henry Crimp b: 1878 d: 1902
Harriett Frances Rayner b: 1852 d: 14 NOV 1934
Edwin Johnson b: 1842 d: 4 DEC 1924
Edwin Ernest Johnson b: 1875 d: 1875
Mabel Alice Mary Johnson b: 1878 d: 17 NOV 1905
Frances Phebe Johnson b: 1880 d: 1883
Edwin Rayner Johnson b: 1881 d: 1881
Lucy Helen Johnson b: 1883 d: 1891
Unknown Johnson b: 1885
Unknown Johnson b: 1889
Annie Johnson b: 1893
Mary Ann Rayner b: 1854 d: 21 FEB 1936
Richard Atkinson Nicholls b: 1853 d: 2 JUN 1934
Amelia Alice Helen Nicholls b: 1879 d: 5 JAN 1930
Adam John Miller b: 1876 d: 22 JUN 1972
Ann Eliza Newcomin Rayner b: 1856 d: 2 AUG 1912
Manuel Joseph Bernard b: 1847 d: 10 NOV 1928
John Francis Bernard b: 1877 d: 2 FEB 1898
Victor Raymond Bernard b: 1891 d: 4 NOV 1918
Ruby May Bernard b: 1892
Sally H Rayner b: 1859 d: 11 MAR 1925
Harry Croad b: 1854 d: 23 MAY 1934
Benjamin Rayner b: 1844 d: 1906
Ellen Hooper b: 1850 d: 22 SEP 1873
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