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Pinny, Frederick James

Frederick James Pinny
Evening Post 31 August 1880
FOR SALE, HENRY RUSSELL''s Farm, at the Taitai; the chief part of the purchase-money may remain at interest. Apply to Frederick J. Pinny, care of C. M. Luke, Nelson-street.

Evening Post 28 July 1886
FOR SALE, about eleven miles from Wellington, a Farm of 22 acres of first class land, with capital dwelling-house of ten rooms, good orhard, garden, barn, stable, cowshed, &c., &c. Terms easy. Apply to Mr. Pinny, on the premises, the Taita; or, to Mr. F. J. Pinny, Builder, Hopper-street, Wellington

Evening Post 22 December 1885
The Schools
The prizes awarded to the children of the above school were distributed on Friday last by the Chairman (Mr. R. Mellow), in the presence of the teachers and the following members of the School Committee:- Messrs. W. Cleland, S. Death, J. Harris, W. S Milne, and J. H. Ross. After a few appropriate remarks, the Chairman proceeded to distribute the prizes, addressing a few words of congratulation to each of the prize-takers as they came up. The following is the prize-list: Standard VI.- Ernest Pike, Agnes Drummond, Laura Pinny, Arabella Welch. Standard V.- Forbes Johnston, Hipzibah Fisk Standard IV.- Ernest Bodman, Harry Edwards, Francis Fisk, Ada Welch. Standard III.- Norman Bodman, George Boyd Frank Clement, Frank Death, William Death, William Fisk, Isaac James, William Meager, Horace Meager, Emma Barlow, Minnie Hancock, Allison Johnston, Nellie Mabey, Ellen Martin, Ilma Ross, Jane Wright. Standard II.- Charles Drummond, Edwin Edwards, Jack King, George Hancock, George Haywood, Albert Peck, Geo Russell, Marjore (sic) Duck, Eliza Duck, Katie Russell, Agnes Russell, Hettie Russell, Jane Stevenson, Maria Webb. Standard I.- John Fisk, Edward Rouse, Herbert Tilbury, George Wright, Charles Watson, Sophia Burt, Ethel Burt, Amy Death, Amy Hancock, Alice James, Connie Mellow, Minnie Russell, Maggie Ross. Special prizes were awarded to Laura Pinny and Alick (sic) Ross, for being the most popular and best-behaved girl and boy in the school. This decision was arrived at by vote, the girls voting for Laura Pinny, and the boys for Alick Ross The distribution having been made, the children sang " Home Sweat Home" with great taste. The head teacher, Mr. Johnston, entertained the children to a tea at 5 p.m., to which ample justice was done. After games, &c, they proceeded homeward, evidently delighted with their evening''s outing. An entertainment was also given by the same gentleman in the evening; to the heads of families and young people in the district. After having spent a very pleasant evening the company broke up at 12.30 a.m. At the examination of the school on the 16th October, out of 60 presented 53 passed, which may be considered very satisfactory.

Evening Post 12 August 1933
PINNY.- On August 11, 1933, at 40 Waterloo Road, Lower Hutt, Frederick J. Pinny; aged 76.
Fallen asleep in Christ Jesus. Absent from the body; present with the Lord, which is far better
THE Friends of the late Frederick J. Pinny are respectfully invited to attend his Funeral, which will leave the Gospel Hall, Waterloo Road, Lower Hutt, after a short service, commencing at 2.30 p.m. on Sunday, August 13, for the Cemetery, Taita.
Funeral Furnishers, Lower Hutt.
Tel. 80-170
Photo of F. J. Pinny
with caption
Mr. F. J. Pinny, a well-known Wellington business man, who died yesterday afternoon.
One of Wellington''s best known and highly esteemed business men, Mr. Frederick James Pinny, founder and principal, of the firm, of Messrs. F. J. Pinny, Limited, died at his residence, 40 Waterloo Road, shortly after five o''clock yesterday afternoon after a brief illness.
Mr. Pinny was the second son of the late Samuel and Emma Pinny, who were amongst the earliest settlers in the Motuoka and Nelson districts. The late Mr. Pinny was born at Motueka 70 years ago. He spent his early years on his father''s farm at Motueka, and was educated in the district. As a lad he was apprenticed to the building trade in Nelson, and some 56 years ago he came to Wellington, where he followed his trade for some years, assisting in building some of the biggest buildings of that period, including St. Peter''s Church, Willis Street. Being fond of music, Mr. Pinny entered that line of business, and from small beginnings built up one of the largest instrument businesses in the city. This took place 49 years ago, making it the oldest established business in this line in Wellington.
Mr. Pinny''s wife, the daughter of the late Mr. Edward Petherick, a wellknown citizen, pre-deceased him about 14 years ago. He leaves a family of two daughters and two sons — Mrs. L. M. Pearson, of Wellington; Mrs. H. R. Garrett, of Auckland; Mr. F. R. Pinny, builder, of Lower Hutt; and Mr. Edward Graham Pinny, motor garage proprietor, of Wellington. In addition Mr. Pinny leaves three sisters (Mrs. Alexander, of Lyall Bay, Mrs. G. M. Yerox, of Lower Hutt, and. Mrs. Edward Beaglehole, of Auckland) and one brother (Mr. W. Pinny, of New Plymouth).
The late Mrs. C. M. Luke and the late Mrs. H. E. Gilbert were sisters of the deceased.
The late Mr. Pinny was a zealous worker of the Plymouth Brethren cause, for many years being actively interested in Sunday school work. Amongst his philanthropic gifts he donated a section of land and built what is known as the Gospel Hall, Waterloo Road, Lower Hutt.
The funeral will take place tomorrow at the Taita Cemetery after a service at the Gospel Hall, Waterloo Road, Lower Hutt, at 2.30.

Evening Post 14 August 1933
The funeral of the late Mr. F. J. Pinny, of Lower Hutt, took place at the Taita Cemetery yesterday afternoon, and was attended by over 300 mourners. Many relatives and personal friends were present, and a large number of Wellington firms were represented. The service, held in the Gospel Hall, Waterloo Road, was conducted by Mr. Jackson Smith, assisted by Messrs. Belcher and Hickman, and the graveside service was conducted by Messrs. Tilyard and Brewerton. The pallbearers were Messrs. L. M. Pearson, Mark Auld (Napier), J. Larsen, Graham Pinny, A. Powell, and E. Alexander.
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MFrederick James Pinny
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