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Pike, George Hale

George Hale Pike
b: 1844
d: 4 SEP 1902
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236 BUCK Alfred James Seldon
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233 BUCK Edwin Douglas Seldon
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38 BUCK George Green
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NZPO 1885 - 86 Pike George, farmer
NZPO 1890 - 91 Pike George, farmer

Some of the notes below are sourced from the Pye Kelly Family Tree

Marriage Details
1862/4478, Bride: Elizabeth Seldon Buck, Groom: George Pike

Evening Post 28th December 1868
The Hutt Cavalry Races came off as announced on Boxing Day, on Petoni (sic) Beach. A large assemblage of people, including a number of the fair sex, were present, and the scarlet uniforms of the cavalry dispersed through the crowd threw quite a martial air over the scene. Want of space precludes us from giving a detailed, account of the races, which were five in number, and won as follows : Hurdle Race, Mr. M''Ewan''s Sam; Hutt Cavalry Stakes, Mr. J. Knight''s Volunteer; Petoni (sic) Stakes, Mr. J. Fagan''s Pal; Forced Handicap, Mr. J. Knight''s Volunteer. A silver cup, presented by Mr. George Pike, was won by Mr. Harris''s mare; a hack race, for which there were 11 entries, was won by Mr. R. Donald''s horse. There were various other races, and also foot races, one of which was won by John Fagan, and another by D. Hastings. The aboriginals contributed to the amusements of the day by performing a war dance, with great spirit. The Hutt Band was in attendance, and refreshments were dispersed by Mr. Nat. Valentine, so well and favorably known as a caterer for the wants of the public. In the course of the day, a valuable stock horse, named Tempest, formerly owned by Mr. F. Thorby, broke his leg, and had to be destroyed.

Evening Post 20th August 1875
&c., &c., &c.,
SIR — We, the undersigned, Hutt electors and others, are glad to welcome you once more in this province, and venture respectfully to request that you will be good enough to favor us with your presence at the public meeting, to be held at the Masonic Hall on Saturday, 21st August, at 8 o''clock, for the purpose of considering the Abolition Bill now before Parliament.
Trusting that you will do us the favor of attending, and afford us the benefit of your opinion on this important subject,
We have the honor to be, Sir,
Your most obedient servants,
G. England Charles Collis, jun.
W. B. Barnicoat Geo. Collis
Chas Collins Alfred Colson
George Pike Thos. Burt
John Cudby T. Devine
Te Opara Tene H. Campbell
T. Mullins Jas. Cudby
N. Valentine A. F. Brown
James Buick H. Sanson
Benjamin Rayner Jas. Thomson
Henry Russell Thomas Heyward
Wm. Welch Hata Parata
Job Mabey Wm. Knight
John Edwards John Walkley
J. W. Fox R. Sherrin
David Benge J. Coolie
James Rumbel John Wakeham
James Stratford C. Collings
Peter Bruce W. Haynes
John Daysh Mawene Hohua
J. H. Corbett H. Brandt
Wm. Craighead Robt. Ralf
Alex. Martin R. C. Clifford
Paoti Matene John Cole
Hokopa Te Punic
And several others.
Hutt, 16th August, 1875.

Evening Post 12th October 1876
The ploughing match held yesterday in Mr. Mabey''s paddocks, Taita, passed off with entire success. Nine competitors were on the ground, and should have started at half-past 9 o''clock, but owing to a mistake made by one of the competitors in setting out his first furrow, which he carried into his neighbor''s ground, a fresh start had to be made, which did not take place until 10 a.m. Each man had to plough 853 links by 58 1/2 links in two divisions, with an equal number of furrows on each side, depth not less than 5 inches. The ploughmen finished as under : —
Name. Time.
S. Russell 12.21 p.m.
R. Russell 12.46 "
Wright 1.18 "
Waterman 1.19 "
Apps 1.27 "
Phillips 1.56 "
Colson 1.58 "
Stent 2.10 "
Pike 2.44 "
The following is the prize-list, the description of plough used by each competitor being also given: ��������������€” Phillips, first prize, double-wheeled Howard; Stent, second prize, double-wheeled Howard; Waterman, third prize, double-wheeled Howard; W. Russell (who took fourth prize for being the first to finish), single-wheeled Howard; Wright, single-wheeled by McIlvride; Colson, single-wheeled by Hornby Pike (last to finish), swing plough by Murreny; Apps (presented with a whip as being at the bottom of the poll as to merit), single-wheeled Howard. It is worthy of notice that the best work therefore was done with double-wheeled Howard ploughs, the quickest with single-wheeled Howard''s, and the slowest with a swing plough. Subsequently a scratch match was arranged for three young ploughmen, resulting in Mabey taking 1st prize, Daysh 2nd, Cooper 3rd. While the ploughing was going on sports were held in an adjacent paddock. In the men''s races, 200 yards and 100 yards. Hooper was 1st, and Judd 2nd. In the boys'' races, at 200 yards, Wren was 1st, and Parker 2nd; in the 100 yards, Lockett 1st, and Boulcott 2nd. Six lady competitors ran a race for a box of tea, which was won by Mrs. Webb, who also won the 100 yards female race, Mrs. Peck being 2nd. In the girls'' race, Miss Death was 1st, and Miss Dew 2nd. Mr. Valentine won the quoit match, Mr. W. Cudby being 2nd. Then there was a baby show, in which six babies competed, Edwards, jun, being 1st, and Evitt 2nd. Altogether a very amusing day''s sport was enjoyed.

Evening Post 14 October 1876
The Taita Ploughing Match Committee met at the Albion Hotel on Thursday evening for the purpose of settling accounts, &c. The question of the Judges'' recommendation, that Mr. G. Pike should receive a special prize, was discussed, and the committee awarded Mr. Pike £1 for the skilful manner in which he handled his swing plough. The committee adjourned till 8 p.m. on Thursday evening next, at the Travellers Rest Hotel, by which time subscriptions will be paid in, and a balance-sheet and subscription list will be published. A proposition to establish "The Taita Agricultural Society " will also be considered.

Evening Post 7th March 1877
The Hutt Agricultural, Horticultural, and Pastoral Association''s Show took place to-day in a paddock belonging to the Hon. W. Fitzherbert, at the Lower Hutt. The people of the district observed the day as a holiday, and very little business was done in the township. When our reporter arrived at halfpast ten o''clock there were very few people on the ground, but soon afterwards they began to "roll up." The entries in the various classes were numerous. They were as follows : — Thoroughbred horses, 2; draught horses, 52; sheep, 63; cattle, 26; pigs, 31; poultry, 16; implements, 6; miscellaneous, 34. The thoroughbred horses were fine animals. They were exhibited by Dr. Wilford, of the Hutt, and Mr. J. Fraser, of Taita. The sheep comprised Leicesters, Lincolns, Romney Marsh, Cotswolds, Southdowns, and cross - breds. Amongst the "miscellaneous" were all sorts of things, including some faithful and intelligent sheep dogs, exhibited by the brothers Pringle and Mr. Mason. In this class there were also several samples of ginger wine made and bottled by Eddie and Jack, and some Australian wine bottled by them. Mace and Arkell exhibited some of their beer. The fat bullocks were prime specimens of "beef," and some of the sheep were as fine as could be found in any part of the colony. In the Horticultural Exhibition many of the articles shown were remarkably fine. The choicest flowers and the most enticing vegetables of the season were there in abundance. Amongst the vegetables were some magnificent potatoes and pumpkins. There were all kinds of flowers, a stand of dahlias, which took the first prize in that class, being about the finest we have ever seen. The peaches, apples, and onions were, as far as size was concerned, far above mediocrity. Amongst the exhibits was a splendid bunch of hops grown at the Lower Hutt, by Mrs. Stilling. Many people came up from town both by train and buggy, and at noon there must have been about 400 people on the ground. The following were the judges : — Thoroughbred horses — Messrs. A. Young, Hill, and Cockburn. Draught and other horses â€��� Messrs. Ivor James, S. Brown, and J. McIntosh. Sheep — Messrs. Whitehouse, Walton, West, Vaughan, Mitchell, and Matthews. Cattle — Messrs. Ling, H. Braithwaite, and James Taylor. Pigs — Messrs. Lockett, Taylor, and Death. Poultry â€��� Messrs. McCon, Bramley, and Wilton. Implements— Messrs. McCulloch, Smart, Pike, and Bennett. Miscellaneous â���������” Messrs. Cleland, Bruce, and Craighead.
The following is the prize-list, as far as we were able to obtain it : — Leicesters (4-tooth rams), first and second prizes, G. Hunter; ditto (2-tooth rams), first and second prizes, G. Hunter; ditto (4-tooth ewes), first and second prizes, G. Hunter; ditto (2-tooth ewes), first and second prizes, G. Hunter. Mr. Hunter also took three other prizes for Leicester sheep, but it must be remarked that he was the only exhibitor. Being the only exhibitor of Lincolns, he also took all the prizes in this class. For Romney Marsh rams (4-tooth) Mr. A. Braithwaite took first and second prizes. The prizes for the 4-tooth Romney Marsh ewes fell to Mr. G. Hunter. Mr. D. Knight, of Waiwetu (sic), took the first and second prizes for 4-tooth cross bred rams, while Messrs. A. Braithwaite and T. P. Allen took the prizes for 2-tooth rams. The first and second prizes for ram lambs were awarded to Mr. A Braithwaite and Mr. S. S. Mason respectively. The prizes for 4-tooth ewes were taken by J. and D. Sinclair and A. Braithwaite respectively. The last named gentleman also got special prizes for 4-tooth ewes and ewe lambs. The first prize for thoroughbred horses was awarded to Dr. Wilford''s Kakapo. Mr. A. Taylor''s Young Lofty took the first prize for draught horses, and G. Hunter''s Emperor the second. Mr. James Mabey took the first prize for the best pair of plough horses, and Mr. G. Hunter the second. The prize takers for poultry were, Mrs. Cudbey, J. Silver, G. Hunter, D. Asher, B. Rayner, and J. Dransfield. The prizes for pigs were awarded to Messrs. Laing, Gear, Corbett, Wilford, Valentine, Rush, and Mellow. For two trusses of hay Mr. S. S. Mason took the first prize, and Mr. Brown the second.
His Excellency the Governor and suite arrived shortly after noon, when there were about 500 people on the ground.
About 150 were at the luncheon. The Governor, in responding to the toast of his health, complained of the high prices of poultry and butter, and said the market was badly supplied with both. He expressed his intention of giving £l0 as a prize for the best poultry and butter exhibited at the next show.

Evening Post 21st August 1879
Sir— During the examination of the defendant. George Pike, farmer, of the Taita in the above case, Mr. Mansford said that at first he believed every word the defendant said, but since he had been cross-examined, he did not believe one word be had told him.
As some interested person has been industriously circulating a report that it was to me Mr. Mansford addressed the above remark, by inserting the above facts you will greatly oblige.
I am, &c,
J. G. M''tosh.
Taita, Lower Hutt, 21st Aug., 1879

Evening Post 15th September 1879
ON FRIDAY, 19th September, 1879, At 2.30 o''clock p.m.
T. KENNEDY MACDONALD & CO. are favored with instructions to offer for sale by public auction, on the above date —
That Valuable Property,
Situated at the
Being part of section (50) fifty on the plan of the Hutt District, containing twenty acres or there abouts of
having a frontage of 617 links to the Hutt-road.
There is a first-class 7-roomed Dwelling House, 2-stall stable, 12-stall cow shed, barn, dairy, piggeries, wash house, cart shed, fowlhouse, &c, on the property, which is, without exception, one of the best and most convenient small farms adjacent to the City of Wellington, and as it will be sold
offers a chance to the speculator and small farmer ever to be met with.

Evening Post 31st January 1880
A serious fire occurred at Taita last night, and destroyed a valuable clump of buildings, consisting of a barn, large stable, chaff-shed, and out-houses, belonging to Mr. Pike, as well as a haystack, which stood near. The outbreak took place about eleven o''clock, after Mr. Pike and family had retired to rest. When discovered, the fire had too complete a hold to be extinguished, and in spite of the exertions of Mr. Pike and the neighbors, the buildings enumerated, together with a valuable chaff-cutting machine and fittings, and a quantity of implements were burnt to ashes. These could perhaps have been saved had not the main efforts being directed to saving the dwelling-house, which was in very dangerous contiguity to the burning sheds. These efforts were successful, but we regret to say that the furniture and general contents have been seriously damaged by hasty removal. The buildings were of a very substantial character, being built of totara. The stable contained stalls for about a dozen horses, having been erected to accommodate Mr. Benge''s waggon horses some years ago.

West Coast Times 3rd February 1880
A barn, large stable, chaff shed and outhouse belonging to Mr Pike, of Taita, were destroyed by fire last night. The loss will be about £300.

Evening Post 4th February 1880
In reference to the fire at the Taita on Friday, we learn that Mr. Pike estimates his damage at about 350 pounds. He is insured in the South British for 200 pounds

Evening Post 4th February 1880
I THE UNDERSIGNED, wish to tender my sincere thanks to my neighbours and friends for their assistance at the late Fire of my dwelling and other properties.
GEORGE PIKE, Farmer, Taita.

Otago Witness 24th August 1893
Our Wellington correspondent wires : — The final run of the United Hunt Club for the season took place at the Taita on Saturday afternoon, and was followed by a large number of riders. The hounds threw off at Mr King''s homestead, and crossed over the properties of Messrs Saul, Death, Welchfox, Clout, and Pike to that of Mr Inabey, where the first check took place. They were laid on again at Mr Milne''s, and another run of about a mile and a-half finished at Mr Mellows. After a short spell a number of the riders joined in the run back over the same country, finishing up an enjoyable afternoon''s sport at the starting point. Amongst those in the first flight were Mr B. Skerrett on Lazy, Miss Skerrett on Ned Kelly, Mr C. P. Skerrett on the hero of the Hunt Club Steeplechase, Mr Caldwell on Kapiti, Dr Gillon on Studley, Mr Dyer on Hollowback, and in good positions were Mrs Hawke on Moonlight, Mr O''Rourke on Attache, Mr R. Heaton Rhodes on Amalgam, and Mr A. E. G. Rhodes, M.H.R., on Stanley.

Evening Post 9th July 1894
The half-yearly meeting of the Star of New Zealand Lodge, U.A.0.D., was held at the Lower Hutt on Saturday evening. The election of officers resulted as follows :— A.D., V.A. Bro. L. Gwilliam; V.A., Bro. H. Mockridge; Secretary, P.S. Bro. F. Wallace (re-elected for the 23rd term); Treasurer, P.A. Bro. H. Cunhingham (6th term); I.G., P.A., Bro. D. Mabey; 0.G., P.A., Bro. G, Hooper; A.D.B., P.A. Bros. W. Gwilliam and S. Teck; V.A.B., P.A. Bros. 0. Colson and G. Pike. The District President (P.A. Bro. C. Stokell) installed the officers. It was decided to hold the annual dinner at the Taita Hotel on the 25th inst. Two candidates were nominated, and one member joined by clearance. A framed emblem was presented to P.A. Bro. D. Mabey.

Evening Post 7 December 1892
RUNNING on my land, one Dark Chestnut Gelding, branded G.R. on off shoulder, white blaze down face, two white hind stockings. Owners can have the same by paying expenses. G. Pyke (sic), Taita.

Evening Post 13th April 1897
The necessity for further protective works to prevent the Hutt River encroaching on private property and the county roads at Taita was urged upon the Hutt County Council this morning by Messrs. D. Balls and G. Pike, representing the settlers. Mr. Balls said anxiety was felt about the risk of the river breaking through a gap near Taita, in which case it would mean disaster to the settlers, especially between Taita and "Waiwetu (sic), and would probably demolish roads and bridges in its course. A protecting groin should be put in at once, as the river was now low. A number of settlers were willing to form a working bee and do the work, if the Council would grant the assistance of the roadmen and supply wire. On the motion of Councillor Bradey, Councillor C. W. Brown and the Inspector of Roads were authorised to take immediate action, if necessary, and expend not more than £10 in helping the settlers.

1897 Otaki Electoral Roll shows George Pike, Taita, Farmer, Freehold Part Sec. 56, Hutt

1902 Otaki Electoral Roll shows George Hale Pike, Karori Road, Farmer

Evening Post 4th September 1902
Pike - On the 4th September, 1902, at Wellington, George Hale Pike, aged 62 years; deeply regretted
The Evening Post 5th September 1902 shows
Funeral Notice
The Friends of the late Mr. George Pike are respectfully invited to attend his Funeral, which will leave his late residence Taita, on Sunday, 7th September, 1902, at 2.30 p.m. for the Taita Cemetery. J Flyger & Co, Undertakers and Embalmers, Tel 1073, 20, Cuba street
Star on New Zealand Lodge
No. 109
All Members of the above Lodge are cordially invited to attend the Funeral of our late Bro. G. Pike, which will leave his late residence Taita, on Sunday, 7th September, 1902, at 2.30 p.m. for the Taita Cemetery. By order of A. D

Evening Post 8th September 1902
The funeral of the late Mr. G Pike, an old identity of the Taita district, took place yesterday at the old Church Cemetery, Taita, in the presence of a large following. Deceased was one of the founders of the Star of New Zealand Lodge of Druids, the officers of which acted as pallbearers, they and lodge members attending in regalia. The service was conducted by the Rev. J. Jones, at the conclusion of which the Druidical funeral oration was read by Bro. Hargreaves, D.P.


Zealand Gazette and Wellington Spectator 12th June 1844
On Friday, 31st May, the wife of George Buck, Esq., late of Newton St. Low, Somersetshire, England, now of Wellington, of a daughter

1894 Otaki Electoral Roll shows Elizabeth Pike, Taita, wife of George Pike, Residential

Transcription of Death Certificate shows Place of Registration: Hutt, No: 11, When and Where Died: 28/4/1901, Taita, Elizabeth Seldon Pike, Occ: None Listed, Aged: 57, Cause of Death: Carcinoma Uteris, 2 years, Medical Attendant: James Purdy, Last seen alive: 27/4/1901, Father: George Green Buck, Occ: Not known, Mother: Mary Seldon Buck, Maiden Surname: Salmon, When Buried: 1/5/1901, Where Buried: Christ Church, Taita, Minister: Joshua Jones, Denomination: Episcopalian, Where Born: Wellington, How Long in NZ: Nothing Listed, Where Married: Wellington, Age Married: 17, To Whom Married: George Hale Pike, Age of Widow: None Listed, Ages and Sex of Issues: Males: No entry, Females: No entry, Informant: A. S. Pike, son of deceased, Taita

Probate record shows Elizabeth Seldon Pike, Place: Taita, Date of Death: 28/4/1901, Court: Wellington, Archives Reference: AAOM 6029 7371, Probate No: 7371, Date Filed: 7/6/1901, Type: Will, Archives NZ, Wellington

The Evening Post 29th April 1901 shows
Pike - On 28th April, 1901, at Taita, Elizabeth Seldon Pike, aged 57 years
Funeral Notice
The Friends of Mr. George Pike are respectfully invited to attend the Funeral of his late Wife (Elizabeth), which will leave his residence, Taita, for Christ Church Cemetery, Tait, on Wednesday, at 1.30 p.m.
E. H. Collett, Undertaker, Petone
Officers and Members of Star of New Zealand Lodge are invited to attend the Funeral of the late Wife of Bro. George Pike, which will leave his residence, Taita, on Wednesday, 31st?.
H. H. Cunningham, Acting Sec.

Cemetery Fiche for Christ Church Cemetery, Taita, Lower Hutt shows Record No: 142
Elizabeth Seldon Pike died 28 April 1901 aged 57 years also Evelyn Seldon Pike and Cecil Seldon Pike, Gordon Seldon Pike aged 24 years, William S Buck 1846 - 1919


Could be the Ship the Pikes arrived on needs more checking?
Wellington Independent 21 October 1859
The ship Hastings, one of Messrs. Willis, Gann, and Co''s, line of New Zealand packets, arrived in this harbour yesterday afternoon, after a rather protracted passage of 131 days from London. The Hastings left Gravesend on the 11 th June and experienced very tempestous weather in the Channel, which delayed her for a fortnight. After clearing the Channel, met with light variable winds, which continued until reaching the latitude of the Cape. On the evening of the 20th August, when of the Cape, during a gale of wind the ship gave a lurch and pitched the Captain overboard, who, we regret to say, was unfortunately drowned. The wind was blowing so strong at the time, and there was such a heavy sea on, that the boats could not be lowered to save him. About a fortnight after this occurence, two passengers, while harpooning dolphins, were washed off the martingle. The life buoys were instantly let go, and the boats lowered, and the two passengers after being in the water for about three quarters of an hour, were picked up, and safely taken on board. The Hastings made the land on the 1st. October, and was off the heads about a fortnight ago; but, being light, and meetiug with a succession of N. W. Gales, was driven to the South. She brings about 40 passengers, and a large cargo of general merchandise.
  • 1844 - Birth -
  • 4 SEP 1902 - Death -
George Hale Pike
1844 - 4 SEP 1902
Family Group Sheet - Child
MGeorge Hale Pike
Death4 SEP 1902
Marriage1862to Elizabeth Seldon Buck
Family Group Sheet - Spouse
PARENT (M) George Hale Pike
Death4 SEP 1902
Marriage1862to Elizabeth Seldon Buck
PARENT (F) Elizabeth Seldon Buck
Birth31 MAY 1844
Death28 APR 1901
Marriage1862to George Hale Pike
FatherGeorge Green Buck
MotherMary Ann Seldon Salmon
MArthur Seldon Pike
Death28 AUG 1940
Marriage1897to Isabella Finch
FEvelyn Seldon Pike
Birth27 MAY 1866Taita
MErnest Seldon Pike Pike
Death25 NOV 1918
Marriage6 NOV 1907to Winifred May Brown
MCecil Seldon Pike
MCyril Seldon Pike
Death18 JUL 1949
Marriage1910to Mary Ann Harris
FLeila Seldon Pike
Death15 FEB 1960
FNoeline Anglea Pike
Death17 FEB 1952
Marriage1905to Arthur George Seldon Dale
MGordon Seldon Pike
Death6 JUL 1909
FJulia Catherine Pike
Birth1862Christchurch Area
Death2 OCT 1932
Marriage1882to Alphonsus Rodger Unsure If Correct Person? Rush
MWilliam Seldon Pike
Birth4 JUN 1865
Death29 JAN 1929
Descendancy Chart
George Hale Pike b: 1844 d: 4 SEP 1902
Elizabeth Seldon Buck b: 31 MAY 1844 d: 28 APR 1901
Arthur Seldon Pike b: 1869 d: 28 AUG 1940
Isabella Finch d: 22 JUN 1918
Ellen Mavis Pike b: 1908 d: 1992
Victor Henry Butland b: 1905 d: 1982
Arthur Cyril Pike b: 1902 d: NOV 1903
Arthur Gordon Seldon Pike b: 12 FEB 1914 d: 1993
Evelyn Julia Pike b: 3 SEP 1899 d: 23 OCT 1972
Charles Edward Wentworth b: 1880 d: 18 AUG 1965
Evelyn Seldon Pike b: 27 MAY 1866 d: 1866
Ernest Seldon Pike Pike b: 1872 d: 25 NOV 1918
Winifred May Brown d: 1 JAN 1940
Maru Seldon Pike b: 27 JUL 1910 d: 18 MAY 1974
Victor Macpherson JONES b: 1906 d: 18 MAY 1974
Lloyd Macpherson JONES b: 1 JAN 1935 d: 12 JUL 2005
David Seldon Pike b: 1918 d: 10 JUL 1936
Cecil Seldon Pike b: 1874 d: 1874
Cyril Seldon Pike b: 1876 d: 18 JUL 1949
Mary Ann Harris b: 1883 d: 5 JAN 1952
Jack Seldon Pike b: 1911 d: 1980
Margaret Lorraine Pike b: 1918 d: 2004
Frank Frethey b: 1910 d: 2000
Leila Seldon Pike b: 1880 d: 15 FEB 1960
Noeline Anglea Pike b: 1883 d: 17 FEB 1952
Arthur George Seldon Dale b: 1877 d: 29 JUN 1959
Gordon Seldon Pike b: 1885 d: 6 JUL 1909
Julia Catherine Pike b: 1862 d: 2 OCT 1932
William Seldon Pike b: 4 JUN 1865 d: 29 JAN 1929
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