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Pike, Cyril Seldon

Cyril Seldon Pike
b: 1876
d: 18 JUL 1949
Birth Details
1883/2811, Mary Ann Harris, Mother: Maggie (sic) Mary, Father: Abraham John

*Birth Details Date: 1876, Folio No: 1204, Area: Wellington, June quarter, Name: Cyril Seldon Pike*

The Evening Post 22nd December 1888 shows
The following is the list of prize-winners for the Taita School. The prizes were presented by the Chairman (Mr. John Clement) on Thursday afternoon :— Standard VI. — I. Ross. Standard V. — W. Death. Standard IV. — A. Brown, J. Tilbury, A. Death, A. Hancock, A. James, E. Mellow, M. Ross. Standard III. — K. Boulcott. J. Hooper, M. Adams, G. Peck, L. Petterson, M. Russell. Standard II. — H. Mahood, C. Pike, C. Avery, L. Avery, E. Drummond, E. Edwards, M. Hooper, H. Haywood, P. Johnson, L. Mellow, E. Pitt, R. Wright, A. Webb. Standard I.— N. Death, H. Hancock, T. Hancock, E. Mahood, H. Mellow, N. Russell, A. Buck, M. Hawkes, M. Terry, A. Walters, L. Webb, E. Edwards, L. Johnston, H. Petterson, M. Russell, J. Russell, S. Wright. Infant classes.— First Division — N. Daysh, K. Fraser, J. Hawkes, J. Walters. L. James. Second Division — C. Evenson, T. Mahood, B. Wright, N. Haywood, A. Pitt. Third Division — W. Buck, S. Campbell, F. Hancock, A. Mellow, G. Peck, E. Peck, A. Russell, H. Russell, P. Russell, J. Terry, A. Campbell, M. Daysh, L. Evenson, M. Fox, M. Haywood, L. Pike, L. Walters. Mr. T. Mason''s prizes for attendance were gained by M. Hooper, J. Hooper, M. Ross, J. Tilbury, J. Walters, A. Brown.

The Evening Post 19th December 1891 shows
The prizes were presented by Mr. Thomas Mason on the 17th inst., prefaced by a suitable address to the children. After the prize distribution, tea was provided by the School Committee in Mr. Mason''s grounds, and races and sports were indulged in. The following is the prize list :—
St. 7, M. Ross, dux of school, 1; A. James, 2; A. Brown, 3.
St. 6. K. Boulcott, 1; M. Adams, 2; M. Hooper, E. Pitt.
St. 5, C. Pike, 1; H. Walters, 2; E. Edwards, L. Johnston, N. Cleland, T. Handcock.
St. 4, L. James, 1; K. Frazer (sic), 2; M. Daysh, A. Buck, S. Russell, W. Buck, E. Russell, A. Pitt, N. Daysh, E, Edwards, J. Walters.
St. 3, A. Russell, 1; R. Russell, 2; E. Benge, I. Daysh, A. Death, A. Fisk, R. Fisk, M. Hooper, M. Hawk, L. Walters, F. Hancock, H. Russell, B. Wright, W. Whittington.
St. 2, M. Craig, M. Frazer (sic), M. Fox, S. Hoar, E. Hoar, J. Harvey, C. Pescini, N. Pike, H. Russell, A. Credland, J. Hawk, A. Mellow, V. Mellow, P. Russell, C. Walters.
St. 1, preparatory — All these youngsters had a nice book presented to them. Head teacher''s prizes for good attendance were won by M. Ross (dux), K. Frazer (sic), H. Farrington, all with full marks. Head teacher''s prize for best kept exercise book, M. Adams.

The Evening Post 30th December 1901 shows
The Wellington Recruiting Board Lieutenant - Colonel Collins, Surgeon - Major Collins, and Lieutenant Cyril Morris — has nearly completed its labours in choosing the 172 men allotted to Wellington for the new contingent. Of the 500 and more applicants who appeared before the Board, 452 were sent to take the riding test, and of these 220 subsequently underwent the medical examination. Of the 220, 44 failed to pass the severe medical test. Some were set aside as having defective vision, others because their colour-vision was not perfect, and one man was "green blind." There were those whose hearts were not normal in condition, others with defective hearing, and some had false teeth. The men, generally speaking, were of an intelligent class, but there was one applicant who could not read. Another man, who looked well in his clothes, was condemned for his poor physique when stripped. At least one volunteer officer who sent in a strong recommendation with one of the members of his company is to be asked to explain why he recommended a man who had a serious defect. Varicose veins were a common cause of rejection. It was found that the great majority of the 220 men were Wellington lads who had had open-air experience working in the bush and on stations. The average age of those chosen is between 24 and 25 years, and the average height is 5ft 8in.
Besides the 44 who failed to pass the medical examination, there were a number of other men rejected for various reasons. The result was that the Board has found itself short of the number required. This afternoon a party of applicants appeared before the Board for linal selection.
The following is the list of the 153 men who have been definitely selected, the names of the other 19 not being available until to-morrow : —
Ernest J. August (Hutt), Cleorge Andrews.
Alex Birnie, Albert E. Brown, Walter Brown, Arthur T. Bendall, James Black, William Jno. Barker (late of Westport Navals), Patrick J. Burke (ex-volunteer), Robert Brassell (Fifth Contingent, Lower Hutt), Chas. Brotherton (Berhampore, formerly of the Dragoon Guards), Corran Bridson, Jos. W. Baker (Dannevirke), August Bosselman, Michael Bourke (Petone Navals), Alfred Bliss, Thomas Brunton (volunteer).
Norman Clout, Robert Campbell (Fifth Contingent), Charles Carbery (Petone Navals), Frederick Carpenter, Thomas U. Cook (ex - volunteer), Frank Cootes (Otaki), Percy A. Cuff, Alexander M. Connell (Highland Rifles), Percy R. Climo (Lower Hutt, D Battery), Edward Christian (Halcombe).
Henry C. Denhard (Heretaunga Mounted Rifles), William Dobson (volunteer). George A. Evans (ex - volunteer), Robert J. Fraser (Fifth Contingent), John Fletcher, Frank Firmston.
Harry Gray, James Gaffney, Lionel F. Grimstone, David Grinton (Second Contingent), Henry Corman. (formerly a mounted volunteer), Patrick Green, A. A. Green (Feilding), Edward Goodall, Arthur Jarrett (Seventh Contingent), A. R. Gillespie (Second Contingent), Patrick Gibbons (volunteer).
Lawrence M. Henderson (Kitchener''s Horse), Samuel Harland (Second Contingent), Joseph E. Holmes, Alex. N. Hardie (Carterton), John Hill (Fourth Contingent), F. H. Hill (Fourth Contingent), Donald Higgin, Hedley A. Hulme (Seventh Contingent), James Hickling (Bugler Fourth Contingent), George Hebett.
William A. Irons (Masterton Rifles), Alfred W. Inness (volunteer).
George Johnstone (Petone Navals), George E. James (Wanganui), William James, Alexander Jenkins, Cranworth S. Jackson (Otaki, Fourth Contingent), A. K. Johnston (volunteer), John Johnston.
David Kennedy, Robert E. Lucas (Petone Navals)> Frank L. Le Roi, Hans Larsen (Dannevirke, Second Contingent), Robert S. Latra, Eudo W. L''Estrange (First Contingent), William Lennon (Upper Hutt).
Arthur Mouton (ex - volunteer), William H. A. Morrison (Petone Navals), Charles H. S. Macauley, William A. Mackenzie (Lower Hutt), Robert J. Mills, Robert Moody (volunteer, Hutt), Albert F. Miller (Fourth Contingent), Herbert H. Mayrick? (ex - volunteer, Petone), Lewis H. Mareks?, E. H. Minifle (Fifth Contingent bugler), Jas. Mulcahy (Brabant''s Horse), Colin Mason (volunteer), G. L. Messenger? (Post and Telegraph Rifles), Carl M. Markman (ex - volunteer), John W. Murphy (Heretaunga Mounted Rifles), Harold Marshall (volunteer).
Hush McDonald (Volunteer), Donald McCallum (Volunteer), L. McWilliam {Fifth Contingent), John W. and Argyle McKain, both of the Wellington Engineers, Hutt; Thomas McCartney, Angus McAlpine, Cyril McGowan (College Rifles).
James W. Nairn (First Contingent, Khandallah) Albert E. Neilson (Second Contingent).
Thomas Orr.
Alexander Pender (formerly of Dragoon Guards), George H. Pepper (Otaki Mounted Rifles), Henry N. Parsons (Fourth Contingent), George A. Parsons, Frank Parker (Kaffrarian Horse), Julius Petersen (Fifth Contingent, Kaitoke), George J. Pulford, Cyril S. Pike (Petone Navals), Taita), H. E. Porritt (Featherston).
William Riley (Volunteer), H. C. Rogers (Zealandia Rifles), Walter Robertson, William Rockstrow (Post and Telegraph Rifles), Joseph L. Robinson (Zealandia Rifles, Featherston), George A. Rountree (Second Contingent), James A. Robertson, Thomas Ryan (Tawa Flat), Henry Rowell (D Battery), James Ross.
George Sievers (Volunteer), William Sutherland (Volunteer), George Stewart, Guy L. Shaw, Charles Smith, Arundel H. Smith, H. C. Sandilands, Frederick Stuart, Sydney H. Smith, William Spence (Kitchener''s Horse), Edward R. Sheehan (Fourth Contingent), Arthur Henry Smith (Zealandia Rifles), Charles J. D. Skinner (South African Light Horse), H. G. A. Smithers, James Skinner, C. G. Smith (Bugler Lads'' Brigade, Featherston).
Goldie Taubman (Third Contingent), Claude H. Thompson, Daniel Turner (Sixth Contingent), Thomas W. Twohy, Robert William Thompson (Fifth Contingent).
Everard Ulrich, A. J. Usher (Second Contingent).
James B. Vallance (Fourth Contingent).
George E. Wood (Second Contingent), Francis Whitworth (Greytown), Reginald C. Wright (Fourth Contingent), Robert Wyley (Fourth Contingent), Henry Whelch, John T. Walton, D. D. Walterson, Samuel Winter (Volunteer), Thomas A. Walker, D. H. Williams (Matabele Mounted Police), D. J. Williams (Fifth Contingent).
George Younger (ex-Volunteer).
Where no district is defined in the above list, the applicant belongs to Wellington City.
The following is the final selection made by Lieut.-Colonels Watt and Sommerville and Dr. Earle for the Wanganui section : — G. Whitcombe (Wanganui Highland Rifles), A. Bierre (Second Contingent), Corporal Jolly (Alexandra Mounted Rifles), A. J. C. Shannon (Alexandra M. R.), A. Mayhill (Alexandra M. R.), W. Bremner (Third Contingent), Saddler-Sergeant W. Dais (Third Contingent), D. B. Macdonald (Wairoa M. R.), H. Lock (Fifth Contingent), Sergeant Bell (Fifth Contingent), G. Edwards (Wairoa M. R.), Bugler L. N. Jacobs (Fifth Contingent), R. W. Crawley (Fifth Contingent), F. Mundell (Fifth Contingent), D. Ross (Second Contingent), F. Johnston (Wairoa M. R.), A. T. Wellwood (Third Contingent), J. L. Sommerville (Alexandra M. R.), G. Annabell (Wairoa M. R.), G. Harrison (Wanganui Rifles).
The work of preparing the camp at Trentham was begun to-day by the Defence Department. During its opening days, the camp at Trentham will be in charge of Lieut.-Colonel Newall, C.B., and that at Addington will be in charge of Lieut.-Colonel Webb.
Wellington''s quota of 172 men will leave town for Trentham on Saturday afternoon. The men will march from the Central Drillshed to the Thorndon Railway Station, and entrain for camp under the command of Colonel Collins. There they will be served with blankets and the utensils for their meals. The sections from the other districts in the North Island will leave for the battalion camp during next week.
The Stock Department has had no difficulty in securing the necessary 1000 horses for the new Contingent. The task has already ''been completed,'' and Mr. Ritchie informs us that the Department could easily have obtained another thousand, as the office has been inundated with offers. A fine stamp of animal has been bought, the majority having been raised in the North Island. Palmerston North supplied 200 of the remounts. The animals will be sent to Trentham and Addington — 500 to each camp — as soon as the lines are ready for them.

1905 - 1906 Wellington East Electoral Roll shows Cyril Seldon Pike, 49 Tasman Street, Separator Expert

Marriage Details
1910/4449, Bride: Mary Ann Harris, Groom: Cyril Seldon Pike

*Death Details Date: 1949, Folio No: 2885, Area: New Plymouth, September quarter, Name: Cyril Seldon Pike*
1949/25298, Cyril Seldon Pike, Aged: 73Y - Date of Death 18/7/1949 from Death Registration

New Plymouth District Council Cemetery Records
Surname: PIKE
Forenames: Cyril Seldon
Last Address: New Plymouth-Avenue Rd. (Farmer)
Age at Death: Not recorded
Date of Death: 18 Jul 1949
Category: Burial
Funeral Director: Not Available
Date of Burial: 20 Jul 1949
Cemetery: TE HENUI
Location in Cemetery: Alpha Block Row CO - West Plot 25

Death Details
1952/18867, Mary Ann Pike, Aged: 68Y - Date of Death 5/1/1952 from Death Registration

New Plymouth District Council Cemetery Records
Surname: PIKE
Forenames: Mary Ann
Last Address: Avenue Road
Age at Death: 68 Years
Date of Death: 5 Jan 1952
Category: Burial
Funeral Director: Not Known
Date of Burial: 5 Jan 1952
Cemetery: TE HENUI
Location in Cemetery: Alpha Block Row CO - West Plot 24

The Taranaki Herald 7th January 1952 shows
Pike - At her residence, Avenue Road, New Plymouth, on January 5, 1952, Mary Ann, beloved wife of the late Cyril Seldon Pike, and loved mother of Jack, Margaret (Mrs Frethey), and Joan, and loved grandmother of Jocelyn, Colleen, Joy and Jack.
Interred this day at Te Henui cemetery.
B. Gardiner, Funeral Director

Probate Record shows Mary Ann Pike, Place: New Plymouth, Occ: Widow, Court: New Plymouth, Archives Reference: ABAJ W4079 9030, Probate No: 9030, Date Filed: 12/3/1952, Type: Will, Archives NZ, Wellington
  • 1876 - Birth -
  • 18 JUL 1949 - Death -
George Hale Pike
1844 - 4 SEP 1902
Cyril Seldon Pike
1876 - 18 JUL 1949
George Green Buck
1 APR 1818 - 11 OCT 1894
Elizabeth Seldon Buck
31 MAY 1844 - 28 APR 1901
Mary Ann Seldon Salmon
1817 - 4 JUL 1867
Family Group Sheet - Child
PARENT (M) George Hale Pike
Death4 SEP 1902
Marriage1862to Elizabeth Seldon Buck
PARENT (F) Elizabeth Seldon Buck
Birth31 MAY 1844
Death28 APR 1901
Marriage1862to George Hale Pike
FatherGeorge Green Buck
MotherMary Ann Seldon Salmon
MArthur Seldon Pike
Death28 AUG 1940
Marriage1897to Isabella Finch
FEvelyn Seldon Pike
Birth27 MAY 1866Taita
MErnest Seldon Pike Pike
Death25 NOV 1918
Marriage6 NOV 1907to Winifred May Brown
MCecil Seldon Pike
MCyril Seldon Pike
Death18 JUL 1949
Marriage1910to Mary Ann Harris
FLeila Seldon Pike
Death15 FEB 1960
FNoeline Anglea Pike
Death17 FEB 1952
Marriage1905to Arthur George Seldon Dale
MGordon Seldon Pike
Death6 JUL 1909
FJulia Catherine Pike
Birth1862Christchurch Area
Death2 OCT 1932
Marriage1882to Alphonsus Rodger Unsure If Correct Person? Rush
MWilliam Seldon Pike
Birth4 JUN 1865
Death29 JAN 1929
Family Group Sheet - Spouse
PARENT (M) Cyril Seldon Pike
Death18 JUL 1949
Marriage1910to Mary Ann Harris
FatherGeorge Hale Pike
MotherElizabeth Seldon Buck
PARENT (F) Mary Ann Harris
Death5 JAN 1952
Marriage1910to Cyril Seldon Pike
FatherAbraham John HARRIS
MotherMargaret Mary O''Brien
MJack Seldon Pike
FMargaret Lorraine Pike
Marriageto Frank Frethey
FJoan Pike
Descendancy Chart
Cyril Seldon Pike b: 1876 d: 18 JUL 1949
Mary Ann Harris b: 1883 d: 5 JAN 1952
Jack Seldon Pike b: 1911 d: 1980
Margaret Lorraine Pike b: 1918 d: 2004
Frank Frethey b: 1910 d: 2000
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