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Percy, Joseph

Joseph PERCY
b: 1822
d: 14 MAR 1886
Oriental Sailed 15th Sept 1839 arrived Port Nicholson 31st Jan 1840
Names as on Passenger List
Welch William, 33
Welch Ann, 32
Welch Mary, 12
Welch Annie Maria, 10
Welch William, 8
Welch Henry, 6
Welch Elizabeth, 5
Welch Jane, 2
Welch James, 3 months

Marriage Details
1848/208, Bride: Ann Maria Welch, Groom: Joseph Percy

Evening Post 5 March 1921
(By W. A. Edwards, Historical Secretary, Early Settlers'' and Historical Association.)
A most interesting chapter in the history of the early settlement around Port Nicholson is shown in some documents that have recently been brought to light through the courtesy of Mr. J. Percy, of Petone. They refer to the erection of the second bridge over the Hutt River in 1846. I will not refer to the actual site of this bridge in relation to the present one, there being too much uncertainty about that. We know from reports in papers of that time that the original bridge built by the New Zealand Company was in a bad state of repair, and many complaints were made as to what would happen to the settlers should the whole structure collapse — at that time throrgh the threatening behaviour of the Natives. The stockade had been erected near to the original bridge, and the traffic over was very heavy; it was feared that the taking across of the "guns" mounted in or near the stockade would be too big a strain. However such a catastrophe did not occur, and the old bridge stood long enough for use after the new one, which was erected some 110 feet higher up the river, was completed. As we have a copy of the original tender for the erection of this bridge I will give the same in detail:—
To erect the bridge with abutments and superstructure of totara timber £385 0s 0d
Deduct value of old bridge £20 0s 0d
£365 0 0
An alternative tender to erect the bridge with the abutments of totara or mai, and the superstructure of white pine £370 0s 0d
Less value of old bridge £20 0s 0d
£350 0s 0s

To roof and weatherboard the new bridge £85 0s 0d

3rd. To erect the cut water for £30 0s 0d

(Signed) J. H. Percy and Son.
March, 1840.
By a letter dated 2nd April we see that the tender for the erection of a bridge of totara timber over the river Hutt and a cut-water for improving the course of the river, both amounting to the sum of £395, had been accepted. Then follows the manner in which payments shall be made. It is signed, W. Richmond, Superintendent. Everything seemed in order for the contractors to proceed with the work of building, which was to be completed by 30th October, 1846, there being a penalty of £20 per week after that time. Our settlers were living in troublous times, and Messrs. Percy and Sons suffered with others through the troubles and anxieties caused by the Native rebellion, and a want of knowledge of New Zealand timber.
A petition addressed to His Excellency the Governor of New Zealand explains the whole position. It sets forth that "through unforeseen misfortunes caused by the Native rebellion on the Hutt soon after the contract was taken, they present to His Excellency''s notice the difficult position in which they were placed as regards the completion of the job in the time specified (an extension of time had already been given. The petition goes on to say: We have very little money and too short a time to complete the work. The great and sudden advance of wages and the scarcity of hands since the contract was taken has completely ruined us; likewise the decay of all the timber of the old bridge, which was intended to be cut up and used for the joists, and floor of the new one, and for the cut-water as specified, the new timber of which will cost us £35; also the double expense of iron plates; and bolts, for the superstructure, not being able to get such long lengths of totara timber as specified. Iron at the time the contract was taken was £14 per ton; now it is £28. We therefore humbly solicit a favour from Your Excellency for two or three weeks more extension of time, and, if it should please Your Excellency, for a little more money to complete the bridge in a workmanlike manner. Relying on Your Excellency''s well-known humanity.������� Your petitioners, etc." This petition is dated 19th February, 1847. It must be told that in reply His Excellency granted the extension of time requested, and made a grant of an additional £50 towards the cost, etc. There follows a detailed account of the actual cost of materials and labour, etc., the following being some of the items:— Labour on foundations, £110; iron work on foundations, viz., pile shoes, bolts, and spikes £27; 27,000 feet of timber in foundations, at £4 per 1000, £108; 15,000 feet of totara for superstructure, at £4 per 1000, £60; 3000 feet white pine for same, at £4 per 1000, £l2. The total cost, being the actual cost of labour and material, amounted to £562 3s 10 1/2d. Tender for building bridge, etc., £395, plus grant of £50 from Sir George Grey, £445, shows a net loss of £117 3s 10 1/2d on labour and materials. Valuing their own labour of superintending the work for six months at £72, this shows a total loss to Messrs. Joseph Percy and Son of £189 3s 10 1/2d.
A little further explanation might be interesting. The contract was entered into in March; the work could not be commenced until November, the sawyers being compelled by the Natives to leave the cutting of the timber in the bush; the decay of the timber in the old bridge (white pine); the sudden advance of wages occasioned, by the calling up of the militia, made a great alteration in the price of carriage, labour, and all materials used in building.
With all these adverse circumstances the "firm" with that "grit" which characterised our pioneer settlers, made good, and finished this particular job in a creditable manner, both to the contractors and the people of the Hutt. Another contract this same firm completed on the Hutt River some three years earlier, and of which we have the documentary record, was the erection of the windmill for Mr. F. A. Molesworth, that erection which some in our own time remember having seen. The present generation can see it in the sketches and drawings which we have of Mr. Molesworth''s farm on the banks of the river. The site of the mill is no more, this, like the site of several other buildings of historic interest, having been washed away by encroachments of the river. The contract for the erection of this mill, labour only (all materials to be delivered on the spot), was £75. Builders and contractors of to-day should consider this. The usual wage — skilled labour —was then 6s 6d per day, according to sundry statements dating from 1843 to 1850.

Evening Post 10 November 1945
Provided negotiations for the Petone Borough Council are successful, a scenic reserve of more, than 50 acres near the southern end of the Western Hutt Road, will, be opened to the public. When fully developed, it will contain a lake of about half an acre, a natural waterfall, 60 feet high, practically every type of native flora, a multitude of flowers in ornamental plots, and several miles of paths, which will cross the two streams in the area, by rustic bridges.
The control of Percy''s Reserve, a 13-acre portion of the total area which the council hopes ultimately to obtain, has already been vested in it by proclamation. The adjoining properties, for which negotiations have been commenced, are an eight-acre section at the top of Percy''s Reserve, owned by the Lower Hutt City Council, and beyond that, a 12-acre scenic reserve, at present controlled by the Government. The fourth property which will complete the reserve, is a block of 20 acres of bush-covered land to the south of Percy''s Reserve, controlled by the Public Works Department. Although the council is prepared to buy the eight-acre block owned by the Lower Hutt Council, it anticipates that control of the other two properties will be vested in it without expenditure. The boundaries of the 50-acre property will be the new Korokoro Road at the south, and the Lower Hutt City boundary at the north, while the land will extend back from the road as far as the natural waterfall.
The development of Percy''s Reserve has been progressing slowly since 1942 under the direction of a special subcommittee set up by the council, augmented by four members of the Native Plant Preservation Society who serve in an advisory capacity. The curator of the reserve is Mr. A. Morgan, and the developmental work is following, as closely as possible, a plan laid down in 1942 by the superintendent of reserves at New Plymouth, Mr. T. Horton.
Percy''s Reserve was for almost 50 years held by the Percy family. The original owner, Mr. Joseph Percy, came from a branch of the historic Percy family of Northumberland. A pioneer settler, he resided for a time after his arrival in a settlement of huts on the west bank of the Hutt River at the head of Gear Island and then obtained the land which is now the reserve. One of the most picturesque buildings on the property when it was taken over by the council was an old mill, one of the first to be built in the Hutt Valley, and destroyed by fire last month. The lake on the reserve was originally a dam, from which water was supplied to drive the mill, and the channel which carried the water from the lake to the mill is still in existence. Another old building still standing on the property is a small summer house on a mill overlooking the Hutt Valley.
The opening of the reserve will take place as soon as it can be partly developed. One of the chief attractions of the reserve will be a picnic ground of about two acres on the top of a hill from which an uninterrupted view of the Hutt Valley from Taita to the sea and of Port Nicholson from Pencarrow Heads to Wellington Harbour is obtained. This area will be reached by a road running from the new Korokoro Road, and by footpaths. Another attraction will be the lake, which will be one of the most beautiful scenic spots. The bottom is to be cleared of mud and silt and probably laid with stone, and the borders will be planted with waterloving plants. In the lake is an island upon which, at some future date, native trees will be planted to replace some of the scrub. Paths existed throughout the reserve when the council took over the area, and they have been cleaned and in some cases widened. Additional paths are being made.

Wellington Independent 29 January 1863
Notice is hereby given that the Partnership hitherton subsisting between the Undersigned, has been this day dissolved by mutual consent.
Mr Joseph Percy will receive and pay all claims and debts due to and by the late concern.
Dated the 28th January, 1863.
Signed in the presence of
Clerk to A. de B. Brandon

Wellington Independent 24 July 1869
In the matter of the Bankruptcy Acts, 1867 and 1868; and in the matter of JOSEPH PERCY, of the Lower Hutt, in the province of Wellington, miller, an insolvent.
NOTICE is hereby given that Joseph Percy of the Lower Hutt, in the province of Wellington, miller, did this day file in the Supreme Court, at Wellington, a declaration of insolvency. Dated at Wellington, twenty-third of July, 1869.
Solicitor for Joseph Percy

Wellington Independent 28 August 1869
In the matter of JOSEPH PERCY, of the Lower Hutt, a bankrupt. NOTICE is hereby given that by an order dated the 26th of August, 1869, David Ramie of the city of Wellington, accountant, has been appointed the trustee of the estate of the above bankrupt.
Solicitor for the bankrupt.
27th August, 1869.

Death Details
1886/1528, Joseph Percy, Aged: 64Y

Hutt Valley Cemetery Records Joseph Percy, Date: 14 Mar 1886, Christ Church Anglican, Taita, Monumental Inscription and Burial Records, Reference: 80

Evening Post 15 March 1886
PERCY- On 14th March 1886, at his residence, Petone, after a short illness, Joseph Percy, aged 64 years 6 months; deeply regretted Wairarapa and Home papers please copy
THE Friends of Mr. JOSEPH PERCY are respectfully invited tp attend his Funeral, which will leave his late residence, Petone, for the Taita Cemetery, on TUESDAY, 16th March, at 3 p.m.


Hutt Valley Cemetery Records Annie (sic) Maria Percy, Date: 1 Nov 1901, Christ Church Anglican, Taita, Monumental Inscription and Burial Records, Reference: 80

Evening Post 1 November 1901
PERCY.- On 1st November, 1901, at her residence, Hutt-road, Petone, Annie Maria, widow of the late Joseph Percy, in her 73rd year
THE Friends of the late Anna (sic) M. Percy are invited to attend her Funeral, which will leave her late Residence, the Hutt-road, at 1.30 p m., To-morrow (Saturday), for the Christ Church Cemetery, Taita.
Undertakers, &c.,
Telephone, 806, 55, Molesworth-street
Another gap has occurred in the attenuated ranks of the Petone Pilgrims, by the death of Mrs. J. Percy, who expired this morning at the age of 73 years. Mrs. Percy, who has been confined to her house for some years, arrived in the ship Oriental, and landed in 1840 on the beach at Petone, in which neighbourhood she has lived for the past 61 years. Her family of three sons and two daughters are well known and respected residents of the borough.
  • 1822 - Birth -
  • 14 MAR 1886 - Death -
Joseph Hewlett PERCY
1797 - 20 OCT 1864
Joseph PERCY
1822 - 14 MAR 1886
Esther Unknown
1799 - 4 OCT 1873
Family Group Sheet - Child
PARENT (M) Joseph Hewlett PERCY
Death20 OCT 1864
Marriageto Esther Unknown
PARENT (F) Esther Unknown
Death4 OCT 1873
Marriageto Joseph Hewlett PERCY
Death14 MAR 1886
Marriage1848to Annie Maria Welch
FElizabeth PERCY
MHenry James PERCY
FEunice Esther PERCY
Death3 JUL 1914
Marriage1863to William Cleland
Family Group Sheet - Spouse
Death14 MAR 1886
Marriage1848to Annie Maria Welch
FatherJoseph Hewlett PERCY
MotherEsther Unknown
PARENT (F) Annie Maria Welch
Death1 NOV 1901
Marriage1848to Joseph PERCY
FatherWilliam WELCH
MotherAnn Read
FAdelaide Eliza Jane PERCY
Birth19 MAR 1862Koro Koro, Petoni
Death6 MAY 1913
MArthur Welch PERCY
Birth9 JAN 1865Korokoro
Death7 JAN 1939
MFrederick Richard PERCY
Death10 SEP 1883
MWalter John PERCY
Death2 FEB 1934
MWilliam Alfred PERCY
Death25 FEB 1918
MJoseph Henry PERCY
Death10 FEB 1910
Marriage1879to Ada Everest
Descendancy Chart
Joseph PERCY b: 1822 d: 14 MAR 1886
Annie Maria Welch b: 1830 d: 1 NOV 1901
Adelaide Eliza Jane PERCY b: 19 MAR 1862 d: 6 MAY 1913
Arthur Welch PERCY b: 9 JAN 1865 d: 7 JAN 1939
Frederick Richard PERCY b: 1858 d: 10 SEP 1883
Walter John PERCY b: 1860 d: 2 FEB 1934
Lucy PERCY b: 1851 d: 25 FEB 1918
Joseph Henry PERCY b: 1849 d: 10 FEB 1910
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