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Parker, Richard

Richard PARKER
b: 1826
d: 6 MAY 1889
Email from Robert Hall in Feb 2007
Robert Hall
New Plymouth
06 758 5533
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My great great grandfather Richard PARKER who was born 12th March 1826 at Dalton, Devon, England. He married Elizabeth NENO on 8th January 1854 in Bere Ferrers Parish Church, Devon.
Richard and Elizabeth with their son William and Richard''s sister Sarah Ann PARKER left from London on the 5th Nov 1856 for Wellington, New Zealand on the Indian Queen and they landed at Wellington on 31st Jan 1857.
I believe Richard Parker took up a posting at the fort in Upper Hutt and after serving two years there he was granted land in Taita and took up farming. The farm next to his came up for sale and Richard brought it. This I believe gave him 106 acres of land valued at 600 pounds.
In 1866 Elizabeth left Richard and went with another man named George Bates HAIGH and at that time was valveing (sic) land for New Zealand Government in Taita. George Haigh came out on the same ship as the Parker''s. It is said that Richard had another farm at Belmont, Wellington.
Richard PARKER died 6 May 1889 and was buried at Christ Church Taita.
In 1997 my cousins Crom and Merle Crawford and myself Robert Hall put a new headstone on Richard Parker''s grave, as the old headstone was smashed. This cost us $667 dollars. We put more information on his new headstone about him.
I have been researching my mother family line Parker for over twenty years.
Richard Parker has left a big family line through his children to today through out New Zealand.
A big branch of this family lives in New Plymouth, where two of Richard Parker''s children came to live, their names are Joseph Neno Parker and Thomas Parker.

The children of Richard and Elizabeth Parker nee Neno are:
William, Elizabeth Ann, Sarah Jane, John, Joseph Neno, Thomas

My great grandfather is Joseph Neno Parker and his youngest son Harold Parker born 1906 is my grandfather.

Free BMD Record shows Date Marriage Registered March 1854, District: Tavistock, Names: Richard Parker and Elizabeth Neno, Volume: 5b, Page: 565
The district Tavistock spans the boundaries of the counties of Cornwall and Devon

Evening Post 28 June 1883
This was a petition of Richard Parker, of the Taita, praying for a dissolution of his marriage with Elizabeth Parker, on the ground of her adultery with Charles White and George B. Hage (sic), both of New Plymouth.
Mr. Stafford appeared for the petitioner.
A jury of four was empanelled, but his Honour thought it necessary that a larger number should be sworn in, and the jury was accordingly increased to twelve.
Mr. J. H. Bethune was elected foreman.
Counsel, in the course of his remarks, stated that a defence had been filed, but neither of the parties was represented by a solicitor. Mr. Stafford explained that when the suit was instituted, the petitioner claimed damages against the respondents, in which case the action would require to be heard at New Plymouth. The petitioner was not in a position to undertake the expense of prosecuting the suit so far from his home, and on his consenting to waive the question of costs the respondents replied that they would not defend. That was the reason why they had not appeared. Evidence was then proceeded with
Richard Parker deposed that he was a resident of the Taita, and had lived there for about 25 years. He came to the colony in the ship Indian Queen. He was married in the parish of Beerferris, county of Devon, by the Rev. Mr. Shelley, to Elizabeth Neno, a spinster. The clergyman was a minister of the Church of England. He could not recollect the exact date. The marriage took place about two years before he left Home. One child was born in England. His wife left his home at the Hutt about 17 years ago. She told him she was going to leave the place, and he enquired the reason. She replied, "You are as good a husband as there is in New Zealand." She also said that as there was jealousy between them it was better that they should separate. He begged and prayed of her not to leave, but she turned a deaf ear to his entreaties, and left the place. He could not say where she went to, but understood she went to Wanganui. There had been several angry words between witness and his wife. On one occasion he saw her and the man servant playing with the baby. He saw his wife kiss the man, and remonstrated with her on the impropriety of her conduct. Another time he came home quite unexpectedly and found his wife in the servant''s bedroom. The man, who should have been at work, was lying on the bed with his clothes on, and Mrs Parker jumped off the bed as soon as witness came into the house. This sort of thing went on for some time. There were several rows because his wife would persist in visiting a disreputable house across the river. Before Mrs. Parker left the house witness prayed her not to go away out of respect for the family, and she replied, "I have no respect for myself." About a week afterwards he found her acting at a servant at Mrs. Curtis''s, in Ingestre-street. Witness took up the baby which she had with her, and kissed it, whereupon she said, "Leave that child alone." He besought her to return, but she flatly refused, and he then left the place. He had not seen his wife since. Some time after she had gone the man servant referred to returned to the Taita and mentioned to witness that he had seen Mrs. Parker, but declined to say where he had seen her. He subsequently ascertained that she was at New Plymouth, and letters had since passed between the respondent and the children. Witness had been informed by some neighbours that Mrs. Parker was residing in New Plymouth with one of the, respondents. He did not follow his wife when she went away, but sent his eldest son to search for her in the Wanganui district. His son did not find any trace of her. He had heard that the respondent had borne Hage (sic) several children. The photograph produced was a photograph of his wife. She now appeared to be much thinner than when she left his home. Eunice Miller, wife of William Miller, residing at Belmont, Hutt Valley, gave evidence to the effect that the carte-de-visite produced was the photograph of a woman whom she had known at Taranaki. The woman was living with a man named Hage (sic), who had resided next door to witness''s house There were several children in the family, and they called the woman mother." Witness was very intimate with the woman. About two months before witness left Taranaki the respondent explained to her that Hage (sic) was not her husband; that she had ran away front her husband, who was living in the Wellington district. When witness left Taranaki seven years ago Mrs. Parker had five children with her. Since living at the Hutt witness had received several letters from the respondent. She went to live along-side of the petitioner about a year ago. Sarah Jane Judd, wife of David Judd, farmer, Hutt, deposed that she was the daughter of the petitioner. The photograph produced was sent to her in a letter forwarded by her mother, the respondent, from New Plymouth. She was about six years old when the respondent went away. She always addressed her replies to her mother''s letters, "Mrs. George Hage (sic), New Plymouth."
William Miller also gave evidence relative to the respondent''s cohabitation with the co-respondent Hage (sic). His Honour having summed up, the jury retired, and returned in ten minutes'' time with a verdict that the respondent had committed adultery with White and Hage (sic), and that the petitioner had not condoned the offence.
His Honour said he would have to consider the question of delay in taking the present proceedings before pronouncing a decree nisi.

Hutt Valley Cemetery Record Richard Parker, Date: 6/5/1889, Christ Church Anglican, Taita, Monumental Inscriptions, Reference: 236
Burial Record Date: May 1889

Evening Post 6 May 1889
THE Friends of the late Richard Parker are respectfully invited to attend his Funeral, which will leave the residence of his son-in-law (Mr. David Judd), Taita, on Wednesday, 8th May, at 2 p.m.
Another old resident has passed over to the great majority. We refer to Mr. Richard Parker, of the Taita, who breathed his last at the residence of Mr. David Judd (one of his sons-in-law) at an early hour this morning. Tho late Mr. Parker arrived in Wellington by the Indian Queen 33 years ago, accompanied by his wife and his eldest son, William, who is now residing in the Wairarapa. Shortly after arrival Mr. R. Parker took up some land at the Taita and farmed it until four or five years ago, when he surrendered possession to Mr. Judd, with whom he has since been living. A few months ago he was attacked with disease of the heart, but was not laid up until shortly before his death. Deceased, who was much respected by those who knew him, was 64 years of age, and has left three sous and two daughters to mourn their loss. He was attended in his last illness by Drs. Wilford and Whitehead.

Probate Richard Parker, Place: Taita, Occ: Farmer, Date of Death: 6/5/1889, AAOM 6029 3233, Filed: 28/5/1889, Will, Archives NZ, Wellington

Evening Post 30 May 1889
WEDNESDAY, 5th JUNE, 1839.
MESSRS. J. H. BETHUNE & CO. have been favoured with instructions from Mr. Judd. executor in the estate of Mr. Richard Parker, deceased, to sell by public auction, at their rooms, Featherston-street, on Wednesday, 5th June, at 2 o''clock —
That Valuable Farm, containing —
100 ACRES superior land (more or less), being section No. 18 on the plan of the Wharekaka Block, Wairarapa, together with the dwellinghouse and outbuildings thereon, now in the occupation of Mr. W. Parker
This splendid property is adjacent to the township of Martinborough, and is one of the best pieces of land in the district.
For further particulars apply to MR. J. THOMPSON,

Evening Post 29 June 1889
ALL amounts owing to the above-named deceased are to be paid to me at once. All claims against the deceased must be sent to me before the 14th July, otherwise they cannot be recognised.
Solicitor for Executor

Christ Church Cemetery Headstone Reads
In Memory Of

Marriage Details
1903/781, Bride: Elizabeth Parker, Groom: George Bates Haigh

Death Details
1912/5925, George Bates Haigh, Aged: 77Y
  • 1826 - Birth -
  • 6 MAY 1889 - Death -
Richard PARKER
1826 - 6 MAY 1889
Family Group Sheet - Child
Death6 MAY 1889
Marriageto Elizabeth Neno
Family Group Sheet - Spouse
Death6 MAY 1889
Marriageto Elizabeth Neno
PARENT (F) Elizabeth Neno
Marriageto Richard PARKER
Marriage1903to George Bates Haigh
FElizabeth Ann PARKER
FSarah Jane PARKER
Death23 FEB 1910
Marriage1878to David Judd
MJoseph Neno PARKER
Descendancy Chart
Richard PARKER b: 1826 d: 6 MAY 1889
Sarah Jane PARKER b: 1859 d: 23 FEB 1910
David Judd b: 1855 d: 10 SEP 1916
Walter Richard Judd b: 1882 d: 25 JAN 1918
Alfred Henry Judd b: 1878 d: 1953
Bertha Evelyn Wilson b: 1888 d: 1981
Sarah Jane Judd b: 1883 d: 17 AUG 1943
Ellen Mary Judd b: 1885 d: 1975
Charles Hugh Cockrell b: 1885 d: 1949
Evaline Judd b: 1887 d: 1978
Gilbert Judd b: 1889 d: 1972
Lilian Amy Judd b: 1891
Child Judd b: 1893 d: 1893
Matilda Judd b: 1894 d: 1976
Elsie Mildred Judd b: 1897 d: 1937
Alfred Robert Rudkin b: 1895 d: 1968
Harold David Judd b: 1904 d: 1988
Mary Ann PARKER b: 1863
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