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Mudgway, Eliza

Eliza Mudgway
b: 1853
d: 1867
Birth Details
1853/726, Unnamed Female Mudgway - no parents listed
1853/4159, NR Mudgway, Mother: Phoebe, Father: Stephen

Evening Post 31 July 1867
An inquest was held at the Hutt on Monday last on the bodies of Eliza Mudgway and Gus. Johnson who were drowned in the Hutt river on the previous Saturday.
The following evidence was taken:—
Stephen Mudgway, father of the deceased, Eliza Mudgway, sworn, deposed — On Saturday night last I brought up my two daughters to the play at the Lower Hutt; after being there some time, the nose of Eliza Mudgway began to bleed, so that I took her out of the tent; I then left her for a short time; she asked for a pocket handkerchief from her cousin, who had been with us, and went in search of him; she was quite a stranger to that part of the river; it was a very dark night; when I returned I missed her; I heard a splash in the water, and was told that my daughter, Eliza Mudgway, had fallen into the river; I saw the deceased. Gustavus Johnson, who was near at the time, throw off his clothes and jump into the river; he caught hold of my daughter; they drifted down the stream for a time, and then he attempted to cross to the other side; when he got about three quarters of the way across I lost sight of them ; I never saw either of them again till they were taken out of the water, dead; the deceased, Elizabeth Mudgway, was taken out on Sunday, and the deceased, Gustavus Johnson, on Monday.
Mary Ann Mudgway, sister of the deceased, Eliza Mudgway, sworn, deposed — On Saturday night I accompanied my sister to the play at the Lower Hutt; she was sick, and her nose began to bleed; she went out, and I followed her; I saw her walk over the bank side into the river; she screamed out for her mother to come and take her out of the river; I called my father; I did not see the deceased, Gustavus Johnson, jump into the water, but I saw him after he was in, and saw him trying
to get to my sister; I then went round by the Hutt Bridge to the other side of the river; that is all I saw until after my sister was taken out on Sunday.
By a Juror — I was about five yards from my sister when she stepped into the water.
Nathaniel Valentine, sworn, said — On Saturday evening, 27th July, I was at the play, and heard a cry of "my sister is in the river;" I ran to the river bank and soon perceived something floating on the water; a number of people came to the river side, and some shouted for the deceased, Gustavus Johnson, to jump in and rescue the girl; I did not see him jump in, but I saw him swimming after the body; I went a short distance down the stream to a ledge of clay which stands out into the stream, hoping to render him some assistance; a few yards before they reached me I saw the deceased, Gustavus Johnson, lay hold of the deceased, Eliza Mudgway; I shouted to him to make make (sic) towards me; I held out my hand as he neared me, but he was beyond my reach, and he made no attempt to get hold of my hand; he never spoke during the time he was in the water; when I found I could not reach him I told him to make for the other side, which he did; he had hold of the deceased, Eliza Mudgway, then; I watched him till he got about half way across; I then heard a heavy plunge, and thought he had got his footing at the other side; I then ran over the bridge to the other side of the river, but could not see any signs of them; I saw the deceased Gustavus Johnson, taken out of the water to-day, dead.
William Henry Tucker, sworn, deposed — I heard of the deceased being drowned on Saturday night; I procured a canoe, and came up the river in search of the bodies; after some time I discovered the body of Eliza Mudgway, fast on a stump, about five feet below the surface of the water; I got her out, and took her ashore.
The jury returned a verdict of accidental death by drowning.
  • 1853 - Birth -
  • 1867 - Death -
Stephen Mudgway
1821 - 10 JUL 1899
Eliza Mudgway
1853 - 1867
Phoebe Weston
1836 - 8 MAY 1899
Family Group Sheet - Child
PARENT (M) Stephen Mudgway
Death10 JUL 1899
Marriage21 MAY 1852to Phoebe Weston at St James Anglican Church, Lower Hutt
FatherRichard Mudgway
PARENT (F) Phoebe Weston
Death8 MAY 1899
Marriage21 MAY 1852to Stephen Mudgway at St James Anglican Church, Lower Hutt
MHenry Mudgway
Death2 OCT 1947
Marriage26 JUL 1904to Edith Kate Adamson
FEllen Jane Mudgway
FCatherine L Mudgway
MStephen Mudgway
Death6 JUN 1898
MEdmond Mudgway
Marriage27 MAR 1895to Nelly Barron at St Peters'' Church, Wellington
FMary Ann Mudgway
MAlbert Mudgway
MGeorge Albert Mudgway
MFrederick Mudgway
Death1 APR 1897
FLucy Phoebe Mudgway
FEliza Mudgway
MEdward Mudgway
Death14 JAN 1857
MJohn Mudgway
Death6 AUG 1911
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