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Milne, Annie

Annie Milne
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Evening Post 27 July 1881
The report of the exmination (Mr. R. Lee and Mr. C. C. Howard) upon the result of the recent examination of pupil teachers was laid before the Education Board this morning. Following is the class-list:-
Second Year (age over 14).-
Nita Johnston, Taita;
Fourth Year (age over 16).-
Alice Frethey, Lower Hutt;
Fifth Year (age over 17).- Anna Boulcott, Taita;
End of Fifth Year (age over 18).- Annie Milne, Taita;

Marriage Details
1888/136, Bride: Annie Milne, Groom: John Thompson

Thompson, John, Barrister and Solicitor, 11 Brandon Street, Wellington. Telephone 428. Bankers, Bank of New South Wales. Private residence, Nairn Street. Agents—Auckland, Messrs. Devore and Cooper; Christchurch, Messrs. Loughrey and Lane; Dunedin, Messrs. Stout, Monday, and Sim; Nelson, Messrs. Fell and Atkinson; Napier, Messrs. Carlisle and McLean; Wanganui, Messrs. Borlase and Barnicoat; New Plymouth, Mr. O. Samuels. Mr. Thompson was born in Wellington on the 7th of July, 1856, and was educated as he was able to obtain information from time to time. He attended the old school at Kaiwarrawarra, and after having left that place, he assisted his brother, Mr. C. Thompson, who for many years was well known as the lessor of the toll-gate, Kaiwarrawarra. Mr. Charles Thompson was a prominent figure in local matters. He was connected with the Kaiwarrawarra Town Board, and took an active part in volunteer and military matters, being captain of the Kaiwarrawarra rifle volunteer corps. Mr. J. Thompson obtained a seat in the office of the late Hon. A. de B. Brandon, and after having left the service of that firm, then known as Messrs. Brandon, Shaw, and Brandon, Mr. Thompson decided to make an effort to study in order to qualify himself for the examination in general knowledge, so as to be ready to meet the requirements of the statutory law. Mr. Thompson devoted many hours to study, under the tuition of Messrs. E. T. Mason, Registrar of Friendly Societies, Kenneth Wilson, and E. T. Charlensed respectively, and presented himself for examination when the late lamented Dr. West was examiner. Mr. Thompson was notified on the 16th of April, 1884, that he had passed his general knowledge examination, and on the 29th of October following he was advised that he had finally passed the examination in law. He was admitted to practice as a barrister and solicitor on the 12th of November, 1884, after application having been made to his Honour Mr. Justice Johnston. Mr. Thompson was for some time employed by Mr. Edward Shaw, the prominent magistrate, who for many years was well known in Nelson in connection with scholastic matters. On the 28th of August, 1888, Mr. Thompson was married to Annie Milne, daughter of Mr. William Scott-Milne, one of the oldest settlers in the Hutt District, and for many years a member of the Provincial Council. His contemporaries were the best known men in Wellington. The present practice was established in June, 1886. Subsequently Mr. W. R. Haselden joined Mr. Thompson, under the style of Haselden and Thompson, and on Mr. Haselden''s retirement Mr. P. E. Baldwin was admitted to the partnership, the firm being Thompson and Baldwin. Mr. Baldwin retired about the end of 1894, and Mr. Thompson has continued to practise solely. Mr. Thompson was admitted to act as a patent agent, in accordance with “The Patent Agents and Trade Marks Act, 1889.” on the 7th of April, 1892.
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from the Cyclopedia of New Zealand [Wellington Provincial District] 1897
William Scott Milne
1825 - 24 APR 1913
Alexander Yule
1806 - 25 APR 1890
Grace Yule
1830 - 12 JAN 1916
Elizabeth Unknown
1810 - 1 JUN 1903
Family Group Sheet - Child
PARENT (M) William Scott Milne
Death24 APR 1913
Marriage1847to Grace Yule
PARENT (F) Grace Yule
Death12 JAN 1916
Marriage1847to William Scott Milne
FatherAlexander Yule
MotherElizabeth Unknown
FMatilda Milne
Death24 MAY 1931
Marriage13 AUG 1868to Peter SPEEDY at Wellington
FElizabeth Milne
Death15 DEC 1945
Marriage11 SEP 1874to John Halley at Taita
FGrace Milne
Death25 AUG 1914
Marriage1875to John Cundy
FAgnes Milne
Death22 APR 1933
Marriage14 MAR 1880to Frederick Boyes at Taita
FEllen Milne
Marriage25 JUL 1884to Alexander James Mackie at Taita
FAnnie Milne
Marriage1888to John Thompson
MJohn Scott Milne
Marriage1893to Hannah Auton
MAlexander Yule Milne
Family Group Sheet - Spouse
PARENT (M) John Thompson
Marriage1888to Annie Milne
PARENT (F) Annie Milne
Marriage1888to John Thompson
FatherWilliam Scott Milne
MotherGrace Yule
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