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Jones, Joshua Rev

Joshua Rev Jones
b: 1844
d: 1 SEP 1914
Evening Post 5 November 1930
A church building should, by its general atmosphere, impart to the worshippers a feeling of calm restfulness and engender an attitude of mind which relegates material things to a secondary position. St. James'' Anglican Church, Lower Hutt, fulfils that ideal, and follows the best traditions of the parish church of the Old Land. It would be hard to imagine Gray writing his elegy in the churchyard of a modern institutional church — it has indeed no yard at all, only a site generally covered with ugly buildings — but St James'', with its old-world setting, would gladden the heart of the poet.
Set well back from Woburn road, away from the rush of the hurrying motor traffic, embowered in stately trees, above which its spire points heavenward, surrounded by grassy lawns in which are to be seen the hallowed graves of those far-sighted pioneers who chose the site with such wisdom, stands the building which, for fifty years, has been the spiritual home of the members of the Church of England in Lower Hutt.
The jubilee services are to be conducted next Sunday by Canon Watson.
It should be noted, however, that the services commemorate merely the jubilee of the present building. The history of the Church of England in Lower Hutt is really the history of the British community in the district, for the first church came into being over ninety years ago. The exact site of this building, the name of its builder, and the name of the first person to preach the Gospel within its walls, are not on record. The site is now probably under water somewhere near the main bridge over the Hutt River. At this time the Hutt River could be crossed by a polejumper, and it is questionable if a bridge existed, for it is probable that the church was an earlier erection than even the quaint "willow pattern" footbridge which spanned the stream at this place. All that is known is that the church stood on the western bank near the site of the inn variously, known as "Burchams," "The Aglionby Arms," and "Valentines." The erection of the building was probably a community effort, as its architecture and its materials were of the simplest, being after the style of a Maori whare and built of raupo. Its first minister was almost certain to have been the Rev. J. F. Churton, who, it is recorded, was in 1840 holding services in his own whare on the Pito-o-one beach. It is on record that a Rev. Mr. Butler was buried in the churchyard of this building, but what, his connection with the church was is not known.
Another name connected with the ministry in this building is that of the Rev. Robert Coles, who had charge of St. Paul''s in Wellington and ministered here on occasions.
In the old register of St. Paul''s may be seen the names of those baptised by the Rev. Mr. Coles in Aglionby-on-the-Hutt the name by which Lower Hutt was then known. Mr. Coles probably officiated after the departure of Mr. Churton, who stayed in the district for a short time only.
This first church, with the bodies of those buried in its churchyard, was washed away by one of those tragic floods to which the Hutt River was subject, after it had served the community for a few years. Whether it survived the erection of its successor, which was really the first fully-organised Church of England in Lower Hutt, is not clear, but probably it had disappeared before the erection of the first traffic bridge in 1846-47. Some of the timber, the whole of the porch, and the windows of the second church are still in service, for the building was dismantled and re-erected in 1880, and now serves as the Sunday School.
The original building was erected by Messrs. J. H. Percy and Son in 1848, the date being fixed by the marriage certificate of Mr. Joseph Percy — the son in the firm of Percy and Son — who was married to Miss Anne Maria Welch on the church on 23rd October, 1848, while the shavings were still on the floor of the building.
Mr. Joseph Percy''s sons still occupy the same property — the old mill site — in Petone, while two other of the five families which then constituted Petone''s population are identified with the church.
Mr. Thomas Riddler claims to have been the first child baptised in this church. He is still living on his father''s property, and is hale and hearty at the age of 82.
The other family is the Collett family, of whom the late Mr. H. Collett and his son, the late Mr. Edward Collett, are both mentioned in the list of church officers.
After Mr. Churton''s departure the services were kept going by lay readers — notably by Mr. E. Davy. In 1848, the Rev. T. B. Hutton was appointed to the parish extending from Pencarrow Heads to Wairarapa. After ten years he was succeeded by the Rev. G. H. Johnstone, who was followed by the Rev. J. F. Herring.
In 1870 the Rev. Thomas Fancourt (afterwards Archdeacon of Wellington) was appointed, and it was during his ministry that the present church was built. The following account of its consecration is from the "Evening Post":— St. James'' Church.—" This church was consecrated by Bishop Hadfield on Sunday, 21st March, 1880. The weather was most inauspicious for the ceremony, the recent heavy rains having flooded the roads leading to the edifice. In spite of this drawback, a fairly large congregation attended to witness the consecration, which was carried out with the usual formalities. His Lordship was received at the main entrance by the minister and office-bearers, who presented a petition requesting the Bishop to open the church. A procession was then formed and proceeded up the middle aisle, the choir singing the 24th Psalm. On arriving at the Communion table the Bishop delivered an appropriate address, which was followed by prayer and the consecration sentences. The hymn, ''Holy, Holy, Holy,'' was then sung, followed by the usual morning service. The sermon was preached by the Bishop from 1st Corinthians I., 25. The offertories were devoted to the building fund. The new church is an exceedingly pretty and commodious building, and presents a great contrast to the old church, which stands beside it."
This building was erected by Mr. H. T. Beck, of Bridge street, Lower Hutt, who will be present at the jubilee services on Sunday. The contract price was £1400, and was, unfortunately, not a payable proposition. Originally there were four men interested in the contract, but before the work was completed the other three had dropped out and Mr. Beck was left to carry on. The timber, which was almost all totara, was all hand-dressed, and the gotliic window frames were cut out of solid timber. The architect was Mr. Thos. Turnbull, then Wellington''s leading architect. Tenders were called .in "The Evening Post," and it was from this advertisement that Mr. Beck tendered.
Mr. Beck recalls that times were exceedingly bad at this period, and owing to competition a very low price was put in. Carpenters'' wages then were 10s and labourers'' 6s per day. Mr. Beck, who is now 77 years of ago, came to New Zealand 55 years ago under special engagement to assist in the erection of the big wooden Government Buildings in Wellington.
The names of the wardens and vestry in 1880 were, as follows: — Mr. W. A. Fitzherbert (vicar''s warden), Mr. J. R. Ransom (parishioners''), Captain Hewitt, Messrs. Cleland, Edward Collett, —. Williams, J. Wilkins, H. S. Fitzherbert, H. Collett, C. E. Barraud, and Captain Johnston. The descendants of many of these are well known, including the present Acting-Prime Minister.
In 1884 Mr. Fancourt, in order to devote more of his energies to the work of diocesan secretary, resigned, and was followed, for a very brief period, by the Rev. E. S. Cross, during whose ministry the present vicarage was built. Mr. Cross was succeeded by the Rev. Joshua Jones, well known to all old Hutt residents. During his term Petone — in 1895 — and later Eastbourne and the Eastern Bays separated from the Hutt church.
After twenty-nine years of patient ministry Mr. Jones resigned, and soon afterwards passed to his rest. His successor, the present vicar, the Ven. A. L. Hansell (Archdeacon of Wairarapa), has seen great changes. The district has grown from a purely residential suburb, surrounded by farms, to a town of some 13,000 people. The church has been enlarged, and even now it is too small. A fine schoolroom has been put up and is in constant use. The policy of the vestry has been to take the Church to the people. In 1920 the Church of the Good Shepherd was opened at Epuni, where ground has been purchased for a future vicarage; in 1928 another churchroom (which at the present time is being enlarged) was opened at Waiwetu and dedicated to St. Paul. At both these new churchrooms, at the Parish Church, at Christ Church, Taita, and at Belmont, regular services are held by the archdeacon, his colleague, and a fine band of lay readers.
Though the present building is in a fair state of repair, it is recognised that its period of useful service is drawing to a close, and a fund has been inaugurated for a new building. Already a generous response has been made, and it is hoped that a very substantial sum will be forthcoming at the thanksgiving services on Sunday.

Marriage Details
1877/3046, Bride: Lucy Edwards Wetham (sic), Groom: Joshua Jones - Date of Marriage 17/7/1877 from Marriage Registration

Otago Daily Times 2 July 1878
SACRILEDGE.- Andrew Ryan was charged on a warrant with having, on April 27th last, broken into the Episcopalian Church of the parish of St. Peter''s, Queenstown, with intent to steal certain chattels, the property of Lucy Edwards Jones, wife of Joshua Jones, of Queenstown.- On the application of Insepctor Mallard, the accused was remanded to appear at Queenstown on the 9th July.

Evening Post 6 December 1878
The Rev Joshua Jones has resigned the curacy of Queenstown, having accepted the charge of Feilding, in the Wellington Diocese.
The Church Chronicle states that the Rev. Joshua Jones, curate of Queenstown in the Dunedin Diocese, has accepted the spiritual charge of Feilding district, and may be expected here in February next. Allusion to this subject is made in our Dunedin special telegram to-day.

Evening Post 22 December 1886
The Rev. Joshua Jones, the recently appointed incumbent of St. James'', Lower Hutt, and Mrs. Jones were formally introduced to the parishioners at a social gathering (hastily improvised for the purpose), which took place at the Churchroom last night. About one hundred parishioners attended. The schoolroom was prettily decorated with ferns, flowers, &c, and the side tables were beautifully spread with light confections and seasonable fruits. Shortly after 8 o''clock Sir Wm. Fitzherbert said he had been requested to undertake the duty of introducing Mr. Jones to them, and it was one which afforded him very great pleasure. He had no intention of making a long speech, but would content himself by asking for Mr. Jones the hearty co-operation of them all, and he felt sure this would be accorded. In concluding, he expressed a hope that Mr. Jones would long continue to be the incumbent of the parish. Mr. Jones briefly responded. Sir William Fitzherbert, he said, had assured him of the co-operation and assistance of his parishioners, and he wished them to understand that he could not do his work among them without it. He did not feel himself altogether a stranger amongst them, for, during the short time he had been in the district, he had visited them as much as possible, and made himself known. He thanked them most heartily for their kind reception. Refreshments were then handed round. The choir, assisted by several ladies and gentlemen, sang selections at intervals. The proceedings were brought to a conclusion by the company singing "God Save the Queen." Altogether a most pleasant evening was spent, and great praise is due to those ladies who so liberally contributed the good things provided for the evening.

Feilding Star 4 August 1887
While the Rev. J. Jones, of the Lower Hutt, was riding to the Taita, on Sunday morning last to conduct divine service, his horse fell, and the reverend gentleman was thrown with considerable force on to the road. Though being considerably shaken and bruised, Mr Jones proceeded on his journey, and was able to take the service at the appointed time, and again in the evening at St. James Church, Lower Hutt.- NZ Times

Evening Post 1 August 1888
The parishioners of St. James'', Lower Hutt, held their annual meeting in the church schoolroom on Monday evening last, the chair being occupied by the incumbent, the Rev. Joshua Jones. The report and balance-sheet, which have already been published in the Evening Post, were read and adopted, as also was a special report from Mr. Barraud as treasurer of the Vestry. Votes of thanks were accorded to the retiring Vestry, to Mr. Barraud, the secretary and treasurer of the bazaar, and the lay readers. On the motion of Captain Humfrey, seconded by Mr. E. C. Kirk, it was resolved "That it be an instruction to the incoming Vestry to consider the latter part of the report with a view of establishing local committees in such portions of the parish as may seem desirable." Mr. W. A. Fitzberbert was appointed minister''s warden, Mr. Ransom being elected as parishioners'' warden. The following gentlemen were elected as vestrymen for the ensuing year:����� Messrs. Humfrey, Bremner, E. H. Collett, S. C. Barraud. B. Cleland, Price, R. C. Kirk, L. Death, Whitton, and Cheesman. Messrs. H. Jackson and Hotop were elected auditors. This concluded the business.

Evening Post 19 July 1893
St. James'' Parish, Lower Hutt
The annual meeting of parishioners of St Jamas'', Lower Hutt, was held last evening, the Rev. Joshua Jones (Incumbent) presiding.
The report of the Vestry was read by the Chairman, and was to the effect that the Church''s finances showed considerable improvement. The year began with a deficiency on the ordinary parish account of £60 2s 3d, and a further special liability of £14 17s 11d at Petone. There was now only a liability of £17 10s on the parish account, while the special liability had ceased to exist. The credit for this was chiefly due to the ladies of Sewing Bee, who had supplied during the year £110 1s 2d. The Vestry hoped that in the ensuing year the income from ordinary sources might increase sufficiently to prevent the necessity of absorbing the proceeds of the ladies'' work in ordinary parochial expenditure. The offertories showed some improvement, and the income from seat rents had also increased, but that from subscriptions had somewhat fallen off, and the Vestry suggested that special attention should be paid to the improvement of the subscription list. The ladies of Taita were still devoting the proceeds of their special efforts to the improvement of their church. The attempt to obtain promises for the support of an assistant curate had met with fair success at Lower Hutt and Taita, but no canvass for this object had yet been made at Petone. If the assistance of an additional clergyman could not be obtained, it might be worth while to consider whether or not the Diocesan Synod should be asked to reduce the area of the parish, as it was now so large that no clergyman, of whatever vigour, zeal, or capacity, could meet its needs singlehanded. The balance-sheet, which was read by Mr. H. Jackson, showed that the receipts for the year had amounted to £576 17s 3d, the expenditure being £529 17s 3d, leaving a balance in hand of £47.
The report and balance-sheet were adopted, on the motion of Mr. Cheesman.
A report summarising the work done during tho past year, was read by the Chairman, and adopted.
The following officers were appointed for the ensuing year:— Incumbent''s Churchwarden, Mr. H. Jackson; Parishioners'' Churchwarden, Mr. J. Ransom; Vestrymen, Captain Humfrey, Messrs. Wilkins, W. A. Fitzherbert, A. Collott (Hutt), R. Jenkins and J. G. Castles (Petone), S. Death (Taita); Auditors, Messrs. Whitton and Barraud.
On the motion of Mr. Cheesman, it was resolved that a meeting of parishioners be called at Petone to consider the question of an assistant curate.
Votes of thanks were passed to the ladies of the Sewing Bee, the retiring Vestry and Auditors, the Superintendents and teachers of the Sunday-schools, the organists and the members of the different choirs, and also to the lay-readers, Messrs. Gaby, Gardiner, and Cheesman.
This concluded the ordinary business.
The election of Synodsmen resulted in Messrs. W. A. Fitzherbert and R. Parker being returned.

Evening Post 27 July 1897
The first annual meeting of members of St. Augustine Anglican Church, Petone, was held last evening, the incumbent (the Rev. J. Jones) presiding. The Churchwardens, in their report, regretted that the total receipts for the year left a small deficit, the total receipts being £155 0s 5d. Archdeacon Fancourt had been unable to promise a grant from the General Church Fund to help in securing the services of a successor to the Rev. Mr. Fortune in the district. A circular had been issued to members to ascertain what amount of support could be depended upon, and the returns had not proved sufficient to warrant any action being taken, as the Archdeacon did not think that a clergyman should be appointed at a stipend of less than £200 per annum and house-rent. If a minister could be procured for £150 for the first year, the Churchwardens suggest that the trial be made. The report and balance-sheet were adopted. Messrs. E. J. Jenkins and J. G. Castle were re-elected clergyman''s and parishioners'' churchwardens respectively. Messrs. J. R. Edmonds, C. Collett, F. Godfrey, H. Monk, and K. Printzen were elected vestrymen, and Mr. London auditor. Votes of thanks were given to the workers in the various departments. In discussing the question of obtaining the services of a clergyman for the Petone district, the Incumbent said he had excellent reasons for desiring the separation of the Hutt and Petone district. If the Churchwardens agreed to accept the responsibility and the governing body agreed he would not put any obstacle in the way. On the motion of Mr. R. C. Kirk, it was agreed that the meeting recommend the Vestry to apply to the proper authorities for the services of a clergyman to have sole charge of the Petone district at a salary of £200 per annum.

Evening Post 6 June 1906
The resignation by the Rev. Joshua Jones (Lower Hutt) of the office of clerical secretary to the Anglican Diocesan Synod has been accepted. The standing committee passed a resolution recording its sense of the long and faithful services rendered to the diocese by Mr. Jones.

Evening Post 26 July 1907
The Rev. Joshua Jones has been appointed a trustee of the Taita public cemtery, vice Mr. Henry Jackson, deceased.

Evening Post 3 October 1908
The Rev. Herbert Innes Jones, lately in charge of the Seddon-Awatere parish, has entered upon his duties as assistant to the Rev. Joshua Jones, vicar of Lower Hutt

Evening Post 16 May 1909
On Saturday afternoon the new Anglican Church at Eastbourne was opened by Rev. Joshua Jones. Despite the exceedingly unpropitious weather there was a large attendance at the ceremony. At 3.30 a procession entered the building. The choir followed, then the clergy, and finally the vicar (Rev. J. Jones).
The service was the ordinary evening liturgy, with the addition of some prayers suitable to the occasion. Three special psalms were given. The service was taken by the Rev. W. Fancourt (St. Hilda''s, Island Bay), Rev. G. P. Davys (St. Peter''s, Wellington), Rev. J. D. Russell (St. Augustine''s, Petone), and the Rev. J. Sykes (Upper Hutt). The vicar, in an address, traced the development of the church in Eastbourne and in the Hutt district generally. A year ago hardly more than a dozen worshippers met in the schoolroom for worship. To-day the congregation numbered between forty and fifty. Mr. Shortt officiated at the organ. After the ceremony the visitors were entertained at tea at Mr. Fraser Shortt''s house.
The church is of Gothic design, and constructed of camerated concrete walls, rough cast, with an asbestos slated roof. Inside, the structural timbers are of oiled jarrah, while the furniture is of specially selected red pine. Mr. F. de J. Clere is the architect, and Mr. W. H. Nimmo the general contractor.

Evening Post 13 January 1913
A garden party to further interest in the Anglican Boys'' Home at the Lower Hutt was held in the grounds of Mr. Scales, Lower Hutt-road. Archdeacon Harper and the Rev. Joshua Jones addressed the many present on the object and needs of the home, and urged practical assistance. Music from a string band and afternoon tea served in the drawing-room and on the verandah were other attractions in a pleasant afternoon.

Evening Post 1 April 1913
The Rev. R. H. Hobday, M.A., Vicar of Brooklyn, who has assumed editorial charge of the Church Chronicle, in succession to the Rev. Joshua Jones, of Lower Hutt, states in the Anglican organ that "the resignation, on the ground of ill-health, of the late editor is cause of great regret. For upwards of a-quarter of a century he has been closely associated with the Church Chronicle, rendering most valuable service as writer of this column and contributor of many and various articles, and on several occasions as acting-editor; while for several years past he has edited the paper with conspicuous ability and erudition and wisdom and courtesy, which have done much to help the paper on to that position of success that it now enjoys. The sympathy of the diocese will be with him in the circumstances which have made it necessary for him to resign."

Evening Post 1 October 1913
Mr. Gardner, who has been assistant to the Rev. Joshua Jones at the Lower Hutt Anglican Church for about two years, and is resigning in order to take up work in a Wellington city parish, was the recipient of a handsome present at St. James''s Hall, Lower Hutt, last evening. There was a large attendance; and many complimentary references were made of the good work done by Mr. Gardner. During the evening an enjoyable musical programme was given.

Evening Post 20 March 1914
After being in charge of St. James''s Parish, Lower Hutt, for the past 26 years, the Rev. Joshua Jones is retiring at the end of May next. He is being succeeded by the Rev. A. L. Hansell, M.A., Oxford, at present in charge of the Karori Parish.
Rev. Joshua Jones, who is seventy years of age, was educated at St. Augustine''s Theological College, Canterbury, England, being ordained a deacon on 17th March, 1867. From that year to 1868, in which year he was ordained, a priest, he was stationed at Warwick, Queensland, Australia, and for three years following was at Leyburn. In 1871, Mr. Jones came to New Zealand and remained in the Otago district for eight years, during which time he was stationed at Clyde and Queenstown. Mr. Jones was transferred to Feilding in 1879, where he remained for seven years. In 1888 he removed to Lower Hutt; and has been stationed, there ever since. Mr. Jones is greatly respected by both the clergy and parishioners, and is recognised an one of the ablest ministers of the Church. His health during the past year has not been of a satisfactory nature.
Rev. A. L. Hansell is a son-in-law of Bishop Julius, Christchurch. He was trained at the Oxford and Cuddesdon Colleges, and after being ordained served at Wantage, England, for a number of years. Mr. Hansell came to New Zealand in 1900, and was stationed at Hawera for a few months before going to Karori, where he has resided ever since. His nomination for the new position had the unanimous support of the vestry.

Evening Post 14 April 1914
New Vicar of Karori
The Rev. G. Woodward, at present stationed in Foxton, has been appointed vicar of St. Mary''s, Karori, in succession to the Rev. A. L. Hansell, who becomes vicar of St. James''s, Lower Hutt, vice the Rev. Joshua Jones, resigned.

Evening Post 18 May 1914
The Rev. Joshua Jones, who has resigned the position of Vicar of St. James''s, Lower Hutt, leaves shortly for Marton, where he intends to reside.

Evening Post 19 May 1914
Those interested in making a Presentation to the Reverend Joshua Jones and his Family, on their leaving the Hutt Parish, are cordially invited to meet at St. James''s Schoolroom, Lower Hutt, on the Evening of Friday, the 22nd instant, at 8 o''clock.

Evening Post 23 May 1914
A meeting held in St. James''s Hall, Lower Hutt, last evening for the purpose of taking steps to recognise the services of the Rev. Joshua Jones, who shortly retires from the charge of St. James''s parish, was well attended. The chair was occupied by Mr. F. de J. Clere. A strong committee, with Mr. D. M. Yeats as secretary, and treasurer, was set up to make the necessary arrangements, and it was decided to hold a further meeting on 12th June. A public function will be held on some future date, not yet decided upon.

Evening Post 20 June 1914
After a long connection with St. James (Anglican) parish, Lower Hutt, the Rev. Joshua Jones has retired from active church work. To mark the occasion of his retirement his parisioners (sic) assembled in large numbers at St. James''s Hall last evening, when a most enjoyable social function was held. The Bishop of Wellington (Dr. Sprott) attended, while among those present were several other Anglican clergy and visitors.
On behalf of the parishioners, Mr. D. M. Yeats (churchwarden) presented Mr. Jones with an address, which was in the following words:— Dear Mr. Jones, — The parishioners of St. James''s Church, Lower Hutt, some of those ministered to at Petone, and other friends, have met here this evening to wish you Godspeed, and to hope that you may enjoy a long and happy rest after the labours of so many years. You have fought a long and strenuous fight, and can look back upon forty-seven years of faithful service to the Church, twenty-eight of which you have spent in this parish. A parting of this kind must naturally be painful to all concerned, but a consolation to you and to us, is that you are going to have a well earned rest, and we hope that as you are not going far away, we shall have the pleasure of seeing you and yours on many occasions amongst us in the days to come. Our high appreciation of your long and valuable services here has been placed on the parish records, and been endorsed by St. James''s parishioners at their last general meeting. We fuel that the best evidence of the esteem in which you are held has been the hearty response to the suggestion that some offering should be made to you and yours prior to your departure. That offering is contained in the pocket-book which we now ask you, on behalf of the parishioners, the old parishioners of Petone, and other outside friends who have joined with them to accept as a token of the very high esteem in which you are held, and of the very best wishes for the future welfare of your family and yourself. On behalf of the donors — D.M. Yeats, churchwardn. (sic)
In a brif (sic) speech, Bishop Sprott made complimentary references to Mr. Jones, his work and educational attainments, adding that the retiring minister had always been ready and willing to give good advice from his vast knowledge when requested. Responding Mr. Jones outlined his career at the Hutt, referring also to the great advance the Church had made. He thanked those who had supported him and had presented him with the token of esteem.

Evening Post 24 June 1914
The Rev. Joshua Jones, who has relinquished charge of St, James''s (Anglican) Parish, Lower Hutt, was last evening presented with a copy of a theological work by the members of the Hutt Branch of the Church of England Men''s Society, The presentation was made by Mr. D. M. Yeats, a prominent member of the church.

Evening Post 4 July 1914
At St. James''s Hall, Lower Hutt, last evening, the Rev. A. L. Hansell, who has been appointed to succeed the Rev. Joshua Jones as minister in charge of St. James''s Parish, was welcomed by the parishioners. The attendance, which was large, included the Bishop of Wellington (Dr Sprott) and a number of visiting clergymen. Several appropriate addresses were delivered, and'' an enjoyable musical programme was gone through. The new minister was accompanied by Mrs. Hansell.

Death Details
1914/5213, Joshua Jones, Aged: 70Y

Evening Post 1 September 1914
Jones.- On the 31st August, 1914, at Marton, Rev. Joshua Jones, late vicar of St. James''s, Lower Hutt; aged 70 years
The death occurred at Marton yesterday of the Rev. Joshua Jones, who for about 28 years was vicar of St. James''s Anglican Parish, Lower Hutt. The rev. gentleman, who had not been in the best of health for a considerable time, tendered his resignation of the charge in February last, when he had reached the age of 70, but did not sever his connection with the parish until two months ago, being succeeded by the Rev. A. L. Hansell, of Karori. He decided to settle in Marton, and a month ago he removed to that district. The late Mr. Jones was born in England in 1844, and was educated at Liverpool Collegiate Institution, and at St. Augustine''s College, Canterbury, England. He was ordained a deacon in 1867, and a priest in 1868, by the Bishop of Brisbane, in whose diocese he laboured for three or four years, first at Warwick, and later at Leyburn. In 1871 he removed to New Zealand from Queensland, and was stationed at Clyde, in Otago, for four years, when he accepted a call to Queenstown, where he was the incumbent and rural deacon until 1873. In that year he accepted the charge of the Church of England at Feilding, and did valuable Anglican pioneering work in Kiwitea and the Manchester settlement. He was called to the Lower Hutt in 1886, and remained there until recently. The deceased gentleman was a fine type of minister, and beloved by his Hutt parishioners, who gave tangible proof of their esteem by presenting him on his retirement with a purse of sovereigns. He was married in Otago in 1877 to Miss Lucy Welham, of Brighton, England, who survives him, and there are two unmarried daughters. The funeral will take place at the Hutt on Thursday.

Evening Post 2 September 1914
Funeral Notice
Will Friends of the late Reverend Joshua Jones kindly take this notification that the Funeral will take place at St. James''s Church, Lower Hutt. Tomorrow (Thursday), at 2 p.m.
By request no flowers.
Brown and Allen,
Undertakers, Lower Hutt

Hutt Valley Cemetery Records Rev Joshua Jones, Date: 1 Sep 1914, St. James Anglican, Lower Hutt, Monumental Inscriptions: 101, and Burial Record

Evening Post 3 September 1914
Clergy and citizens assembled at Lower Hutt in large numbers this afternoon to attend the funeral of the late Rev. Joshua Jones, who was for twenty-eight years in charge of St. James''s parish. Prior to the burial Bishop Sprott conducted a service in St. James''s Church, which was attended by Anglican clergymen from various parts of the district and many prominent residents of the Hutt. The interment was made in the churchyard, where the last rites were conducted by the Bishop.

Death Details
1930/5278, Lucy Edwards Jones, Aged: 86Y

Evening Post 11 April 1930
Jones - On the 10th April, 1930, at Marton, Lucy Edwards, widow of the Rev. Joshua Jones, Vicar of the Lower Hutt; aged 86 years. No flowers

Probate Joshua Jones, Place: Wellington, Occ: Clerk Holy Ord, Date of Death: 2/9/1914 (sic), AAOM 6029 16992, Filed: 5/11/1914, Intestate, Archives NZ, Wellington
Joshua Jones, Place: Marton, Occ: Clerk Holy Ord, Date of Death: 1/9/1914 (sic), AAOM 6029 17167, Filed: 2/2/1915, Intestate, Archives NZ, Wellington
  • 1844 - Birth -
  • 1 SEP 1914 - Death -
Joshua Rev Jones
1844 - 1 SEP 1914
Family Group Sheet - Child
MJoshua Rev Jones
Death1 SEP 1914
Marriage17 JUL 1877to Lucy Edwards Welham
Family Group Sheet - Spouse
PARENT (M) Joshua Rev Jones
Death1 SEP 1914
Marriage17 JUL 1877to Lucy Edwards Welham
PARENT (F) Lucy Edwards Welham
Death10 APR 1930
Marriage17 JUL 1877to Joshua Rev Jones
FFrances Welham Jones
FFlorence Kate Jones
Descendancy Chart
Joshua Rev Jones b: 1844 d: 1 SEP 1914
Lucy Edwards Welham b: 1844 d: 10 APR 1930
Frances Welham Jones b: 1878 d: 1958
Florence Kate Jones b: 1880 d: 1965
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