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Gadsby, Arthur

b: 1853
d: 14 JAN 1940
Marriage Details
1887/1118, Bride: Sarah Bennett, Groom: Arthur Gadsby

Evening Post 10 January 1888
Slaughterhouses in the Hutt County.
Alleged Nuisances.
The Inspector of Nuisances presented a report on the application of Messrs. Gadsby Bros., of Taita, for the renewal of their slaughterhouse license, recommending that it be only granted on condition that the piggeries and boiling-down coppers be removed to the bottom of the grounds, at some distance from the main road. The report was adopted.

Evening Post 13 October 1894
THE Partnership hitherto existing between ARTHUR and JOSEPH GADSBY, under the style of Gadsby Bros., Butchers, &c, Taita, having been Dissolved by the death of Mr. Joseph Gadsby, it is hereby requested that all claims against the late firm up to 30th September last be sent in to the undersigned not later than 31st October instant, and all accounts owing to the firm are requested to be paid, or otherwise arranged for, by the same date.
The business will in future be carried on by the uudersigned, under the old style of Gadsby Bros.
Dated this 4th day of October, 1894.

Evening Post 4 October 1899
A six-roomed house at the Taita, owned by Mr. W. Cleland and occupied by Mr. Arthur Gadsby, was burned down early on Saturday morning. Mr. Gadsby was awakened by a crackling noise, and on getting up he found the back part of the house in flames. The only articles saved were some harness, wearing apparel, and a bicycle. It is supposed that the fire occurred through a defect in the brickwork in connection with the kitchen range. The house was insured for 175 pounds in the Liverpool, London, and Globe Company, and the furniture and piano in the same office for 350 pounds.

Evening Post 9 August 1901
WE hereby give public notice that we intend to apply to the Hutt County Council on the 18th August for a Slaughtering License in respect to our property situated on the Main road, Taita.
Butchers, Taita

- unsure if correct Gadsby
Evening Post 28 June 1910
At last night''s meeting of the Hutt Borough Council
In further reference to the provision of an abattoir and to the council''s recommendation that the Wellington City abattoir should be made available for the purposes of this borough, the Department of Agriculture wrote stating that the council should supply direct to the Wellington City Council and endeavor to enter into an agreement. The Department also forwarded regulations as to slaughterhouses. An offer from Mr. Gadsby of his property at Taita for the purpose of an abattoir site was not entertained.

Evening Post 5 December 1910
Last week, Mr. and Mrs. T. F. Bennett celebrated their golden wedding at their residence, Brunswick-road, Lower Hutt. Although a resident of the Lower Hutt for the past four years most of their lives have been spent in the Featherston district. Mr. Bennett came to New Zealand in the barque Minerva in the early part of 1859. He, with other shipmates, left his ship and walked to Featherston, looking for work. At this time Featherston was practically a wilderness covered with flax and scrub with only a few tracks. His first job in this district was for ten weeks in payment for which he received food only. He then found his way to Papawai where a sawmill was starting, and he got work at 5s a day, but on pay-day there was not much cash to draw as he had to take all his supplies from his employers who were the local storekeepers. It was about this time that the diggings broke out near Dunedin, and Mr. Bennett decided to make another move. He walked in one day from Papawai to Wellington without a shilling in his pocket and got a chance to work his passage to Dunedin in a sailing vessel which took fourteen days to reach Dunedin. He met with fair success in the diggings and got back again to Featherston, where he purchased small home for himself. The Featherston Highway Board was formed about this time in the early sixties and Mr. Bennett was one of the board''s first employees. On 28th November, 1860, Mr. Bennett was married to Amelia Lucas, of Nelson, by the Rev. Ronaldson, who is still alive at Dunedin. At the golden wedding last week all member of the family were present:— Mrs. Knutson, Carterton, Mrs. Gadsby and Mrs. W. Pryde, of the Lower Hutt, Mrs. Collins, of Featherston, Mrs. A. Pryde, of Nireaha, and Mr. G. W. Bennett, of Eltham.

Evening Post 19 March 1918
HAVING disposed of our business to Messrs. Curle and Co., we take this opportuity of thanking the residents of the Hutt and Taita for the very liberal support accorded us for the last 30 years, and trust the same generous support will be shown our successors.
We are, ladies and gentlemen,
Yours obediently,
All accounts must be paid direct to Gadsby Bros., whose receipt alone will be sufficient discharge.

Evening Post 17 May 1921
Divorce Court
Arthur Gadsby v. Sarah Gadsby and another, alleged adultery. Cross petition of alleged desertion and adultery.

Evening Post 28 June 1928
APPLICATION having been made to me for the issue of a Provisional Certificate of Title in the name of ARTHUR GADSBY, of Lower Hutt, Settler, for 8.6 perches more or less, being part of Section 25, Hutt District, and being Lot 1 on Deposited Plan No. 5474, and being all the land in Certificate of Title Volume 290, Folio 86, Wellington Registry, and evidence having been lodged of the loss of the said certificate of title, I hereby give notice that I will issue the Provisional Certificate of Title as requested after fourteen days from the date of the "Gazette" containing this notice. Dated this 27th day of June, 1928, at the Lands Registry Office, Wellington.
District Land Registrar.

Evening Post 18 April 1929
A collision between two cars in the Taita Gorge, the pursuit of one car by the other and a subsequent alleged assault, were the elements of two cases which were heard together before Mr. T. B. McNeil, S.M., in the Upper Hutt Magistrate''s Court yesterday.
William Arthur Gadsby, of Lower Hutt, was charged with attempting to pass a car when the road was not clear, and Arthur Gadsby, his father, was charged with assaulting John Purvis. The two charges were heard together, Mr. C. R. Barrett, for the Gadsbys, pleadings not guilty to both.
Constable Ross, of Upper Hutt, said that on the evening of Sunday, 9th December last, the two Gadsbys and two Purvises'' called at the police station there. Purvis, sen., complained of being assaulted by Gadsby, sen., whom, he alleged, had struck him in the face with his fist. Purvis had a cut on his face. Gadsby, sen., in a statement to the police, said that he was riding in his son''s car through the Taita Gorge towards Lower Hutt. His son was driving, and there was another car in front. A car coming in the opposite direction passed the car in front, and then, on its wrong side of the road, hit their car on the right rear mudguard and continued on its'' way. They turned their car and caught up to and stopped the car which had struck them. John Purvis and his son were in this car. He was accused by Purvis, sen., of being drunk, and he pushed his open hand against Purvis''s face. His finger-nail must have cut Purvis. He had had two or three nips of whisky that day, and his son one drink of port wine.
Constable Ross said that at first, he thought that Gadsby, jun., the driver, was drunk, but after he had come back from seeing a doctor, he thought that he was quite sober.
Mr. Barrett produced the doctor''s certicate that Gadsby was not under the influence of liquor.
John Purvis, an indent agent, of Trentham, said that the collision was caused by Gadsby trying to pass a car and then when witness came in sight, swinging back, but too late, hitting witness''s car. Witness drove on, but stopped when Gadsby overhauled him. Gadsby, sen., came towards his car, opened the door, and struck him. In witness''s opinion both the Gadsbys were the worse for liquor.
Purvis, jun., gave similar evidence.
Mr. Barrett submitted that the charge against W. A. Gadsby of attempting to pass when the way was not clear should be dismissed. It was clear from the evidence of both Purvises that the attempt to pass had been made before Purvis car came into view. When it did, Gadsby went back into line.
The Magistrate dismissed the information, saying that there was no absolute certainty in his mind regarding the charge.
In respect to the alleged assault; Mr. Barrett said that Purvis appeared to have lost control of his car and thus caused the collision. He did not stop, and the Gadsbys had to chase him for three miles before they stopped him. When they did Gadsby had put his hand on Purvis''s head to give him a push down on to the seat of his car, but unfortunately his nail had torn Purvis''s skin. In the circumstances, said Mr. Barrett, there was evidence of provocation on the part of Purvis and of justification of the push that Gadsby had given him. Moreover, the matter was a trivial one.
The Magistrate said that he did not regard it as trivial. He was quite satisfied that he must enter a conviction. He would make allowance for the fact that Gadsby was highly excited at the time and fine him £2.

Hutt News 20 June 1929
Hall Committee.
The sixth annual meeting of the Taita Hall Committee was held June 10th, the chairman (Mr. F. S. Hewer) presiding.
There was a very good attendance, and great interest was displayed in the business before the meeting.
The report and balance sheet presented by the secretary (Mr. Pemberton), was considered entirely satisfactory, the retiring committee being complimented on the result of the year''s working.
The residents, expressed themselves as very pleased that the mortgage on the hall had been reduced by £100.
The assets were:- land and buildings, less depreciation, stood at £1120; furniture and fittings, £18O; cash in Bank £60/16/8; The only liability was the mortgage of £300.
The following committee was elected:— Messrs F. S. Hewer (chairman), W. Hutchison (deputy chairman), V. Pemberton (secretary), C. Alsop (treasurer) S. Peck, D. McArthur, E. Saunders, E. Hewer, F. Bartosh, F. Westbury, H. Mason, G. Braddock, J. Butler, P. Ferretti, Y. Wilson, E. F. Jones.
Mention was made of the serious illness of Mr. A. Gadsby, one of the trustees; also of their old friend Mr. Rubein King, one of the staunchest supporters of the Hall Committee. It was decided to send a letter of condolence to both of these gentlemen and convey the meeting''s best wishes for their speedy recovery.
At the conclusion of the business a most enjoyable time was spent in
dancing to music supplied by Mr. Wright who provided many fine selections on the electrical gramophone, to the great enjoyment of all present. The ladies excelled themselves with the delightful supper they provided and they well earned the vote of thanks which was accorded to them. Mr. Wright. was also warmly thanked for his services. In replying Mr. Wright said that he would only be too pleased to oblige at the local gatherings on any future occasion.

Death Details
1932/11966, Sarah Gadsby, Aged: 66Y - Date of Death 21/12/1932 from Death Registration

Honowhenua District Council Records
Surname: GADSBY
Forenames: Sarah
Gender: Female
Age at Death: 65 Years
Last Address: Levin
Date of Death: 22 Dec 1932 (sic)
Service: Burial
Religion: Not recorded
Funeral Director: Harvey & Co, LEVIN
Cemetery: Old Levin Cemetery, Cnr Mako Mako And Tiro Tiro Road, Levin
Location in Cemetery: General Row 27 Plot 27
Plot: Not recorded
Date of Burial: 22 Dec 1932
Burial of: Body

Evening Post 24 December 1932
GADSBY.- At Levin, on 21st December, 1932, beloved sister of Amelia Pryde, Lower Hutt.
A patient sufferer at rest.
Marriage Details
1900/694, Bride: Amelia Bennett, Groom: William Pryde
Death Details
1960/35809, Amelia Pryde, Aged: 90Y - so born circa 1870

Evening Post 15 January 1940
GADSBY.- On January 14, 1940, at the Wellington Hospital, Arthur Gadsby, of Lower Hutt; aged 87 years.
GADSBY.- The Friends of the late Arthur Gadsby are respectfully invited to attend his Funeral, which will leave the Chapel of J. R. Croft, Ltd., King''s Crexcent, Lower Hutt, Tomorrow (Tuesday), January 16, 1940, at conclusion of Service, commencing at 2 p.m., for the Taita Cemetery. J. R. Croft, Ltd., Funeral Directors, Hutt and Petone. Telephones 60-531 and 63-828.
GADSBY.- Brothers are invited to attend the Funeral of the late Arthur Gadsby, which will leave the Chapel of J. R. Croft, Ltd., King''s Crescent, Lower Hutt, Tomorrow, Tuesday, January 16, 1940, at the conclusion of a Service commencing at 2 p.m., for the Taita Cemetery. By order of the A.D.

Probate Arthur Gadsby, Place: Wellington, Occ: Settler, AAOM 6030 293, Filed: 16/2/1940, Will, Archives NZ, Wellington

Evening Post 30 January 1940
GADSBY.- Mr. W. A. Gadsby and Family, Taita, wish to Thank all relatives and friends for their kind messages and floral tributes in their recent sad bereavement.

Evening Post 14 January 1943
GADSBY, Arthur.- In loving memory of pater and grandpa, who passed away January 14, 1940.
Ever remembered.
His loving son Bill and grandchildren.
  • 1853 - Birth -
  • 14 JAN 1940 - Death -
1853 - 14 JAN 1940
Family Group Sheet - Child
Death14 JAN 1940
Marriage1887to Sarah Bennett
Family Group Sheet - Spouse
Death14 JAN 1940
Marriage1887to Sarah Bennett
PARENT (F) Sarah Bennett
Death21 DEC 1932
Marriage1887to Arthur GADSBY
MWilliam Arthur GADSBY
Death23 NOV 1975
Marriage18 AUG 1920to Lavinia Martha SANDERS
MJoseph Topham GADSBY
Death2 SEP 1931
Marriage1917to Ellen Rubina Rose Eire
Descendancy Chart
Arthur GADSBY b: 1853 d: 14 JAN 1940
Sarah Bennett b: 1866 d: 21 DEC 1932
William Arthur GADSBY b: 1897 d: 23 NOV 1975
Lavinia Martha SANDERS b: 1896 d: 16 NOV 1940
Topham Henry GADSBY b: 1918 d: 1 DEC 2011
Roy David Triplow b: 9 MAY 1916 d: 15 NOV 1984
Joseph Topham GADSBY b: 1889 d: 2 SEP 1931
Ellen Rubina Rose Eire b: 1895 d: 29 AUG 1921
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