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Fry, Henry Eric K Rev

Henry Eric K Rev Fry
b: 1885
d: 1 FEB 1969
Free BMD Record show Date Birth Registered: December 1885, District: Blean, Name: Henry Eric K Fry, Volume: 2a, Page: 823
The district Blean is in the county of Kent


Free BMD Records show Date Birth Registered June 1885, District: Dartford, Name: Ellen Ethel Corner, Volume: 2a, Page: 440a
The district Dartford is in the county of Kent


Free BMD Records show Date Marriage Registered September 1914, District: Dartford, Name: Henry E K Fry and Ellen E Corner, Volume: 2a, Page: 1412
The district Dartford is in the county of Kent

Evening Post 3 January 1923
The Rev. Henry Eric Kearle Fry, vicar of Porchester, Hants, has been appointed as successor to the Rev. Claude F. Askew, vicar of St. Marks. The appointment has been made on the recommendation of the Bishop''s Commissaries, and the new Vicar is expected to arrive in Wellington in May. The Rev. Mr. Fry obtained his degrees at Exeter College, Oxford, securing his B.A. in 1908, and his M.A. in 1912. He was ordained deacon in 1909, and priest in 1910, and was curate at Bradford from 1909 till 1911, and at Fareham from 1912 till 1915. He became Vicar of St. Mary''s Porchester, in the Diocese of Winchester, in 1915, and during the later stages of the war acted temporarily as Chaplain to the Forces.
Arrangements are now being made for a locum tenens pending the arrival of the new appointee. The vicariate of the Rev. Askew expired on Sunday last, and he will leave shortly for Nelson, where he is to be Dean of the parish of Christchurch. Negotiations are in hand for the selection of a temporary Vicar, and an announcement will probably be made in the course of a few days.

Evening Post 4 May 1923
The Rev. H. E. K. Fry, M.A., late vicar of Porchester, Hampshire, England, who has been appointed vicar of St. Marks Parish, is expected to reach Wellington about 28th May by the Ionic.

Evening Post 4 June 1923
The ceremony of the institution of the Rev. H. E. K. Fry, as vicar of St. Mark''s Church, Dufferin street, took place yesterday forenoon, in the presence of a large congregation.
The Bishop of Wellington, the Right Rev. Dr. Sprott, having offered prayer, called upon the new vicar to make the required declarations, and, this having been done, placed the letters of institution in the vicar''s hands. The Bishop having pronounced his blessing, the senior churchwarden, with whom were the parishioners'' warden and members of the vestry, delivered into the vicar''s keeping the keys of the Church, the vicarage, and the school.
The service of institution, which was most impressive, was brought to a conclusion, by the singing of the hymn, "Come, Holy Ghost, Our Souls Inspire." The service of Holy Communion, which was choral throughout, followed.
Bishop Sprott preached, taking as his text the words: "He gave some apostles and some pastors and teachers for the work of the ministry for the edifying of the Body of Christ." — Eph. 4th ch. 11, and 12 v. In the course of his address, he said that a new chapter in the life of St. Mark''s Church was opening with the ministry, which was beginning that day. He exhorted the parishioners to help their new vicar in every way that they could, and, in view of the extent of the parish, urged the members of the congregation to make known to the vicar any matters connected with his ministry requiring his attention. He concluded by appealing to all for their prayers.
The Bishop of Dornakal (India) preached in the evening to a crowded Church. Taking as his text Genesis 12th ch. 2v. "I will bless thee, and thou shall be a blessing," he said that the name of St. Mark''s Church, Wellington, had been known to him for many years owing to the fact that the Church maintained a missionary priest in his diocese. He concluded by emphasising the vital importance of missionary work to the life of the Church.
The offertories throughout the day, which were for the Maori Mission Fund, amounted to over £39.
The. Rev. H. E. K. Fry was educated at Oxford, and was vicar of Portchester, Hampshire, when he received his present appointment. He is a Boy Scout Commissioner and during the war was chaplain to the forces, being attached to the R.F.A., 48th Division, which saw service on the French and Italian fronts.

Evening Post 7 June 1923
A SOCIAL to welcome the Rev. H. E. K. Fry and Mrs. Fry will be held in the Schoolroom, Dufferin street THIS (THURSDAY) EVENING, at 8 o''clock.
All Parishioners cordially invited.

Evening Post 5 September 1923
The annual sale of work of St. Mark''s Parish was opened yesterday afternoon by Her Excellency Viscountess Jellicoe, who spoke of the pleasure it gave her to help her parish, in New Zealand, and congratulated the stallholders on their display. The Rev. H. E. K. Fry referred to the nature of the sale, which prompted, good feeling among the parishioners. Miss Honor Fry presented Her Excellency with a bouquet,

Evening Post 23 May 1925
May 21st was the anniversary of the consecration of St. Mark''s Church by Bishop Hadfield, which event took place on 21st May, 1876, the Rev. R. Coffey, M.A., whose vicariate is so gratefully remembered by those who were parishioners of his time, being appointed to take charge of the parish on 8th October, 1876. The present vicar (Rev. H. E. K. Fry, M.A.) came from Hampshire to Wellington on 28th May, just two years ago.

Evening Post 18 February 1933
The vicar of St. Mark''s, the Rev. H. E. K. Fry, M.A., will preach farewell sermons on Sunday. He appeals especially to those who were prepared for Confirmation by him to attend. He will be instituted by the Bishop of the Diocese as vicar of Lower Hutt on February 26. A social evening, arranged by the churchwardens and vestry of St. Mark''s, will be held in the schoolroom on Wednesday, to give parishioners an opportunity of saying farewell to Mr. and Mrs. Fry.

Evening Post 27 February 1933
The institution of the Rev. H. E. K. Fry, M.A., as vicar of St. James'' Church, Lower Hutt, took place yesterday.
St. James'', said his Lordship Dr. Sprott, who preached from the text — "Let a man so account of us, as of Ministers of Christ, Stewards of the Mysteries of God," had that day entered on a new chapter in its history.
Those to whom had been committed the task of filling the vacancy had realised the importance of their task, and had chosen one well known to them all — one who had already proved faithful to his task. It might be that to some present Mr. Fry would have to prove himself, but to those who had known him at St. Mark''s he had already abundantly proved himself. His Lordship urged those present to give to their minister the loyal and hearty support which had been customary from them.
The service, taken by the newly instituted minister, was throughout appropriate to the occasion, the reading being from Isaiah 61 — the preaching of the good tidings, — John 21 — the duty of a pastor.
The church was again filled in the evening when the whole service was conducted by the newly instituted vicar. Mr. Fry took as his text the John IV — 17, "God is Love." It was "imperative that the first message of a newly inducted vicar should get right home, and if nothing else was remembered he hoped that the text would not be forgoten, as it summed up the whole burden of religion.

Hutt News 8 March 1933
A welcome was extended by the parishioners to the new Vicar of St. James''s Church, Rev. H. E. K. Fry and Mrs Fry, also the newly appointed curate, Rev H. V. C. Reynolds, at a social held in the church hall last week
In the absence of the Vicar''s warden, the chair was occupied by Mr R. G. House. The hall was tastefully decorated with masses of beautiful hydrangeas. In extending a cordial welcome to the guests of the evening, on behalf of the parishioners, Mr House appealed for the same loyalty and service which had been given to the late vicar. There were also present representatives from Taita, Epuni, and Waiwetu. Arcdeacon (sic) Johnson and Rev. G. V. Gerard, vicar of Petone, also welcomed the new vicar and spoke of the high esteem in which both Mr and Mrs Fry were held at St. Mark''s.
In thanking the people of the parish for their sincere welcome to himself and Mrs Fry, Mr Fry said that he had been very happy at St. Mark''s and he was sure he would be equally happy at St. James''s. He had been round the district and fully realized the great responsibility which had been placed on him in a parish of 18,000 people. He believed that he would be given strength to carry out the great work which lay before him, but reminded his hearers that they also had their part to play by remembering him in their prayers. He appealed to them to look only for the best in others and to work together for the good of the Church.
Mr Reynolds also thanked the parishioners for their welcome and said how pleased he was to be allowed to continue his work under Mr Fry.
During the evening musical items were given by Mrs Strickland, Miss Lucas, Miss P. Martin, and Mr H. B. Robb. Miss Brooks played the accompaniments, and supper was provided by the ladies.

Evening Post 29 November 1937
It may not be generally known that the oldest Anglican church in the Wellington Diocese, is the picturesque little Christ Church at Taita, in the Huty Valley. Among the many parishioners and friends gathered at Taita Hall on Saturday afternoon for the bazaar and fancy dress parade arranged by the church members was a family of children, with their mother and grandmother, the last-mentioned being the daughter of Mrs. J. W. Fox, who was born at Taita in 1842, and remembers the building of this church.
The bazaar on Saturday was opened by Mrs. H. E. K. Fry, who thanked all for their attendance, making special reference to those of other denominations, whose friendly support, she said, she would be glad to reciprocate.
Speeches were also made by Mr. Gordon Giesen, and by Mr. A. S. Kempthorne (superintendent of Christ Church Sunday School), who remarked upon the gratifying attendance each Sunday, despite the scattered nature of the district.
The many, varied, and original costumes in the children''s fancy dress parade were judged by Mrs. Gordon Giesen, who presented prizes to Mildred Claughton (sailorman), Waldo Chamberlain (dragon), Margaret Page (knitting), Alan Page (golliwog), and to the little ones Margaret Hamilton (fairy) and lan Mac Arthur (sailor).
The stalls and stall holders were:— Fancy work, Mesdames Cording, Warder, and Burborough; produce, Mesdames Tustin and G. August, Miss August; ice cream and sweets, Mrs. Pudney; cakes, Mesdames Wright and Maycroft; darts, Len Burborough and T. Fuge; Aunt Sally, D. Maycroft and G. Cooper. Afternoon tea, arranged by Mesdames Balls, Rothnie, Gorrie, MacArthur, and Buck, was served on long tables decorated with brilliant yellow flowers, and was particularly enjoyed by the children.
The committee, who were congratulated on a most successful function, comprised Mesdames Buck, L. D. Balls, Austin, MacArthur, F. Gorrie, Maycroft, Wright, G. August, E. Fuge, and Miss Eileen August.
The Rev. H. E. K. Fry and the Rev. T. F. Fagg rendered great assistance.

Evening Post 26 September 1938
Mothers'' Union.
Mrs. H. E. K. Fry presided over a good attendance at a recent meeting of the St. James''s branch of the Mothers'' Union, when the Wellington Diocesan Centenary Appeal among the Mothers'' Unions of the diocese was launched, it being the special aim of the Mothers'' Union to build, or assist in building, the Baptistery in the new Cathedral.
The choir, under the baton of Mrs. R. Trewern and Mrs. Dormer gave much pleasure with vocal numbers, and the Rev. H. S. I. Kenney, Vicar of St. Augustine''s, Petone, gave a challenging address on "Fear," for which he was cordially thanked.
Members stood in silence as a mark of respect to the "great and noble Christian," Archbishop Julius, the father of Mrs A. L. Hansell, who was a former president of the Mothers'' Union and the wife of the previous vicar of Lower Hutt.

Evening Post 29 September 1938
New Zealand is a new land for the Rev. W. E. W. Hurst, a young arrival by the Remuera from England today, but he has this as an introduction - he hails from Limavady, Ireland, the birthplace of the late Right Hon. W. F. Massey, a former Prime Minister of the Dominion. Mr. Hurst knew of this and mentioned it, no doubt with some pride, when he was interviewed before landing.
Mr. Hurst has come out to New Zealand to take up the appointment of curate of Lower Hutt under the Rev. H. E. K. Fry, vicar of Lower Hutt, and will have the care of the Waiwhetu district. He was educated at Trinity College, Dublin, where he graduated B.A., and M.A., and completed his theological studies. Since leaving college he has been stationed at Limavady.

Evening Post 13 July 1940
Mrs. H. E. K. Fry, wife of the Rev. H. E. K, Fry, vicar of Lower Hutt, fractured her left ankle when she fell over at her Woburn Road, Lower Hutt, on Thursday afternoon.

Evening Post 13 February 1942
The Rev. and Mrs. H. E. K. Fry, of Lower Hutt, announce the engagement of their only daughter, Honor Charlesworth, to Flying Officer Gzevis Geoffrey Gotz, R.N.Z.A.F., only son of Mr. and Mrs. F. L. A. Gotz, Kelburn.

Evening Post 14 July 1942
The Anglican Bishop of Wellington, the Rt. Rev. H. St. Barbe Holland, announced to Synod today that he had offered the stall in the Cathedral Church rendered vacant by the resignation of Canon J. H. Sykes to the
Rev. H. E. K. Fry
Rev. H. E. K. Fry, Vicar of Lower Hutt, who had accepted the offer. Mr. H. E. Evans had also accepted one of the vacant lay canonry stalls.
A second lay canon will be selected by a combined meeting of the Chapter and Standing Committee during the session of Synod. The two new lay canons take the place of the late Sir George Shirtcliffe and the late Mr. J. W. Henderson.
The service of installation was to have taken place on Friday next, but owing to the indisposition of Mr. Fry it has been postponed until some future date.

Evening Post 6 March 1943
GOTZ - FRY.- At St. James''s Church, Lower Hutt, on Saturday, February 13, 1943, by the Rev. Canon H. E. K. Fry, Honor Charlesworth, only daughter of the Rev. Canon and Mrs. H. E. K. Fry, Lower Hutt, to Grevis Geoffrey, only son of Mr. and Mrs. F. L. A. Gotz, Kelburn.

Evening Post 8 March 1943
Canon H. E. K. Fry, Vicar of Lower Hutt, has, for health reasons, given notice of his desire to relinquish the parish. He has been offered and has accepted the parish of Otaki, the vicar of which, the Rev. G. Watson, is retiring from active work.

Evening Post 30 April 1943
The Rev. J. C. Davies, who has been vicar of Levin for 20 years, has accepted the cure of St. James''s, Lower Hutt, and will take up his duties on July 1. The present vicar of Lower Hutt, Canon H. E. K. Fry, who has resigned through health reasons, will leave at the end of June to become vicar of Otaki.

Evening Post 14 May 1943
Canon H. E. K. Fry will be instituted and inducted vicar of Otaki at All Saints'' Church, Otaki, in the evening of Ascension Day, June 3.

Death Details
1945/27248, Ellen Ethel Fry, Aged: 60Y - Date of Death 1/10/1945 from Death Registration

Kapiti Coast Cemetery Records show
Ellen Ethel Fry, Cemetery: Otaki Cemetery, Plot Number: 176, Block: Anglican, Aged: 60, Date of Death: None listed

Evening Post 1 October 1945
FRY.- On October 1, 1945, at Wellington, Ellen Ethel, beloved wife of Canon Fry and mother of Honor and John. Funeral Service at All Saints Church, Otaki, on Thursday, October 4, 1945. "In? Thy presence is the fullness of ?"

Evening Post 2 October 1945
Many Wellington people and friends throughout New Zealand will regret to learn of the death at Wellington yesterday of Mrs. Ellen Ethel Fry, wife of Canon H. E. K. Fry, who was for 10 years Vicar of St. Mark''s Parish, Wellington, and who is now Vicar of Otaki.
Mrs. Fry, who was born in Bexley Heath, Kent, came to New Zealand with her husband when he was appointed Vicar of St. Mark''s in 1923. Soon after, arriving in New Zealand she was approached by Lady Jellicoe to take an interest in supporting a Girl Guide movement in New Zealand. Mrs. Fry addressed a very large public meeting in the Wellington Town Hall at the initiation of the movement, and became the first Girl Guide Commissioner for Wellington South. Highly educated and a most able and accomplished
The Late Mrs Fry.
speaker, she was an outstanding success on every side of church work. She was Dominion president of the Anglican Girls'' Bible Class Union, as well as for four years Wellington Diocesan president. She was a gifted Bible class leader, and conducted large Bible classes for girls, both at St. Mark''s, Wellington, and at St. James''s, Lower Hutt. She was a prominent member of the Mothers'' Union Council, and for ten years was president of the St. James''s, Lower Hutt, branch.
A tribute to her memory is paid by one of her friends, who writes: "Her going leaves the world poorer, but the spirit of her life abides as a great influence, making for goodness, truth, and purity. She lived nobly, and so it is easier for those who came under her influence to see the truth and do the right. She had an heroic faith, which was victorious to the end."
Mrs. Fry leaves a son. Mr. John Fry, who served for two years in the Merchant Navy, and a daughter, Mrs. G. Goetz.
The funeral service will take place at All Saints'' Church, Otaki, at 1 p.m. on Thursday. There will also be a memorial service at St. James''s Church Lower Hutt, at the same time.


Death Details
1969/29498, Henry Eric Kyrle Fry, Aged: 83Y - Date of Death 1/2/1969 from Death Registration

- unsure if correct person?
Kapiti Coast Cemetery Records show
Henry Fry, Cemetery: Otaki Cemetery, Plot Number: 181B1, Block: None listed, Aged: 80, Date of Death: None listed

Probate Henry Eric Kyrle (sic) Fry, Clerk Holy Order, Year: 1969, BBAE 1570 2122 P327/1969, Archives NZ, Auckland
  • 1885 - Birth -
  • 1 FEB 1969 - Death -
Henry Eric K Rev Fry
1885 - 1 FEB 1969
Family Group Sheet - Child
MHenry Eric K Rev Fry
Death1 FEB 1969
Marriage1914to Ellen Ethel Corner
Family Group Sheet - Spouse
PARENT (M) Henry Eric K Rev Fry
Death1 FEB 1969
Marriage1914to Ellen Ethel Corner
PARENT (F) Ellen Ethel Corner
Death1 OCT 1945
Marriage1914to Henry Eric K Rev Fry
Descendancy Chart
Henry Eric K Rev Fry b: 1885 d: 1 FEB 1969
Ellen Ethel Corner b: 1885 d: 1 OCT 1945
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