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Daysh, Caroline

Caroline Daysh
b: 1842
d: 2 JAN 1919
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This is a letter written to Henry Albert Buck by his sister Kate Elizabeth Buck on 15/11/1939 and is now part of the Scholefield Papers.
6 Kois
Nov 15 1939
My dear Harry
I don''t known if I can help you very much, as far as I can remember, Grandfather came out on the ship Gertrude in forty one.
But I may be mixing it up with Grandfather Daysh anyhow one came in forty one and the other in forty two.
Dad (Eli) was eight years old or there abouts when they landed from Bristol - he was born in Newton St Lane near? (very hard to read), Bath. He was educated at Brands School, which was just below, old Doctor Grace house in Charlotte St. They paid sixpence a week each for Uncle Levi and he (sic). Don''t you remember how he used (to) tell us to go to the top of the class, as they did in his day if you were correct and if not (you) went to the bottom. I know there was great rivalry between the boys then to keep to the top.
I don''t know whether the little post office opposite Parliament house was their first home or the front house but I know Grandmother (Elizabeth Buck) died there and mother and father (Eli and Carolyn Buck) lived where Charlie Haines shop used to be and I think Sarah was born there. But you can always ask her if that is right.
Then I think, Dad went to the gold fields somewhere about seventy years ago. That is to Bendigo and Gabriels Gully.
It was after that he joined up with the Post Office, which was then somewhere about Mulgrave St, round the Cecil Corner. Of course you can tell about him (Eli) being a cricketer and being one of the best under hand bowlers in his day. I wish we had an account of the match when the old identities played the then present day cricketers. The old fellows wearing top hats with blue and white ribbons round. I expect you will remember that.
Then, there, was him being the father of the Masons as they called him.
Dad died on the 14th of February 1898 and Aunt Leah on the 14th of January or thereabouts.
I am sending you the births of all the family. The three eldest Harvey''s were left in England. So you can supply the birth(s) of Aunty Jane and Annie. Aunt Annie was married twice first to a Mr Wilson and then to Uncle Edwin and Aunt Jane you know about. Have sent Annie Powell, Mother''s Birthday January 31st 1843 (note this is crossed out and 1841 noted). I think was born six months after arriving in New Zealand (and) was the first child born at Taita.
But cant give any particulars of early days. I think I heard her say that the woman and children were shut up in the Barracks while the Maories (sic) were fighting round about the Hutt.
They had to sleep outside when the big quake was on in 55 and the Hutt Valley was raised considerably. Now that is the end of the news as they say at Daventry.
The dates may not be correct but perhaps you can find out more about it and (I)like you, cannot remember like the older ones. There are the tales of the young fellows stealing gates and old Carpenters stone steps and taking them to Pipitea beach and the old man getting holes bored (thorough) the stone each end and bringing a chain up thorough his front door underneath and padlocking it.
Now I think that is enough so if you can make use of it well and good.
Am still going strong, getting older of course and keeping fairly well.
Still getting three meals a day and a bed. If there is anything else I think of (I) will send it on.
Love to you all Kate

Eli Harvey arrived on the "Birman". It departed 13/10/1841 from Gravesend, England and arrived Wellington 1/3/1842,
Names as on Passenger List,
Henry Gregory Buck, 33, Smith & Miner
Elizabeth Buck, 36, Wife
Jane Harvey, 13, Servant
Ann Harvey, 11
Eli Harvey, 9
Leah Harvey, 7
Levi Buck, 7

Marriage Details
1868/7412, Bride: Caroline Daysh, Groom: Eli Buck

Death Details
1898/496, Eli Buck, Aged: 64Y - Date of Death 14/2/1898 from Death Registration

Bolton Cemetery Records shows Eli Buck, Date of Death: 14/2/1898, Cemetery: Church of England, Plot: 6505, Grid: F11 04, Registrar General: 321, Type: Burial, Grave

Probate Record shows Eli Buck, Place: Wellington: Occ: Letter Carrier, Date of Death: 14/2/1898, Court: Wellington, Archives Reference: AAOM 6029 5829, Probate No: 5829, Date Filed: 8/3/1898, Type: Will, Archives NZ, Wellington

The Evening Post 15th February 1898 shows
Mr Eli Buck, who was for many years chief of the letter carrying department in Wellington, is dead. The deceased who was 61 years of age, joined the Postal Department 19 years ago, and resigned on the 31st October, 1896, asthma and heart disease compelling him to take that step. Death occurred at his residence in Molesworth street last night. The deceased, who was a brother of the late Mrs T. W. McKenzie, was a prominent Mason, and was highly respected. He leaves a widow and a grown up family
Funeral Notice
The Friends of the late Eli Buck are respectfully invited to attend his Funeral, which will leave his residence, 10, Molesworth street, at 9 a.m. on Thursday, for the Bolton Street Cemetery

Bolton Cemetery Headstone reads
Sacred to the memory of Elizabeth, wife of Henry Buck who died 29 July 1875 aged 73 also Henry G Buck, husband of above died 21 August 1879 aged 72 also Walter H Buck born 3 September 1879 died 21 June 1889 also Eli Buck died 14 February 1898 aged 64
"There is no night there, for God is the light"
(Helyer, Wellington)

Death Details
1919/1370, Caroline Buck, Aged: 77Y - Date of Death 2/1/1919 from Death Registration
  • 1842 - Birth -
  • 2 JAN 1919 - Death -
John Ings Daysh
1805 - 7 MAY 1902
Caroline Daysh
1842 - 2 JAN 1919
Elizabeth Clarke
1807 - 2 DEC 1870
Family Group Sheet - Child
PARENT (M) John Ings Daysh
Death7 MAY 1902
Marriage9 FEB 1833to Elizabeth Clarke at Whitchurch, Hampshire, England
PARENT (F) Elizabeth Clarke
Death2 DEC 1870
Marriage9 FEB 1833to John Ings Daysh at Whitchurch, Hampshire, England
FCaroline Daysh
Death2 JAN 1919
Marriage1868to Eli Buck
FSarah Daysh
Death16 MAY 1930
Marriage1863to Peter Couper McEwen
FJane Daysh
Death3 MAY 1920
Marriage1866to William Edward Swafford
FEliza Ann Daysh
Death29 OCT 1914
Marriage3 NOV 1874to Henry John Oxley at Residence of Mr E Buck, Boulcott Street, Wellington
FEmily Daysh
Death31 OCT 1926
Marriage3 NOV 1874to Henry Richard Hollis at At The Residence Of Mr. E Buck, Boulcott Street, Wellington
FSusan Ings Daysh
Death26 APR 1921
Marriage1852to Matthew Gaskin
MHenry Daysh
Death26 NOV 1936
Marriage1880to Mary Ada Davey
MGeorge Ings Daysh
Death15 SEP 1906
FElizabeth Daysh
Death16 DEC 1901
Marriage31 JUL 1862to John Rayner at Christ Church, Taita
Marriage22 FEB 1853to William Southee at St James Anglican Church, Lower Hutt
MRichmond Daysh
Death7 MAY 1917
Marriage1859to Janet Cooper
FMary Ann Daysh
Death24 MAY 1918
Marriage1859to Edward Richard (Twin) Harris
MJohn Daysh
Death1 SEP 1932
Marriage1863to Elizabeth Tannahill
FEsther Daysh
Death6 MAR 1889
Marriage1865to David James Mabey
Marriage1879to Robert Russell
MAlfred Daysh
Death1 AUG 1940
Marriage1876to Elizabeth Ann Sage
Family Group Sheet - Spouse
PARENT (M) Eli Buck
Death14 FEB 1898
Marriage1868to Caroline Daysh
PARENT (F) Caroline Daysh
Death2 JAN 1919
Marriage1868to Eli Buck
FatherJohn Ings Daysh
MotherElizabeth Clarke
Descendancy Chart
Caroline Daysh b: 1842 d: 2 JAN 1919
Eli Buck b: 1834 d: 14 FEB 1898
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