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Cleland, William

William Cleland
b: 1842
d: 21 AUG 1917
Listed under Taita
NZPO 1880 - 81 Cleland W. storekeeper

NZPO 1890 - 91 Cleland William, storekeeper

Cleland, William, General Storekeeper, Taita, Established 1861.
Title: The Cyclopedia of New Zealand 1897 [Wellington Provincial District]
from web site accessed 22/6/2011

Wellington Independent 3 May 1866
Mr. C. B. Borlase on behalf of Mr. Buckridge applied for a transfer of the license to retail beer and spirituous liquors at the Albion Hotel, Upper Hutt, to Mr. Joseph Hayward.
Mr. A. Ludlam begged to remind the Bench that at a previous meeting of Justices similar application had been brought forward, and had been refused on the grounds, that Mr. Hayward was Mr. Buckridges'' son-in-law, and that in reality there would be no transfer, as Mr. Buckridge intended to remain on the premises, and would be in fact, if not the ostensible, at least the real holder of the license.
Mr. Borlase submitted a numerously signed certificate from the residents at Featherston, in the Wairarapa, to the effect that Mr. Joseph Hayward was a fit and proper person to conduct the business of a publican, and added that a bona fide transfer was intended, and that it was Mr. Buckridge''s intention to quit the premises the district even - and take up his residence in the Wairarapa.
Mr. Ludlam said that two residents in the Upper Hutt had waited on him at his residence, and spoken to him on the subject, but that he had been unable to give them any information as to what the decision of the Bench would be in the matter. He was of opinion that the application should not be considered until Mr. Buckridge had actually quitted the premises.
Mr. Borlase replied that it was his client''s intention to do so as soon as possible, and said that in the event of his not doing so, he himself would be the first to request the Bench to cancel the license altogether. Under these circumstances the transfer Of the license was granted, and Mr. Joseph Hayward, with his sureties, (Messrs. William Cleland and William Milne) were then bound over in the usual manner.

Wellington Independent 20 July 1867
PARISHIONERS Meeting.— A general meeting of parishioners of St James''s with Christchurch (sic), was held in the schoolroom, Lower Hutt, on Wednesday evening last, for the purpose of electing office bearers for the ensuing year, and passing the churchwardens'' accounts, &c. The audited balance sheet, which showed a surplus in land for ordinary church purposes of £14 13s 4 1/2d, and for special of £1 7s 10d, was, on the motion Mr G Allen, seconded by Mr Collett, passed. Proposed by Mr White, seconded by Mr Mullins, and carried, — "That Mr Mills be re-elected parishioners'' churchwarden for St James''s." Proposed by Mr Mills, seconded by Mr White, and carried, - That Mr Welch, sen. be parishioners'' churchwarden for Christchurch (sic). The Rev J. E. Herring nominated Mr Braithwaite for St James''s and Mr Raynor for Christchurch (sic) as his church-wardens. Proposed by Mr Braithwaite, seconded by Mr Mills, and carried, — That Messrs Allen Cleland, Collett, Mullins, Ransom and White, be vestrymen." Proposed by Mr Allen, seconded by Mr Collett, and carried, — "That Messrs kelham and Ludlam be auditors." Proposed by Mr Allen, seconded by Mr Collett, and carried, "That Messrs Beetham, Fitzherbert, and Kelham be re-elected parochial nominators." Resolved, "That the Collectors of last year be re-appointed, adding Mr Wm. Cleland to the Taita district. The meeting then separated.

Evening Post 4 October 1899
A six-roomed house at the Taita, owned by Mr. W. Cleland and occupied by Mr. Arthur Gadsby, was burned down early on Saturday morning. Mr. Gadsby was awakened by a crackling noise, and on getting up he found the back part of the house in flames. The only articles saved were some harness, wearing apparel, and a bicycle. It is supposed that the fire occurred through a defect in the brickwork in connection with the kitchen range. The house was insured for 175 pounds in the Liverpool, London, and Globe Company, and the furniture and piano in the same office for 350 pounds.

Evening Post 8 September 1890
CLELAND.- On the 6th September, 1890, at the Lower Hutt, Mrs Margaret Cleland, widow of the late Captain H. Cleland, aged 79 years.
THE Friends of the late Mrs. M. Cleland are respectfully informed that her Funeral will take place on Tuesday, the 9th day of September, 1890, to leave her residence at 3 o''clock in the afternoon.
Lower Hutt,
6th September, 1890
We have to record the demise of Mrs. Margaret Cleland, who has passed away at the age of 79 years. The deceased lady was the widow of the late Mr. Cleland, who for some years was Captain and Adjutant of the Hutt and Wairarapa volunteers. Mr. Cleland was at one time sergeant in the Imperial Army, and obtaining his discharge at the conclusion of the Crimean war, he emigrated to New Zealand and commenced storokeeping at the Lower Hutt. He subsequently did duty with the volunteers in the Wellington districts, and it was whilst visiting the militia and volunteers in the Wairarapa that he sustained a fatal accident. The deceased lady has left two sons — Mr. R. Cleland, Chairman of the Hutt Town Board, and W. Cleland, storekeeper, Taita — and two married daughters to mourn their loss.

Ship: 820 tons
Captain: Cox
Surgeon Superintendent: Joseph Hamilton Smyth
Sailed London October 2nd 1841 - Sailed Isle of White October 3rd 1841 - arrived Wellington February 17th February 1842
- Percy, Joseph Hewlett, 40, Carpenter & Joiner
Percy, Esther, 39
Percy, Joseph Henry, 19, Carpenter & Joiner
Percy, Elizabeth, 16, Dressmaker
Percy, Henry James, 7
Percy, Eunice Esther, 2

Marriage Details
Date: 1863, Folio No: 363, Names: William Cleland and Eunice Hester Percy

Wellington Independent 10 January 1867
Will be held on Friday, 17th January, in Mr P. Laing''s ground, kindly for

the occasion. The Band of the HUtt Rifle Volunteers have kindly promised

their services for the day.
There will be dancing, croqet, crick, football and other sports. Gate to

be opened at 11 a.m. and closed at 7.30 p.m.
Tickets, including admission and tea, 2s 6d; children, 1s 6d.
The profits will be devoted to provide an organ for St James'' Church.
Treasurer - Rev. J. E. Herring.
Committee -
Mrs Beetham
Mr G. Beetham
Mrs Braithwaite
Mr A. Braithwaite
Mrs Wm. Cleland
Mr H. Cleland
Mrs Collett
Dr Boor
Mrs Fitzherbert
Mr N. Grace
Mrs H. Jackson
Mr T. Mullins
Miss Riddiford
Mr A. Wilford
Mrs Stilling
Dr Wilford
Mrs Welch
Mr A. M. Smith
Mrs White
Mr N. Valentine
Tickets may be had from any of the Committee. If January 18th should prove

wet, the Fete will be held on the following day.
Hon. Secretary.
January 9th, 1867.

Wellington Independent 30 April 1867
SALE OF THE ALBION HOTEL.- The Albion Hotel, at the Hutt, which has been for some time in the market, was put up to auction, unreservedly, yesterday afternoon, and knoocked down to Mr William Cleland for 1285 pounds. About 13 1/2 acres of land were sold with the hotel.

Evening Post 4 May 1867
It is said that several changes in the proprietory of hotels along the main raod to the Wairarapa are about being made. Mr. Charles Hickling, the present lessee of Whitewood''s well known hostelie, on Monday, takes over the building from the trustees, G. Crawford, and John Martin, Esquires, at a fair valuation; and Buckridge''s Albion Hotel, purchased the other day by Mr. William Cleland, for 1280 pounds, has been sold to Mr Samuel Death, for 1300 pounds. Mr. Death intends, we believe, to carry on the business, and no doubt under his management the Albion will loose none of its custom.

Evening Post 5 March 1869
Mr. David Hughey''s shop, store, and dwelling place, Taita, Hutt, were totally destroyed by fire between two and three o''clock this morning. The fire originated in the stables of the Albion Hotel, owned by Mr. Samuel Death, a little before nine o''clock last night, and the supposition, is that sparks from thence must have been carried by the wind underneath Mr. Hughey''s premises, in near proximity, as it was not till after the fire had been extinguished at the stables, and everything quiet, that Mr. Hughey''s store was discovered to be on fire, which was speedily and totally destroyed. Estimated loss to Mr. Hughey £2000, who was insured for £1000 in the New Zealand Insurance Company. How the fire originated in Death''s has not yet been, ascertained, but it is to be regretted that this is the second time a similar calamity has befallen Mr. Death.

Wellington Independent 6 March 1869
Destructive Fire at the Taita. — Between half past eight and nine o''clock on Thursday evening last, a fire broke out in the stables at the rear of the Albion Hotel, Taita. A strong north west breeze was blowing at the time so that it was quite impossible to save the property, consequently the neighbors brought all their strength to bear upon the attempt to save the adjacent buildings belonging to Mr D. Hughey. All that was possible was done, the roofs and walls being kept constantly wet by relays of men, but though they succeeded in preserving the house for some hours yet when all danger was believed to be past, and the remains of Death''s stable extinguished, a fire burst out at Mr Hughey''s, which set at defiance all farther efforts and the whole building was shortly burnt to the ground, and had it not been for the exertions of the neighbours, assisted very materially by Constable Brady, who organised a party for the constant supply of water. Mr. W. Cleland''s store on the opposite side of the road must have shared the fate of the other. Indeed it caught fire once or twice. We hear that Mr Hughey estimates his loss at £2000, and is insured in the New Zealand Insurance Company for ����1000; it is also stated that Mr Death is partly insured, but we were not informed to what amount.

Evening Post 11 November 1901
TENDERS for Erection of Breakwind and Fencing will be received up to Monday, the 18th instant. Specification may be seen by applying to William Cleland, Secretary Taita School Committee.

Death Details
1917/5292, William Cleland, Aged: 77Y - Date of Death 21/8/1917 from Death Registration

Hutt Valley Cemetery Record William Cleland, Date: 21 Aug 1916 (sic), Christ Church Anglican, Taita, Burial Records

Evening Post 22 August 1917 (sic)
Cleland.- At Wellington, William Cleland, for many years storekeeper at the Taita, in his 75th year. Private interment


Death Details
1914/5088 Eunice Hester Cleland, Aged: 75Y

Hutt Valley Cemetery Record Eunice Hester Cleland, Date: 3 Jul 1914, Christ Church Anglican, Taita, Burial Records

Evening Post 4 July 1914
CLELAND.- On the 3rd July, 1914, at Taita, Lower Hutt, Eunice Hester, beloved wife of William Cleland; aged 75 years

Evening Post 6 July 1914
One of the earliest settlers in the Hutt Valley, in the person of Mrs. Eunice Hester Cleland, passed away at her home at Taita on Friday last in her 75th year. Arriving in Port Nicholson in the ship Clifton in 1842, the late Mrs. Cleland first settled with her parents in Petone. where she resided for twenty-three years. She had vivid recollections of numerous incidents connected with the natives in those days, and remembered how the news of the Maoris'' impending invasion of heir (sic) territory was first received by the settlers. In the year 1863 the deceased lady was married to Mr. William Cleland, son of the late Captain Cleland. In that year, also, Mr. and Mrs. Cleland moved to Taita; where they resided from that time. The late Mrs. Cleland is survived by her husband.
  • 1842 - Birth -
  • 21 AUG 1917 - Death -
Hugh Cleland
1818 - 18 JUL 1874
William Cleland
1842 - 21 AUG 1917
Margaret Unknown
1811 - 6 SEP 1890
Family Group Sheet - Child
PARENT (M) Hugh Cleland
Death18 JUL 1874
Marriageto Margaret Unknown
PARENT (F) Margaret Unknown
Death6 SEP 1890
Marriageto Hugh Cleland
FMatilda Cleland
Death24 JUN 1931
Marriage1867to John Horsbrough Ross
MWilliam Cleland
Death21 AUG 1917
Marriage1863to Eunice Esther PERCY
FJane Cleland
Death2 NOV 1921
Marriage17 JUN 1862to Thomas Mullins at St James Anglican Church, Lower Hutt
MAlfred Cleland
Death31 JUL 1860
MRobert Cleland
Death27 OCT 1893
Marriage3 FEB 1872to Catherine Burt at St James Anglican Church, Lower Hutt
Family Group Sheet - Spouse
PARENT (M) William Cleland
Death21 AUG 1917
Marriage1863to Eunice Esther PERCY
FatherHugh Cleland
MotherMargaret Unknown
PARENT (F) Eunice Esther PERCY
Death3 JUL 1914
Marriage1863to William Cleland
FatherJoseph Hewlett PERCY
MotherEsther Unknown
Descendancy Chart
William Cleland b: 1842 d: 21 AUG 1917
Eunice Esther PERCY b: 1839 d: 3 JUL 1914
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