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Cleland, Jane

Jane Cleland
b: 1841
d: 2 NOV 1921
Evening Post 8 September 1890
We have to record the demise of Mrs. Margaret Cleland, who has passed away at the age of 79 years. The deceased lady was the widow of the late Mr. Cleland, who for some years was Captain and Adjutant of the Hutt and Wairarapa volunteers. Mr. Cleland was at one time sergeant in the Imperial Army, and obtaining his discharge at the conclusion of the Crimean war, he emigrated to New Zealand and commenced storokeeping at the Lower Hutt. He subsequently did duty with the volunteers in the Wellington districts, and it was whilst visiting the militia and volunteers in the Wairarapa that he sustained a fatal accident. The deceased lady has left two sons — Mr. R. Cleland, Chairman of the Hutt Town Board, and W. Cleland, storekeeper, Taita — and two married daughters to mourn their loss.

Wellington Independent 20 October 1858
It is with feelings of mingled pleasure and regret that we publish, below, the copy of an address, presented yesterday, to the Rev; Mr.Hutton, Incumbent of the Hutt. The harmony and good will that have mutually existed between Mr. Hutton and his parishioners; must be a source of the most pleasurable satisfaction to all who in any way appreciate the advantages of the Christian Ministry; while the circumstances under which the reverend gentleman is obliged to resign the charge he has held for the last eleven years, must occasion the deepest regret to every one. The Hutt inhabitants and their minister have so well expressed the feelings of Christian sympathy existing between them, that we need add no comment of our own, further than to express our desire, that in the milder region of the North, Mr. Hutton may regain his failing health, and be enabled to act out, in some congregation there, these warm feelings of his heart, which has prompted him, heretofore, to spend and be spent in the high service to which he has been called.
The presentation of the adddress was accompanied by a purse containing 130 pounds an amount as highly creditable to the liberality of the people of the Hutt - remembering the many floods to which they have lately been subjected - as the address is to the honesty of their hearts. This exemplification of their faith by their works, must have been as welcome to Mr. Hutton as was the offering of the affectionate Phillians to the great Missionary Apostle, "not because he desired a gift, but that fruit might abound to their account," and may, we sincerely trust, prove like it, "an odour of a sweet smell, a sacifice acceptable, well pleasing to God."
The inhavitants of the Hutt, and other settlers in the Province, join the Members of your Congregation of Saint James and Christ Church at the Hutt, in desire, before you take a final leave of them, to record their estimation of your pastoral services.
Your removal from this sphere of ministerial labour woyld have occassioned us regret under any circumstances, but the protracted illness which now deprives us of your presence and services, materially increase that regret, and we beg to assure you that our sympathies are therefore peculiarly engaged on your behalf.
We cannot forget that you were the first clergyman of the Episcopal Church who came to reside in the Valley amoungst us, and establish in the Valley regular morning and evening services in lieu of the occasional ministrations on which we previously had to depend.
This work of conscreation of a new settlement, if we may be premitted so to express ourselves, necesaarily partakes of a missionary charcter, and the energy and devotedness you have brought to this work is sufficiently attested by the enlarged building of Saint James''s, and the entirle new structure of Christ Church, for which increased church accommodation we are mainly indebted to your exertions.
The elevn years which you have thus spent amongst us, as an active resident pastor, has been marked by many visitations of Providence, under which we have all, more or less, been sensible of your warm Christian sympathy.
And we are sure that the Europeans will not be the only inhaitations who will regret your departure, for your ready aid to the Native settlers has been on all occassions remarkable.
We assure you that you take with you our earnest wishes for your restoration to health, and for the welfare of Mrs. Hutton and your children, and we add our ferent hope that you may be long spared to preach to other congregations the Gospel of Christ.
R. Barton
Mrs. Barton
A. Ludlam
Captain Carlyon
Mrs. Carlyon
P. Lainge
J. Jackson
W. Fitzherbert
Mrs. Fitzherbert
J. Roy
H. Death
T. Frethy
W. Bowler
Mrs. Bowler
R. Jillet
T. Burt
R. Burt
J. Cudny
R. Buckeridge
Dr. Buck
L. Potts
T. McKay
W. Taylor
T. Gilbert
W. Knight
W. Willcock
M. Cook
D. Cook
W. Phillips
W. Craighead
J. Percy, jun.
H. Collett
W. Ridler
J. sellar
T. William
P. Cheyne
T. Mullins
H. Cleland
J. Hooper
G. Swainson
D. McKenzie
F. Bolton
W. Earp
J. Fry
T. Mills
Mrs. Mills
W. Welch, sen.
W. R. Welch
R. Mcculloch
S. Hirst
W. Dew
A. Yule
C. Denton
A. Renall
J. Raynor
W. Roe
W. Barnett
J. Cole
G. Copeland
T. Acourt
D. Riddford
Mrs. Riddiford
J. Medlyn
H. Lynch
S. Weston
D. Peck
T. Poad
H. Welch
J. Dodds
T. Wilson
W. Williams
R. McAlloy
J. White
C. White
W. Corbett
Mrs. Swainson
Mrs. Avery
W. Beetham
J. Wilkie
P. Wilkie
Joseph White
Mrs. Arrowsmith
Miss Arrowsmith
J. Russell
H. Russell
J. Percy, sen.
Mrs. Whiteman
Mrs. Leverton
Mrs. C. White
W. Hughie (sic)
D. Hughie (sic)
Rev. W. Minchin
W. Whitewood
Mrs. Keys
W. Spearing
H. Stilling
Mrs Stilling
E. Elliot
Dr. Taylor
Mrs. Taylor
N. Levin
Mrs. Levin
H. St. Hill
Mrs. St. Hill
W. Humphries
J. Manning
W. Trotter
T. Mason
R. Wyeth
My Dear Friends,
At a time like the present, when the true affections of the heart are brought into action, you must pardon me, if on reply to your most kind expression of regard, I lay aside the conventionalisms of common life, and speak as I truly feel. It is a cause of deep sorrow to me that it has pleased God to remove me from amongst you.
From you all I have ever exprerienced kindly aid and co-operation in carrying out any plans for the advancement of religion in this valley. We together have seen the growth of the settlement We have together passed through the trials of the earthquake and the flood in joy and in sorrow we have been united. This would have been sufficient in itself to have caused me to regard with sorrow the prospect of being removed from you; and when you think that in addition to these, there are also other easons for such a feeling, reasons which can be understoon by none so well as by the Christian Pastor, who is the different ministrations of his office becomes united to all in the most intimate relations of life, in the Baptism of your Babes, in the marriage of your young men and maidens, and in the burial of your dead; you may better imagine what my feeling must be in parting from those do dear and kind to me and mine. It was a fond hope that as I had lived, so that I might have died amongst you and have been buried under the shadow of one of these churches in which I have ministered, But God has willed it otherwise. With regards to my work amongst you - what was well done, was done by God''s help; to Him therefore be the praise, I thank you most sincerley for your kind wishes for my dear wife and

Wellington Independent 24 June 1862
At St. James'' Church, the Hutt, on Tuesday, the 17th instant, by the Rev. G. H. Johnston, Thomas Mullins, to Jane, eldest daughter of HUGH CLELAND, Captain of the Hutt Rifle Volunteers.

Wellington Independent 20 July 1867
PARISHIONERS Meeting.— A general meeting of parishioners of St James''s with Christchurch (sic), was held in the schoolroom, Lower Hutt, on Wednesday evening last, for the purpose of electing office bearers for the ensuing year, and passing the churchwardens'' accounts, &c. The audited balance sheet, which showed a surplus in land for ordinary church purposes of £14 13s 4 1/2d, and for special of £1 7s 10d, was, on the motion Mr G Allen, seconded by Mr Collett, passed. Proposed by Mr White, seconded by Mr Mullins, and carried, — "That Mr Mills be re-elected parishioners'' churchwarden for St James''s." Proposed by Mr Mills, seconded by Mr White, and carried, - That Mr Welch, sen. be parishioners'' churchwarden for Christchurch (sic). The Rev J. E. Herring nominated Mr Braithwaite for St James''s and Mr Raynor for Christchurch (sic) as his church-wardens. Proposed by Mr Braithwaite, seconded by Mr Mills, and carried, — That Messrs Allen Cleland, Collett, Mullins, Ransom and White, be vestrymen." Proposed by Mr Allen, seconded by Mr Collett, and carried, — "That Messrs kelham and Ludlam be auditors." Proposed by Mr Allen, seconded by Mr Collett, and carried, "That Messrs Beetham, Fitzherbert, and Kelham be re-elected parochial nominators." Resolved, "That the Collectors of last year be re-appointed, adding Mr Wm. Cleland to the Taita district. The meeting then separated.

Wellington Independent 2 February 1867
MULLINS.- On January 25, at the Hutt, the wife of Mr Thomas Mullins, of a daughter.

Wellington Independent 21 July 1868
Church Meeting At The Hutt. A general meeting of parishioners of St. James'' and Christchurch (sic), was held in the church schoolhouse on Wednesday evening, July 15th; the Rev. J. E. Herring in the chair. The following gentlemen were elected to serve as parish officers for the ensuing year:— Messrs W. Beetham, J. Kelham, and W. Fitzherbert, as parochial nominators; Messrs J. Kelham, and A. Ludlam as auditors of parish accounts; Mr Thomas Mullins as parishioners'' churchwarden for St. James'', Lower Hutt, and Mr W. Mantell, for Christchurch (sic), Taita; Messrs G. Allen, A. Braithwaite, H. Cleland, W. A. Fitzherbert, G. Hedges, W. Mantell, W. Ransom, H. Stilling, J. G. F. Wilford, and John White, as vestrymen; Messrs Ludlam and A. Braithwaite were also elected collectors for the Waiwetu district; Mr Collett for Petoni (sic); Mr T. Mullins for the Hutt Bridge district; Mr John White for the Middle Hutt; and Messrs Hedges and Mantell for the Taita. The Rev. J. E. Herring nominated Mr Collett as clergyman''s churchwarden for St. James'', and Mr G. Hedges for Christchurch (sic). Before separating, a unanimous vote of thanks was accorded to Mr W. Welch, senr., on his retiring from office, for his valuable and long continued services as churchwarden of Christchurch (sic), Taita.

Wellington Independent 16 March 1869
MULLINS.- On March 14, at the Hutt Bridge, the wife of Mr Thomas Mullins, of a son.

Wellington Independent 20 July 1869
The Hutt. A general meeting of the members of the Church of England was held in the Church School House, Lower Hutt, on Wednesday evening last, July 14th, the Rev. J. E. Herring in the chair. The following gentlemen were elected parochial officers for the ensuing year: Parochial Nominators — Messrs Beetham, Fitzherbert, and Kelham. Auditors of Parish Accounts — Messrs Kelham aud Ludlam. Parishioners'' Churchwarden, St James — Mr A. Braithwaite; Christchurch, Taita, Mr T. C. Williams. Vestrymen, Messrs G. Beetham, H. Collett, C. Grace, G. Hedges, T Mullins, W. Welch, J. White, H. Stilling. Collectors for the Waiwetu district, Messrs Ludlam and Braithwaite; for Petone, Mr Collett; for Lower Hutt, Mr Mullins; for Middle Hutt, Mr John White; for Taita, Messrs Leverton and G. Beetham. The Rev. J. E. Herring nominated Mr G. Allen a Clergyman''s Churchwarden for St James'', and Mr Mantell, for Christchurch (sic). Messrs Ludlam and Kelham, were also electod Synodsmen to represent the Church members of the Lower Hutt in the next Diocesan Synod.

Wellington Independent 3 December 1870
query Thomas Mullins
Thomas Mullins, storekeeper at the Hutt, laid an information against Taniroa Tuwhea of having stolen a blanket.

Evening Post 12 July 1872
query Thomas Mullins
Samuel John Tocker was charged by Thomas Mullins with malicious destruction of property.

Wellington Independent 16 October 1872
An unlimited supply of the above can be had either for fencing or building purposes by an early application to
Hutt Bridge.
15th October

Evening Post 5 October 1874
HAVING made arrangements with Mr E. Morgan for the continuance of the running of the break three times weekly to the undernoted places, the undersigned is now in a position to deliver all goods purchased at his stores free of charges:- Taita, Mungaroa, Stokes'' Valley, Kaitoki, Upper Hutt, Pakaratahi.
Hutt Bridge and Upper Hutt

Evening Post 25 January 1875
On the 24th inst (accidently killed), in Wellington, Beatrice Kate Mullins, aged 4 years
We regret to record a very sad accident in Willis-street last evening by which Mr. and Mrs. Mullins, of the Lower Hutt, sustained a most painful bereavement. They were driving homeward from Mr, Anderson''s house at the head of the street, their four children also being in the vehicle, when their horse bolted in the cutting and Mrs. Mullins becoming alarmed, jumped out with the youngest child Beatrice Kate. The child fell on its head and was killed instantaneously. Mrs Mullins was much, shaken, but not seriously injured. The other children remained in the trap and beyond the fright were not harmed. Mr. Mullins was able to retain his seat and ultimately, to pull in the refractory horse. Dr. Harding promptly attended, and rendered all possible medical aid. An inquest was to be held this afternoon.

Wanganui Chronicle 27 January 1875
A very sad accident occurred yesterday. Mr and Mrs Mullins, of the Lower Hutt, accompanied by their four children, were returning home from a visit to Mr Anderson, of Upper Willis Street. When about half way down the steep cutting which leads from Mr Anderson''s residence, the horse bolted, throwing Mrs Mullins and the four children out of the trap with great violence. The youngest child, Kate Beatrice, appears to have fallen upon her head, for when the poor little thing was picked up it had breathed his (sic) last. Mrs Mullins and the three children, although they received no very serious injury, got a severe shaking Mr Mullins succeeded in keeping his seat and reigning in his horse after it had run a short distance.

Evening Post 19 October 1894 (sic)
HAVING made arrangements with Mr E. Morgan for the continuance of the running of the break three times weekly to the undernoted places, the undersigned is now in a position to deliver all goods purchased at his stores free of charges:- Taita, Mungaroa, Stokes'' Valley, Kaitoki, Upper Hutt, Pakaratahi.
Hutt Bridge and Upper Hutt

Manawatu Times 17 December 1903
Jane Mullins v. Minnie Clara Mullins and Mrs Sadlier for failing to contribute towards the support of their mother. It was proved that the parties were in a position to contribute and an order was made of 4s per week against the defendants.

Death Details
1921/6793, Jane Mullins, Aged: 80Y

Horowhenua District Council Cemetery Records
Surname: MULLINS
Forenames: Jane
Gender: Female
Age at Death: 80 Years
Last Address: Levin
Date of Death: 2 Nov 1921
Service: Burial
Religion: Church Of England
Funeral Director: Harvey & Co, LEVIN
Cemetery: Old Levin Cemetery, Cnr Mako Mako And Tiro Tiro Road, Levin
Location in Cemetery: General Row 40 Plot 41
Plot: Not recorded
Date of Burial: 3 Nov 1921
Burial of: Body

Evening Post 2 November 1921
MULLINS.- On 2nd November, 1921, at her son''s residence, Cambridge-street, Levin, Jane, relict of the late Thomas Mullins; aged 80 years.

Evening Post 8 November 1921
The death took place at her son''s residence, Levin recently of Mrs. Jane Mullins, widow of the late Mr. Thomas Mullins, of the Hutt and, Wellington. Mrs. Mullins, who was nearly 80 years of age, came to New Zealand as a child with her. parents. She was the eldest daughter of the late Captain Hugh Cleland, who was an Imperial soldier, and served in both the Crimea War and Indian Mutiny with the 37th Regiment, and came to New Zealand in the ship Marion. Surviving members of the family are three daughters and one son, also one sister, Mrs. Ross, of Main-road, Lower Hutt. The late Mr. David Anderson, of Hankey-street, was a first cousin. Mrs. Mullins spent all her early life at the Hutt and Wellington, and went to Levin a few years ago. The interment took place at Levin, when Mrs. Mullins''s son, grandsons, and Mr. Homan were pall-bearers.

Unsure if below is correct Thomas Mullins
Evening Post 20 July 1874
Licensing Bench
Transfer of Licenses
The following transfers of licenses were granted:-
Prosser''s Hotel, Hutt, to C. H. Lansden; Albion Hotel, Taita to J. H. Corbett;
Wholesale Licenses
Thomas Mullins, wholesale license for Hutt district - Granted.

Evening Post 29 April 1875
In the Assigned Estate of ANN MULLINS and THOMAS MULLINS, of the Hutt, Storekeepers, trading under the designation of A. Mullins and Son.
CREDITORS in this estate are requested to forward particulars of their claims to
Or E. H. HUNT, Trustees.
Wellington, 28th April

Evening Post 1 May 1875
about creditors
query Thomas Mullins
+ Others

Evening Post 9 July 1878
Mr. Thomas Mullins, formerly of the Lower Hutt, has been appointed purser of the N.Z.S.S. Company''s steamer Jane Douglas.

Evening Post 10 August 1882
Mr. Thomas Mullins, formerly in business at the Hutt, has taken the Pahautanui Hotel, which, as most of our readers are aware, is capable of giving first-class accommodation, besides being situated at a very pretty spot.

Evening Post 9 January 1883
Jane Mullins applied for a married women''s protection order on the ground of her husband''s ill-treatment and neglect. Mr. Fitzherbert appeared for the applicant, who gave evidence to the effect that she had been frequently ill-treated by her husband (Thomas Mullins) during the past few months, and had been utterly neglected by him owing to his drunken habits. James Wilson gave corroborative evidence. The evidence for the defence was a complete denial of applicant''s statement. An order was made that Mrs. Mullins should have the custody of two children, but the Bench did not see their way clear to make an order for maintenance.

Probate Ann Mullins, Place: Lower Hutt, Occ: Widow, Date of Death: 4/10/1892, AAOM 6029 4036, Filed: 22/11/1892, Will, Archives NZ, Wellington
  • 1841 - Birth -
  • 2 NOV 1921 - Death -
Hugh Cleland
1818 - 18 JUL 1874
Jane Cleland
1841 - 2 NOV 1921
Margaret Unknown
1811 - 6 SEP 1890
Family Group Sheet - Child
PARENT (M) Hugh Cleland
Death18 JUL 1874
Marriageto Margaret Unknown
PARENT (F) Margaret Unknown
Death6 SEP 1890
Marriageto Hugh Cleland
FMatilda Cleland
Death24 JUN 1931
Marriage1867to John Horsbrough Ross
MWilliam Cleland
Death21 AUG 1917
Marriage1863to Eunice Esther PERCY
FJane Cleland
Death2 NOV 1921
Marriage17 JUN 1862to Thomas Mullins at St James Anglican Church, Lower Hutt
MAlfred Cleland
Death31 JUL 1860
MRobert Cleland
Death27 OCT 1893
Marriage3 FEB 1872to Catherine Burt at St James Anglican Church, Lower Hutt
Family Group Sheet - Spouse
PARENT (M) Thomas Mullins
Marriage17 JUN 1862to Jane Cleland at St James Anglican Church, Lower Hutt
PARENT (F) Jane Cleland
Death2 NOV 1921
Marriage17 JUN 1862to Thomas Mullins at St James Anglican Church, Lower Hutt
FatherHugh Cleland
MotherMargaret Unknown
FAmelia Matilda Mullins
Death5 FEB 1868
MJohn Frederick William Mullins
Birth14 MAR 1869Hutt Bridge
FMinnie Clara Mullins
FEllen Kate Mullins
FAlice Annie Mullins
FBeatrice Kate Mullins
Death24 JAN 1875
Descendancy Chart
Jane Cleland b: 1841 d: 2 NOV 1921
Amelia Matilda Mullins b: 1867 d: 5 FEB 1868
Beatrice Kate Mullins b: 1871 d: 24 JAN 1875
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