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Cleland, Hugh

Hugh Cleland
b: 1818
d: 18 JUL 1874
CLELAND H. (Capt) Adjutant Wairarapa Cavalry Volunteers 23 Feb 1864

CLELAND H.(Capt Hutt & Wai.) Adjutant Wellington Rifle Volunteers 23 Feb 1864

CLELAND Hugh (adjt) Captain WEL: Militia (Wairapara) 23 Feb 1864

CLELAND Hugh (Capt) Adjutant WEL: Militia (Wairapara) 23 Fe 1864

CLELAND Hugh (adjt) Captain WEL. Militia (2nd Hutt Batt) 23 Feb 1864

CLELAND Hugh (Capt) Adjutant WEL. Militia (2nd Hutt Batt) 23 Feb 1864

CLELAND Hugh (Hutt Co) Captain Wellington Rifle Volunteers 24 Mar 1862
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Wellington Independent 10 January 1867
Will be held on Friday, 17th January, in Mr P. Laing''s ground, kindly for

the occasion. The Band of the HUtt Rifle Volunteers have kindly promised

their services for the day.
There will be dancing, croqet, crick, football and other sports. Gate to

be opened at 11 a.m. and closed at 7.30 p.m.
Tickets, including admission and tea, 2s 6d; children, 1s 6d.
The profits will be devoted to provide an organ for St James'' Church.
Treasurer - Rev. J. E. Herring.
Committee -
Mrs Beetham
Mr G. Beetham
Mrs Braithwaite
Mr A. Braithwaite
Mrs Wm. Cleland
Mr H. Cleland
Mrs Collett
Dr Boor
Mrs Fitzherbert
Mr N. Grace
Mrs H. Jackson
Mr T. Mullins
Miss Riddiford
Mr A. Wilford
Mrs Stilling
Dr Wilford
Mrs Welch
Mr A. M. Smith
Mrs White
Mr N. Valentine
Tickets may be had from any of the Committee. If January 18th should prove

wet, the Fete will be held on the following day.
Hon. Secretary.
January 9th, 1867.

Wellington Independent 21 July 1868
Church Meeting At The Hutt. A general meeting of parishioners of St. James'' and Christchurch (sic), was held in the church schoolhouse on Wednesday evening, July 15th; the Rev. J. E. Herring in the chair. The following gentlemen were elected to serve as parish officers for the ensuing year:— Messrs W. Beetham, J. Kelham, and W. Fitzherbert, as parochial nominators; Messrs J. Kelham, and A. Ludlam as auditors of parish accounts; Mr Thomas Mullins as parishioners'' churchwarden for St. James'', Lower Hutt, and Mr W. Mantell, for Christchurch (sic), Taita; Messrs G. Allen, A. Braithwaite, H. Cleland, W. A. Fitzherbert, G. Hedges, W. Mantell, W. Ransom, H. Stilling, J. G. F. Wilford, and John White, as vestrymen; Messrs Ludlam and A. Braithwaite were also elected collectors for the Waiwetu district; Mr Collett for Petoni (sic); Mr T. Mullins for the Hutt Bridge district; Mr John White for the Middle Hutt; and Messrs Hedges and Mantell for the Taita. The Rev. J. E. Herring nominated Mr Collett as clergyman''s churchwarden for St. James'', and Mr G. Hedges for Christchurch (sic). Before separating, a unanimous vote of thanks was accorded to Mr W. Welch, senr., on his retiring from office, for his valuable and long continued services as churchwarden of Christchurch (sic), Taita.

Hutt Valley Cemetery Record Hugh Cleland, Date: 18 Jul 1874, St James Anglican, Lower Hutt, Burial Records

Evening Post 20 July 1874
On the 18th inst., Captain H. Cleland, aged 56 years.
It is with deep regret that we notice the sudden and untimely death of Captain Hugh Cleland. Information of the sad accident by which he lost his life was received in town on Saturday evening and caused a general feeling of regret. Particulars will be found in our telegraphic columns. The remains of the deceased officer have been brought down to his residence at the Hutt, from which the funeral procecsion will start to-morrow. A general order has been issued that the City Volunteer Corps are to parade at the railway station to-morrow afternoon at 2.15 to proceed to the Hutt and attend the funeral.
20th July.
Captain Cleland was killed at 2 p.m. on Saturday. He was passing between the coach and the bank of the road. His horse shied and tried to turn (probably the hind wheel of the coach struck the horse''s rump), Captain Cleland was unseated, and after passing the vehicle he fell. The horse tried to jump over the body, but was checked by the reins, which Captain Cleland held, and one of the horse''s hind feet struck him on the jaw and the other on the chest, death resulting instantaneously. The coach and fifteen passengers were detained at Featherston. An inquest was held the same night. A. verdict of accidental death was returned. A rider was appended to the verdict, exonerating the driver from all blame. The coach did not leave Featherston till after ten, reaching Masterton about three on Sunday morning.
Militia Office,
Wellington, 20th July, 1874
THE Wellington Volunteer Artillery, the Veteran, and Wellington Scottish Corps, will parade in full dress, with side arms, at the Railway Station, at 2.15 p m. TO-MORROW, the 21st instant, for the purpose of proceeding to the Hutt to assist at the Funeral of the late Captain Cleland.
The party will return to Wellington by the train leaving the Hutt at 5.55 p.m.
The Artillery Band to attend.
Lieut-Colonel Commanding
Wellington District
THE Funeral of the late Captain Cleland will take place on Tuesday, the 21st instant, the procession leaving the late residence of the deceased at 3.30 p.m.

Evening Post 21 July 1874
A large number of the Artillery, Veteran, and Scottish Volunteers assembled at the railway station at half-past two this afternoon to proceed to the Hutt to follow the remains of the late Captain Cleland to their last resting place. Six carriages were attached to the engine, and were filled to excess, principally with Volunteers and friends of the deceased who wished to be present at the funeral.

Evening Post 22 July 1874
The remains of the late Captain Cleland were yesterday conveyed to the cemetery at the Hutt, A large number of volunteers of the different corps of the city, together with a detachment of the Armed Constabulary, and many civilians, proceeded to the Hutt to be present on the occasion. The Hutt volunteers furnished the tiring party. The procession left the residence of the deceased at 3.30 p.m., the Artillery Band playing appropriate dirges. The deceased was buried with military honors and many marks of respect to his memory. The funeral procession was a very large one, consisting of fully 150 volunteers, and at least as many civilians.
We are indebted to the proprietors of the Wairarapa Standard for an extra, containing a report of the evidence at the inquest on Captain Cleland''s body. The facts have already been correctly given in our telegrams.

Probate Hugh Cleland, Place: Hutt, Occ: Storekeeper, Date of Death: 18/7/1874, AAOM 6029 747, Filed: 24/7/1874, Will, Archives NZ, Archives


Hutt Valley Cemetery Record Margaret Cleland, Date: 6 Sep 1890, St James Anglican, Lower Hutt, Burial Records

Evening Post 8 September 1890
CLELAND.- On the 6th September, 1890, at the Lower Hutt, Mrs Margaret Cleland, widow of the late Captain H. Cleland, aged 79 years.
THE Friends of the late Mrs. M. Cleland are respectfully informed that her Funeral will take place on Tuesday, the 9th day of September, 1890, to leave her residence at 3 o''clock in the afternoon.
Lower Hutt,
6th September, 1890
We have to record the demise of Mrs. Margaret Cleland, who has passed away at the age of 79 years. The deceased lady was the widow of the late Mr. Cleland, who for some years was Captain and Adjutant of the Hutt and Wairarapa volunteers. Mr. Cleland was at one time sergeant in the Imperial Army, and obtaining his discharge at the conclusion of the Crimean war, he emigrated to New Zealand and commenced storekeeping at the Lower Hutt. He subsequently did duty with the volunteers in the Wellington districts, and it was whilst visiting the militia and volunteers in the Wairarapa that he sustained a fatal accident. The deceased lady has left two sons — Mr. R. Cleland, Chairman of the Hutt Town Board, and W. Cleland, storekeeper, Taita — and two married daughters to mourn their loss.
  • 1818 - Birth -
  • 18 JUL 1874 - Death -
Hugh Cleland
1818 - 18 JUL 1874
Family Group Sheet - Child
MHugh Cleland
Death18 JUL 1874
Marriageto Margaret Unknown
Family Group Sheet - Spouse
PARENT (M) Hugh Cleland
Death18 JUL 1874
Marriageto Margaret Unknown
PARENT (F) Margaret Unknown
Death6 SEP 1890
Marriageto Hugh Cleland
FMatilda Cleland
Death24 JUN 1931
Marriage1867to John Horsbrough Ross
MWilliam Cleland
Death21 AUG 1917
Marriage1863to Eunice Esther PERCY
FJane Cleland
Death2 NOV 1921
Marriage17 JUN 1862to Thomas Mullins at St James Anglican Church, Lower Hutt
MAlfred Cleland
Death31 JUL 1860
MRobert Cleland
Death27 OCT 1893
Marriage3 FEB 1872to Catherine Burt at St James Anglican Church, Lower Hutt
Descendancy Chart
Hugh Cleland b: 1818 d: 18 JUL 1874
Margaret Unknown b: 1811 d: 6 SEP 1890
Matilda Cleland b: 1846 d: 24 JUN 1931
John Horsbrough Ross b: 1838 d: 15 JAN 1899
Ilam Rhoda Ross b: 1876
William Cleland b: 1842 d: 21 AUG 1917
Eunice Esther PERCY b: 1839 d: 3 JUL 1914
Jane Cleland b: 1841 d: 2 NOV 1921
Amelia Matilda Mullins b: 1867 d: 5 FEB 1868
Beatrice Kate Mullins b: 1871 d: 24 JAN 1875
Alfred Cleland b: 1848 d: 31 JUL 1860
Robert Cleland b: 1850 d: 27 OCT 1893
Catherine Burt b: 1850
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