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Burnett, George

George Burnett
b: 1835
d: 13 MAR 1892
Plot 16 & 17 & 18 & 19:
BURNETT - Samuel (1801-1877), came out on the BENGAL MERCHANT with wife Bertha (Arbuthnot) and 3 children from Edinburgh. He owned a sawmill in Taita and supplied the timber to build the 1st wharf in Wellington.
BURNETT - Bertha (Arbuthnot) Campbell (1802-1862), from Edinburgh, married Samuel, above, about 1829
BURNETT - Frederick William- died 1876 aged 3 weeks, son of George Graeme Burnett & Mary Catherine BOHAN. Their children were: 1875 Alice Maud, 1876 Frederick William, 1877 Fanny Maude & Lillias Mary, 1879 Mynna May, 1880 Marjery Graeme, 1882 Charles William Graeme, 1883 Gertude Lilly
BURNETT - Julia, EITHER (1864-1944) OR (1869-1877)
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Listed under Taita
NZPO 1880 - 81 Burnett G. farmer

NZPO 1890 - 91 Burnett George, settler

OPR Birth & Baptisms Index Details from Scotland People
Date: 1/10/1835, Surname: BURNETT (sic), Forename: George, Parent Names Frame No: SAMUEL BURNETT/ARBURTHNUT CLATCHIE (sic) FR4858, Sex: M, Parish: Glasgow, City/County: GLASGOW CITY CITY/LANARK, GROS Data: 644/01 0340 0246

Marriage Details
1861/2658, Bride: Mary Bamford, Groom: George Burnett

Wellington Independent 6 December 1861
Burnett - Bamford - On Monday, 5th December, at Tinakori Road, by the Rev. W. Kirton, George, son of Samuel Burnett, Farmer, Taita, to Mary, second daughter of Mr. Jonathan Bamford, of Wellington

New Zealand Spectator and Cook''s Strait Guardian 4 April 1846
Friday, 27th March, 1846.
Wiremu and Kumete, two aboriginal natives, were put to the bar charged with a robbery at the house of Thomas Jackson Hughes, at the Hutt, about four miles above the bridge, on Sunday, the 1st March, the day when various outrages were committed, and several houses were pillaged by the natives.
Mr. Hanson conducted the prosecution.
Mr. Ross (who was specially retained by the Government) conducted the defence.
The defence of the prisoners was an alibi.
T. J. Hughes deposed, that about half past four o''clock on the Sunday in question he was informed by his children that the natives were coming; he sent his family away into the bush and locked up the house; ten natives came up; he spoke to one, who was a chief named Epau; Epau asked him for the key of the house, which he refused to give; one of the natives then began to batter the door with his gun, and others tore out the window frame; some entered the house by the window, and so did the witness, and then opened the door to prevent its being broken; the first of the natives who entered by the door was the prisoner Wiremu, the other had entered by the window; they were all armed with guns or swords; they pillaged the house of every thing; a man named Harris came up to the house, and when the natives went away followed them with Hughes to a spot at a short distance, where they were dividing the plunder.
The witness swore positively to the two prisoners, whom he had known for eighteen months or two years; when he first knew Kumete he was tattooed on the chin, but the outer line on each side of the face from the cheek bones round the face were newly made; Kumete had not been newly tattooed more than a month; knew a native very like Kumete, but when he last saw him he was not tattooed at all; had no doubt whatever that both the prisoners were present when his house was robbed.
Abraham Harris deposed generally to the same facts, and spoke confidently to the person of Kumete; could not swear to Wiremu; knew a native very similar to Kumete, but he was not tattooed when he last saw him.
John Giles was present and swore to the person of Kumete, but did not remember the other prisoner.
Arbuthnot Burnett and Mary Burnett both deposed to having seen Kumete, who came to their house about 300 or 400 yards from Hughes'' on the same afternoon; he had a sword with him; Mary Burnett knew another native very like Kumete; neither of them saw Wiremu on that day.
Charles Collis also saw Kumete at his house on that day with a drawn sword; did not know Wiremu; nearly all the witnesses swore that when they first knew Kumete, the time varying from eight months to two years, he had tattoo on his chin.
For the defence.
Henry, Epuni''s son, and five other natives, proved that on Saturday afternoon, the 28th February, the prisoner Wiremu came with them from Petoni to the pa at Kai Wara Wara; that they saw him all the next day (Sunday) in the pa, and that it was impossible he could have been at the Hutt without their knowledge; that he was sent the next day with Kumete as the bearer of a message from the chief Taringra Kuri, at the desire of the Governor, to Kaparetehau at the Hutt, to desire him to intercept the stolen property; that they went away about the middle of the day; (Mr. Kemp accompanied them the latter part of the journey, and was with them when they were taken at the Hutt bridge.)
Taringa Kuri and eight other natives swore positively to the arrival of Wiremu on the Saturday at Kai Wara Wara, and that he remained there until the Monday,- and that Kumete came with the chief and others about the time the troops marched to the Hutt, (24th Feb.) and that he remained until the Monday; several of them remembered Kumete was playing cards on the Sunday afternoon.
One or two others were called to prove Kumete was in the pa all Sunday.
Mrs. Anderson was called, who proved she went into the pa on Sunday afternoon to look for one of her children and saw some natives playing cards, but could not remember whether Kumete was one of them.
Mr. Cervantes, of the 96th, had known the prisoner Kumete for twelve months quite well; he was very frequently at his house; had not seen him for about two months and a week; up to that time he had no tattoo whatever on his face.
The Jury after retiring for a short time found the prisoner Kumete guilty, and Wiremu not guilty.
The trial lasted until a late hour at night.
On the following day the prisoners were brought up for a robbery at the house of another settler named Chamberlain, but no evidence being offered they were acquitted.
They were next tried for stealing a pig the property of William Sennox a settler at the Hutt, on Thursday the 26th March. William Sennox deposed that a native chief named Epau and Kumete came to his house together, and that in about one minute Wiremu came up, took a fire-stick, lit his pipe, and went away towards some natives a short distance from the house: after some conversation, and in about five minutes Epau and Kumete went to his pig pound, which was close to his house, and began to cut and wound his pigs with a tomahawk; they killed one about 2001b. weight, and carried it away; when they began to kill the pigs several of the natives in the bush who had remained about thirty yards off came up and assisted; Wiremu was not amongst them. On his cross-examination the witness said, he had known Kumete well, and had had dealings with him for the last eight months; during all the time he had known him he was positive he was tatooed on the face and chin; the two single outer lines only had been added, and that lately.
His wife proved the same facts, but that Wiremu did not come up so soon as her husband had stated; he was four or five minutes after Epau and Kumete, and he lit his pipe and went away; she did not see him again.
For the defence Mr. Cervantes proved that he had known Kumete for twelve months; that he was very frequently at his (Mr. Cervantes'') house; that he had not seen him for about two months and a week; and that he was quite positive he had no tatoo whatever when he last saw him.
The Jury acquitted both prisoners.
Kumete was afterwards sentenced to ten years'' transportation for the robbery at Hughes''.

Evening Post 6 October 1879
TO STAND THIS SEASON, the pure-bred Clydesdale, Stallion
Payment on or before 1st January, 1880.
Proprietor, Taita.

Evening Post 2 May 1888
FOR SALE, a bargin, Small Farm, at Taita; best land in the district; 30 acres, divided into paddocks by live fences; orchard, dwelling-house, stable, sheds, &c., &c.; price 1600, one quarter cash, the balance on mortaga at 6 per cent.; a good chance for a practical farmer, or as an investment. Apply to George Burnett, the owner, or to Francis Sidey, Arcade

Evening Post 8 November 1888
The Wellington District Road Board met yesterday.
The Board decided, with reference to the request of Mr. George Burnett that a road might be formed to his property at Taita, that the Warden of the district should make enquires and report to the next meeting.

Evening Post 25 September 1889
FOR SALE, on my farm at Taita, Lower Hutt, 12 or 13 good picked Milking Cows; also, one Bull, quiet and guaranteed not to break fences. I am selling them as I am giving up milk business on 1st of the month. Apply on premises, G. Burnett.

Death Details
1892/6065, George Burnett, Aged: 56Y - Date of Death 13/3/1892 from Death Registration

Carterton District Council Cemetery Records
Family name BURNETT
Given names GEORGE
Gender M
Age 56 years
Date deceased 14/03/1892 (sic)
Interment date 14/03/1892
Plot 67
Grave/Ashes Burial
Date 10/06/1892

Evening Post 14 March 1892
[By Telegraph.]
(Our Own Correspondent.)
Carterton, This Day
Mr. George Burnett, one of the pioneer settlers of the Wellington district, died from cancer in the stomach last night. He arrived in the Bengal Merchant in 1840 with his parents, and settled at the Hutt. He came to reside at Carterton 11 years ago, and was widely known and highly respected. He leaves a wife and nine children and six grand-children.
Funeral Notice
The Funeral of the late Mr. George Burnett will take place on Wednesday, leaving his late residence, at Carterton, at 1 o''clock

Probate George Burnett, Place: Carterton, Occ: Settler, Date of Death: 13/3/1892, AAOM 6029 3903, Filed: 27/4/1892, Will, Archives NZ, Wellington

Carterton District Council Cemetery Records
Family name BURNETT
Given names MARY
Gender F
Age 76 years
Date deceased 22/12/1918
Interment date 22/12/1918
Plot 66
Grave/Ashes Burial
Date 10/06/1892

Death Details
1918/10512, Mary Burnett, Aged: 63Y - Date of Death 22/12/1918 from Death Registration

Evening Post 27 December 1918
The late Mrs. Mary Burnett, who passed away in Carterton recently, had a host of friends in New Zealand and at Home. She arrived in Wellington when 13 years of age with her parents. Mr. and Mrs. Bamford, in the ship Oliver Laing, and had thus been resident in New Zealand for 63 years. She and her husband settled in Belvedere, Carterton, in 1881. The late Mrs. Burnett was a keen horticulturalist, and was always prominent in furthering the interests of the Carterton Horticultural Society.

Probate Mary Burnett, Place: Carterton, Occ: Widow, Date of Death: 22/12/1918, AAOF W5447 26/19, Filed: 27/3/1919, Will, Archives NZ, Wellington
  • 1835 - Birth - ; Glasgow, Scotland
  • 13 MAR 1892 - Death -
Samuel Burnett
ABT 1801 - 21 OCT 1877
George Burnett
1835 - 13 MAR 1892
Arbuthnot Mcclutchie
1 JUL 1801 - 24 NOV 1862
Family Group Sheet - Child
PARENT (M) Samuel Burnett
BirthABT 1801
Death21 OCT 1877
Marriage1830to Arbuthnot Mcclutchie
PARENT (F) Arbuthnot Mcclutchie
Birth1 JUL 1801Edinburgh, Scotland
Death24 NOV 1862
Marriage1830to Samuel Burnett
FMary Burnett
Birth1831Edinburgh, Scotland
Death4 OCT 1897
Marriage1848to Peter Trotter
MSon Burnett
FIsabella Burnett
Birth1838Glasgow, Scotland
MGeorge Burnett
Birth1835Glasgow, Scotland
Death13 MAR 1892
Marriage5 DEC 1861to Mary Bamford at Tinakori Road, Wellington
FElizabeth Burnett
Death15 AUG 1927
Marriage1863to John Pike
FMargaret Burnett
Birth1834Glasgow, Scotland
Family Group Sheet - Spouse
PARENT (M) George Burnett
Birth1835Glasgow, Scotland
Death13 MAR 1892
Marriage5 DEC 1861to Mary Bamford at Tinakori Road, Wellington
FatherSamuel Burnett
MotherArbuthnot Mcclutchie
PARENT (F) Mary Bamford
BirthABT 1855
Death22 DEC 1918
Marriage5 DEC 1861to George Burnett at Tinakori Road, Wellington
FatherJonathon Bamford
FMary Elizabeth Burnett
Death2 JAN 1941
Marriage22 SEP 1886to Edward Eagle at St. Mark''s Church, Carterton
MGeorge Samuel Bamford Burnett
Death7 MAR 1909
Marriageto Nellie Elliott
FMargaret Burnett
Death12 AUG 1929
Marriage27 DEC 1892to Thomas James Rathbone at St Mark''s Church, Carterton
FEvelyn Burnett
Marriage2 APR 1888to James Bayliss at At The Residence Of The Bride''s Parents Carterton
FMary Jane Burnett
Birth15 FEB 1880
Death24 SEP 1932
Marriage8 APR 1908to Joseph Edward Olliver Aplin at St Andrew''s Church, Carterton
FAlice Maud Burnett
Death27 NOV 1944
Marriage9 JAN 1907to Albert Reynolds Hadfield at St Andrew''s Presbyterian Church, Carterton
FEthel Burnett
FGertrude Lilly Burnett
Death5 MAR 1940
Marriage27 MAR 1912to Arthur Hopwood at St Andrew''s Presbyterian Church, Carterton
FArbuthnot Burnett
FJulia Burnett
Death19 FEB 1877
MFrederick William Burnett
Death3 NOV 1876
Descendancy Chart
George Burnett b: 1835 d: 13 MAR 1892
Mary Bamford b: ABT 1855 d: 22 DEC 1918
Mary Elizabeth Burnett b: 1865 d: 2 JAN 1941
Edward Eagle b: 1864 d: 14 JUL 1940
George Samuel Bamford Burnett b: 1873 d: 7 MAR 1909
Margaret Burnett b: 1871 d: 12 AUG 1929
Enid Violet Rathbone b: 29 OCT 1893 d: 30 OCT 1893
Ena Rathbone b: 12 SEP 1905 d: 12 SEP 1905
Evelyn Burnett b: 1867
James Bayliss b: 1864
Mary Jane Burnett b: 15 FEB 1880 d: 24 SEP 1932
Joseph Edward Olliver Aplin b: 1877 d: 13 APR 1957
Alice Maud Burnett b: 1875 d: 27 NOV 1944
Albert Reynolds Hadfield b: 1880 d: 11 MAR 1953
Ethel Burnett b: 1877
Gertrude Lilly Burnett b: 1883 d: 5 MAR 1940
Arthur Hopwood b: 1875 d: 20 SEP 1957
Julia Burnett b: 1869 d: 19 FEB 1877
Frederick William Burnett b: 1876 d: 3 NOV 1876
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