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Buckridge, Annie

Annie Buckridge
b: 1837
Marriage Details
1865/6272, Bride: Annie Buckeridge, Groom: Joseph Hayward (sic)

Wellington Independent 21 March 1865
HEYWARD (sic) - BUCKERIDGE (sic).- On the 18th March, at the Registry Office, Mr Joseph Heyward (sic), of Wairarapa, to Annie, eldest daughter of Mr Robert Buckeridge (sic), Hutt

Evening Post 16 October 1865
Licenses were this day granted by the Bench to Henry Morrow and Nathaniel Valentine. The application of Wm, Bannister was wihdrawn. A transfer from Robert Buckridge to Joseph Hayward (sic) was refused.

Wellington Independent 17 October 1865
The quarterly licensing meeting was held at noon yesterday
There were only two applications for licenses.
One of which was from Mr. Valentine, at the Hutt, the other from Mr. Morrow, for the Criterion Hotel, at the corner of Willis and Manners-street.
Mr. Valentine applied for a license for an hotel in course of erection by him at the Hutt. He produced plans of the proposed building, which were examined and found to be very satisfactory. His application was consequently granted, but he was informed that the license would not come into operation until July, unless another "Amendment Act" was passed by the Provincial Council in Apiil.
Mr. Morrow''s license was also granted by a majority of the Bench, subject to the same conditions.
Mr. Buckridge, of the Hutt, applied for leave to transfer his license to his son-in-law, Mr. Arthur (sic) Hayward, of the Wairarapa. After some discussion the transfer was refused, as the Bench were of opinion that it was too much like a family arrangement, and that, judging by the youth of his son-in-law, Mr. Buckridge would in reality continue the business.
The meeting then broke up.

Wellington Independent 2 August 1866
Tuesday, July 30, 1866.
(Before J. Coutts Crawford, Esq., R.M.)
Joseph Hayward and Martin Miller were placed in the dock charged with violently assaulting Robert Daniels, and also with stealing from the person of the said Robert Daniel the sum of four shillings.
Complainant, being sworn, said. I am a tin-plate worker, living at the Hutt. On Tuesday last I was at the Taita, in Mr. Robert''s shop, when the two prisoners came in, seized hold of me by the collar, and dragged me outside; they then threw me down, and rifled my pockets, taking from the pockets four shillings in silver, they then went away I got up and picked up a shilling and some coppers off the ground.
Cross-examined by Mr. Borlase, counsel for the defence - The prisoner Hayward keeps the Albion Hotel, opposite the shop where I was working. Miller is Hayward''s cook. I was in the tap of the Albion just before. Hayward accused me of taking money from his till. He said I had taken the money, and that it was marked. The blacksmith was in the shop.
Mr. Borlase — How many times have you been up for thieving
Witness — I can''t exactly remember.
Mr. Borlase — Were you ever brought up before the Supreme Court.
Witness — No, no!— Yes, I was.
Mr. Borlase — What for
Witness - For picking up a purse. (Laughter.)
Mr. Borlase — And what did you get for that
Witness - Nine months.
Mr. Borlase - Were you ever, at Wanganni, brought up for thieving?
Witness - No never for thieving, I have been occasionally had up for drunkenness.
Mr. Borlase ??? Has Mr. Whyte, at the Hutt, ever accused you of robbing his till
Witness — No
Mr. Borlase — That will do. Now don''t you leave the Court, as I shall have something else to say to you presently.
Duncan Bethune, sworn, said - I am a blacksmith. I work for Mr. Roberts at the Taita. The prosecutor was leaning over the lower half of the shop door, when the prisoner Hayward came up, and accused Daniel of robbing the till. Hayward said he had marked some money, he took five shillings out of prosecutor''s pocket, and called me to witness that three of the shillings were marked, this happened about 11 p.m. last Friday.
This closed the case against the two prisoners, who were at once discharged.
Robert Daniells, the prosecutor in the previous case, was then placed at the bar, charged with having stolen 3s from the till of the Albion Hotel. From the evidence given by Mr. Hayward and Martin Miller, it appeared that Daniels had robbed the till, and that the money he took, and of which he afterwards said he had been robbed, was marked by Mr. Hayward. The prisoner was convicted, and evidence having been given of a previous conviction against him of robbing a dwelling-house, he was sentenced to three months'' imprisonment with hard labor.
  • 1837 - Birth -
Robert Buckridge
1816 - 10 SEP 1874
Ann Cording
9 APR 1818 - 31 DEC 1887
Family Group Sheet - Child
PARENT (M) Robert Buckridge
Death10 SEP 1874
Marriageto Ann Cording
PARENT (F) Ann Cording
Birth9 APR 1818
Death31 DEC 1887
Marriageto Robert Buckridge
FatherEdmund Cording
MotherAnn Unknown
MJohn Buckridge
Death17 AUG 1918
Marriage1865to Eleanor WELCH
MEdward Buckridge
FAnnie Buckridge
Marriage18 MAR 1865to Joseph Hayward
FEmily Buckridge
Death25 DEC 1906
Marriage1866to Thomas Whitworth
FEliza Buckridge
MWilliam Buckridge
Death20 JUN 1918
FMary Buckridge
MRobert John Septimas Buckridge
Death20 JUN 1850
MRichard T Buckridge
Death24 OCT 1902
Marriage16 AUG 1884to Ellen Goode
FLucy Buckridge
Death29 JUN 1948
Marriage11 AUG 1875to Hugh Aplin at St Peters'' Church, Wellington
MRobert Buckridge
Death9 JUL 1914
Marriage5 MAR 1885to Zealandia Louisa Worth
Family Group Sheet - Spouse
PARENT (M) Joseph Hayward
Marriage18 MAR 1865to Annie Buckridge
PARENT (F) Annie Buckridge
Marriage18 MAR 1865to Joseph Hayward
FatherRobert Buckridge
MotherAnn Cording
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