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Buck, William Matson Whitewood

William Matson Whitewood Buck
b: 5 DEC 1881
d: 2 JUN 1965
Lived at Mangapehi, Main Trunk Line circa 1940 from Scholefield Papers

Evening Post 22nd December 1888
The following is the list of prize-winners for the Taita School. The prizes were presented by the Chairman (Mr. John Clement) on Thursday afternoon :— Standard VI. — I. Ross. Standard V. — W. Death. Standard IV. — A. Brown, J. Tilbury, A. Death, A. Hancock, A. James, E. Mellow, M. Ross. Standard III. — K. Boulcott. J. Hooper, M. Adams, G. Peck, L. Petterson, M. Russell. Standard II. — H. Mahood, C. Pike, C. Avery, L. Avery, E. Drummond, E. Edwards, M. Hooper, H. Haywood, P. Johnson, L. Mellow, E. Pitt, R. Wright, A. Webb. Standard I.— N. Death, H. Hancock, T. Hancock, E. Mahood, H. Mellow, N. Russell, A. Buck, M. Hawkes, M. Terry, A. Walters, L. Webb, E. Edwards, L. Johnston, H. Petterson, M. Russell, J. Russell, S. Wright. Infant classes.— First Division — N. Daysh, K. Fraser, J. Hawkes, J. Walters. L. James. Second Division — C. Evenson, T. Mahood, B. Wright, N. Haywood, A. Pitt. Third Division — W. Buck, S. Campbell, F. Hancock, A. Mellow, G. Peck, E. Peck, A. Russell, H. Russell, P. Russell, J. Terry, A. Campbell, M. Daysh, L. Evenson, M. Fox, M. Haywood, L. Pike, L. Walters. Mr. T. Mason''s prizes for attendance were gained by M. Hooper, J. Hooper, M. Ross, J. Tilbury, J. Walters, A. Brown.

School Records for Taita School show
Class Standard II
William Buck, Taita School, Date of Examination: 17/9/1890, 8 years 8 months, Last Standard Passed: I, Attendance Record: 233, Remarks: Nervous, Result: Pass

Evening Post 19th December 1891
The prizes were presented by Mr. Thomas Mason on the 17th inst., prefaced by a suitable address to the children. After the prize distribution, tea was provided by the School Committee in Mr. Mason''s grounds, and races and sports were indulged in. The following is the prize list :—
St. 7, M. Ross, dux of school, 1; A. James, 2; A. Brown, 3.
St. 6. K. Boulcott, 1; M. Adams, 2; M. Hooper, E. Pitt.
St. 5, C. Pike, 1; H. Walters, 2; E. Edwards, L. Johnston, N. Cleland, T. Handcock.
St. 4, L. James, 1; K. Frazer (sic), 2; M. Daysh, A. Buck, S. Russell, W. Buck, E. Russell, A. Pitt, N. Daysh, E, Edwards, J. Walters.
St. 3, A. Russell, 1; R. Russell, 2; E. Benge, I. Daysh, A. Death, A. Fisk, R. Fisk, M. Hooper, M. Hawk, L. Walters, F. Hancock, H. Russell, B. Wright, W. Whittington.
St. 2, M. Craig, M. Frazer (sic), M. Fox, S. Hoar, E. Hoar, J. Harvey, C. Pescini, N. Pike, H. Russell, A. Credland, J. Hawk, A. Mellow, V. Mellow, P. Russell, C. Walters.
St. 1, preparatory — All these youngsters had a nice book presented to them. Head teacher''s prizes for good attendance were won by M. Ross (dux), K. Frazer (sic), H. Farrington, all with full marks. Head teacher''s prize for best kept exercise book, M. Adams.
  • 5 DEC 1881 - Birth -
  • 2 JUN 1965 - Death -
George Green Buck
1 APR 1818 - 11 OCT 1894
Alfred James Seldon Buck
1 NOV 1852 - 10 APR 1897
Mary Ann Seldon Salmon
1817 - 4 JUL 1867
William Matson Whitewood Buck
5 DEC 1881 - 2 JUN 1965
William Matson WHITEWOOD
1823 - 20 MAY 1875
Mary Ann Whitewood
21 JAN 1858 - 10 MAY 1936
Rebecca Monteith
1819 - 13 NOV 1903
Family Group Sheet - Child
PARENT (M) Alfred James Seldon Buck
Birth1 NOV 1852
Death10 APR 1897
Marriage24 JUL 1878to Mary Ann Whitewood at St James Anglican Church, Lower Hutt
FatherGeorge Green Buck
MotherMary Ann Seldon Salmon
PARENT (F) Mary Ann Whitewood
Birth21 JAN 1858
Death10 MAY 1936
Marriage24 JUL 1878to Alfred James Seldon Buck at St James Anglican Church, Lower Hutt
Marriage1912to Henry Alexander Wilmer MacKenzie
FatherWilliam Matson WHITEWOOD
MotherRebecca Monteith
FAlice Mary Buck
Birth20 MAY 1879Taita
Death14 NOV 1962
Marriage20 MAY 1902to William Dacre Bennett at Christ Church, Taita
MWilliam Matson Whitewood Buck
Birth5 DEC 1881
Death2 JUN 1965
Marriage24 AUG 1910to Winifred Morgan James
FMarjory Buck
Birth16 MAY 1887Taita
Death1 JUN 1962
Marriage10 FEB 1917to John Warneford Known As Jack McKenzie
Family Group Sheet - Spouse
PARENT (M) William Matson Whitewood Buck
Birth5 DEC 1881
Death2 JUN 1965
Marriage24 AUG 1910to Winifred Morgan James
FatherAlfred James Seldon Buck
MotherMary Ann Whitewood
PARENT (F) Winifred Morgan James
Birth3 DEC 1883
Death1 AUG 1976
Marriage24 AUG 1910to William Matson Whitewood Buck
Descendancy Chart
William Matson Whitewood Buck b: 5 DEC 1881 d: 2 JUN 1965
Winifred Morgan James b: 3 DEC 1883 d: 1 AUG 1976
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