Upper Hutt Dance

Evening Post 20 October 1938
A highly successful dance was held recently by the Upper Hutt Women”s Division of the Framers” Union in the public hall, Taita. About 400 guests attended this popular function. Many pretty frocks were worn, and the effective stage decorations of arum lilies, flowering currants, and massed greenery were much admired.
The dance committee included Mesdames H. E. August, convener (in black lace and georgette), O. Skou (lido blue lace), E. Bentley (green embossed satin), J. Bentley (black and white crepe roma), O. Brown (floral satin), J. S. Burrell (navy blue georgette and lace), G. Cottle (gold silk serge), O. Collie (black georgette), W. H. Collett (black silk velvet), F. Ecob (oyster satin), H. Hawthorn (black floral satin), J. Horn (shot henna panne satin), S. D. Morris (black lace), Perry (brown lace and georgette), Sutherland (green taffeta), Tyer (green satin crepe), Fred Whiteman (petunia satin), J. Blewman, W. N. Clifford, J. Gorrie, A. Harper, J. Maher, A. G. Mumby, F. E. Scholes, H. Scholes, W. Lindsay, Frank Whiteman, Misses May Collett and Nancy Keys.
Among others present were Mr. and Mrs. J. E. August, Mr. and Mrs. M. Cottle, Mr. and Mrs. Hutchinson, Mr. and Mrs. F. W. Kitchener, Mr. and Mrs. C. Bentley, Mr. and Mrs. C. Hewer, Mr. and Mrs. A. Manderson, Mr. and Mrs, R. R. S. Williamson, Mr. and Mrs. Reynolds, Mr. and Mrs. W. Smith, Mr. and Mrs. Kells, Mr. and Mrs. V. Peck, Mr. and Mrs. J. Searle, Mr. and Mrs. J. Dance, Mr. and Mrs, G. August, Mr. and Mrs. Moran. Mr. and Mrs. Wilkie. Mr. and Mrs. Westerby, Mr. and Mrs. Evans, Mr. and Mrs. Cheshire, Mr. and Mrs. Stopforth, Mr. and Mrs. Bryant, Mr. and Mrs. Russell, Mr. and Mrs. C. Johnston, Mr. and Mrs. Hardie, Mesdames R. Russell, F. Bryant, P. Eales, F. Hewer, Keegan, O”Connor, Walters, Sage, Hirschorn, Wahren, Misses H. Chapman, H. Metchinozzi, J. Berrington, Martin, Joan August, Rene Hawkins. Ray Williamson, V. Kitchener, Ngaire Peck, F. Eales, M. Yelverton, M. Burns, M. Costigan, S. Jartov, Meachen, Olive Jackson, Gwen Brown, Miriel Mumby, M. Tyer, Franz, Vena Cottle, Joan Walters, Humphreys, Cuneen, Gigger, D. and E. Costigan, K. Beveridge; and Messrs. H. E. August, O. Skou, E. Bentley, J. Bentley, J. Blewman, N. Bentley, O. Brown, O. Collie, W. H. Collett. H. Hawthorn, Perry, B. Collie, Sutherland, Tyer, Fred Whiteman, J. Maher, Harding, Wroth, B. Smith, Lewis August, Allen August, Ashley August, B. Kitchener, John Chittick, R. Whiteman, R. Chittick, Geoff Hayley, M. Brown, Allen Greenwood, D. Pritchard, Haden. J. Lovett, W. Buchanan, J. and R. Kyle, D. Hurney, O. Cottrell, J. B. Stewart, W. Jones, Alf Eales, and H. Triplow.
The “Monte Carlo” dance was won by Mr. J. Chittick and Miss Moran; the “spot dance” by Mr. Hutchinson and Miss Reynolds, and the balloon dance by Miss Costigan.

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