Taita Women Institute

Evening Post 20 December 1940
Social Afternoon and a Picnic
The garden circle had decorated the hall with roses for the final meeting of the year (a social afternoon) of the Taita Women”s Institute. Mrs. Hunter presided and referred to the loss the institute has sustained by the death of the late Mrs. Gadsby, an esteemed member of the committee. Parcels of clothing were dispatched to London air-raid victims, arrangements made to assist with “street days” in January and February for the Crippled Children” Society, and the million pounds fund. Dramatic sketches, charades, and Christmas carols were enjoyed. Recently, in the attractive grounds of Miss A. Wilson”s residence at Belmont, the drama circle entertained their honorary members at a picnic, and the convener of the circle, Miss Wilson, received a gift of appreciation from the circle.

Evening Post 1 June 1945
Flower Show at Taita W.I.
Members of the Taita Women”s Institute held their autumn flower show at the May meeting. There was a large attendance, and Mrs. J. W. Jones, who presided, welcomed all present. Prizes were won by Mesdames Sage, Keal, Sole. Boyce, Ryan, Pemberton, Cannon, Hamilton, Westbury, and Dyer. Miss Allman judged the exhibits and gave a brief talk on the decorative work. Mrs. Loveridge was congratulated on the report on the council meeting. It was announced that Mrs. Draper had been elected to the Taita executive and that Mrs. Foster had been elected to the Dominion council. Mrs. Keal was congratulated on winning the Kearsley Cup at the Hutt Autumn Flower Show

Evening Post 10 July 1945
Taita Institute Meeting;
Members of the Women”s Institute entertained the audience at the July meeting of the Taita Institute with a debate on the amalgamation of women”s institutes and divisions. Mrs. Horn, Dominion secretary, gave an address on the Maori institutes and exhibited samples of their basketweaving. The knitting competition was won by Mrs. Loveridge and it was decided to send all the entries to Silverstream Hospital. The cup for the best” flower was awarded to Mrs. Middleton, to be held for the month. Mrs. Jones presented each guest with a floral spray.

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