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Main Title: [Local Community Halls]
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Summary: 3x small images of local community halls: 1.Epuni Community Hall (opened Mayor Percy Dowse), 24.10.1953 2. Naenae Community Centre 3. Taita Community Hall & Plunket Rooms, c.1950s.
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Main Title: Avalon Hall part of city history
Imprint: 1972
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Summary: Fiftieth Anniversary celebrations mark construction of a hall in Taita in 1922. The Country Womens Institute has met there regularly since 1938. Photos of the local worthies of The orignal Taita Public Hall Society Committee (1922-23) and also of the Jubilee Year Avalon Public Society Committee. Ill.
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Taita Public Hall Society
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Public Hall, Mabey Road
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Main Title: Silver case, painted PM are Taita hall opening memories
Imprint: 1922
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Summary: The history of the Taita Hall opened by Prime Minister W.F. Massey, 14 October 1922. The centennial celebrations of Christ Church, Taita was held on October 7, 1945 but should have been in 1953.
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Public Hall, Mabey Road
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Main Title: [Subscribers to Taita Public Hall Fund in 1922]
Imprint: 1999
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Summary: Phases of resident contributors to the Mabey Road public hall in Taita in 1922.
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Evening Post 18 December 1900
Messrs. J. H. Bethune and Co. submitted for sale by auction yesterday, by instructions from Mr. H. Daysh, his freehold property at Taita, Lower Hutt, containing 12 1/2 acres with a six-roomed dwellinghouse and farm buildings. Although there were several bidders, the higher offer did not quite reach the owner”s reserve, but Messrs. Bethune and Co. have since succeeded in selling the property to Mr. J. R. Cottle, of Belmont

Evening Post 9 March 1904
Lambton-quay, Wellington.
ON THURSDAY, 10th MARCH, 1904,
At 2.30 o”clock p.m.

MACDONALD, WILSON AND CO. are favoured with instructions to sell by public auction as above —
23 MAGNIFICENT RESIDENTIAL BUILDING SECTIONS, part of Section No. 50, HUTT DISTRICT. and containing an area of nearly HALF AN ACRE each.
These sections are level, dry, and form some of the best Residence Blocks in the Hutt Valley.
The sections are situated between the residences of Mr. Adam Gordon, on the main Hutt-road, and Captain Adams, at the end of the property.
The soil is first-class and specially adaptable for fruit culture and horticultural operations.
The terms of sale are — 10 per cent, deposit, 20 per cent in three months, balance in six months, with interest on unpaid balance at 5 per cent.
Lithographic plans on application.
The ”Bus service from the Hutt to the Taita passes the property nearly every hour daily.
The Auctioneers will be pleased to show any intending purchaser over the various sections, or application can be made to Mr. J. R. Cottle, residing on the ground.

Evening Post 24 September 1904
A BALL will be held in the above Hall on TUESDAY, 27th September. Tickets – Double, 3s; single gent”s, 2s 6d; extra lady, 1 s. Refreshments provided.
First-class music.
J. R. COTTLE, Propreitor

Evening Post 19 October 1904
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Evening Post 26 November 1904
A PINAFORE BALL will be held in the above Hall on Tuesday,

29th NOVEMBER. Double tickets, 3s; single 2s 6d; extra lady,

1s. Music by Hutt Brass Band and piano.

Evening Post 4 September 1905
A PINAFORE BALL will be held in the above Hall on Tuesday, 5th September. Double tickets, 3s; single, 2s 6d; extra lady, 1s. First-class music by Miss Woods.
W. ALSOP, Hon. Sec.

Evening Post 28 June 1905

THURSDAY, 29th JUNE, at 1 o”clock – Sale 24 Dairy Cows, Farm Implements, Dairy Utensils, etc., at Farm of Mr. J. R. Cottle, Taita.

Evening Post 17 November 1906
HERD, Rtc.


At 1 30 p.m. sharp.

H. ERNEST LEIGHTON has received instructions from Mr. J. R. Cottle to sell by auction at his farm, Taita, as above –
14 picked cows in full milk, all newly calved
12 choice dairy heifers, forward in calf
2 cows in full milk, to calve April and May
1 dairy Durham bull
14 calves, the progeny of above cows
1 active draught mare to foal this month
1 spring cart and harness
1 light spring dray
1 black? dray almost new
The contents of Taita Hall, comprising:
1 first-class piano by Hopkinson, 6 Austian chairs, 5 dozen cups and saucers, stools, flags, lamps, etc.

NOTE.- Mr. Cottle”s dairy herd is second to none in the district and every cow will be guaranteed. Having disposed of his Taita property the above catalogue is for bona fide and unreserved sale.

Evening Post 6 June 1923

THE ANNUAL MEETING of the above Society will be held at Taita

Hall, on Monday, 11th June, 1923, at 8 p.m.
Annual Report and Balance-sheet;
Election of Officiers;

After the above business the meeting will finish with a SOCIAL

Ladies, a basket; Gents, free.
Hon. Secretary.

Evening Post 25 June 1927
THE above Hall, situated off Main road, Taita, is TO LET.

Highly suitable for Dances, Concerts, etc. Large supper-room,

kitchen, and every convience.
Secretary, Taita

Hutt News 20 June 1929
Hall Committee.
The sixth annual meeting of the Taita Hall Committee was held June 10th, the chairman (Mr. F. S. Hewer) presiding.
There was a very good attendance, and great interest was displayed in the business before the meeting.
The report and balance sheet presented by the secretary (Mr. Pemberton), was considered entirely satisfactory, the retiring committee being complimented on the result of the year”s working.
The residents, expressed themselves as very pleased that the mortgage on the hall had been reduced by £100.
The assets were:- land and buildings, less depreciation, stood at £1120; furniture and fittings, £18O; cash in Bank £60/16/8; The only liability was the mortgage of £300.
The following committee was elected:— Messrs F. S. Hewer (chairman), W. Hutchison (deputy chairman), V. Pemberton (secretary), C. Alsop (treasurer) S. Peck, D. McArthur, E. Saunders, E. Hewer, F. Bartosh, F. Westbury, H. Mason, G. Braddock, J. Butler, P. Ferretti, Y. Wilson, E. F. Jones.
Mention was made of the serious illness of Mr. A. Gadsby, one of the trustees; also of their old friend Mr. Rubein King, one of the staunchest supporters of the Hall Committee. It was decided to send a letter of condolence to both of these gentlemen and convey the meeting”s best wishes for their speedy recovery.
At the conclusion of the business a most enjoyable time was spent in
dancing to music supplied by Mr. Wright who provided many fine selections on the electrical gramophone, to the great enjoyment of all present. The ladies excelled themselves with the delightful supper they provided and they well earned the vote of thanks which was accorded to them. Mr. Wright. was also warmly thanked for his services. In replying Mr. Wright said that he would only be too pleased to oblige at the local gatherings on any future occasion.

Evening Post 20 July 1935
A function of great interest to residents of the Hutt Valley took place in the Taita Hall on Thursday afternoon (writes “The Post”s” Lower Hutt correspondent). This was the golden wedding of Mr. and Mrs. F. Westbury, who have resided at Cottles Lane, Taita, for many years.
The hall was festooned with streamers, and flowers had been artistically arranged. Down the centre of the room long tables had been set for the party, golden jonquils and maiden-hair fern filled the vases, while at the top the wedding cake held an honoured place. The cake was double tiered, with tiny gold cachets and horseshoes.
When the guests of honour, arrived their guests gave them an enthusiastic welcome, and they then took their place at the head of the table. Mrs. Westbury looked a picture of happiness, wearing a gown of black marocain, with oyster satin trimmings, a hat to tone, and with a bouquet of golden abutilon and violets presented to her on her arrival. Speeches were made by Mr. F. S. Hewer (son-in-law), and Mr. Westbury, and the guests all joined in singing “They Are Jolly Good Fellows.”
Those present were Mr. and Mrs. E. H. Hayward, Mr. and Mrs. A. F. Westbury, Mr. and Mrs. F. S. Hewer, Mr. and Mrs. Cooper, Mrs. F. Gorrie, Mr. and Mrs. R. Kilgour, Mrs. W. Geary, Mr. and Mrs. A. J. Hobbs, Mr. and Mrs. E. Hewer, Mr. and Mrs. O. Balls, Mr. and Mrs. A. Bayly, Mr. R. Martin, Mr. and Mrs. T. Teasdale, Mr. and Mrs. A. Stevenson, Mr. and Mrs. M. Mahood, Mr. and Mrs. J. Tilbury, Mr. and Mrs. Bertelsen, Mr. and Mrs. C. Alsop, Mr. and Mrs. B. Maxted, Mr. and Mrs. A. Crowe, Mr. and Mrs. P. Lister, Mr. and Mrs. T. Webb, Mr. and Mrs. S. Bryant, Mr. and Mrs. A. Mahood, Mrs. Dorizac, Mr. and Mrs. Hooker, Mr. Angel, Mr. and Mrs. T. Clark, Mr. and Mrs. Griersen, Mr. and Mrs. W. Wilson, Mr. and Mrs. O. Giddall, Mr. and Mrs. R. Kilgour, Mr. and Mrs. J. Flaus, Mr. and Mrs. J. Bently, Mr. L. Pointon, Mrs. Whiteman, Mr. C. Hewer, Mr. H.Hewer, Mr. and Mrs. L. Balls, Mr. and Mrs. D. McArthur, Mr. E. Dunn, Mr. and Mrs. M. Roberts, Mrs. London, Mr. T. Hewer, Mr. T. Clark, Mrs. Wakelin, Mr A. Hewer, Mr. W. Kilminster, Mr. J. Butler, Mr. A. E. Hewer, Guy Hewer, Misses A. Balls, D. Hewer, F. Treasdale, Hopping, C. Gleesin, I. Pescini, Whiteman, J. Moyes, Hewer, V. Hewer, and L. Hewer.

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