Taita Ploughing Match

Evening Post 7 October 1876
Committee – John Edwards, John Daysh, John Austis (sic), James Cudby, H. Russell, B. Rayner, and G. Pack. (sic)
C. F. Worth, Chairman. J. H. Corbett, Secretary and Treasurer.
Judges – Mr P. Bruce, Mr R. McCulloch, Mr John Blatchfield.
First Prize 5 pounds
Second Priza 3 pounds
Third Prize 2 pounds

Entrance, 5s.
Entrances will be received up to the evening of the 10th October, at the Albion Hotal, Taita, and each competitior must be a subscriber to the fund of 5s.

Evening Post 14 October 1876
The Taita Ploughing Match Committee met at the Albion Hotel on Thursday evening for the purpose of settling accounts, &c. The question of the Judges” recommendation, that Mr. G. Pike should receive a special prize, was discussed, and the committee awarded Mr. Pike £1 for the skilful manner in which he handled his swing plough. The committee adjourned till 8 p.m. on Thursday evening next, at the Travellers Rest Hotel, by which time subscriptions will be paid in, and a balance-sheet and subscription list will be published. A proposition to establish “The Taita Agricultural Society ” will also be considered.

Evening Post 27 October 1876
A PUBLIC MEETING will be held at the Taita Schoolroom on WEDNESDAY EVENING, 1st NOVEMBER, at half-past 7 o”clock, to receive the report of Ploughing Committee and to take into consideration the advisability of forming an Agricultural and Horticultural Society.
HON. Secretary.
27th October.

Evening Post 31 October 1876
A public meeting will be held at the schoolroom, Taita, to-morrow evening at half-past seven, to receive the report of the Ploughing Committee and to take into consideration the desirability of forming an Agricultural and Pastoral Society.

Evening Post 23 October 1876
– details about Ploughing match with list of sponsors names

Evening Post 2 November 1876
The following report has been handed to us:— “The Committee of the Taita Ploughing Match, in presenting their report, have to congratulate the subscribers on the success of the match. They had some difficulties to contend with in the beginning, owing partly to a want of confidence in the arrangements made, but they persevered, and the subscriptions came in freely, which the attached statement will show. The ploughing was not of the first order, but taking into consideration the rough and hard state of the ground, the average was very fair for the first match in the district. The financial statement shows the total receipts to be 55 pounds 2s 6d, and the expenditure £37 12s 6d, leaving a balance on hand of £17 10s. It will be observed that the whole of the money was not spent on the ploughing, the committee thinking a little amusement carried on in connection with the ploughing would tend to make the day agreeable to everyone. The committee desire to thank those gentlemen who so kindly consented to act as judges for the match, and to assure them that their decisioas have given general satisfaction.”

Evening Post 2 November 1876
At a public meeting held at the Taita School-room last evening, it was decided to form a society, to be called the Hutt District Agricultural, Horticultural, and Pastoral Society. The object of the society is to be the improvement of agriculture in all its branches. Mr. C. F. Worth was appointed chairman. He stated the object of the meeting, and called on the secretary to read the report of the ploughing committee, which was adopted by the meeting unanimously. A committee was appointed to draw up a code of rules, consisting of the following persons: — Messrs. D. Knight, W. Craighead, C. F. Worth, D. Buick, P. Bruce, R. T. Mellow, J. H. Corbett, W. Milne, J. G. F. Wilford, S H. Russell, J. Sinclair, J. Edwards, James Cudby, and W. Buick. The meeting was very fairly attended, and was unanimous in the opinion as to the necessity of such a society in the district. It was resolved that the committee meet on next Saturday evening to draw up a code of rules, and that a general meeting be held on Wednesday evening to consider the same. The meeting closed with a vote of thanks to the chairman.

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