Taita Housing

Evening Post 11 October 1944
In the proposed plan of the Taita Government subdivision the Housing Department shows a number of strip reserves at the rear of blocks of houses, and the Department proposes tnat residents shall have direct access to these strips from their back yards This arrangement is objected to by the Lower Hutt City Council. The council last evening decided to accept a report from its works and reserves committees, which stated the committees readily tfjreed that overseas practice was tending more and more towards openness, and that strip reserves were being used in other countries, but in an entirely different class of subdivision, with the houses fronting the reserve and the road serving as a rear access lane. The committee was cognisant from practical experience of the dangers and difficulties which arise from rear access to reserves, and considered that the strip reserves would adequately fulfil their functions if frequent provision was made for pedestrian access. With rear access,. maintenance would not only be very expensive, but extremely difficult.

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