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Main Title: Taita Hotel
Imprint: 1923
Notes: Indexes: E7
Summary: Second Taita Hotel. Proprietress was Mrs McInnees. No electricity at this time. It was added by electrician Mr Feist later in 1923. Windmill was for extra water.
Language: English
Subject: Hotels
Heritage resources
– photo in scrapbook attached to AA Taita Hotel (RIN 1294)

Hutt City Library Online Database
Main Title: Taita Hotel
Imprint: 1923
Notes: Indexes: E7
Summary: Back view of the second Taita Hotel. Proprietress was Mrs McInnes. Windmill was for extra water. Electricity was laid on late in 1923 by Mr Feist.
Language: English
Subject: Hotels
Heritage resources
– photo in scrapbook attached to AA Taita Hotel (RIN 1294)

Hutt City Library Online Database
Main Title: Taita Hotel
Imprint: c1915
Notes: 1660
Indexes: E7
Summary: New Taita Hotel was built in front of the old. Part of verandah was glassed in by 1920. Mounted original also held E24.
Language: English
Subject: Hotels
Heritage resources
– photo in scrapbook attached to AA Taita Hotel (RIN 1294)

Evening Post 17 April 1866

Mr. David Hughey applied to have a license granted for a new house which he had built at the Taitai, to be called the Taitai Family Hotel.
Application refused.

Wellington Independent 19 April 1866
List of Applicants

Hughey, David, Taita, Taita Family Hotel

Mr. David Hughey”s Application.
The application of Mr. David Hughey for a license to sell spirituous liquor at his store in the Upper Hutt (sic), which he was desirous of converting into a public house, was refused.

Evening Post 11 February 1880
The adjourned meeting of creditors in the estate of Geo. J. Squires, hotel-keeper, of Taita, was held this morning. Mr. John Staples officiated as chairman. Mr. W. T. L. Travers appeared for the bankrupt. Mr. McTavish proposed that Mr. Henry Elliott be appointed trustee. A discussion was raised as to the advisableness of appointing two trustees. The general opinion was against this. Mr. Travers pointed out that it was very desirable that the trustee should report to an early meeting, as some arrangements ought at once to be made in reference to the hotel business, and the realisation of the book debts, which were the principal sources from which a dividend might be expected. Mr. Elliott was appointed trustee and instructed to report at a meeting to be held at the same place at four p.m., this day week. The assets in the estate are scheduled as follows:- Land in Taranaki-street, £3000, land at Horikiwi, £600; land at Belmont, £150; lease of Taita Hotel, £1000. Total, £4750. Liabilities – secured, £1810; unsecured, £871. Total, £2681. The meeting adjourned at 12 noon.

Evening Post 10 March 1893
The only application before the Epuni Licensing Committee to-day was one

for a permnnent transfer of the license of the Travellers” Rest Hotel,

Taita, from F. G. Milne to Mary Guilford. Constable Cruickshanks” report

was of a very favourable character, and the application was granted. The

members present were Messrs. Ransom (chairman), C. W. Brown, and J.


Evening Post 9 June 1893

At the annual meeting of the Epuni Licensing Committee to-day, the

application of Mary Guilford for a renewal of the Travellers” Rest Hotel.

Taita, was granted. There were present Messrs. Joseph Wilkins (Chairman),

W. Brown, and F. Cooper.

Evening Post 20 September 1895
This morning, before Messrs. E. T. Gillon, W. Hildreth, and L. L. Harris,

Justices, Patrick L. Harnett was charged with having committed a breach of

the Licensing Act at the Taita in having sold liquor without being

licensed. Evidence was given that Harnett had bought the Travellers” Rest

Hotel at the Taita from Mrs. Guilford, the former licensee, but though he

was practically in charge of the hotel the transfer of the license was not

completed at the time of the alleged breach of the Act. The Bench found

that there had been a technical breach of the law, and fined Harnett 20s

and £2 0s 4d costs.

Evening Post 24 December 1895

McNab”s and the Karori Gardens, as well as the gardens attached to the Taita Hotel, will be open to the public.

Evening Post 31 December 1895
Pleasant drive (12 miles) from city. Beautiful picnic grounds. Strawberries and raspberries and cream and cordials in marquee on lawn. Croquet, quoits, cricket, rounders, &c. Luncheon 12 to 2. Hot water and admission free. Best brands wines, &c.
The whare, last relic of once famous Maori stronghold, and the old stockade, in and around which many gallant warriors bled and fell, make this premier suburban resort brimful of interest to all patriotic citizens.
Look out for Palace Car.

Evening Post 4 December 1896
The Taita Hotel is undergoing considerable alterations. The proprietor, Mr. F. J. McGovern, formerly of the White Swan Hotel, Cuba-street, has let a contract to Mr. Jenkins for adding a number of rooms, and generally improving the house. The hotel, when the contract is completed, will be one of the largest and best appointed in the Wellington country districts. The grounds are to be tastefully laid out, and Mr. McGovan (sic) hopes in various other ways to make the house a place of resort for the city folks during the summer months.

Evening Post 6 April 1897

An indication of the popularity of cycling. On Sunday last the Taita Hotek put up a record, having 142 cyclists to dinner, and 84 to tea.

Evening Post 20 August 1898
At 1 o”clock
A. G. TAINE & CO. have received instructions from various clients to sell at the Taita Hotel Yards, on above date –
DAIRY cows, young cattle
Horses, pigs, and sheep

Evening Post 19 October 1898
I, FRANCIS JOSEPH McGOVERN, of Taita, near Wellington, being the holder of a publican”s License in respect of the house and premises situate at Taita, and known by the sign of the Taita Hotel, do hereby give notice that I desire to obtain, and will at the next Licensing Meeting to be holden at the Magistrate”s Court, Otaki, on the 1st day of December, 1898, apply for a Transfer of the said License from myself to Charles Bradshaw, my appointee.
Dated the 14th day of September, 1898.

Evening Post 22 March 1899
A native land case with some peculiar features came before Mr. Hustice Denniston in the Supreme Court to-day. The plaintiff was Tane Waitara, a Parihaka native, and the defendant Francis J. McGovern, formerly licensee of the Taita Hotel.

Evening Post 10 May 1899
I, CHARLES BRADSHAW, of Taita, Hotelkeeper, do hereby give notice that I desire to obtain and will at the next Licensing Meeting to be holden at the Magistrate Court at Otaki on the 1st day of June, 1899, apply for a Certificate authorising the issue of a Publican”s License for a house situate at Taita, and known by the sign of the Taita Hotel, containing 12 rooms, exclusive of those required for the use of the family.
Dated the 8th day of May, 1899.
Mr. C. Waitara is the owner of these premises.

Evening Post 29 August 1899
Mr. Justice Edwards gave judgment today in the case Taare Waitara v. McGovern, hotelkeeper, in which the plaintiff sought to set aside a lease of ground on which the Taita Hotel stands, and held by the defendant, on the ground that it was in contravention of the terms of the grant from the Crown. His Honour said the land was held under two grants, both issued under the provisions of the Land Transfer Act, the definition clause in each grant being to hold unto the grantee, his heirs, and assigns, for ever, provided always that the land shall be inalienable by sale or by lease for a longer period than 21 years, or by mortgage except with the consent of the Governor first obtained.” His Honour said the question for the Court to decide “was whether the alienation effected by the lease was or was not an attempt to create a term to commence at a future date, and therefore in contravention of the terms of the Crown grant. His Honour was of opinion that the lease was not in contravention of the terms of the Crown grant. Further, it was clear that a contract even by a tenant for life, with a limited power of leasing, to grant a lease at a future day was valid, and was binding upon the remainderman. The lease had been properly registered, and the defendant was therefore entitled to the protection given by the Land Transfer Acts. Judgment was accordingly given for the defendant with costs according to scale. Mr. Brown was for the plaintiff and Mr. Treadwell for the defendant.

Evening Post 16 June 1900
Messrs. Zohrab and Co. report the sale

Mr. J. (sic) Bradshaw”s interest in the Taita Hotel to Mr. Frank Mayer, of Wellington;

Evening Post 7 November 1901
I, FRANK MAYER, of the Taita, Hotelkeeper, being the holder of a Publican”s License in respect of the house and premises situate at the Taita, and known by the sign of The Taita Hotel, do hereby give notice that I desire to obtain and will at the next Licensing Meeting to be holden at the Magistrate”s Court, Otaki, on the 4th day of December, apply for a Transfer of the said License from myself to John Hampden Rayner, my appointee.
Dated the 11th day of September, 1901.
F. Mayer.
Young and Tripe, Barrister and Solicitors, Wellington.

Hutt Valley Cemetery Record Ernest Frederick Schofield, Date: 20/8/1902, Taita Old Monumental, Lower Hutt, Burial Records, Vol 1

Evening Post 19 August 1902
SCHOFIELD.- On the 18th August, 1902, at the Taita Hotel, Ernest Frederick Schofield, late of Wellington, aged 45 years.

THE Friends of the late Ernest Frederick Schofield are respectfully invited to attend his Funeral, which will leave his late residence, Taita Hotel, Tomorrow, Wednesday, at 2.30 p.m., for the Taita Cemetery.
Undertaker, Lower Hutt

Evening Post 28 August 1902
THE LEASE of the
With Flower Garden, Paddocks, and Vegetable Garden.
For further details, apply to
11, Brandon-street, Wellington

Evening Post 30 August 1902
TENDERS, addressed to the undersigned, are invited for the purchase of the lease, goodwill, furniture, stock, etc., of the TAITA HOTEL.
The lease has 15 years or thereabouts to run, at a weekly rental of 1 pound.
The hotel offers a splendid investment for an enterprising man, containing as it does about 33 acres of first-class land laid out in grazing paddocks, flower gardens, and vegetable garden and orchard. The house contains all conveniences, and is a favourite resort of travellers, being midway between the Lower Hutt and Upper Hutt, and does a splendid bar trade.
Tenders close at 2 p.m., on Tuesday next, 2 p.m. September.
The highest or any tender not neccessarily accepted.
For full particulrs apply to
11, Brandon-street

Evening Post 13 December 1902
WEDNESDAY, 17th December, 1902, at 2.30 p.m.
(Next to Taita Hotel).

MESSRS. LEVIEN, SHALLCRASS, AND CO, have received instructions from Mr. W. Smart to sell by public auction at his farm, Taita, on the above date –
10 cows in full milk
1 splendid trap mare
1 bay gelding, Monument, by Morpheus, 5yrs, fine upstanding horse and well-known racer
2 good hacks
Spring trap and harness
1 gig
6 acres of clover, almost ready for harvesting
4 acres great oats
Dairy utensils, milkpans, buckets, etc

Mr. Smart has recently acquired the above property, but does not intend to continue the dairy farm, hence his reason for disposing of the above stock.
Further entries are solicited.

Evening Post 15 December 1902
Messrs. Levien, Shallcrass and Co. notify that in deference to the wish expressed by a number of propbable buyers they will commence the sale of cows, etc., at Mr. Smart”s farm, Taita, at 1 o”clock instead of 2.30 p.m. The auctioneers invite further enteries for the sale.

Evening POst 29 October 1903
J. McGrath, license of the Taita Hotel, was charged by the police at the Hutt Court yesterday with Sunday trading

Evening Post 3 February 1904
A public meeting of Taita residents will be held in the Taita Hotel on Saturday evening with the object of devising means of securing more direct connection by rail with the city.

Evening Post 28 November 1904
The Heretaunga Mounted Rifles completed their annual course of training yesterday. On Saturday afternoon, Lieutentant-Colonel Webb inspected the corps at their camp at Taita, after which sports were held. In the evening a dance and promenade concert was held in the Taita Hotel. Several members who did not go into camp have been called upon to pay an amount equal to the capitation which the corps would have earned had they attended the parades

Evening Post 20 December 1904
THE PINES, Taita, two doors from Taita Hotel, Good accommodation. Afternoon Tea and Refreshments a speciality.

Evening POst 7 June 1905

Renewals of licenses were granted as follows:-

John McGrath, Taita Hotel;

Evening Post 29 August 1905
Two doors from Taita Hotel.
Good Accommodation for visitors. Afternoon Tea a specialty. Refreshment at all hours, Sundays included. All meals and bed 1s, refreshments and afternoon tea 6d. Terms for board arranged on application. Busses pass door daily, meeting all trains in and out. – MRS. McMAHON, Proprietoress.

Evening Post 6 June 1906

Renewals of licenses were granted as follows:-

Taita Hotel, J McGrath.

Evening Post 7 December 1906

John McGrath, licensee of the Taita Hotel, pleaded guilty to having sold liquor on Sunday, 25th November and 2nd December, to Wm. G. Wright and C. M. Dickson respectively.

Evening Post 5 June 1907

J. McGrath, who was represented by Mr. McGrath, solicitor, applied for a renewal of the license of the Taita Hotel. Inspector Ellison said complaints had been made since the license was endorsed. A constable visited the hotel on Sunday, 24th March, and a crowd of men retreated through the passage. The licensee”s son said the men were boarders. If they were he (the Inspector) said there was no reason for boarders to run away. Dr. McArthur said the position was not satisfactory. Mr. McGrath undertook that there would be no cause of complaint in the future. Tho licensee has had his license endorsed, and had been severely punished. Frequently the hotel was blamed for the behaviour of picnic parties which brought large quantities of liquor with them.
In reply to a question the Inspector of Police said the house itself was reported to be well looked after.
After some discussion the license was granted, the chairman intimating that if any further complaints were received the committee would meet and deal rigorously with the matter. …

Evening Post 15 February 1908
Opposite the Taita Hotel.

On FRIDAY NEXT, 21st FEB., 1908,
At 1.30 sharp.

H. ERNEST LEIGHTON has recieved instructions from Mr. G. Hodgson (owing to the expiration of his lease) to sell, as above –
12 choice cows, in full milk
6 choice cows, springing
1 Jersey bull
2 draught mares, quiet, staunch, and used to all work
6 tons first-class hay
Spring cart and harness, Hornsby plough, set harrows, scarifier, chaffcutter, turnip-slicer, seed-drill, milkcans, buckets, plough, harness, rakes, forks, and sundries.

Light Luncheon Provided.

Evening Post 27 May 1908

The clerk of the Hutt County Council, wrote stating that both the Trentham and Provincial Hotels were now situated in the newly-constituted Town District of Upper Hutt, and the Ngahauranga Inn and White Horse Hotel, were situated in the County of Makara. He further stated that the Hutt County Council was entitled to received license fees in respect of the Taita Hotel only and the proportion of the cost of administration should be allotted accordingly.

Evening Post 13 July 1908
WANTED, a good Cook-General, for the Taita Hotel; best wages and a good home. Apply this evening, between 7 and 9 p.m., 69, Majoribanks-street.

Evening Post 27 February 1909
Mr. W. Brannigan (sic), a very old resident of Kilbirnie, who is about to leave the district to take over the Taita Hotel, was entertained by his friends last night. Mr. H. Lamberg presided, and a large gathering assembled to which Mr. Brannigan success in his new venture.

Evening Post 23 March 1909
Mr. W. Branigan (sic), late of Kilbirnoe, who has just purchased the lease of the Taita Hotel, inserts a notice to the travelling public. The premises have just been thoroughly renovated.

(Free House).
Under Entirely New Management.
W BRANIGAN, late of Kilbirnie, having purchased the lease of the above favourite hotel, offers to the travelling public superior accommodation, combined with excellent cuisine, and a moderate tariff. The whole premises have just been thoroughly renovated
W. BRANIGAN, Proprietor.

Evening Post 5 April 1909
query Taita

Evening Post 7 June 1909

Transfers were granted as follows:- J. McGrath to W. Brannigan (sic), Taita Hotel;


W. Branigan (sic), Taita (Taita);

Evening Post 28 April 1909
A public meeting to consider the question of extending the present River District is to be held at the Taita School at 7.30 p.m on Monday next. Yesterday Mr. Robert Stevens, chairman of the board, with the consulting engineer, Mr. Laing-Meason. M. Inst C.E., made an extended inspection of the land which it is proposed to bring under the River Board”s control, and they examined the river bank, and the overflow channels from which danger is apprehended. The recent very heavy flood in the river made it an easy matter to observe the height to which the flood waters had risen, and the chairman was strongly impressed with the seriousness of the situation. The flood mark made it very evident that an overflow had taken place into an old river channel about a mile northward of the Taita Hotel, and this old channel was traced from the river bank to the point where it crosses the main road near Mason”s Gardens. In the early days of settlement, this channel was the main branch of the Hutt River, and in times of flood it carried a very great volume of water into the Waiwetu River and inundated a large area of land in the lower valley. Should this occur again, and experts say it is quite possible, disastrous results would follow, and all the work erected by the board in its own district would be outflanked and rendered useless. It was observed, also, that much good land is being eroded by the river in every flood, and if the proposed new area was brought under the control of the board, all this loss of land would be prevented. After his inspection of the ground, the chairman was strongly of opinion that, both in the interest of the settlers in the area proposed to be included in the River District, and of the lower valley, the suggested extension of the district should be given effect to without any delay.

Evening Post 29 October 1909
At 2 p.m.
MESSRS. W. H. MORRAH AND CO. have received instructions from Mr. W. F. Moore, who is leaving the district to sell, as above-
4 omnibuses
8 horses
1 gig
Harness, rugs, and sundries.
The lot will be offered as a going concern, and if not sold will be sold in lots.

Evening Post 5 September 1910

Transfers were granted in the following instances:- Taita Hotel from W. Branigan to Mrs. W. E. Bryan (sic);

At a sitting of the Hutt Magistrate”s Court to-day before Mr. W. R. Haselden, S.M., Mrs. W. E. Bryon (sic), licensee of the Taita Hotel was charged with unlawfully opening her hotel on Sunday, 3lst July, for the sale of liquor.
Constable McKenzie stated that he went to the hotel on the date in question, and after knocking was admitted by an employee. He then went into the dining-room and saw there three men G. Cooley, H. Johnston, and W. Alsop. Johnston and Alsop were in the act of drinking beer. He was in plain clothes, and in answer to his enquiries, the men replied that they were waiting for dinner. Witness questioned the daughter of the licensee, Mrs. Howell, who stated that she did not see any harm in giving the men a drink. “They were decent fellows, and she gave them a beer to get them out of the kitchen, she being busy preparing dinner.” She charged them nothing for the liquid refreshment. It was the practice of these men to go to the hotel for dinner on Sundays. Cooley did not have a drink, and Alsop had stayed at the hotel on Saturday night.
Ethel E. Howell gave similar evidence.
The three men in question were next called, Johnston and Alsop stating that they had not paid for the drink. The evidence of the constable was corroborated.
The Magistrate reserved judgment, intimating that if We entered a conviction, he would not order an endorsement of the license of the hotel. Inspector Ellison represented the police and Mr. T. Young appeared for the defence.

Evening Post 20 September 1910
Reserved judgment was given at the Magistrate”s Court to-day by Mr. W. R. Haselden, S.M., in the police prosecution brought against Francis Elizabeth Bryan (sic), licensee of the Taita Hotel, Lower Hutt, for keeping open her premises for the sale of liquor during prohibited hours.
The facts were, said his Worship, that on Sunday, the 31st July, Constable McKenzie went to defendant”s hotel at 12.20 p.m., and, finding the front door locked, he knocked, and was admitted. He found three men – Cooley, Johnson, and Alsop – in the dining-room. Alsop and Johnson were near the fireplace, and had glasses containing liquor on the mantlepiece. Defendant and her daughter said that they did not think there was any harm in giving these men a drink on Sunday, as they were very decent fellows, and often spent a few shillings there when they could afford it, as they knew trade was not too good. When the men were asked what they were doing, they said they were waiting for dinner. There was no sign of dinner on the table. The three men lived near to defendant”s licensed premises, in different boardinghouses. They were labourers earning 8s a day. Defendant said the drinks were given to the two men to induce them to leave the kitchen and go into the dining-room. The bar was not opened, and the liquor was procured from a cupboard, and was not paid for. The defendant said the kitchen door was always open, and that “residents in this district seem to be in the habit of walking through the house.” The man Alsop had slept in the house on Saturday night, and remained on Sunday. Only Alsop and Johnson had drinks. The two men gave evidence. They each, said they were in the habit of having their Sunday dinner at the hotel. Alsop said he paid 1s for dinner, Johnson said he paid 1s 6d, and Cooley said 1s. They boarded near the hotel, and went there on Sunday for a change.
In the magistrate”s opinion, the defendant kept her licensed premises open on the day in question for the sale of liquor, and he could not accept the story of the defendant and of her witnesses in its entirety. He thought there had been a breach of the law, and defendant was accordingly convicted. A penalty of £5, with court costs, was imposed.
Arising out of the charge against Bryan were three informations against George Cooley, William Alsop, and Henry A. Johnson respectively, that on the 31st July they unlawfully entered the Taita Hotel at a time when the premises were directed to be closed by the Licensing Act.
The case against Cooley was dismissed. There was no evidence that defendant had anything to drink in the house, and his presence could be excused on the ground that he was there for dinner.
In Alsop”s case, his Worship remarked that the fact that defendant slept in the house on Saturday did not entitle him to remain until noon on Sunday and consume liquor. The magistrate did not think defendant was in good faith, a lodger in the house. Alsop was convicted and fined 10s, with costs.
Defendant Johnson, said the magistrate, was not a lodger. He was found on licensed premises during prohibited hours, and was proved to have drunk alcoholic liquor therein. He was convicted and fined 10s, with costs.

Evening Post 17 May 1915
I, WILLIAM MOORE, of Taita, Hotelkeeper, do hereby give notice that I desire to obtain and will at the next Licensing Meeting, to be held at the Lower Hutt on the 2nd June, 1915, apply for a certificate authorising the issue of a Publican”s License for a house situate at Taita, containing 11 rooms, exclusive of those required for the use of the family.
Dated at Wellington this 14th day of May, 1918.

Evening Post 2 June 1920
Hutt Hotel

The following renewals were granted

W. Baggstrom, Taita Hotel;

Evening Post 27 May 1930
WALNUT Logs, 3 to Sell, 20in diameter x 6 feet, felled 15 months. Apply Solid Oak Farm, opposite Taita Hotel, De Mensch Bros

Evening Post 17 July 1936
W. J. Cowley, a porter employed at the Taita Hotel, was fatally injured through being struck by a motor-car at Taita last evening.
The deceased, who left the hotel at 7.45 p.m., was cycling southward along the Main Road, and when just south of the intersection of Gordon Street was overtaken and struck by a motor-car. Death occurred a few minutes later from head injuries.

Evening Post 12 April 1945
The Lower Hutt Fire Brigade was called at 2.57 this morning to a fire in a shed at the rear of the Taita Hotel. Fanned by a strong wind, the shed was a mass of flames by the time the brigade arrived. The shed and two motor-cars which had been stored in it were completely destroyed.

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