Taita Academy

Wellington Independent 5 October 1850
A substantial and well built School House has been erected at the Taiti (sic), by voluntary contribution, for the education of the children in that district. The size of the building is 23 feet by 15, and it is considered that it will accommodate about 70 children. The amount subscribed is 36 pounds, which has been principally collected by the exertions of Mr. George Buck. The building will be ready for occupation in about a week”s time. We understand that it is to be opened by a Tea Meeting, and that Mr. Fox, who is ever forward on such occasions, has kindly consented to preside.

Wellington Independent 9 October 1850
At A MEETING of the subscribers of the Taiti (sic) Academy, held at the New School House, on Monday the 7th October, Mr John Bryce in the Chair, it was unanimously resolved, “That the school-room be opened on Monday, 14th October, and that a Tea Meeting take place on that evening to celebrate the occasion.”
Wm. Fox, ESQ., J.P. has kindly consented to preside.
A LECTURE will be delivered by the Chairman on the advantages of education.
Tea on the table at 4 o”clock.
Wellington, October 8, 1850

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