State School, Lower Hutt

Evening Post 23 December 1878
An examination of this school, for prizes presented by the committee, was held on Thursday and Friday, by the Rev. T. Fancourt, assisted by the Rev. G. Grant. On Friday afternoon Sir William Fitzherbert presented the prizes and other awards. He made a short but earnest address to the children, urging upon them the importance of education to them, that they may hereafter be enabled to make a future for themselves and for this great country. The Rev. T. Fancourt stated that he had been much pleased with the work done during the examination, and was also glad to notice that the results agreed in most cases with the master”s estimate of individual merit, which was based upon a careful system of marking for work, conduct, and attendance during the year. He found that the arithmetic was very good in all the classes, and the reading throughout of unusual excellence, that of some in the lower divisions being surprisingly good. Most of the subjects seemed to be satisfactorily taught, except the geography in Classes IV. and III., which was weak. He trusted the scholars would remember that as one weak subject often caused a failure in the Inspector”s examination they would try and remedy that fault. He proposed a vote of thanks to Sir William Fitzherbert for his kindness in attending. Mr. Valentine, the chairman of the committee, also thanked Sir William Fitzherbert for accepting the invitation of the committee to present the prizes. He hoped the children would remember the advice given them. The following is the prize list:—
Form VI.— Samuel Knight, Adelaide Percy.
Form V. — James Knight, Samuel Hall, Clara Hall.
Form. IV. — Leopold Jordan, Mary Heyward
Form III. — Julius Geertson (sic), Ellen Judd.
Form II.— Kirk Hall, Eliza Hobbs.
Form I. — Stephen Mudgway, Elizabeth Buick.
Good conduct — Marie Geertsen (sic).
General efficiency — Henry Adams.
Certificates of merit, based upon the marks obtained during the year, were then presented as under:—
Form VI.— Samuel Knight, 1; A. Percy, 2.
Form V.— James Knight.
Form IV.— H. Mudgway, 1; L. Jordan, 2.
Form III.— J. Geertsen (sic), 1; John Knight, 2.
Form II.— K. Hall, 1; E. Hobbs, 2.
Form I.— S. Mudgway, 1; J. Mudgway, 2.
Some handsome prizes, offered and awarded by the Rev. G. Grant, for an essay, were then handed by Sir William to Miss Eliza Speedy, 1st, and Miss A. Frethey, Masters Samuel Knight and F. Tocker.
Some members of the committee and several friends were present during the proceedings.

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