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Main Title: St Matthew”s Church
Imprint: 1970
Notes: Indexes: E5
Summary: Taine Street, Taita.
Language: English
Subject: St Matthew”s Anglican Church, Taita (1968)
Churches — Epuni, Naenae, Taita, Stokes Valley
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Located in Christ Church”s Archives
Noted from Order of Service – Dedication of St. Matthew”s Church Sunday 28 Sept. 1964 at 1 pm Taken by the Rt Rev H. W. Baines ? (hard to read) WGNT

The Vicar and Vestry acknowledge with deep gratitude the gifts of furnishing for the new Church.

Altar: The Parish of St. Barnabas, Khandallah.

Lectern: Mrs. J. Selwyn, in memory of her isister (sic) Mrs. Jean Crichton.

Font: Christ Church Taita Branch of the Mothers” Union, in memory of Joan Cunliffe, late wife of Rev. W. R. Cunliffe, first Vicar of the Parochial District of Taita.

Altar Cross and Candlesticks: Christ Church Taita Branch of the Mothers” Union in memory of Joan Cunliffe, late wife of the Rev. W. R. Cunliffe, first vicar (sic) of the Parochial District of Taita.

Vicar”s Prayer Desk: Mrs. J. Selwyn, in memory of her father, Mr. A. A. McCaul.

Processional Cross and Choir Frontal: Mrs. D. Lissant Clayton.

Altar Drapes: Taita Anglican Ladies” Guild.

Choir Pews and Deacon”s Prayer Desk: Christ Church Young Wives.

Congregation Pews:
Mr. and Mrs. D. Cleland.
Mr. and Mrs. P. Canham.
Mr. and Mrs. A. Stott.
Mr. and Mrs. G. Moore.
Mr. and Mrs. D. Francis.
Rev. and Mrs. O. J. Matthews.
Mr. and Mrs. C. Dassler.
Mr. and Mrs. F. Sampson.
Mr. and Mrs. J. Perrett.
Mr. R. Jones and Mr. and Mrs. J. Creagh.
The Berry Family.
Mr. A. MacArthur.
Mr. and Mrs. K. Clarke.

Other donations have been made by:
St. Paul”s Church, Waiwhetu;
St. Alban”s Church, Eastbourne;
Mr. and Mrs. T. Waite;
Mr. and Mrs. L. Bansgrove;
Mr. G. and late Mrs. Allen;
Mrs. A. Mill:
Miss H. Mudgway:
and others who wish to remain anonymous.

? (Heading can not read as cut off photocopy)
Taita is to have the oldest and youngest Church building (sic) in the Diocese. Between old Christ Church and new St. Matthew”s stretch 115 years of growth, development and change. All friends of Taita will wish the Church well in tackling the tasks of today and tomorrow.
Taita has set us all a fine example in building the new Church, largely with their own hands. The Reverend John Matthews and his companions never let a Saturday go by, but they were on the job. The Reverend Kenneth Herd has joined the church builders, and the work has been finished on time. Congratulations to them all.
Now the task is to make the Church in Taita, equipped with its fine new building, a fit instrument in God”s hands. St. Matthew”s is a fine sight and a grand job, but it exists not mostly to be looked at but to be used. It challenges us to look ahead with hope as well as behind with thankfulness.

When the railway was put through the Hutt Valley it cut off all direct access to the old Christ Church from the parish. To compensate for this, the parish was allocated the present site in Reynolds Street. An old Army hut was brought and erected on this site in 1946 and has served as our Church Hall for more than 20 years.
The Rev. W. R. Cunliffe instituted a new Church Building Fund in 1950, and plans for the new Church were begun while the Rev. A. W. Sutton was Vicar in 1958, and Operation Unite was launched to intensify our fund raising schemes. Two members of the parish, Doug Francis and George Moore, offered to build the Church and combined with others to form the Taita Anglican Church Construction Society Ltd. Work was begun on site on 1963 and the Foundation Stone was laid by the Assistant Bishop in September, 1964.
Now we have a beautiful new Parish Church which stands as a proud testimony to the faith and devotion of those who have given up so freely pf their tome and skill to build it, and calls us all in Taita to renew our personal dedication to God in regular worship and service. May He richly bless this house and us in His service in the years to come.

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