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Wellington Indepedent 3 October 1863
the account starts in the Wellington Independent 1 October 1863


The Rev G. H. Johnstone, the clergyman who has been labouring for the last two years with great assiduity at the Lower Hutt, has announced to me his intention of resigning his charge on Advent Sunday; and I may mention to the Synod that the Board of Nominators have presented the Rev J. E. Herring to me for institution to the Parish, which nomination Mr Herring has accepted, and which I shall forwith proceed to sanction.

I have ascertained that Churches and Schools of this Town [Wanganui] and of the Hutt Valley, and the Church and Parsonage at Napier, are in good repair, and with the exception of the Hutt School, that they are insured. I now lay on the Table all the accounts I have received.
I observe in one the late Reports from a neighbouring Diocese that complaints are made of the slackness of the Towns in helping the spiritual needs of the Country Districts. I am bound to say this charge cannot be laid against the Churchmembers of this city at all events, however true it may be that the Diocesan Fund derives no aid from the other towns. But while the Parishes of this city have been self supporting, they have also enabled me to send for two students from St Augustine”s College, Canterbury, who have been ordained in this Diocese, and have been and are ministering to the English and Natives resident in the Hutt Valley.

The opportune Grant of 1000 pounds made by the Society from Promoting Christian Knowledge to this Diocese has been in part expended in donaations to several Parishes and Districts. The Standing Committee have voted

and 100 pounds for the Church at Trentham, in the Upper Hutt, which is to be finished in December. This latter Church is to be built of corrugated iron, because standing in the immediate neighbourhood of so much timber it was considered particularly liable to fire.

Wellington Independent 6 December 1866
A FETE in aid of the above CHURCH will be held on DECEMBER 27, 1866, in MRS. BARTON”S Grounds. Tea and Refreshments will provided.
The Hutt Volunteers Band will be in attendance. Admusements to consist of cricket, football, quoits, rounders, croquet, &c.
Gates to be open at 11 a.m. Tea at 4 p.m.
Admission 2s 6d; children, 1s
Tickets to be obtained from Mr C. D. Barraud, Lambton Quay, Wellington; Rev T. Fancourt, Porirua Road; Rev J. E. Herring, and Mr H. Cleland, Lower Hutt; Mr W. Cleland, Taita; and Messrs Abraham, Cruickshank, Wilkie, and J. Cotter, Upper Hutt

Wellington Independent 1 January 1867
THE HUTT FETE. On Thursday, Dec. 27th. a fete was held at the Upper Hutt, in aid of the funds for painting and adorning St. John”s Church, Trentham. The day, most unexpectedly in this rainy season, proved remarkably fine, and so afforded an opportunity for a goodly number of friends from Wellington and the Lower Hutt to evince their interest in the event. The festivities took place in a large paddock, admirably suited for the purpose, and not far from Trentham House, from which the path to the grounds led through a fine and picturesque avenue of trees. Three rural tents showed where was the centre of attraction. The first contained the members of the Lower Hutt Band, a band not only of hope, but of strength, and indispensable on all these occasions. In front of this tent, dancing was kept up with some spirit, though the roughness of the ground prevented much display of ease and grace, or of the fantastic toe and, indeed, caused not a few slips and falls, to the no small chagrin of the stumblers and amusement of the spectatars. In the second tent Capt. Cruickshank might be seen, with soldierly skill, cutting up hams and cakes and tarts, aided by a zealous corps of assistants. The third tent was dedicated to tea, that delightful and refreshing beverage, which exhilarates the gentler sex, and soothes the tempers of the stronger. This tent was crowded with occupants, all of whom we judged to be, from their beaming faces and air of quiet enjoyment, deeply pledged to the total abstinence movement. Here and there the fine old English and manly sports of cricket and leap-frog were kept up with vigour, nor was the new and fashionable game of croquet without its votaries. Altogether there appeared to be upwards of 400 persons on the ground, among whom we recognised the Rev A. Stock, and Mrs Stock, Mrs Pearce, Mrs Boor, – Spence, E. Pearce, Esq, and Captain Leatham from Wellington, the Misses Riddiford, Beetham, Fitzherbert, Mrs H. Jackson, Mrs Stillings, Mrs Braithwaite, Mrs Herring, H. Jackson, T. Williams, G. and H. Beetham, E. Riddiford, W. A. Fitzherbert, – Wilford, A. Braithwaite, Esqs, Rev J. E. Herring, and other friends from the Lower Hutt. Miss Grace, and N., T., and W. Grace, from the Wainui. S. A. Bowden, Esq., Mrs Abraham, Mrs Cotter of the Upper Hutt. During the day the Rev J. Abraham and Mrs Barton distributed the prizes, and awards to the deserving Sunday School scholars, and in the evening there was a grand illumination of the Christmas tree, hung o”er with toys and keepsakes for the children, and which had been provided by Mrs Barton and a few friends. All seemed to have enjoyed themselves well, and it is to be hoped that the net proceeds will meet the expectations of the fete committee, and thus reward those Christian friends who laboured so self-denyingly to promote the success of the fete, and to make the “duty of giving” both easy and pleasant to rich and poor alike.

Evening Post 31 December 1913
Fifty years ago last Sunday the little Anglican Church at Trentham known as St John”s was consecrated. To-day the building, with its picturesque surroundings and old-fashioned graveyard, stands almost as sound as when first built, the most notable change being the handsome memorial window dedicated by the late Mr. Charles Bateson. On Sunday last the church was crowded to the doors, when Bishop Sprott preached an eloquent sermon appropriate to the occasion. It is interesting to note that since the consecration of the church the following ministers have held the cure of the parochial district:- Rev. J. E. Herring, March, 1862, to September, 1863. Rev. A. Knell, November, 1863, to August, 1865. Rev. T. Abraham, August, 1865, to April, 1868. Rev. D. Debois, May, 1868, to January, 1871. Rev. C. H. S. Nichols, January, 1871, to January, 1882. Rev. J. E. Blackburn, February, 1882, to July, 1886. Rev. J. M. Devenish, October, 1887, to November, 1888. Rev. P. L. Cameron, February, 1894, to February, 1897. Rev. P. T. Fortune, March, 1898, to October, 1900. Rev. C. J. Smith, January, 1903, to August, 1908. Rev. J. Sykes (present vicar), since January, 1909.

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