St Augustine Church, Petone

Evening Post 27 July 1897
The first annual meeting of members of St. Augustine Anglican Church, Petone, was held last evening, the incumbent (the Rev. J. Jones) presiding. The Churchwardens, in their report, regretted that the total receipts for the year left a small deficit, the total receipts being £155 0s 5d. Archdeacon Fancourt had been unable to promise a grant from the General Church Fund to help in securing the services of a successor to the Rev. Mr. Fortune in the district. A circular had been issued to members to ascertain what amount of support could be depended upon, and the returns had not proved sufficient to warrant any action being taken, as the Archdeacon did not think that a clergyman should be appointed at a stipend of less than £200 per annum and house-rent. If a minister could be procured for £150 for the first year, the Churchwardens suggest that the trial be made. The report and balance-sheet were adopted. Messrs. E. J. Jenkins and J. G. Castle were re-elected clergyman”s and parishioners” churchwardens respectively. Messrs. J. R. Edmonds, C. Collett, F. Godfrey, H. Monk, and K. Printzen were elected vestrymen, and Mr. London auditor. Votes of thanks were given to the workers in the various departments. In discussing the question of obtaining the services of a clergyman for the Petone district, the Incumbent said he had excellent reasons for desiring the separation of the Hutt and Petone district. If the Churchwardens agreed to accept the responsibility and the governing body agreed he would not put any obstacle in the way. On the motion of Mr. R. C. Kirk, it was agreed that the meeting recommend the Vestry to apply to the proper authorities for the services of a clergyman to have sole charge of the Petone district at a salary of £200 per annum.

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