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Lower Hutt Past and Present 1941

In October, 1840, there were at least five inns or taverns on the Petone beach. There are still only five licensed houses in the Lower Hutt and Taita districts.
The first hostelry in the Hutt was Burcham”s Aglionby Arms, at the Village of Aglionby (see Historical plan.) It is believed that this was built in 1840.
In 1847, however, there is record of this inn being situated near the bridge. On account of the river erosion it was again moved further to the west where, on a plan dated 1863, it appears where the south-west end of the present concrete bridge is. There was further erosion in the big floods of 1871 and 1872, when the building was undermined and it was taken down. Parts of it were used in the construction of the stables at the rear of the present Railway Hotel, which was opened in 1875 by Mr. Nat. Valentine.
The Central Hotel was built in 1880, and occupies the site of Whitewood”s Hotel, built in 1847.
Little is known of the Rose Inn which, in 1849, stood where the Commonwealth Covenant Church was recently erected.
The Family Hotel was built in 1874, and was originally known as Osgood”s.
The Bellevue Hotel, in Woburn Road, was originally situated in the Bellevue Gardens, previously known as McNab”s, and now occupied by residences. The hotel was burnt down in 1912, and the present one was constructed shortly afterwards.
There were many hotels in the Taita in the early days, but little is known of their history.
In 1847 Hughes”s Public House stood where the golf course now is, opposite the Anglican Church.
George Buck was “mine host” at the Travellers” Rest, which stood opposite Taita Hotel, in 1852. It is believed that this place was afterwards known as Honeymoon Cottage, and that the license of the present Taita Hotel originated here.
The Barley Mow Inn was mentioned in a report of the great flood in 1858, and the name of the Albion Inn appears in a list of local public-houses in 1865. This latter building is still standing, and was the half-way house for coaches running to and from the Wairarapa.
It is probable that many of these places existed before the dates mentioned.
These early houses were licensed and the fees provided a large part of the revenue of the township in those days.
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Record Title : [Brees, Samuel Charles] 1810-1865
[Aglionby Arms (Burcham”s) River Hutt ca 1843]
Reference Number : B-031-033
Physical Description : Watercolour with gum arabic 202 x 282 mm
Quantity : 1 watercolour(s)
Scope and Contents : Shows hotel by Hutt River, with the river bending to the right, and tall trees on the left bank behind the Aglionby Arms
Other Notes : Original for lithograph in Brees, S C Pictorial illustrations of New Zealand, no 7
Historical Notes : Brees in his text to “Pictorial Illustrations” notes: “the nucleus of a village has been formed by Mr Daniel Riddiford, on his section, no.17, in the Lower Hutt, which he has names Aglionby, and Mr Burcham has built an hotel there, for the accommodation of visitors to this fine district … the white population residing [in the valley of the Hutt] amounted to 644 at the beginning of the year 1845″
Provenance : Purchase: ? Miss Esther M Webb, England, March 1954
Restrictions : Partial restriction : Use photographic copies in preference to original
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Copy Negative (1/2-049854-F)
File Print : File Print (In Drawings & Prints under Artist/Title ; DFP-000685)
Colour Transparency : Colour Transparency (DCT-00879)
Names : Brees, Samuel Charles, 1810?-1865 (as the artist)
Riddiford, Daniel, 1814-1875 (as a related subject)
Aglionby Arms (Lower Hutt) (Subject)
Burcham, James Nelson, 1807?-1854 (as a related subject)
Webb, Esther M fl 1938-1957 (as the donor/lender/vendor)
Subjects : Hotels – New Zealand – Wellington Region
Stockyards – New Zealand – Wellington Region
Forests and forestry – New Zealand – Wellington Region
Places : Lower Hutt City
Image Type : Landscapes
Media Processes : Watercolours
Search Dates : 1842 – 1845
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Record Title : Fairlie Museum Incorporated
Six postcards of Wellington and Hutt Valley scenes
Reference Number : PAColl-3400
Display Dates : ca 1890-1910
Quantity : 6 b&w photo-mechanical print(s) in one envelope
Physical Description : One ”loose” postcard 89 x 139mm and 5 postcard of similar dimensions in fold out holder
Scope & Contents : Wellington and Hutt Valley scenes:City, wharves, Lambton Quay, Bellvue Gardens, bridge over Hutt River, Parliament
Restrictions : Unrestricted
Collection Status : COLLECTION
Issue Status : Issuable ITEM
Names : Inman, M J (Mrs) fl 1993 (as the donor/lender/vendor)
Fairlie Museum Inc (as the donor/lender/vendor)
Barcham, Robert, 1867-1960 (as the photographer)
Muir and Moodie (Firm) (as the photographer)
Bellevue Gardens (Lower Hutt) (Subject)
Subjects : Gardens
Public buildings
Place : Lambton Quay
Wellington Harbour
The Terrace
Dixon Street
MacDonald Crescent
Lower Hutt
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Record Title : A favourite resort, Bellevue gardens, Lower Hutt Barcham photo no 4.
Reference Number : PA5-0413
Display Dates : 30 May 1906
Quantity : 1 b&w photo-mechanical print(s)
Physical Description : Photolithograph, 87 x 134 mm
Scope & Contents : Bellevue gardens, Lower Hutt, taken by Barcham photographer
Verso addressed to Mrs ? Spilman and date stamped 30 May 06.
Restrictions : Unrestricted
Collection Status : COLLECTION
Issue Status : Issuable ITEM
Names : Barcham, Robert, 1867-1960 (as the photographer)
Subjects : Gardens – New Zealand – Wellington Region
Parks – New Zealand – Wellington Region
Place : Lower Hutt
Image/Type : Postcards
Media/Processes : Photolithographs
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Record Title : Webster, John
Stereographic photograph of Belle Vue Gardens, Lower Hutt
Reference Number : PAColl-4981
Quantity : 1 b&w original photographic print(s)
Collection Status : COLLECTION
Subjects : Gardens – New Zealand – Wellington Region
Place : Lower Hutt
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Record Title : Wyles & Buck (Surveyors)
Plan shewing presumed boundaries of land attached to Whitewoods Hotel (J. D. Fraser) Lower Hutt [ms map]. Messrs Wyles & Buck, licensed surveyors, Wellington, 1876
Reference Number : MapColl-832.4794gbbd/1876/Acc.22976
Physical Description : Ink and colourwash on dressed linen, scale [1:3 168], 77.3 x 36.7 cm.
Quantity : 1 manuscript map(s)
Scope and Contents : Map of the section, with the acreage, which includes the site of Whitewoods Hotel, Lower Hutt, situated between the Hutt, Waiwetu [i.e. Waiwhetu] and Church of England Roads. The site includes a house and stables. The title of the map includes the name of J. D. Fraser, owner of the hotel
Restrictions : Unrestricted
Use/Reproduction : Photocopying not permitted.
Issue Status : Issuable ITEM
Names : Wyles & Buck (Firm) (as the surveyor)
Whitewood”s Hotel (Lower Hutt) (Subject)
Fraser, J D, fl 1876 (as a related subject)
Subjects : Wellington Region (N.Z.) – Maps
Hotels – New Zealand – Wellington Region
Boundaries (Estates)
Places : Lower Hutt
Waiwhetu Road
Image Type : Maps
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Record Title : Whitewood”s Hotel, Lower Hutt
Reference Number : 1/2-021176-F
Display Dates : [ca 1860s]
Quantity : 1 b&w copy negative(s)
Scope & Contents : Whitewood”s Hotel, also known as the `Rose of the Valley”, in Lower Hutt, circa 1860s. Photographer unidentified.
Restrictions : Unrestricted
File Print : File print available in Turnbull Library Pictures (42. Lower Hutt. Hotels. Whitewood”s. ca 1869s ; PFP-018035)
Collection Record : Creator unknown : Photographs of Wellington, from the Dorset album (PAColl-7076)
Collection Status : PART OF COLLECTION
Issue Status : Issuable ITEM
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Names : Whitewood”s Hotel (Lower Hutt) (Subject)
Subjects : Hotels – New Zealand – Wellington Region
Place : Lower Hutt
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Record Title : Wyles & Buck
Part section no. 25, Hutt, Wellington, 1879 [ms map]. Mssrs Wyles & Buck, licensed surveyors.
Reference Number : MapColl-832.4793gbbd/1879/Acc.10346
Physical Description : Ink and watercolour on paper, scale [1: 384], 52 x 51 cm.
Quantity : 1 manuscript map(s)
Scope and Contents : A surveyed, cadastral map of part section number 25, Lower Hutt, bounded by the intersection of Waiwhetu Road and the old Main Road from Wellington to Wairarapa. The highlighted part section is over 15 perches and built on it is a bank and a small dwelling. It is bounded by property owned by R Cleland (including a store) and H Brandt. The Whitewood”s Hotel is opposite.
An unsigned handwritten note of length on the map states that the intention is to bring the section boundaries under the provision of the Land Transfer Act, 1870.
Other Notes : Includes numerical annotations in pencil.
Provenance : From the William Seldon Buck collection.
Restrictions : Unrestricted
Use/Reproduction : Photocopying not permitted.
Issue Status : Issuable ITEM
Digital Copy : Digital copy available
Extent of Copying : Aperture card available
Names : Wyles & Buck (Firm) (as the surveyor)
Cleland, Robert McGiffert, 1836?-1884 (as a related subject)
New Zealand. Land Transfer Act 1952 (Subject)
Buck, William Seldon, fl 1886-1909 (Creator)
Subjects : Wellington Region (N.Z.) – Maps
Land tenure – New Zealand – Wellington Region
Land titles – Registration and transfer – New Zealand – Wellington Region
Cadastral maps
Places : Waiwhetu Road
Lower Hutt City
Image Type : Maps
Search Dates : 1879 – 1879
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Wellington Independent 3 November 1852
THE Undersigned wishes to inform the Inhabitants of Wellington, that he intends to commence running his Van on SUNDAY next, the 24th October, from Wellington to the Hutt, and will continue to run every Day during the Summer Months, or longer if inducements should offer.
The Van will pass down the beach and finally leave the Royal Hotel every Morning at 1/2 past 9, returning from Whitewood”s Hotel every Evening at 5 o”clock.
Fares, 1s 6d. each way
October 20, 1852

Wellington Independent 3 November 1852
The Wellington Accommodation.
MR. FOWLER, of the Freemason”s Tavern, desires to inform the Inhabitants of Wellington and neighbourhood, that after the first of next month he intends to commence running a Van daily (Sundays included), for the conveyance of Passengers and Goods, between Wellington and the Hutt. The Van will leave the Freemason”s Tavern every Monday at 9, and in returning will start from Mr. G. Buck”s, the Traveller”s Rest, Taitai, at half-past 3, and Mr. Allen”s, Aglionby Arms, at half-past 4.
Fares, 1s. each way.
October 19, 1852

Wellington Independent 20 April 1853
The Annual Licensing meeting was held at the Police Court on Tuesday last, when the following applications were granted, viz.:-

George Buck, Travellers” Rest, Taiti.

C. F. Hayles, Aglionby Arms, Hutt.

Wm. M. Whitemwood (sic), Whitewood”s Hotel, Hutt.

Wellington Independent 3 July 1858
THOSE extensive Premises known as the
With Out-Buildings, &c..
There are about Six acres of Land, on the side of the Road where the Premises are situated, having a frontage of four Chains 11 Links to the Hutt Road; and about 5 chains 22 Links, with a depth of five Chains on the opposite side.
The first portion of the Property will be sold together, and the other in lots to suit purchasers. The above is an opportunity for investment which rarely occurs, and parties should not lose sight of it.
Fur further particulars apply to
T. POAD, On the Premises.
Wellington. June 26, 1858

Wellington Independent 1 May 1860
PUBLICANS LICENSES.- March being the General Annual Licensing month the following Licenses have been granted.

George Buck, Taita, Travellers Rest
Robert Buckridge, Hutt, Albion

Robert Jillet, Hutt, Whitewood”s Hotel

John McHardie, Hutt, Highland Home

Robert Wyeth, Hutt, Barley Mow

John Blutchford (sic), Hutt, Aglionby Arms

Wellington Independent 2 September 1865
MR W. ROBERTSON has been favoured with instructions from Mr R. Buckeridge, to offer for private sale, his well-known and truly valuable property, the
TAITAI (sic), UPPER HUTT (sic),
containing 16 rooms, including bar, parlors, dining rooms, kitchen, yards, stabling for 20 horses, stock yards, and paddocks with 13 1/2 acres of rich soil, all fenced, including an excellent orchard (two acres) well stocked with choice fruit trees.
The only reason this truly valuable property is for sale – the owner having realised a competency wishes to retire into private life.

Title – Crown Grant.

For price and terms, which are most liberal, apply to the Auctioneer.
P.S. – Any comment by the Auctioneer on this truly valuable property would be superfluous.

Wellington Independent 3 November 1866
Your correspondent having a roving commission, has commenced a ramble up the Hutt and Wairarapa, and intends now to offer to your readers a few notes jotted down during a walk through a district, towards which, the attention of the settlers of the province has been drawn by unpleasant rumors, which, if well founded, cannot but have the most disastrous effects on the prosperity of what has hitherto been a most flourishing settlement.
A more lovely morning than that on which I started from the Empire City can scarcely be imagined. The sun was shining brightly, light clouds were lazily floating across the heavens, and a gentle breeze was blowing, just sufficiently to prevent the heat from being oppressive.
Passing by Kai Warra Warra, Ngahaurauga is quickly reached, and a few miles further on the Hutt – that garden of Wellington. Here a glass of sparkling cool ale at the old house (Whitewood”s), and a pleasant chat with its cheery proprietor, made me feel that I had just begun to get into walking trim. The Hutt reminds one of many an English country village, before the ruthless days of steam and “alarming sacrifices” There is an air of quiet, homely comfort and prosperity about it, perfectly refreshing. No bustling is to be seen in the streets – street, I should have said the noisiest thing in the neighborhood being the bubbling river, and it seemed this day infected with the almost solemn stillness round.” Three or four times a day, the peaceful Huttites allow themselves to be roused into something remotely approaching to excitement, when the coaches arrive and depart. Then may be seen mine Host at Whitewood”s, standing before his door, with a pleasant word and a genial smile for the passengers, as he “welcomes the coming, speeds the parting guest;” and the honest shopkeepers looking out, and perchance, calculating on the increase of business about to flow to them. A little higher up the road is Mr. Valentine”s new hotel, which is one of the finest in the province.
After a walk about the town, and a cosy tea with mine Host of Whitewood”s, I passed the night there. In the morning, I started on to Mungaroa, where a steady downpour of rain, which has now lasted, without intermission, for thirty-six hours, kept me a guest of Widow Collins but I could not desire a better retreat during that proverbial time of misery – a wet Sunday in the country.
I started from the Lower Hutt, or as it is called, the Bridge, on Saturday morning. The clouds were lowering, and the prospect of a wet jacket was not very cheering, but the rain held off. I passed through the Taita, where I was sorry to learn that illness is fearfully prevalent, and that some deaths had only within a few hours previously occurred from Diptheria. In this district I first met with many signs of warlike preparations; there I saw several volunteers carrying rifles and accoutrements, proceeding to drill. The volunteers, I learnt, of this district number about fifty men, and from the specimens which I saw, will doubtless give a good account of themselves, should they be called out for active service. The company some time ago numbered seventy men, but a few have retired, having served their term; others have withdrawn, I was told, not liking the new regulations. Should they be required though, the full strength, under the old roll would be sure to turn out, as Englishmen always may be trusted to do. A traveller coming up here, and being asked what were the principal products of the country, would unhesitantly reply Churches and Public Houses – a curious mixture – and might indulge in a hope that the good precepts taught in the one, would counteract the evils which otherwise might be caused by the other. Certainly the number of hotels, public houses, and accommodation houses is extraordinary, there being between Mungaroa and Wellington, a distance of twenty-five miles, no less than twelve; and it speaks volumes in favor of the way in which these are conducted, and for the sobriety of the settlers, that the whole way up I have not seen one person in the slightest degree intoxicated. After leaving the Taita, the Upper Hutt is the next township readied. The most conspicuous building here, which I noticed, is a saw mill the largest and most substantially built erection for the purpose which I have seen in this province. It is 240 feet long, and fifty feet wide, and built entirely of corrugated iron. It belongs to Messrs. Harris and Sons, who are making extensive alterations and improvements. When these are completed, the mill will be capable of turning out 30,000 feet of sawn timber a week and will contain three complete circular saw benches, one upright saw pit, a travelling bench sixty feet long, and a turning department. The whole is driven by a thirty horse power horizontal steam engine, the fly wheel of which is sixteen feet in circumference. A more complete mill I do not think there will be in the colony, than Messrs. Harris and Sons will possess when all the improvements in progress are finished.
Leaving this mill on the left, I passed several well stocked stores, at which boots, butter, crinolines, mantles, leaves, bacon, needles, and in fact almost every requisite could be obtained, and reached the “Highland Home,” an excellent specimen of a roadside inn, kept by Host Wilkin, who with a small degree of pardonable pride showed me over his house with its seventeen rooms, including one of the most comfortable sitting rooms which I have seen out of Wellington, and the Lodge Room of the Rose of Sharon Lodge of the Ancient Order of Odd Fellows” which Lodge I was told numbered fifty members.
Leaving this house behind me, I proceeded up the road, which winds along beside the Hutt River, now on a level with the bubbling water, now cut some distance up the hill side, down which an almost perpendicular bank – you can see the river flowing along. An easy walk of about a mile brought me to Host Brown”s Criterion. Here I was sorry to see that Mr. Brown is still suffering from the effects of his accident at the Hutt races last March, though he is now, I hope, in a fair way to a permanent recovery. From this, the best house I have yet met this side of the Lower Hutt, a pleasant walk of six miles through the clearing along a good road by the dusky twilight, brought me to Mungaroa. If anyone wants to understand how Gray felt when writing his elegy, let him come along that walk at eventide. A better description of that walk I cannot give than by using the following words:-
The lowing herd wind slowly o”er the lea,
The ploughman homeward plods his weary way,
And leaves the world to darkness and to me.
The “glimmering landscape” was fading from the sight, all around bore a solemn stillness, broken only by the tinkling bell which told of the herds slow wanderings, the murmering of the neighboring stream, and the occasional screech of the wood hens in the bush. Just before reaching Mrs. Collins Mungaroa Inn, I passed over a bridge thrown across the Mungaroa river, a little above where it falls into the Hutt river. The view up and down the stream is the prettiest I have seen for a long time. Millais would rejoice to paint it. Above, the stream rushing down a narrow gorge, over boulders and rocks, forms a thousand sparkling white cascades, the sides of the gorge being a mass of luxuriant vegetation, presenting a great contrast with the waters beneath. Below the bridge the scene is changed. The gorge widens and the river runs smoothly on, scarcely a ripple agitating its calm surface.
Further than Mungaroa, I have been been unable to reach, in consequence of the heavy and incessant rain. The land on each side of the road is flooded, the rivers have risen several feet, and I fear that the mails from up the road will be stopped. So far up, I have been pleased with the appearance of the country. The fields look green and fertile, while evidences are not wanting, in the shape of new houses built and fencing done, of a state of gradual but steady advancement.

Wellington Independent 23 April 1868

The licenses renewed were those held by

Buck, for the Travellers” Rest, Hutt;

Mary Corbett, Hutt;

Samuel Death, Albion Hotel, Hutt;

J. Osgood, for Whitewood”s Hotel;

Evening Post 22 May 1869
JAMES MAIN begs to inform his friends and the public that he has taken that old-established house,
The business will in future be carried on by him.
Hutt, 6th April

Evening Post 28 November 1873
WANTED, a Housemaid, for the Travellers” Rest Hotel, Taita. Apply to Mrs Murphy, Melbourne Hotel

Wellington Independent 21 May 1873
In the SUPREME COURT of New Zealand,

NOTICE is hereby given that HENRY CHURCHER, of the Taita, in the Province of

Wellington, Licensed Victualler, did this day file in the Supreme Court a declaration that he is unable to meet his engagement with his creditors.
Dated the 20th day of May, 1873
Solicitor for the said Henry Churcher

Wellington Indpendent 12 March 1874
Publican”s Annual Licensing Metting
I hereby give notice that the Publicans” Annual Licensing Meeting for the Hutt District will be held at the Regident Magistrate”s Court, Wellington, on THURSDAY, the 23rd day of April, 1874, at 11 o”clock in the forenoon.

Hutt District
List of Applicatiosn for the Wholesale Licenses,
Burt, Thomas, The Hutt

List of Applications for Puiblicans” Licenses,
Death, Samuel, Albion Hotel, The Hutt
Mountain, Frank, Traveller”s Rest, Taita
Petterd, Richard F., Family Hotel, Hutt
Prosser, John, Whitewood”s Hotel, Hutt
Valentine, Nathaniel, Railway Hotel, Hutt
Wilkins, Isaac, Railway Hotel, Upper HUtt
Clerk of Court
Resident Magistrate”s Court,
Wellington, 11th March, 1874

Evening Post 7 July 1874
J. CORBETT having taken the above hotel, begs to inform the inhabitants of Wellington, Taita, and surrounding districts he has made extensive alterations in the above premises. Visitors will find everything for their accommodation and comfort at this well known hotelry.
None but the best brands of Wines, Spirits, &c. First class stables.
Taita, 7th July

Evening Post 7 July 1874
Wanted, an active young Man, to make himself generally useful. Apply at the Albion Hotel, Taita

Evening Post 20 July 1874
Licensing Bench

Transfer of Licenses
The following transfers of licenses were granted:-

Prosser”s Hotel, Hutt, to C. H. Lansden; Albion Hotel, Taita to J. H. Corbett;

Wholesale Licenses

Thomas Mullins, wholesale license for Hutt district – Granted.

Evening Post 7 August 1874
Wanted, a General Servant. Apply immediately to Mrs Corbett, Albion Hotel, Taita

Evening Post 18 August 1874
Wanted, a good General Servant for the Taita. Apply immediately to Mrs Corbett, Thorndon Cottage, Molesworth-street

Wellington Indpendent 12 March 1874
Publican”s Annual Licensing Metting
I hereby give notice that the Publicans” Annual Licensing Meeting for the Hutt District will be held at the Regident Magistrate”s Court, Wellington, on THURSDAY, the 23rd day of April, 1874, at 11 o”clock in the forenoon.

Hutt District
List of Applicatiosn for the Wholesale Licenses,
Burt, Thomas, The Hutt

List of Applications for Puiblicans” Licenses,
Death, Samuel, Albion Hotel, The Hutt
Mountain, Frank, Traveller”s Rest, Taita
Petterd, Richard F., Family Hotel, Hutt
Prosser, John, Whitewood”s Hotel, Hutt
Valentine, Nathaniel, Railway Hotel, Hutt
Wilkins, Isaac, Railway Hotel, Upper HUtt
Clerk of Court
Resident Magistrate”s Court,
Wellington, 11th March, 1874

Evening Post 23 & 28 April 1874
query Taita
about Licensing Court

Evening Post 10 November 1874
Wanted, a good Horseshoer for the Taita.

Apply to N. Jansen, opposite Mountain”s

Travellers” Rest Hotel

Evening Post 3 October 1877
Taita,. Lower Hutt.
C. F. WORTH begs to inform the public generally that his New Hotel and Stabling are now completed, and that hence-forward he will be able and most willing to accommodate all parties who will favor him their patronage.
The hotel is situated in a healthy country district, on the Hutt road, about thirteen miles from the city, and is acknowledged to be one of the pleasantest drives in Wellington. The hotel provides ample accommodation for parties or families who require a short respite for the benefit of their health, and proper attention has been applied to the pleasurable requirements of the place.
The hotel contains good public and private rooms, including a spacious and well-lighted Billiard-room with full size Table.
And in the ground — good Bowling and Croquet Lawn, with Flower Garden, and Paddocks for other amusements.
Every effort will be made to supply liquors and refreshments of the best brands; and the Culinary Department will receive the best attention of the Proprietor.
The Stabling accommodation is acknowledged to be ample and good, containing over Forty Stalls, including Three Loose Boxes, with the necessary requirements. A Groom is kept on the premises, and proper attention will be given to any horses or stock entrusted to his care.
Conveyances run at moderate fares from the Hotel to the Lower Hutt Railway Station to meet every train each way.

Evening Post 6 June 1878
At the Hutt Licensing Court yesterday all the old licenses were renewed. With respect to the Criterion Hotel, Upper Hutt, it was stated that the house was in a very dilapidated condition.
Mr. Border, the landlord, explained that he was now having the premises put in thorough repair, and the license was renewed on condition that the work should be completed as soon as
possible. There was also a complaint against the stables at the Albion Hotel, Taita. Mr. Cheesman, who appeared for Mr. Corbett, said the premises were about to be sold, and a considerable sum of money would be spent in alterations and improvements, and the license was renewed on this

Evening Post 11 January 1878
The Travellers” Rest Hotel, Taita, changes hands in a few days, Mr. Worth retiring in favor of Mr. W. R. Prosser, formerly of the Club Hotel, Marton. The Travellers” Rest has just been rebuilt, and affords excellent accommodation. A coach in connection with the hotel will leave town every Sunday for the Taita, starting from the City Hotel at 10.30 a.m., and the New Zealander at 10.40 a.m. Mr. Prosser takes possession on the 18th inst.

Evening Post 21 January 1878
The undersigned, who is about leaving Wellington for a time through ill-health, wishes all accounts against him to be sent in for settlement by the 1st February, and all accounts due to him to be paid by the same date, to save trouble.
Mr. W. Prosser, at the Travellers” Rest Hotel, Taita, Lower Hutt, will receive accounts due to me and give a receipt for the same, and will forward me all other correspondence.
C. F. WORTH, Lower Hutt

Evening Post 28 March 1893
The annual dinner given by the United Hunt Club to the farmers in the Taita district who have allowed the members of the club to run over their grounds, was held in the Travellers” Rest Hotel last evening, and proved a very successful affair. There was a large attendance, including a number of club members, who drove out in one of Lane”s brakes. As the weather was very fine, the drive out and back was thoroughly enjoyed The room in which the dinner was laid was decorated with ferns and flowere, and Mrs. Guilford served up a really capital repast. In the absence of the Master of the Hounds (Mr. H. D. Crawford), the chair was taken by Mr. D. G. A. Cooper, the Deputy-Master, who was supported on his right by Dr Purdy, and on his left by Dr. Newman, M.H.R. for the Hutt. Mr. D. R. Caldwell was in the vice-chair.
The toast of “The Queen” was drunk with musical honours.
The Chairman, in proposing the health of the farmers of the Taita district, said the club was very much indebted to the farmers for their kindness in allowing the huntsmen to run over their grounds. Mr. Milne, in replving, said that he had been 50 years in the Taita. He described the appearance of the district when he took up his residenco there, and gave some interesting reminencence of the early days. He had never met with a more liboral lot of people than the original purchasers under the New Zealand Company, and he was sorry to say that none of them had done well from a financial point of view. The speech was a capital one, and frequently sent all present into roars of laughter.
Mr. Reuben King gave the toast of “The United Hunt Club.”
The Chairman, in acknowledging the compliment, expressed a hope that the farmers of the Taita would join in the club”s meets.
The health of Mr. R. Roake, the Huntsman, was proposed by Mr. F. Dyer, who referred to that gentleman”s qualities as a genuine sport.
Mr. Roake, in replying, said that he had never been in a district where farmers were so kindly disposed towards huntsmen as the Taita settlers. He expressed a hope that before long the club would abolish the drag hunt, and hunt game.
The remaining toasts were — “Absent Friends,” proposed by Mr. C. L. Cuningham; ” The Club Secretary, Mr. Joseph Myers,” given by Dr. Gillon; “The Legislature” proposed by Mr. Milne and responded to by Dr. Newman; “The Ladies,” proposed by Mr. W. W. Cox and acknowledged by Mr. J. F. Mills; “The Press,” proposed by Dr. Newman; “The Hostess,” proposod by the Vice-Chairman; “Ladies of the Hunting Field,” proposed by Mr. H. Saunders, and replied to by Mr. Hawke; and “The Chairman” proposed by Mr. Milne.
Songs, recitations, and musical selections were given during the evening, the contributers being Drs. Purdy and Gillon. Messrs F. Dyer, W. Wakeford Cox, T. M Wilford, C. L. Cuningham, Attree, R. Roake, H. Saunders, Daysh, L. Hoffmann, and Miss ” Guilford.
The various accompaniments were admirably played by Mr. L. Hoffmann.
A very pleasant evening was brought to a close by the singing of “Auld Lang Syne.”

Evening Post 10 December 1874
I, the undersigned, have authorised Mr J. R. Brandon to receive all monies due to me in my late Butchering Business whose receipt will be sufficient for the claim,

and that proceedings are being taken against all outstanding accounts.
Albion Hotel, Taita

Evening Post 11 May 1882
I, HENRY NEILSON, of Taita, Hotel keeper, do hereby give notice that I desire to obtain, and will at the next licensing meeting to be holden at the Lower Hutt on the 5th day of June, 1882, apply for a certificate authorising the issue of a publican”s license for a house situate at the Taita containing ten rooms exclusive of those required for the use of the family, and in respect of which I now hold a publican”s license.
Date the 10th day of May, 1882.

Evening Post 22 August 1883
IF Mr. Jacobs, owner of the Chestnut Horse running on my land since 11th March, 1882, does not claim the same within fourteen days from this date, and pay all expenses, it will be sold by public auction at the next Hutt Marker, to defray the same,
Travellers Rest Hotel,
Taita, Hutt
22nd August, 1883

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