Melling Bridge

Evening Post 22 December 1939
The Lower Hutt Borough Council has advised the Automobile Association that on account of serious congestion at the Melling Bridge, particularly on holidays and Sundays, caused by the blockage of the Taita Gorge Road, it has been decided to confine traffic over the bridge to one-way travel, moving from east to west; that is, from Lower Hutt Borough towards the Western Hutt Road: there will be no entry from the Western Hutt side.
Last weekend traffic was seriously delayed and congested, at the bridge, and the decision is made as the only way past the difficulty, pending the full reopening of Taita Gorge Road. Traffic from the Western Hutt Road to Lower Hutt should carry on to the Normandale railway crossing and reach the borough by way of the Railway Avenue bridge.
During hours of light traffic the s rule may be lifted temporarily, but generally it will be enforced strictly, together with the rule that not more than one car may be upon the bridge at once.

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