Wellington Independent 4 January 1851
The Brethren of the Rose of the Valley Lodge of Odd Fellows, M.U., celebrated their Anniversary last Wednesday, at the Rose and Crown Tavern (sic), River Hutt. A very numerous party, consisting of the Members of the Order and many of their friends, sat down to a sumptuous dinner provided by Host Whitewood in his usual excellent style after which they proceeded to the Ball Room, which had been tastefully decorated for the occasion with evergreens, flowers, and other ornaments, when dancing commenced, and about 35 couple tripped it with great spirit and glee on the light fantastic toe until the approach of smiling morn warned them it was time to depart, and they separated about 5, only regretting that the scene which had afforded them so much unmixed pleasure and enjoyment could not be prolonged for a few more hours.

Wellington Independent 3 January 1852
The third Anniversary of the Rose of the Valley Lodge I.O.F., M. U., was celebrated at Host Whitewood”s, Rose Inn, Hutt, on New Year”s Day, by a Dinner and Ball. At 11 o”clock in the forenoon, the brethren walked in procession to church, were an impressive sermon was preached on the occasion by the Rev. Mr. Aldred; after which, the procession proceeded some distance up the road towards the Taiti, and returned to their Lodge about 3 o”clock. At 5 o”clock, about 60 of the Brethren sat down to a sumptuous entertainment provided by Host Whitewood, which consisted of every procurable delicacy of the season. After the cloth was removed, the usual toasts on such occasions were given, and responded to in the most enthusiast manner. At 9 o”clock the Ball was opened, and dancing kept up with great spirit until 4 o”clock in the morning. The excellent quadrille Band of the 65th Regt. was in attendance, and their selection of music and its performance was worthy of all praise. The whole of the arrangements reflected great credit on all parties concerned, and every thing passed off with the greatest eclat. We heartily wish abundant success to this promising branch of one of the largest and most useful Societies in the world.

Wellington Independent 12 April 1854
ODD FELLOWS, M.U. – On Saturday evening last, a new Lodge, in connection with the bove Society was opened at the House of Mr. George Buck, Traveller”s Rest, Taitai, named the “Loyal Good Intent” Lodge, and is to meet every alternative Saturday evening.

Wellington Independent 30 August 1854
Loyal Good Intent Lodge.
M.U., I.O.F.
THE Brethren are respectfully informed that a DINNER and BALL will be given on Thursday, the 7th September, in the Lodge Hall, Traveller”s Rest, Taitai, Host G. Buck, to celebrate the opening of the above Lodge; when all who can make it convenient are respectfully invited to attend. Tickets 5s each. Dinner on Table at 7 o”clock, and the Ball to commence at 9 o”clock.
By Order of the N.G.
Taitai, August 25th, 1854.

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