Hutt Valley Gun Club

Evening Post 21 October 1910
A clay pigeon-shooting competition was held yesterday at the grounds of the Hutt Valley Gun Club, Taita. The following are the results:
Open Handicap, twenty-one birds.- H. Jensen, £15, 20 birds, 1; T. Skippace, £5, 17 birds, 2; H. Hancock and J. Simpson divided third (£3), and fourth (£2) prizes, 16 birds each.
Second Sweepstake, twelve birds.- H. Hancock and S. Edwards, divided the sweepstake; 9 birds each.
Third Sweepstake, twelve birds.— J. Simpson, E. McGuire, and R. Philps, divided 11 birds each.
Fourth Sweepstake, nine birds.- Meagher and Simpson divided; 7 birds each.

Evening Post 23 August 1920
The Hutt Valley Gun Club opened the season on Saturday with two clay pigeon handicaps, on the ground at Kilmister”s farm, Taita, for trophies presented by Messrs. S. Scott and W. Kilmister. There were fourteen entries. The first was a 21-bird handicap, of 21 clays, for Scott”s trophy, which has to be won twice before won outright. E. Flux got a leg-in with an 18 break, and S. Edwards and R. Philps tied, with 17 each, for second place. For the Kilmister trophy, 15 clays, Scholes won with a break of 12.

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