Evening Post 23 April 1889
About 40 members of the Wellington Rifles and Newtown Rifles journeyed to Hayward”s yesterday morning for skirmishing and signalling drill, free railway passes having been placed at their disposal by the Government Department. Major Loveday, Captain Cole, and Lieutenant Lewis were in charge of the party. On arriving at their destination the men were divided into two squads, and spent several hours in skirmishing in the ranges between Hayward”s and Pahautanui, ultimately returning towards the Lower Hutt. Two hours were then devoted to signalling practice from hill to hill, under direction of Major Loveday, and it redounds to the credit of the men”s proficiency that every message transmitted was read with perfect accuracy. In the afternoon the volunteers spent an enjoyable time at Hayward”s, where many of their friends were picnicking, and they again spent some time in signalling.

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