Haywards Station

Evening Post 22 March 1887
Collision on the Railway Line.
Travellers from the Wairarapa by this morning”s train experienced some little alarm in consequence of a slight accidont which occurred about 11.15, as they drew up at Hayward”s Crossing. At this station the up and down trains met, and the latter ran into the siding, in order to allow the other to pass along the main line. Owing, however, to the slippory oondition of the rails, and the unusual weight of the train from the country, the driver was unable to bring it to a standstill so quickly as he would otherwise have done. Before he could arrest its progress the engine had run into one of the carriages of the train from the city, but fortunately no serious damage was caused. The side of the carriage was scraped, and several of the windows broken, but, so far as we can ascertain, none of the passengers suffered any injury. Both trains proceeded on their journey without serions loss of time.

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