Electoral Rolls

Wellington Independent 17 May 1861
The following persons are objected to as not being entitled to have their names on the List of Voters for the Electoral District of the Hutt

Buck, Benjamin, Lower Hutt, Freehold, Dead
Canning, Hugh, Upper Hutt, Leasehold, Dead
Hilman, James, Wellington, Freehold, Dead
Pool, Nathaniel, Hutt Road, Leasehold, Dead

Wellington Independent 6 May 1873
Electoral Roll, names to be removed
query Taita

Wellington Independent 6 May 1874
List of person to be removed from list of voters for the district of the Hutt

Evening Post 26 March 1900
The going astray of three ballot boxes will probably be the cause of a fresh election of members for the Otaki Licensing Committee. The boxes for the Lower Hutt and Taita booths were sent down by the Returning Officer from Otaki, but did not reach their destination. They were found in the parcel office at the Wellington-Manawatu Railway Station, but too late for the election. As the Hutt is an important district, and its people have no desire to be disfranchised, it is probable that the recent election will be declared null and void.

Evening Post 18 April 1900
query Hut and Taita

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